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People not thinking things through in fanfiction.

  • Dragon Ball Abridged:
    • Gohan suddenly realized mid sentence that his decision to challenge Recoome to a fight after Recoome had already wiped the floor with Vegeta, a much more powerful fighter, was a bad idea.
      Gohan: I'm not going to back down. I might be younger than you, smaller than you, weaker than you, and much less experienced, but I learned more about peach farming than yo—I think this was a horrible decision.
      Recoome: Recoome agrees.
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    • In Dead Zone Abridged, Garlic Jr's plan was to have his minions kill Kami to avenge his father... then use the Dragon Balls to become immortal.note  After Kami points this out, Garlic is honestly surprised and is glad his minions are "so incompetent".
    • Later on, after becoming immortal, he tries to kill everyone by summoning a portal to the Dead Zone...i.e. probably the only method that could also defeat an immortal like him. When the plot is revealed to be a movie pitched by Krillin, the latter admits he had "written [himself] into a corner with the whole immortality thing".
    • Piccolo dives in front of a blast to save Gohan only to realize too late he had plenty of time to simply push him aside and they'd both survive.
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    • Garlic Jr. runs into this again in DBZ Kai Abridged Episode II.9 when he pops open the Dead Zone. He stops himself and realizes he's pulling the same stunt again and tries to close it again. Too bad Alucard shoots him in the head.
  • Early in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Mokuba laments his poor foresight upon realizing that using a Bedsheet Ladder generally only works if the sheet is long enough to reach the ground floor. Fortunately for him, he's a cartoon.
  • Invoked Trope in Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv):
    Light: Wow, a book that drives people crazy when they touch it! [touches the notebook] Death Note? What. is this like an advanced calculus notebook or something? I'm so gonna walk around and touch everyone with this and drive 'em...oh, right. I didn't think this one through.
  • This trope, along with a heap of Insane Troll Logic, is the reason for Akihiko Kayaba's actions in Sword Art Online Abridgedhaving learned that there was a bug that would accidentally kill players when they died, Kayaba panicked as he was afraid this would affect the game's Metacritic score. In his sleep-deprived state, he decided his power trip was the best solution until he could fix it. When Asuna and Kirito call him out on it, he admits being sleep-deprived doesn't do wonders for your mental state.
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  • Lampshaded in this Occupy Richie Rich post, where Richie demonstrates a button-activated safe-opening system—and the button is not protected at all.
    "Richie m’boy I don’t think you thought this through very well"
  • In The Reluctant Father Universe, this is one of Xion's character flaws. In the first story, she considers shaking a Pepsi bottle until the lid pops off through carbonation. Ignoring that fact that that's not quite how carbonation works, she doesn't seem to realize how much of a mess this would result in.
  • In A New World, A New Way, this is Arceus' main character flaw.
  • All You Need Is Love: L's plan to expose Light as Kira hinges on Light trying to kill him—but Light doesn't need to kill L. All he has to do is kill Watari and L's system collapses.
  • Voldemort Goes Back To School: In a state of panic, Voldemort creates massive wards on an abandoned classroom door that only Dumbledore or Grindelwald could hope to break in the hopes of avoiding further interactions with Harry and Draco. He realizes the gaping flaw in his plan when he begins to worry that McGonagall might get around his wards if she were to transfigure the door into something else—and, as it is, Harry circumvents the door and all of his carefully-laid warding altogether by dropping in through the window on his broomstick. And because he's so heavily warded the door, he's essentially locked himself in.
  • One of the antagonists of The Nuptialverse story Families is an Immortality Seeker who riled up a huge anti-Princess group and took Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, among others, hostage in order to force Princess Celestia to divulge the secret of her and Luna's immortality. Celestia's response is to laugh in his face and point out all the holes in his plans, such as having no way to avoid royal retribution after everything was done, almost certainly not having Power Limiters strong enough to hold Twilight, and (accurately) stating Rainbow is useless as a hostage because she would never want Celestia to risk all of Equestria for her sake alone.
  • First Try Series has Sasuke realizes this during his confrontation with Itachi during the Search for Tsunade arc. Namely, Sasuke notes that Itachi used to be in ANBU before becoming a criminal on the run and he's been a Genin for little over six months. Right before he gets hit with a Tsukuyomi he says the trope name verbatim.
  • Neji in The Darkest Light realizes this after he tries to have Hinata "manhandled" by hiring Naruto/Naruichi to give her a message. Not only does Naruichi have an acceptable explanation for what Hiashi walks in on, he also has the receipt saying he was hired by Neji.
  • In Of White Trees And Blue Roses, Rhaegar's abduction of Lyanna blew up spectacularly. Also, the Knight of the Laughing Tree participating in the Tourney of Harrenhal.
  • Oops has this happen for Harry's accidentally-made Horcrux. It gets Harry to brew and drink a luck potion of the "May you live in interesting times" variety by making him think it was a good luck potion. After Harry calls the Horcrux out on not only how messed up his luck usually is but that he's already in Britain during World War II, the Horcrux admits that it didn't think things through—but, in its defense, Harry rarely does either and it is a portion of Harry's soul.
  • Webwork: The Yokai races all fled to the dimension known as the Emptiness in order to escape humanity's growing dominance of Japan. However, the Emptiness was lacking in food, and all the Youkai were too chaotic to coexist without humanity as a common enemy, so they all ended up turning on and feeding off of each other.
    • Jade, now a Jorogumo, puts on a human glamour in order to sneak around San Francisco and recruit minions. However, not only is she out of practice only using two legs, but she chooses to only wear a Badass Longcoat...and nothing else. Her stumbling around half-naked leads to her being repeatedly mistaken for a hooker who's either high or drunk, much to her annoyance.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • Early on in Act III, Rason acquires a Holy Lock from Heaven and uses it to seal Tsukune's ghoul form away; however, it doesn't occur to him that the Holy Lock was never explicitly made with the intent to seal away a ghoul, let alone one that was infused with massive amounts of energy from Kokoa's overcharge, until after it's revealed that the chain is cracking under the strain of Tsukune's full power.
    • In Act III, Gin runs to Dark and convinces him to hide him after stealing Apoch's underwear, apparently forgetting that Dark is a well-known Wife-Basher Basher. As soon as Dark finds out, however, he throws him to Apoch and Astreal.
    • In Act III chapter 16, after the group is stated to be heroes who fought off Fairy Tale, Kokoa and Felucia proceed to brag to the other students that they'll protect the school, whipping the crowd into a big frenzy:
    Kokoa: I didn't think they'd go this crazy.
    Kurumu: More like "didn't think!"
    • In Act III, it's revealed that Kiria planned to harness Tsukune's ghoul as part of his Evil Plan. At the very end of the fic, Tsukune deliberately takes off the Holy Lock and unleashes the ghoul, which promptly pounces on Kiria and tears him into Ludicrous Gibs with his bare hands; obviously, Kiria never once considered the possibility that the ghoul would do just that.
    • Throughout Act IV, Tsukune and co. expect Hokuto to pull off a full-scale attack on Yokai Academy to capture Moka, as per what happened in an Alternate Timeline. However, they fail to consider the fact that Luna and Falla, two Time Masters, were not present in said Alternate Timeline, and are completely unprepared when Hokuto, who did take Luna and Falla's presence into account, goes with a Divide and Conquer tactic instead by holding Tsukune's family hostage.
    • In Act VI chapter 22, to deal the finishing blow to a monster Ceal had grounded, Fang Fang summons a phoenix, forgetting that he's doing so in the middle of his own backyard, the Phoenix is powerful enough to incinerate his entire compound, and there are several people right in the middle of its blast radius. When Ceal points this out, Fang Fang's only response is a sheepish "Oh, right."
    • In Act VI chapter 51, Falla uses her time powers to cheat at Hex's game, forgetting that Hex is a Reality Warper and thus would easily be able to tell. Hex even mockingly asks her if she actually thought he'd fall for it.
  • In Alliance of Amazons and Izuku, a villain plans to use his quirk (which multiplies any positive feelings any female will have for him by a factor of ten) to create a harem comprised of a group of superheroines that he recently captured. Before doing so, however, he tells them about the kinds of (NSFW) things he will do to them once they're under his control. They're so disgusted with what he planned to do to them that they prove themselves immune to his quirk, as they now have absolutely no positive feelings for the guy. The police bust into his home and arrest him shortly afterwards.
  • In Big Human on Campus, very few people have the ability to form a plan beyond 'Find target. Beat target up. ???. Goals achieved.'. And the one plan that could actually be considered a plan in the first place, Oyakata and Ruby's Garigari and Hanabake army, has this in two ways:
    • First, the Hanabake and Garigari plants they use as soldiers are terrible for the environment- they're invasive species and the Hanabake explicitly need immense amounts of nutrients drawn from the soil. For people whose stated intent is to get revenge on humans for despoiling the environment and turning Witch's Knoll into a garbage dump, they're doing a very good job of despoiling Witch's Knoll to the point where it could probably only be used for a garbage dump anyways themselves.
    • As pointed out by the Shadow Cat and later Tsukune, their plan relies on all their targets being civilians unable to defend themselves against Hanabake, and the Japanese Military (along with the rest of the world) just leaving an entire city to die to what's essentially a magical terrorist attack without attempting to stop it or taking revenge on the perpetrators.
  • In the Neon Genesis Evangelion Gag Dub Evangelion: ReDeath, Kaji is trying to get to the bottom of what Gendo is up to. It's something to do with the Prince song "1999" being played after the year 1999 to attain ultimate cosmic pimp power, but Kaji needs to know more, so...
    Kaji: I found the original CD of Prince's Greatest Hits, so I gave Gendo the disc he needed so I could discover the truth behind his plans.
    Misato: But you gave him the disc!
    Kaji: Yeah, it was the only way I could get close enough to the truth!
    Misato: But you gave him the disc.
    Kaji: Aw, crap!
    [cue Third Impact and Ritsuko in her underwear]
  • The Nighthawk Chronicles: Raven finally works up the courage to tell admitted demon-hunter Xander that she's half-demon, hoping their friendship will keep him from killing her on principle. Xander reminds her that they're all cartoon characters where he's from—he already knew she was Trigon's daughter.
  • In the The Legend of Zelda fic Blood and Spirit, after Zelda calls her out on making Link hide his corruption by Majora from her, especially since said corruption nearly caused him to kill Zelda, Terminus admits that it didn't occur to her at the time that Majora would try to have Zelda killed.
  • Origin Story: After watching Alex Harris toss around The Avengers like they were dolls, several SHIELD agents try to dogpile her. It doesn't work out for them at all.
  • The Demesne Of The Reluctant Twilight Sparkle: Twilight has to get a lot of gold from the Ponyville train depot to her new royal bank across town, preferably in secret to avoid looters, and doing it by cartload takes uncomfortably long. Her solution? Telekinetically use the gold bars to construct extra tracks to the bank and levitate the train along them, picking them back up as they go. Sensible enough except that it goes through the middle of town, so secrecy is right out.
  • In Sekirei? Is that some new species of little sister?, a random Muggle kicks the back of Naruto's seat and tells him and Xanna to shut up. Even if the two weren't gods, both are over six and a half feet tall, have claws and fangs, and Naruto's built like a damn bear. Said muggle realizes his mistake the moment they stand up and tower over him.
  • In The Fifth Act Cloud tends to make hasty decisions without any good plans. He shows up on the Wutai Front but didn't bother to check if Sephiroth was even there, he tries to bribe terrorists but without an advocate he goes nowhere, he joins Shinra but has no plan to get at Hojo, etc etc.
    • Yuffie, who randomly wanders into dangerous situations and continuously insults and steals the materia of powerful Shinra SOLIDERS. It's a good thing everyone is so indulgent with her due to her youth.
  • In The Promise Hinata tries to break up Naruto and Hanabi by introducing legislation that requires Naruto have children by multiple women (so his descendants can defeat Kaguya if she ever returns) in order for him to become Hokage. She believes that either they'll agree, causing Hanabi to resent Naruto and break up with him or they won't agree, causing Naruto to resent Hanabi for destroying his dream and they'll break up. She never once considers that Hanabi would be willing to share or that Naruto would love Hanabi enough to happily give up his dream for her, as evidenced by her shock when Naruto tells her to "go to Hell".
  • Konohamaru learns the flaw in his plan to defeat his grandfather and become Hokage in A Drop of Poison when Naruto asks him what's to stop someone else from defeating him and becoming Hokage immediately afterwards?
  • Andrew realizes he forgot a few steps in his plan to expose Xander as Ranma Saotome in Halloween and a Half by dousing him with cold water after a very angry (and very female) Xander demands to know what the hell he's doing.
  • When Saito suggests someone might be using "sleep potions" to continue poisoning Tabitha's mother in Soldier of Zero, one of the servants angrily declares that she taste tests everything sent to her first and takes a swig of said potion. She has just enough time to state she probably didn't think that through before she passes out.
  • In Hero System when Xander, Willow, and Jesse hop into the Harry Potter universe, Willow chooses a higher difficulty to earn them more points and so she can play as Tonks while still being in the same year as Xander and Jesse. Unfortunately, Jesse is playing Harry Potter and the higher difficulty made his life even worse than canon, to her immense regret.
  • In The Infinite Loops Twilight Sparkle invokes this when she's as an alien on earth in an X-Com Loop and wants to disarm the public with adorableness. "So in the words of friendly aliens from your fictional works live long and..." looks at her raised hoof, "Huh? Didn't think this one through."
  • In Guardian, teenage Lulu manages to distract a fiend from Yuna by chunking her moogle doll at its head... whereupon it turns its attention to her. Thankfully, Kimahri shows up a couple of panels later.
  • A recurring theme in For Love Of Magic is Harry Potter taking some action and realizing later he didn't think things through enough. Runes that age him faster also kick-start his libido, causing him to fantasize about his foster mother, and never stop aging him which leaves him looking roughly seventeen when he's thirteen. A rune designed to hide his mind in darkness from legilmency leaves him open to being corrupted by said darkness after he murders Peter Pettigrew. The latter is particularly dangerous as it nearly turns Harry into a dementor.
    • A narrowly averted example comes when Harry decides to crowdsource an arithmancy problem by posting it online as a mathematics problem. While he does get a solution, someone also warns him that the muggle government is aware of magic and they keep their eye out for such things, which can land him in very hot water.
  • Lampshaded in A Teacher's Glory when Orochimaru wonders after the fact why exactly he ordered a team of Sound genin to kill Sasuke. Even if they succeed, they might damage Sasuke's eyes.
  • Two examples in Mortal Kombat Vs Marvel Universe in regards to The Exiled Kombatants:
  • In with the Old, Out with the New has Kano rape Cassie after she wins a fight for her freedom. Unfortunately for him, Sonya goes apeshit on him in their final battle.
  • The Macross Delta fanfic How Roid's Plan Could Have Backfired Horribly is a series of one-shots that this actually happened in canon by having one of the many holes in Roid's plan backfire, starting with Windermere's triumphal broadcast of Heinz's coronation and their claim to be the heirs of Protoculture be intercepted by someone who should never hear such a claim: a Zentraedi Main Fleet, whose commander remembers the time the Zentraedi were the Protoculture's Slave Mooks, and reacted by Orbital Bombardment with tens of thousands of heavy beam converging cannons, plus billions of smaller but still extremely powerful guns, until the planet Windermere shattered. Per Word of God, the only time the backfire wasn't caused by this trope is the one of chapter 6, as he could have had no idea that the Protodeviln felt in debt with the NUNS and would come to the rescue when their enemy started messing with the Fold
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic one-shot How to Kidnap a Princess, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie want to show Twilight just how lax her castle's security is by kidnapping her. Apparently it never crossed their minds that despite their good intentions, kidnapping a Princess is considered high treason and that both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna would elect to hunt them down personally with a full regiment of the Royal Guard in tow.
  • The Vain Rose's Garden:
    • Urd puts on a strip show for some of Keiichi's friends but keeps her crotch covered with a pasty that she used some stuff she found to keep on. She later learns she used super glue.
    • In a later chapter, a demon tries to cause a scandal by sending Tyr pictures of his wife Ansuz kissing another man. Not only was Tyr fully aware of it (the two have an open relationship), but he and Ansuz sit down and discuss their recent relationship problems.
    • During a game of strip volleyball, Ansuz takes off her top at one point. When the crowd falls silent, she asks what the problem is and one of the spectators is foolish enough to declare it's not very exciting since she's nowhere near as busty as the other players. She throws the volleyball into his groin as payback.
  • Dead or Alive 4: The Devil Factor: Helena's endgame after taking down the corrupt members of DOATEC is to step down as President and then have her half-sister Kokoro inherit the company, believing such a sweet and all-loving girl will be able to make the company honest again. When Dante learns about this, he is annoyed and points out the flaws in this plan. As a sheltered and naive teenage girl, Kokoro has no business training or experience, and likely wouldn't be interested in running a company anyway.
  • In Enter the Dragon, after Harry Potter becomes a dragon and starts living in a cave near the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts, the nearby centaur tribe offer one of their maidens as a sacrifice to appease the Great Wyrm. Months later, said centaur maiden's father Bane hears his daughter is alive and that the Great Wyrm can change into a small human child. When he sees his daughter being ridden "like a common mule" by a human child, he angrily attacks and is promptly reminded that said child is really a dragon.
  • When Harry confronts Dumbledore in What Was Your Plan? over him being a Manipulative Bastard who's controlled every aspect of Harry's life in order to eventually kill him, Dumbledore calmly takes apart his claim. Such a plan is needlessly convoluted compared to simply killing Harry from the start, and if needs to die at a specific point in time, then clearly someone who's managed to manipulate so much of Harry's life would have contingencies in place in case Harry ever found out. In other words, either Harry's wrong and looks rather foolish or he's right and there's nothing he can do about it. Harry was right.
  • Urd attacking Ranma Saotome for being rude in Hell Is a Martial Artist is shown to be a colossal mistake on her part. Not only is attacking a mortal (with deadly force no less) for any reason but self-defense a very serious crime in Heaven, but interfering with a mortal for reasons other than wish granting means said mortal is now fair game for both sides. And unfortunately for Urd, Hild is rather interested in the young martial artist.
  • In Robb Returns, Illyrio Mopatis realizes too late that giving Viserys a false dragon egg may not have been the best idea.
  • In Child of the Storm, this is a running problem with Harry, especially since it's usually combined with a habit of not informing people about what he's up to. His strategy for the first book, and the first part of the sequel, is to charge into trouble to help whoever needs helping, then Indy Ploy his way out. His raw power, knack for the Indy Ploy and increasingly, Xanatos Speed Chess, as well as a number of significantly powerful allies, usually get him out of trouble. Then, during the Forever Red arc, it backfires spectacularly, leading to a brutal Trauma Conga Line. Afterwards, while he's still prone to charging in, thanks to being Taught by Experience and Bucky's patient mentoring, he'll stop for long enough to get relevant information, equipment, back-up, and a half-decent plan.
  • In This Bites!, a dramatic example occurs when Cross finds a way to potentially save Merry by having her eat a Devil Fruit. Namely, he has no idea how to let her eat it. Fortunately, a solution is presented.
  • As she finally figures out how to switch places with objects in Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches, Ginny unthinkingly casts the spell only to realize a moment too late she's about to switch places with an egg on a shelf in a muggle store.
    • Dumbledore planting a book on dark magic as part of his attempt to frame Harry for murder fails because the defense notes the publication number states it was printed less than three weeks before Harry allegedly wandlessly cast a spell in the book. According to an expert, learning to cast a spell wandlessly in six weeks is an impressive time, with ten weeks being average; it's outright impossible to manage in the time between when the book was printed and when Harry allegedly cast the spell.
  • Palpatine, in an attempt to learn more of Ranma's secrets in A Horse for the Force subtly convinces some of Padme's handmaidens to watch Ranma spar with Obi-wan and Kit Fisto and record it. Unfortunately, he didn't consider that healthy young women like them would be more interested in filming the sweaty muscular men's physiques than recording the actual spar.
  • Played for Laughs in A Different Path when Tier Harribel releases her resurrection so she can properly kiss Ichigo. Unfortunately for both of them, she forgets they're in an underground cave and her release summons a massive wave of water.
    • Earlier Ichigo tried to kiss Tier but forgot about her mask and promptly cut his lip on its teeth.
  • In Common Sense, Seymour is smart enough to figure out that Jessie challenging Ash and co. to a battle was just a diversion and sneaks ahead to save the Moon Stone alone. Unfortunately, he wasn't smart enough to realize that he didn't have a plan to get it back without the help of a Trainer and ends up getting tied up.
  • Played for Drama in Dragon Knight when Xander is promised that once he brings peace to the land, he'll be returned home to Sunnydale. Xander always assumed he'd have to visit the dragon who brought him there to return but instead he's instantly transported back when his quest is complete, leaving behind his wife and son.
    • A Played for Laughs example occurs later when Buffy takes Alexander's wife Audrey aside to explain tampons to her, claiming that there's "things about this time and place he can't explain to her". Alexander irritably remarks that he's a married man with a son, not some blushing teenager too embarrassed to discuss periods; he knows how his wife handles them in the past and how they're handled in the future.
    • Audrey of all people is the one to explain to Willow why her surprise birthday party plan for Buffy was a horrible idea. While barely knowing Buffy personally, Audrey knows she's a warrior like her own husband (Ale)Xander, and notes that leading him to a darkened room and having a bunch of people jump out and yell after warning him of a demon attack would end in the surpriser's very quick demise.
  • Played for Laughs and Played for Drama in Bad Idea depending on the chapter. The story focuses on deconstructing Fandom-Specific Plot that pop up in the Young Justice fandom.
  • Sylvanas Windrunner possesses a comatose noblewoman in Lady and King to infiltrate Stormwind and learn their military secrets. During an attempted assassination against her, a young adventurer takes a blow meant for Sylvanas but is fatally poisoned. Just before he loses consciousness to the seemingly incurable poison, Sylvanas reveals her true identity. When an offhand comment by her causes the lad to be sent to the druids and cured, she realizes how badly she's jeopardized her mission; fortunately, the extensive damage cost the adventurer the last several weeks of his memory.
    • Another noblewoman reveals at a state dinner that the woman Sylvanas is possessing is actually half-elf in an attempt to sway King Wrynn away from her. Sylvanas calmly points out that not only would he obviously already know from his own spies, but that Varian considers a Blood Elf to be one of his best friends, so the noblewoman revealing such only implies she's trying to paint the king as both ignorant and bigoted.
  • Bruce Wayne's plan to introduce himself to Barry Allen doesn't go well in Total Stranger in the Dark when Barry responds to the stranger who's broken into his home by calling the cops then using his Super Speed to knock Bruce out and tie him up.
  • This is practically Bookworm's trademark in A Better Class of Criminal. The more he uses magic, the more unstable he becomes. But he keeps solving all his problems with magic, and using magic to solve the problems created that way.
  • Some dissidents in How To Train Your Overlord decide to kidnap and "disappear" Hiccup then turn his Battle Harem into sex slaves. Unfortunately for them, they stuff him in a sack and drag him along the ground in the soft mud after several days of rain. As a result, there's a clear trench leading right to them that said Battle Harem follows.
  • Bring Me To Life: In chapter 12, when confronted by Cage and his vampire pack, Dawn claims to be Buffy herself, hoping that Buffy's reputation as the Slayer will be enough to scare them off. While many members of Cage's pack are understandably freaked out, Cage himself decides to try and kill "Buffy" for the Villain Cred, something Dawn failed to consider would happen.
  • In Xendra, Willow works out that the Watcher's Council is under a magical contract and loudly announces said fact to members of the Council, breaking the contract. Afterwards, she admits to knowing that magical contracts have penalty clauses, but never once considers what they might be. If not for Willow being considered a third party, those clauses would have wiped out all descendants of the Watcher's Council who initially agreed to the contract over a thousand years prior which, as Quentin Travers furiously explains, would have resulted in the deaths of roughly half of Europe and North America along with wiping out the Slayer line permanently.
    • Willow's biggest problem can be summed up as being "too clever" as she comes up with an idea and immediately implements it without considering it or telling anyone first, such as replacing several items on a magical ebay with items that explode upon opening. While the items she replaces are only useful in seriously dark magic, Giles and Xander point out that the ones ordering them could very well have innocent victims/sacrifices nearby when they open the containers. That Willow frequently resorts to magic right away also causes problems, such as cratering Xander's yard when Buffy's magic hammer took offense to her trying to lift it with magic.
    • Buffy continuously forgets that her magic troll hammer is only light for her and weighs several hundred pounds for anyone/anything else (Xander's van can barely haul it). She does several thousand dollars worth of damage to Xander's deck when she places her hammer on his picnic table, causing said hammer to smash the table and the deck underneath.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: The events of "Helping... Hands?" starts because Trixie decides to test an unknown spell from a culture she doesn't understand, using a type of magic she's never used before on a friend of hers a few hours before said friend has an important concert. Naturally, it all goes wrong, and the friend's girlfriend calls Trixie on it.
  • Fate/Harem Antics:
    • Because Irisviel wants Shirou to give her lots of grandkids, she messes with the Holy Grail War system from beyond the grave so that every Servant and Master (besides Shirou) is female so that they will all eventually join Shirou's harem. One of them is Hassan of Serenity, who is so poisonous that she kills her original summoner Zouken when he tries to slap her and then gets Ayako to be her new Master. Just as she is congratulating herself on her plan to get rid of Zouken and get Ayako involved, Kiritsugu points out that if Serenity is that poisonous, then Shirou would get killed if he tried to sleep with her. Irisviel quickly rectifies this by getting Caren to summon Shielder, who can make herself and her allies immune to poison. This then causes another problem because she had to mess with the summon limits to allow Shielder to be summoned and forgot to set them back. Ruler gets summoned because of the rule violation and people hear about the extra summon and decide to try their own summons. Irisviel has to frantically make sure all the new Servants and Masters are female.
    • Kiritsugu did not tell Shirou that he had a sister named Illya because he did not want to burden Shirou with more Survivor's Guilt (Kiritsugu had been separated from Illya and decided to raise Shirou). When they later meet, Illya gets homicidally angry that her brother did not know she existed and attacks. Kiritsugu admits he dropped the ball on that one.
  • A DIC-less SI:
    • Nabiki Tendo tries to take a magical empathy granting ring from Kasumi, all while claiming she's just trying to protect her family, while the latter is wearing said ring. Kasumi lampshades that she can tell that Nabiki doesn't believe a word of what she's saying and just wants the ring.
    • Earlier Ami mentioned that John had something of Haruka's from Crystal Tokyo in his apartment. In the middle of Makoto advising scouting out the situation so they know what's going on, Rei calls Haruka about it and (accidentally) advises/causes the older woman to break into his apartment and steal the magical artifact: his toaster. Makoto immediately lampshades that Rei just caused things to escalate into a major disaster.
  • In the Worm fanfic Trump Card, the Empire Eighty-Eight kidnap Taylor Hebert to use as bait for the new cape Hax, who's given them some trouble. To ensure that Hax doesn't simply teleport away with their hostage, they surround her with their capes. What they don't know is that Taylor not only is Hax, but her power is to copy the powers of nearby capes ...
  • In Ranma: Happenstance Gone Right, Genma, in the attempt of getting him to apologize to Akane and come back to the dojo, strips Ranma of his status as heir of the Saotome School of Anything Goes and gives it to Ryoga, expecting Ranma to challenge Ryoga for the status at Genma's conditions, lose due Ryoga being trained specifically to defeat Ranma, and be forced to "show the proper respect to his master". It backfires royally due him not considering a number of things:
    • One of the reasons Genma went for his plan was that Ranma had grown rather close to Ukyo and Shampoo-enough he actually talked Shampoo's grandmother before issuing his challenge. She quickly figured that Genma would train Ryoga to take advantage of Ranma's fighting style and trained him to completely screw them over it, and had the challenge includ the condition that if he won he would have the right to challenge his father for his spot in the school.
    • Anticipating that Ranma may win anyway, Genma had brought a cat just in case, and when Ranma gained the upper hand he threw it at him. By the match's rules that meant Ryoga was automatically defeated-and then the situation with the cat was neglected long enough it triggered the Neko Ken, and Ranma mauled both Genma and Ryoga.
    • Right after Ranma left, Happosai shows up and has everyone tell him what happened. A good laughter later, Happosai reminds everyone that Ranma is his heir, so even if Ryoga had won Ranma would have not owed any respect to Genma. He then bans Genma from taking advantage of Ranma's fear of cats in their challenge to punish him for his stupidity.
  • Nick Fury in A Child Avenged wanted to get Harry Potter to join the Avengers Initiative. When Harry refused, Fury decided to kidnap his foster son in an attempt to get Harry to come to them long enough to convince him to join. Instead Harry goes full Papa Wolf and warns Fury that if he does that again, Harry will make him watch as he kills every agent in SHIELD.
  • The Raven's Plan opens with the last survivors of Westeros making a desperate Last Stand against the Night King's forces, to buy time for Bran and Melisandre to enact a ritual to send all their minds back in time in order to try and avert the events that led to the wars which weakened Westeros just before the Second Long Night began. This ritual requires blood sacrifices, which are provided by Sansa, Tyrion and Daenerys, and works just fine. However, no one, not even the nigh-omniscient Bran, thought to take into account the 3000 men who'd be fighting and dying to make that stand in the same area; their spilled blood supercharges the ritual, causing a lot more people to remember than had been intended, throwing the plan Off the Rails.
  • In the The Rising of the Shield Hero/Saint Seiya crossover The Hero Melromarc Needs and Deserves, king Aultclay and Myne try their canon plan to disgrace the Shield Hero in spite of Deathmask having already spent his first day in Melromarc single-handedly wiping out four bandit gangs. Deathmask quickly twists the situation to his advantage, and the only thing keeping him from shaming Aultclay into effectively handing him control of the kingdom is that, upon realizing they were accusing him to having raped Myne, he feels so insulted he forgets in anger and leaves after beating the crap out of her.
    • Goes even worse in the series of omake showing how it would have gone with the other Gold Saints-and with Shaka they mistake him for a woman and accuse him of trying to sell Myne as a sex slave out of envy at her beauty. The accuse loses any credibility when Shaka simply drops his pants-before teleporting Malty to some hell and turning Aultclay in a vegetable.
  • Arjuna Belaji in Harry Potter and the Lack of Lamb Sauce tries to cheat during the MagicChef competition by switching hers and Millicent's meat pies because cooking beef goes against her religion and she figured that since it wouldn't benefit either, it wouldn't count as cheating. The judges calmly explain that she could have either explained beforehand and asked for a different ingredient, or made something else and explained why afterwards. Regardless of her intentions, she's disqualified from the competition for cheating.
  • During his spar with Jaune in The ProfessionArc, Ren tries to wear the more heavily armored huntsman out using hit and run tactics. As he's informed after the spar, armor might be heavy but it's weight is distributed across your entire body, so it doesn't hinder that much. Furthermore, Ren was the one running around the whole spar, so even without carrying as much weight, he still ran out of stamina faster.
  • The League of Shadows in Legal Crimes try to kidnap the Self-Insert character because he knows the formula Flash used to gain Super Speed. After being detained, the SI points out that they've glued him to his cement floor and brought neither heavy machinery nor solvent so he won't be going anywhere for a while and they made a very loud break-in so the heroes who were monitoring him already know they're there.
  • The Legend of Zelda fic And So We Fight has Zelda acknowledging the fact that disguising herself as Sheik to throw her enemies off wasn't the brightest decision ever since it only caused her own forces to get demoralized from her absence.
    Zelda: I wanted so desperately to reveal myself at the battle in the Valley of the Seers, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
    Impa: Why?
    Zelda: I do not know. I thought that my disappearance would lead Cia to believe that I was dead, and with me dead she would become overconfident, and thus prone to mistakes? I do not know, it was a terrible plan!
  • The Child of Azkaban: Trying to justify his decision to deny Sirius a trial, Crouch tries to use the latter's behavior when he and his wife last visited Crouch Junior but, before he says whatever was wrong with Sirius' behavior, he's reminded that he couldn't have seen anything without seeing there was a toddler with Sirius in Azkaban and thus he's basically "confessing" to have known about Harry's predicament for the last eight years and done nothing about that.
  • In Wrong Road To The Right Place, when Laurel has grabbed the Dodger in a hold and threatens to take him out into the main exhibition, the Dodger starts to threaten her with the explosive collar he has placed around her neck before Laurel points out that he can’t use the bomb now without blowing himself up as well.
  • Ranma points out to Homura in Anything Goes Game Changer that his decision to work at a host club to find his Ashikabi is more flawed than he realized. While it does allow him to meet a fair number of women, after some time it'd be mostly repeat customers. Furthermore, there are many women who don't go to such clubs for either moral or financial reasons.
  • Natasha Romanov in The War Is Far from Over Now never considered what would happen if she dumped all of SHIELD's files online. While HYDRA had infiltrated a great deal of the organization, there were still hundreds of loyal workers who had no idea and were burned as a result. In the end, most of them refuse to rejoin SHIELD and instead stay with Stark Industries after Tony Stark gave them jobs and new identities while saving as many agents as he could. When Natasha recognizes one of Tony Stark's employees as Agent 33, she tries to confront the woman about what she's doing, only to be informed that Agent 33 was tortured to death by HYDRA and her name is Kara Palamas. Kara then gives Natasha a Slasher Smile and informs her she needs to think beyond the end of the mission.
  • The Viking AU Tribute has Tim Drake dressing as a girl and offering himself to the raiders about to assault his impoverished homeland, reasoning that a highborn daughter is enough of a tribute to content them. The barbarian leader is so pleased by the "lady" he decides to marry "her" to his second son. Cue Tim freaking out because there's a couple of things the groom is bound to notice on the wedding night... Fortunately, the bridegroom is actually his long-missing childhood friend and crush, rescued and adopted by the tribe.
  • In Young Midoriya, Sero starts off his match against Itsuka by binding her hands in his tape. Only once he tries to reel her in does he remember her Super Strength, just in time for her to throw him out of bounds using his own tape.
  • In Total Drama fanfic Second Chance At Love: Duncan, during his fight with Leshawna, brags about the sexual demands Gwen's willing to do for him, and admits he only with her for sex. Later, he lies to Gwen, saying that Leshawna attacked him first and tha he was trying to protect Alejandro; this goes badly for him, as not just Leshawna told Gwen the truth, but mentioned one of the sexual demands that Duncan talked about, proving to Gwen that Duncan's the one lying. Gwen, now knowing that Duncan was using her, and hadn't quit his bullying, criminal ways, breaks up with him.
  • In What Might Have Been, Garnet points out that with the Breaking Point being an extremely short-ranged weapon, Bismuth would have had to get close enough to Pink Diamond to use it, and even then should have to have gotten passed her entire entourage and Pink would have to have stayed still long enough for her to use it.


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