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People not thinking things through in anime and manga.

  • In Attack on Titan, the country of Marley were the cause of many of their own problems.
    • They sent Titans to harass the Eldians behind the Wall for years, only to later realize they are in now of need of the natural resources that are located on the island, hence their need for the Coordinate.
    • Their attempts to gain the Coordinate unwittingly provide the Eldians on the island a means to fend them off and for them to gain the Attack Titan and the Colossal Titan.
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    • They've been colonizing most of the world through the use of Titans, but unfortunately for them, news that they failed to gain the Coordinate and the loss of some of the Titan Shifters has been spreading and other nations are now openly fighting back.
  • In Bokurano, Junji "Katari" Karita decides to pretend to be a Zearth pilot in order to delay or prevent his parents' divorce. In order to "prove" this, he plans on doing a victory dance at the end of the next battle, even though he can't control the robot. Ushiro and Machi lampshade this, noting that he must have assumed the actual pilots would have played along.
  • Harumi Kiyama in A Certain Scientific Railgun plays this both ways. On the one hand, she's the only villain who realizes the damage her plot is causing, and actually creates a way to reverse the effects harmlessly once she's finished. On the other hand, she failed to account for what would happen if people randomly fall into a coma—such as if they're driving a car.
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  • After Kimihito in Daily Life with Monster Girl is hospitalized Lala visits alone to avoid everyone trying to fit into his hospital room, or causing a scene. Good thinking, too bad she didn't realize her detachable head, and boasts about being the grim reaper might cause a panic.
  • In Delicious in Dungeon, Team Touden decide to use Senshi's adamant cooking pot as a shield against the Red Dragon's fire...forgetting the main reason Senshi converted his ancestral shield into said pot is because one of its properties is spreading heat fast and evenly. Cue Laios dropping the pot in pain after the first blast of fire burns his hands.
  • In a dubbed episode of Digimon Adventure 02 ("Cody Takes a Stand"), the trope is humorously activated when Cody attempts to stop BlackWarGreymon (one of the season's strongest villains) from destroying a Destiny Stone.
    Cody: Don't take another step or else!
    Blackwargreymon: Or else what?
    Cody: Um...I haven't figured that part out yet.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Vegeta during the Saiyan battle after Gohan turned into a Oozaru. Escaping being crushed multiple times, he did seem proud of himself for a moment after cutting off the boy's tail, thus shrinking him to normal size. Given that, while Vegeta has taken a considerable beating fighting the various heroes, Gohan was the last one strong enough to present any kind of threat to him, it seems that he's won. Then comes the brief realization that Gohan is still semi-gigantic, not maintaining his place in the air and now falling towards him while semi-gigantic. Since he wasted the last of his remaining power in the blast he used to cut Gohan's tail, he's unable to dodge. Not long after a crushed Vegeta is sitting in a crater, struggling to crawl to his ship.
    • Vegeta gets another moment after he forces Dende to heal him to give him a power boost to fight Frieza. Not once did he put into account that Dende would refuse to help him since Vegeta slaughtered an entire village's worth of innocent Namekians earlier in a search for the Dragon Balls, and leave him to die. Piccolo talks him into doing so, only because they NEED Vegeta to even stand a sliver of a chance against Frieza.
    • Vegeta tends to be a victim of it more than anyone thanks to underestimating the power of his opponents. After Dende heals him, he starts fighting Frieza himself, only to severely underestimate Frieza's power in his final form. His training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber boosts his power enough to defeat Semi Perfect Cell, but then he helps Cell attain his Perfect form and gets beaten half to death for it. He also plans to take advantage of Babidi's brainwashing to increase his power to fight Goku only for the energy released to repower Majin Buu. Even his attempt to sacrifice himself to destroy Buu fails because he severely underestimates the creature's regenerative abilities.
    • Goku himself falls into this during his plan to pit Gohan against Perfect Cell; while Gohan is the strongest of them all, Goku failed to consider that Gohan is half-human, doesn't have the same love of fighting as his father, and above all else, is Just a Kid. It's only when Piccolo points this out to him that Goku realizes how badly he may have screwed up.
    • Cell himself is subject to this in his eponymous saga; his goal is ultimately to force Gohan to awaken his hidden powers by forcing him to watch as his friends get beaten up and a pacifist android is killed right in front of his eyes. Cell eventually gets exactly what he wanted all along, but he never stopped to consider the possibility that he might actually lose.
    • This is a key reason why Gohan's warning to Cell about his hidden power backfired; Gohan failed to consider that Cell, being a big-time Blood Knight, is the kind of person who wants him at full power for the sake of a good and challenging fight.
    • Babidi has this happen three times. First, he tries to keep Piccolo from killing him by pointing out without someone to seal Majin Buu away, he'll destroy the world. Piccolo points out that's what Babidi intends to do anyway, so the end result would be no different and bisects him. Babidi gets Buu to heal him, and threatens him into compliance after, with the threat of sealing him away. When Goku challenges them, he tries to repeat the threat only for Buu to point out that if he does, Goku would kill Babidi easily. Luckily for him, Buu is willing to fight Goku anyway. The last time proves fatal, as trying to control Majin Buu through the fear of a spell falls apart when Buu simply crushes his windpipe, rendering him unable to speak, and kills him.
    • During the Tournament of Power, Belmod has Jiren go after Goku with the explicit intention of showing off his immense power and scare everyone into submission, as Jiren would often do against his villain to force them to choose between surrender and annihilation. Jiren does his thing, shows off his immense power and that he's the mightiest warrior of all... Except the penalty of a team losing in the Tournament of Power is annihilation, for them, their whole universe, and their very souls, so while Belmod and his Kaioshin counterpart bluster about Jiren's strength, they're quite surprised when the aces of the remaining universes start assembling to just gang up on him.
  • The Remnants of Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children are looking for Jenova. After attacking Edge city, fighting Cloud, his friends, Rufus Shinra and the Turks, Kadaj finally gets her head... and has no idea what to do. Cloud lampshades it stating that as a fragment of Sephiroth he's acting on instinct rather than thought.
  • In Girls und Panzer, the Oarai student council revives its Tankery program in order to compete in a national tournament which is a lie to cover up the fact that the school will be shut down, but they have made a deal to prevent that if they win. Unfortunately, the student council overestimated how many tanks they had left over, i.e., the ones they weren't able to sell, assuming that the school would have many in reserve from its past participation in tankery. Student Council President Anzu admits that her assumptions were faulty, but she couldn't think of any other way to keep the school open, and at least wanted them to have hope.
  • In Goddess Creation System, Xiaxi assumed she'd be whisked out of the feudal Chinese world she found herself in as soon as Mingluan fell for her, so she poisons herself and makes it look like Mingyi first blackmailed her and then did the poisoning to earn back his trust after he catches her faking concern for him. It works, but then the mission continues and she's still poisoned.
  • In Gourmet Girl Graffiti, Akira, Ryou's aunt, attempts to surprise her in episode 12 by grabbing her arm as she opens the door to her apartment. However, Ryou is understandably shocked and scared, so her first instinct is to slam the door in the face of the person grabbing her arm. Akira apologizes and sports a bandage on her face in the next scene.
  • Gundam:
    • In Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Judau needs help so Iino decides to join him in the Zeta Gundam. However, the Zeta lost its head during the fight with the Hamma-Hamma, so Iino attaches a Zaku II head onto the Zeta and launches in the "Zeta-Zaku". To Iino's horror, he realizes that the Zaku II's head, being nearly 10 years out of date, has poor visibility due to it being built long before the advent of the 360 degree Panoramic Cockpit.
    • In Gundam Build Divers episode 19, Rose of team Hyakki falls into this trope repeatedly. At the first checkpoint of the Nadeshiko-athlon, when asked to build a Gunpla to complete the checkpoint, she chooses a Master Grade Sazabi Ver. Ka., noted for its complexity, because it's one of her favorites and always wanted one. Emilia of team Avalon nearly falls for it as well with choosing the Master Grade G-Armor, but opts for the much faster Haropla build, which all the other racers choose. At the third checkpoint, Rose chooses a Neue Ziel to go up against Emilia's AGE-1 Titus. However, her match is a Puppet Sumo fight and because her Gunpla has no legs, large shoulders and a massive binder tail, her Gunpla falls over, allowing everyone to beat her. The final choice has her deciding that the wrecked vehicles meant that everyone should use their Gunpla to win the race, which ends up nearly disqualifying everyone.
  • InuYasha: The ogre witch Urasue steals Kikyo's remains and brings her Back from the Dead in a clay body, planning to use the resurrected Kikyo as a slave to gather the Shikon Jewel shards. Instead, the very first thing Kikyo does upon revival is use her spiritual powers to blow Urasue up; Urasue obviously never considered the possibility that the resurrected Kikyo would turn on her, let alone immediately after her resurrection.
  • Is the Order a Rabbit?:
    • In episode 3, with it raining harder and harder, Rize says she'll call for a cab to take Sharo home. Chiya, remembering Sharo exclaiming she didn't want Rize to know where she lives, instead volunteers to take her. However, she attempts to carry her home, and collapses a short distance from the Rabbit House.
    • In episode 7, the girls work on a large jigsaw puzzle. As they get closer to finishing it, Chiya asks where they're going to place it. The girls are then stumped because they didn't consider what to do with it when they were done. In the end they have Chino's father put it up in the coffee shop to replace another picture of a rabbit.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War: Ishigami joined the cheer team to improve his demeanor, on the grounds that people on the cheer team always seem happy. It was only after he showed up at the first meeting that he realized the flaw in his logic, the only people who join the cheer team are those that are already too happy with their lives. Subverted in that it does give him a more positive outlook, just not in the way he envisioned.
  • Kill la Kill: Satsuki's main reason for destroying Nudist Beach's home base was to remove stragglers from her upcoming assault on Ragyo, stating that any group which cannot defeat her Life Fiber-enhanced army would be useless against Ragyo and COVERS. Not only does her rebellion fail in epic proportions, but she later discovers that Nudist Beach had a secondary base on standby, and it plays a major role in Ragyo's downfall.
  • Almost happens in Mahou Sensei Negima!. The cast are discussing ways to retrieve Asuna and the Great Grandmaster Key from the Big Bads and get the idea to use Natsumi's artifact (which makes the enemy completely unable to sense your presence) to get close for an ambush. Unfortunately, the Anti-Magic field coming from Asuna would make that plan useless. They almost go with the plan until Ako realizes the flaw. Cue Yue coming up with a workable solution and a Moment of Awesome for everyone involved.
  • My Monster Secret: In chapter 184, Youko decides to confront Principal Shirayuki over her treatment of the student body, and of Asahi in particular. Youko being Youko, it isn't until after she's angrily stomped into the office that she realizes she has no idea what she should actually say. Fortunately for her, it turns out to be a case of You Were Trying Too Hard, and she manages to skate through the confrontation on pure dumb luck.
  • Naruto
    • Sakura's attempt to kill Sasuke after getting through her teammates blocking her fails so epically because, near the end after she fails, Kakashi reminds her that Sasuke's absorption of Orochimaru basically made him immune to poison, much to her big dismay.
    • The entire plan Madara Uchiha crowded of this. He never thought about the fact that Obito had virtually no motivation for resurrecting him and intended to hijack the Moon's Eye Plan for himself. The seal he placed on Obito's heart prevented him from becoming the Ten Tails' jinchuuriki, but (as happened during Obito's fight against Kakashi) could be removed (although considering Obito had to trick Kakashi and get stabbed in the heart to remove it, he was probably confident Obito would be hard-pressed to do so). He also never considered the possibility of Nagato dying before being able to use to resurrect him with the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique.
  • In No Game No Life, the king of Elkia holds a gambling tournament to determine his successor, since the world is one in which everything is decided by playing games. Unfortunately, Imanity cannot use or perceive magic (the reason why they're by far the weakest race and smallest nation), so anyone with an accomplice from another race could cheat their way to victory in the tournament and become a Puppet King for the other nation, like Kurami had planned on doing. Upon thinking about this, Sora, the protagonist and an outsider, realizes that it's one more reason why the king deserves his reputation as an incompetent fool. Subverted later on, when Sora, learning that the king bet land that was worthless to the Imanity against the Warbeasts so he could gather information on their game and pass it on to his successor after his death, surmises that the previous king must have foreseen this, and did it so that someone who could overcome a magically-assisted opponent would succeed him.
  • One Piece:
    • As Jinbe says during the Impel Down Arc, the World Government's decision to execute Ace and have their Navy go to war with Whitebeard was extremely thoughtless. Not only would the Navy be Awakening the Sleeping Giant, but even if they did succeed in killing both Whitebeard and Ace, the immediate Evil Power Vacuum would turn the seas into a bloodbath, as islands under Whitebeard's protection would become open targets for hungry pirates. Sure enough, when the Navy wins the Paramount War, that's exactly what happens. And to make things worse, the war cut the Navy's forces down by more than half. Combined with Whitebeard's Dying Moment of Awesome when he declared that "One Piece is real," and an entirely new age of piracy began, effectively making the Navy's victory devastating to their own cause.
    • The "Fake Straw Hat Pirates" based in Sabaody Archipelago after the Time Skip. Since Monkey D. Luffy has attained more infamy than ever before due to his part in the Paramount War, one guy going by the name "Three Tongued" Demalo Black got the bright idea of posing as Luffy and setting up a crew to pose as the Straw Hat Pirates. Black usually got his way by relying on Luffy's fame to threaten people and recruit fearsome pirates into his crew. Unfortunately, around the time they were recruiting, the real Straw Hats came back, and it got steadily worse when they try to recruit a pair of Ax-Crazy pirate captains who intend to kill the Straw Hats for more fame, and then Marines show up with Pacifistas, with a Marine Captain personally knocking out Demalo Black with his ax for trying to talk smack to him while pretending to be Luffy. Because he forgot that when you're one of the most infamous pirates on the planet, lots of actual strong people want to kill you.
    • The key factor in Doflamingo's strategy to conquer and then hold onto Dressrosa was also the biggest flaw - Sugar. Her incredibly dangerous Devil Fruit Power could turn anyone she touched into a toy-like automaton, stripping away their memories and free will, also making it near-impossible to fight her or even get close to her. This made it easy enough to conquer Dressrosa and keep any would-be dissenters in line, especially with a guy like Trebol as her bodyguard. One problem: if she ever was killed or even knocked out, the No Ontological Inertia trait common to all Devil Fruits would mean all the toys would go back to normal. When this finally happened, every single victim over ten years was cured, simultaneously restoring all the lost memories associated with them. This resulted in a mass panic throughout Dressrosa, as families reunited, pirates looted, and wild beasts ran amuck, causing Doflamingo's hold on the kingdom to crumble almost overnight.
    • During the Paramount War, the heroes expend an extraordinary amount of effort to get Luffy to Ace's execution platform. Only after he gets there does he—and everyone else—remember that Sengoku is standing right next to their goal.
    • Hody Jones assumed that once he became king of Fishman Island, he'd be able to go to the Reverie and slaughter all the members of the world summit. That's only if the World Government had accepted his rule — they could just as well send some agent of theirs to utterly destroy Hody and his army and install a local government sympathetic to their causes instead. And even if the World Government had accepted Hody's rule, a high-class event such as the Reverie would surely have top-notch security to prevent any potential global incidents. This is of course, ignoring the fact that Hody was about to send 100,000 pill-popping underlings against both the New World and the World Government, when they stood no chance against a single pirate crew.
    • Vinsmoke Judge, the leader of the Germa 66, wishes to reclaim the honor of his kingdom which has been reduced to a nomadic fleet of ships only really staffed by his clones army. However, he is a firm believer of Might Makes Right, and following this doctrine had pretty much lead to his kingdom's ruin. Throughout the Whole Cake Island arc, it's shown he does not have the best grasp on making decisions. To wit:
      • He makes a deal with Big Mom to have Sanji, his youngest son, marry into her family so as to bolster his forces and thinks once Sanji does, they can just simply hold his chosen bride, Pudding, as a hostage. Judge doesn't take into account that Big Mom could possibly backstab him. And sure enough, the arrangement turned out to be a trap where they had planned to kill the entire Germa 66 on the wedding day and steal their clone technology.
      • In the past, he had forced a procedure on his wife to wipe the emotions from her then-unborn sons, feeling that them not having emotions would make for more effective fighters. When the Big Mom Pirates spring their trap and are set to kill them, Judge is begging for his life while his sons show him no sympathy, telling him to suck it up.
      • Lastly, by allying with a big named pirate, he didn't take into account that one of her guests named Big News Morgans being the leader of the source of news in the One Piece world could possibly report of his alliance. After the Straw Hats escape from Big Mom's territory, Morgans reports of what went on at the wedding, including said alliance. The result: The World Government disowning the Germa 66 from their ranks.
  • Pokémon: For his eighth Indigo League badge, Ash finds himself facing off against Team Rocket, since the real gym leader (Team Rocket boss Giovanni) was away on "business", and assigned the trio as his substitutes. Ash fights Jessie on a platform that's rigged to electrocute him whenever his Pokémon take damage during the battle. Of course, when Ash pulls off his Heroic Second Wind, it turns out James also rigged Jessie's own platform to electrocute her whenever her Pokémon take damage; when Jessie demands to know why he did so, James admits he didn't think it would matter either way because it never occurred to him that Ash would actually turn the tables on them this time. Also counts as a moment of Genre Blindness and general stupidity, because Ash beats them all the freakin' time.
    • In the special short Gotta Dance!, Meowth invented the Pokébaton, a device that would force any Pokémon listening to its music to dance. Unfortunately, he and his comrade Pokémon are just as susceptible to its powers as any other Pokémon.
    • During the Alola League’s first round, Faba hijacks Ash’s attempt to use Pikachu against his Hypno by forcing Ash to use Meltan via Hypno’s Psychic, thinking that this will be an easy win for Faba. But, as one is familiar by this point, Meltan can and will eat anything metal, so, when Hypno attempts Hypnosis, Meltan straight up takes a chunk of the pendulum off, leaving it open for a Flash Cannon and thus giving Ash the victory. Smooth move, Faba, you really screwed yourself over.
  • Happens rather often in Ranma ½:
    • The backstory of the Japanese Nannichuan: in the land of Musashi a pack of foxes was causing misery to the people, so a monk from China helped the people to get rid of them by creating a spring that turned them into men when they bathed into it. The story ends by pointing out it made things worse, as now the foxes were men and their hearts had not changed one bit.
    • Happosai has forgotten his invincible technique Happodaikarin, and, hoping to use it against him, Genma, Soun and Ranma go to recover the scroll that describes it. Hilarity Ensues:
      • They find there's now an outdoor female hot spring around the place the scroll was buried, and to get rid of the girls they quickly decide to paint Genma's panda form to make him look like a bear and scare everyone. Genma painted himself white, as white bears are the biggest and scariest of all bears... Much to Ranma and Soun's bemusement, as there's no white bear in the wilderness in Japan. The girls chase them off immediately.
      • After much shenanigans they recover the scroll, only to see it's written in a cipher they don't know how to read. Their solution? Capture Happosai and have him read it to them. Akane points out how incredibly stupid they've been just in time for Happosai to realize he has forgotten that cypher.
    • During the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc, Cologne teaches Ranma the Hiryu Shotenha to defeat Happosai, knowing that, even if it requires the opponent to unleash their fighting spirit and follow the user in a spiral path to be used, it's incredibly powerful. Thing is, about a century before she had used it on Happosai in a fit of anger, and Happosai isn't stupid enough to fall for it again.
    • When the Tendo engagement is switched to Nabiki, the greedy girl decides to deal with the other fiancees by starting a bidding war to keep them busy and possibly make some money. Problem is, one of the fiancees is Shampoo. Nabiki can barely ensnare Ukyo and Kodachi in the bidding war that Shampoo arrives and announces her presence by trying to kill her before convincing the others to help her by simply stating "If Nabiki dead, then Ranma is for free!". Nabiki very nearly died that day.
  • The Rose of Versailles has pretty much every single important character doing this:
    • The most egregious example is the pissing match between Marie Antoinette, at the time merely the dauphine (wife of the heir to the throne), and the Countess du Barry, former prostitute who married into nobility and had become the mistress of king Louis XV. Marie Antoinette, coming from the sober Austrian court, refused to acknowledge a former prostitute's right to be at Versailles and snubbed her for almost two years, not realizing it could be constructed as an offence to the king himself and cause a war between France and Austria (when this was pointed out to her she was properly horrified and finally talked to her in public). Du Barry didn't realize she had engaged a pissing match with the future queen of France while her own power derived from being the lover on an old man who could die soon (and in fact died less than two years after Marie Antoinette had to recognize her presence at Versailles) and started to fear for her own life when this was pointed out to her, making her try (and fail) to improve their relationship (in the end the only reason Marie Antoinette didn't do anything to her was that the King's confessor managed to get the countess exiled first, with the new queen merely confirming the exile). And the king's daughters, who hated du Barry, physically dragged away Marie Antoinette when she first tried to talk to the countess, not caring at all of the possible consequences (luckily, Marie Antoinette was able to get another chance).
    • The lone exception is Oscar, with her actions during the above conflict showing it the best: at first she just wanted to enjoy the show from a safe distance (it was well before she became friend with Marie Antoinette), when forced to take a side she choose Marie Antoinette because, as much du Barry could be powerful, any victory of an old king's mistress against the future queen was bound to be reversed the moment the king died (we're even shown her thinking about that before taking her decision), and when du Barry, unable to be satisfied by her victory over the dauphine, tried to frame Oscar's mother for murder she went and delivered a scathing speech in which she pointed out the idiocy of challenging the future queen of France when du Barry's power came from her influence over an old man, getting away with holding the king's mistress at swordpoint in her own apartments. Oscar even sees the French Revolution coming, but, sadly, she's completely unable to prevent it.
  • In Sailor Moon, Chibi-Usa, suffering a Broken Pedestal moment upon learning clumsy crybaby Usagi is Sailor Moon, decides that Usagi is unfit to be Sailor Moon and steals her brooch, intending on taking it and the Silver Crystal back to the future. Not only do the other Sailors have to chase down Chibi-Usa, but so does Reubeus, who takes advantage of the disharmony and tries to capture Chibi-Usa. The end result sees Chibi-Usa's attempt to return fail, the other girls kidnapped and Usagi's legendary forgiveness being strained to the point where Mamoru has to stop her from harming the kid.
  • At points in both the first and second seasons of Strike Witches, Minna pulls a gun on Mio in order to try to stop her from getting herself killed in battle. Mio is quite aware of the flaw in this bluff, and it doesn't work either time.


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