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The main hook of Scribblenauts is that you can write and summon ANYTHING, so of course, this page would be compulsory. Just to give you an idea, you can write any family-friendly, non-proper noun (even some proper ones like Cthulhu, Albert Einstein, and Longcat) on the touch screen, and the object written is spawned. The game's dictionary is its greatest asset, and the dev team has repeatedly assured gaming websites that they are thinking of everything. It's become standard form in interviews with them to ask them a random collection of nouns to find out if they're in, or being put in, the game. They've been hit with things like "dialysis machine" and a specific kind of cooking pot. Even internet memes have made it into the later games. With the exception of vulgar things, most trademarked characters (for obvious reasons), and abstract or really, really, really obscure nouns, they haven't been caught off-guard yet (one reporter apparently stumped it with "pillory," but he notes, "That tends to get used more as a verb anyway").


  • Check out this story (somewhat NSFW). In short, "I FUCKING TRAVELED THROUGH TIME AND JUMPED ON A DINOSAUR AND USED IT TO KILL MOTHERFUCKING ROBOT ZOMBIES." The Devs got wind of that famous post, and "Feep", "Post Two One Seven" and "NeoGAF" were all plugged into the game before its final release, as well as creating an official poster that was most likely inspired by this post that included Maxwell stepping out of a time machine riding a T. rex, then chasing zombies with it.
  • When someone actually stumped the dictionary at E3 with "Plumbob"note , the dev watching the playtest got on his cellphone, chatted with someone else on the dev team, closed his phone, and told the playtester that the word would be in the final release.
  • And yes, you can summon a Starite, but you can't actually clear the level with the phony Starite. Sorry. (Except in one level, where it's the only way to beat it)
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  • The game has a lot of pop culture references. For example, summon a shark. Now, summon a ray gun. You can attach the ray gun to the shark's head, and it will fire Frickin' Laser Beams at anything that comes near.
  • If you time travel while holding milk, the milk will become cheese.
  • Animals and other creatures all have certain foods they will and will not eat. Goats eat clothing, zombies eat most body parts, cats eat fish, etc. Cows will eat beef... and contract mad cow disease and become aggressive. Pigs will eat most food items, but will become "heartbroken" if you present them with ham or bacon.
  • Strangely enough, Bailey Hall (a girl in a hot dog costume who will try to destroy any food item except hot dogs, onions, and lettuce) will actually try to destroy a LOL Wut (A giant version of Maxwell's head). This is exclusive to the first game only.
  • Some people and animals are afraid or angry at other things. Cats will fight rats. Cats and dogs will fight each other. And Rabbis will run from bacon.
    • Priests will eat ham, but rabbis, imams, and other Muslims won't.
    • Wrestlers will fight other wrestlers, and boxers will fight other boxers.
    • Elves and Dwarves would fight each other.
    • Ninjas and pirates attack one another.
  • Two rabbits in close proximity will, well, breed like rabbits. In a demo version, the rabbits wouldn't stop making more rabbits, which led to them crashing the game by making too many for it to handle. This was fixed, though.
  • "Game of the year," "Innovation," and "Game of the century" all make a copy of Scribblenauts.
  • Starting with Super Scribblenauts, Maxwell can add adjectives to objects. This also applies to objects that have already been spawned, objects that are part of the level, and even Maxwell himself. Adding "Nontoxic" to toxic waste or poison will instantly destroy it.
  • If you try to recreate what Maxwell is riding in the boxart of Super Scribblenauts (Winged Polkadotted Bathtub), the game will give the wings a purple tint like in the art, because you can't change the color of the wings.
    • But you can trash those wings and replace them with striped wings.
  • If you spawn a kappa, he will attack you. If you give him a cucumber, however, he will become friendly — just like in the original legends.
  • One level spoofs The Wizard of Oz; you can give the characters what they want (a heart, a brain, "the nerve", and a home), but they will also accept what the Wizard literally gave them in the movie — a diploma, a watch, a badge, and a hot air balloon. Also, ruby slipper and silver slipper works for the girl. (The silver slipper is from the book.) The Tin Man also accepts oil. And of course, you can make witches. Both a bucket of water and burning at the stake can take them out.
  • In Super Scribblenauts, if you summon a badger and then summon a mushroom, the badger will walk up to the mushroom and start dancing. Also, badgers are afraid of snakes. On the contrary, a honey badger will attack snakes (and just about anything else).
  • Atheists run away from God in the first game. In the second game, atheists and agnostics cause any nearby deity to instantly fall dead. Unlimited returns them to being terrified.
  • In level 3-1 of Super Scribblenauts, one of the ingredients you need for a witch's love potion is something sweet. It doesn't matter what, so long as it's sweet. So yes, antifreeze works just fine.
  • Summon a baby. Then summon a dingo. No prizes for guessing what happens next.
  • Bigfoot is terrified of cameras. This explains a lot...
  • Type in "Virgin" in the original game... it summons a gamer.
    • Additionally, in Unlimited, typing "Your Mom" summons a zombie.
  • Typing in "Massive Damage" summons a giant enemy crab. There's even a level about it and Samurai will instinctively attack it.
  • In Super Scribblenauts, if you apply an adjective related to the seven deadly sins to anything, God will attack them - for instance, try summoning a proud, gluttonous, or lazy person.
  • Obviously, an invisibility potion can make the person or creature drinking it invisible. However, you can create a "visibility potion" that will render an invisible creature visible.
  • In the third game, while in Edwin's Farm, normally your sister Lily is un-selectable, cannot be killed, and does not react to objects or creatures. That is, unless the creature or object petrifies things. In which case Lily freaks out. Because you just saved her from the same fate.
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited is an attempt to cover up the few rare moments where the developer DIDN'T think of something, or couldn't do something because of legal concerns. You as a player can make your own items for Maxwell's notebook dictionary, or download items from the Steam Workshop.
  • The time traveler, who looks a lot like Marty McFly, will get on a hoverboard, and the hoverboard won't work on water.
  • Giving a ring to a halfling (hobbit) will cause it to turn invisible.
  • One challenge in Super has you using adjectives to create cavemen resembling prehistoric reptiles. Making a "feathered caveman" for the deinonychosaur works.
  • You can summon Fenrir in Super Scribblenauts (it potholes to "werewolf"). Summon Odin, and the two will attack each other. Fenrir wins.
  • Nuckelavees are afraid of rivers. Starting in Super, they also poison cows with their mere presence.
  • One challenge in Super presents you with a 4x4 grid of boxes. Each box contains a trait found in various animals in addition to a light. Summoning an animal will make the lights glow in the boxes that contain features found in that animal. Your goal is to turn the lights on in four consecutive boxes twice (you can only spawn three animals). Making a platypus will turn the light on in the poison box.
  • Basilisks/cockatrices run in fear from weasels, roosters and mirrors. One challenge in Unlimited has you defeat one; any one of those methods will work.
  • One challenge in Unlimited requires you to kill a giant spider. A giant newspaper will work just fine.
  • When you spawn a sandworm over water, it falls in and dies instantly (even when adjectives like "waterproof" are added to it).
  • If you summon two hockey players, they will fight and leave only teeth and a hockey stick.
  • Giving the devil a golden fiddle will net you the "Down to Georgia" achievement.
  • People are impressed at how jam-packed Scribblenauts Unmasked's roster is. Name an obscure DC Comics character or even location. You will be surprised, it's probably in the game.
    • Speaking of Unmasked, if you create Kyle Rayner and put him near a refrigerator, he'll actually get scared and run away.
    • Spawn Nightwing, then Starfire. They will both have little hearts in speech bubbles. Now spawn Batwoman and Rene Montoya. Little "No heart"s will show up. This occurs for practically every couple in the comics.
  • Play Scribblenauts Unmasked. Spawn a Kryptonian anything. Place it next to a Sun. Make the Sun "Red" and they'll lose their powers near it.
  • In Scribblenauts Unlimited, you can summon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (War, Death, Famine and Pestilence). Each one does what their name says just by standing next to something. War causes things to become angry. Famine starves people and causes them to become emaciated. Death can kill people, but will generally not do so unprovoked. Pestilence, which poisons people, actually takes it a step further. If you have described your character as invincible and immortal, it will delete those adjectives and change them to dying.
  • In one level on Super Scribblenauts, you have to create an extinction event not using an asteroid or something similar. There are tons of things that will work including a volcano, disease, the Sun, cavemen, aliens, hunters and God.
    • If you summon a world-destroying object like a black hole, the Starite doesn't appear on the ground for you to pick up. Instead, it spawns in your hands and you immediately win the level before the black hole kills you and the Starite.
  • Medusa can petrify people with her gaze. After killing her, Maxwell can pick up her head and use it to shoot petrifying beams.
  • Herons, storks and cranes will eat most small birds and mammals, which is behavior that has been observed in real life.
  • Hitting a cyclops with a spear or lance will blind it. They'll also run terrified from stakes.
  • In Super Scribblenauts and above, you can create Maxwell's Notebook. And then give it to someone. And they'll start creating random things with it, just like you do!
  • When eaten by a predator, most animals act afraid. An eagle fights back.
  • In Scribblenauts Unlimited, typing "LIE" into the notebook will create a cake.
  • Spawn Santa Claus. Then spawn a criminal. Santa will walk to the criminal, and then spawn in a piece of coal.
  • Spawn a werewolf. Then, spawn a sun. The werewolf will turn into a human. Werewolves will also be afraid of you if you carry silver, and will keel over dead if you run into them or throw it at them. Throwing a silver bullet at one turns it into a human.
  • Similarly to the above, if you make the sun, and make yourself vampiric, you'll die. This even gets around Invincible.
  • In Unlimited, Hercules kills the Hydra in one shot.
  • In Super, after something Pregnant gives birth, it will become Skinny.
  • In Super, the final level sees you attacking the Doppelgänger with all the Starites you collected. This includes the Starites in the post game levels.


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