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This is the page for Developers' Foresight for the Metal Gear franchise.

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    Metal Gear Solid / Twin Snakes 
  • If you take way too long getting up to the helipad at the very beginning of the game, Campbell will call out Snake (and by extension, the player) for having rusty skills.
  • When Baker forgets Meryl's CODEC frequency, he tells you to look on the back of the CD case. In this case, he's referring to the actual package the game came in, as there's a screenshot of a CODEC conversation with Meryl on the back showing the frequency. However, if you don't have the box (and are playing through the game for the first time, or you've forgotten it yourself), once the scene with Baker ends, you can just call Campbell four times in a row, after which he'll add Meryl's frequency to your list.
    • The digital download version obviously doesn't have a physical case, so a scan of the back cover is included with the digital manual.
  • Psycho Mantis can read the player's mind by reading memory card data, providing a detailed analysis of the player's proficiency at the game (how good they are at stealth and combat, and how frequently they've saved their game), and suggesting that the player enjoys certain games like, say, Suikoden or Castlevania, for instance, or Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Melee in the Nintendo GameCube remake. Even better, in the Japanese version, having save data from both Snatcher and Policenauts unlocks a special message from Hideo Kojima. If for whatever reason you're unable to use the second controller port, Colonel Campbell will eventually reveal an alternate way to beat Mantis: destroying the busts in the room.
  • Snake will be chastized if you follow Meryl into the women's washroom after the Psycho Mantis fight and then call Nastasha or Mei Ling; they will both call you out on going somewhere you don't belong. Even worse, Mei Ling will refuse to let the player save their game.
  • During the scene where Snake goes to meet a disguised Meryl, she'll eventually duck into the bathroom to change out of her stolen uniform. If Snake follows her into the bathroom before she's had enough time to finish changing, she'll be in her underwear in the ensuing cutscene. When she exits the bathroom, staring at her for long enough will cause her face to glow bright red in embarrassment.
  • Throughout the game, the player's Oxygen Meter will be steadily depleted in two specific situations: when Snake goes underwater, and when he enters a room filled with poison gas. In the latter instance, the oxygen meter will go down more slowly if the player equips the gas mask. But there's just one small area where the player can go underwater; it's at the very beginning of the game, and the player has no reason to backtrack there after acquiring the gas mask. As a result, the developers could have taken the easy way out and coded the gas mask to "slow the oxygen meter", and most players wouldn't have noticed. But no: if you try equipping the gas mask while underwater, it has no effect.
    • There is in fact a second place you can go underwater, if you enter the main building through the grate guarded by a sleeping guard and a camera on the bottom floor. Crawling through this has the player reach a point where the air duct dips down into a pool of water, which also drains the O2 metre, and this is also unaffected by the Gas Mask. Most players would take the far simpler upper-floor route which lacks this obstacle, however, and doesn't require a Chaff Grenade and killing a guard to get through.
  • During the cut-scene where he's held up at gunpoint by Meryl, Snake will draw his SOCOM. If you haven't picked up the SOCOM yet Snake will instead grab the barrel of her gun. There will also be a SOCOM conveniently placed nearby when control returns.
  • If you shoot the rats that are scurrying on the girders just above where Sniper Wolf is during the first fight with her, eventually you will get a CODEC call where several members of the support team will call you out on killing animals just for your own sick pleasure. You'll similarly get called out by your support team and Vulcan Raven if you shoot the ravens outside his lair.
  • During the final battle, when Gray Fox is being crushed by Rex and calling for you to fire the stinger, Snake normally yells "It's no good; I can't do it!" if you try. However, if you happen to have no missiles left, Snake instead yells "It's no good; I'm out of missiles!"
  • In the first fight with the Cyborg Ninja, where he wants to fight you purely hand-to-hand, he will deflect bullets and dodge grenades. However, chaff grenades will short-circuit his electronics. If you do this, he will call you out for your dirty tricks and begin using all his fighting abilities, making the fight much harder.

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 
  • If you enter the only place with a mirror on the Big Shell and equip either the Camera or Sniper Rifle (weapons that force you into first person mode and which you won't have the first time you visit), you see that Raiden is properly rendered holding either.
  • Shooting the mirror causes it to splinter realistically, and pieces will scatter across the floor. Raiden can still be seen in the shattered reflection. Speaking of that washroom, urinals, hand driers, and sinks all work if you get close enough to them.
  • There's a point in the game where Raiden is discovered regardless of how good you are, and the whole facility goes onto high alert. If you return (with no purpose in the storyline) to some of the earlier parts of the facility at this point, there are more guards. This is also the only way to get some of the dog tags.
  • Speaking of the uniform, you'll notice it's still in your inventory despite being useless now that it's lost the balaclava. Turns out it's not completely useless: if you wear the uniform in an area where you'll leave footprints, the guards will ignore them rather than follow because they match those of their own boots.
  • Similarly to the example with Snake and Meryl's standoff, Raiden has two different motion capture scripts for Vamp's intro scene depending on whether or not the player has picked up the M9 by that point. (The scene is also carefully scripted such that Raiden only gets the chance to shoot at Vamp using Pliskin's M4, so the presence of a weapon is irrelevant to the story.)

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 
  • Should the player choose to wear the Raikov mask after Snake has had his eye blown out, 'Raikov' will have that same eye constantly closed.
  • Throwing items onto the ground during some boss battles results in unique strategies or items. Throwing a empty hive onto the ground during The Pain's boss battle results in some of his hornets flying into it, which nets you a special item that restores a whopping four bars of stamina. Throwing a glowcap onto the ground during Volgin's boss battle will result in the latter's electric attacks being channeled into it instead of being directed towards Snake.
  • During the bit with The Sorrow, enemies who died in particular ways will show up to harrass the player.
    • If the player chose to shoot guards in the crotch, then The Sorrow's river will include those emasculated guards, saying "I'm useless now!" One player went through the game killing very single enemy via Groin Attack just to fill the river with castrated guards.
    • There's also the possibility that the player might have eaten a vulture who had in turn eaten human flesh. The victims of Snake's cannibalism-by-proxy also appear in The Sorrow's river with the vulture on their shoulder, saying "You ate me!"
    • A guard could be killed while distracted by the Book item, and his ghost will be in The Sorrow's river holding a magazine. He'll be complaining about not being able to see any more of it!
    • All the enemies in The Sorrow's river will attack Snake, except for The End. Since The End died in peace and has no regrets or grudge against Snake, the developers thought to write unique code just for him which makes him walk harmlessly past Snake in the river.
  • If Snake gets a stomach ache from eating rotten food, you can cure him with medicine or go to the medical screen, spin him around a dozen times, and then exit the screen and watch Snake puke up, fixing the problem. You can also escape the prison cell that way; make Snake vomit, and the guard will come in to check on you.
  • You can save during The End's boss battle, and leave the console off for a week (or setting the system's internal clock ahead by one week). This results in him dying of old age. However, waiting less time than that before reloading the save allows The End to catch Snake while he's asleep and carry him off to the location described above. If the player saves during this fight, Para-Medic foreshadows this by telling Snake that she has a bad feeling something might happen. Killing the End this way has its own cutscene and CODEC discussion (where Snake expresses regret at letting the End die without a final battle, only for Major Zero to set him straight).
  • Calling your Mission Control when you're imprisoned and saving the game has Para-Medic tell Snake about a vampire movie, to which Snake will reveal he's scared of vampires. Loading the game causes Snake to have a nightmare, which manifests itself as a demo for a scrapped action game called Guy Savage. Sadly, this was removed from later ports.
  • You know the torch you find in the cave? You can use it to set foes on fire.
    • Also, you might get the idea to use the torch in Groznyj Grad's Underground Tunnel up to arriving at the area to face The Fury. The programmers anticipated this possibility, and added in a few seconds to The Fury's debut cutscene that shows Snake dropping the torch just for that specific scenario.
    • The torch is only useful in the cave for a short while: if you wander in the darkness long enough, Snake's eyes will get used to it and the area will slowly get brighter and easier to see in.
  • Shoot or stab Ocelot anywhere on the body without killing him. He will possess a bandage on that spot in all future appearances.
    • There's a moment during the Virtuous Mission where Ocelot is knocked out on the ground. If you kill Ocelot while he's out cold, you get a Game Over with Colonel Campbell telling you that you created a Time Paradox, and that you shouldn't screw around with the future. The HD re-release even has an achievement called "Problem Solved, Series Over" for doing it.
    • On the note of Time Paradoxes, the "Snake Is Dead" message that shows up during the Game Over screen will slowly turn into "Time Paradox".
  • If you backtrack to areas you previously visited and called EVA there (more specifically in areas such as Dremuchij, Dolinovodno, Ponizovje, and Graniny Gorki, the four places where you can't call EVA upon the first visit due to either being absent [Ponizovje and Graniny Gorki], or hadn't even met yet [Dremuchij and Dolinovodno]), in addition to giving Snake the info about the location he is currently at, EVA will also ask Snake what he's doing all the way back there and remind him that he was supposed to go to the next destination.
  • Various Codec calls and conversations to characters will also be slightly different depending on the player's prior actions. In Rassvet, for example, Snake's response to Zero in regards to the guard level depends on how the player handles sneaking past the guards. If the player evades detection completely, Snake will respond with "No one spotted me." Likewise, if he gets an alert or kills the soldiers, he'll respond with "I managed to get past them." and "I had to kill them... there was no other way. But no one will know we were involved." Also, call Sigint when the flame troops arrive at Krasnogorje. If the player got a bit too triggerhappy with soldiers, Sigint will state that the reason why they are after Snake is because he killed many of their comrades. Likewise, if the player restrained him/herself from killing anyone (except for maybe the Cobra Unit), Sigint will respond with Volgin sending them to torch him as revenge for disposing of The Pain, The Fear, and The End. In addition, Volgin's analysis on his body check on Snake before torturing him will be different depending on how frequent the player seriously injured him/herself gameplay-wise. If the player had very little, if any, (serious) injuries prior to being tortured, Volgin will state "What a beautiful body you have, like a newborn baby. But not for long..." If the player received a moderate amount of injuries, Volgin will state "Hmm... you've certainly seen your share of battles. Consider yourself lucky. I am about to show you what hell is really like." Lastly, if the player received a lot of injuries, Volgin will say "You're a tough one, my friend. A lesser man would be dead by now."
  • It's possible to kill Sokolov in the Virtuous Mission by tossing a grenade in his room through the mission. Obviously, this results in a game over.
  • If the player still had the magazine in their possession up to their capture, and then the player calls EVA upon leaving the prison, EVA will mention that she did not throw out any of Snake's equipment, and also reveal that she found out about the magazine, while sarcastically referring to it as a "fine piece of literature" towards an embarrassed Snake.
  • If you want to preserve the mousetraps you can find in the Virtuous Mission for Operation Snake Eater, set them somewhere easy to find. They'll still be there a week later in-game and you can pick them up.
  • You might be curious about what happens when wearing the Oyama facepaint and getting caught (and possibly other facepaint). The developers included at least one specific line uttered by the guards when caught (in the Oyama facepaint's case, they'll say "What's with that face?" with some amusement.)
  • If you leave the transmitter in when you approach the waterfall, Ocelot's soldiers will try to attack you. Also, you get a hilarious bonus cutscene where EVA removes the transmitter.
  • Also, normally EVA just bursts through the waterfall once you're inside. If you were spotted by the Ocelot soldiers and made a break for the waterfall instead of fighting them (very likely as you have no weapons at this point) you'll get a brief extra scene of EVA gunning down the pursuing soldiers before she comes through.
  • If you decide to, whatever reason, use the Cigarette Spray against The Boss, she'll reel back.
  • If you throw a grenade of some sort or shoot an RPG at Grozny Grad while you're on the cliffside you meet EVA at, the base will actually notice and send a helicopter to attack you!
  • Para-Medic has two sets of dialogue for every type of wild food in the game. If you haven't acquired it yet, she'll give you the "That area is home to the ___" version, and if you've got it, she'll give you the "I see you've captured a ____" version.
    • The conversation will also differ depending on whether you've already eaten said food. If not, Snake will ask about how it tastes, eventually annoying Para-Medic, and if you have, Snake will describe the taste. For some of the foods, this information is actually missing in Para-Medic's handbook.
  • Destroying food storages in an area will cause your enemies to suffer from hunger when you return later, affecting their performance. They get so hungry, in fact, that you can throw them meat from a poison dart frog or a tarantula, and they will eat it gleefully... then keel over dead.
    • This also works against The Fear. If his stamina drops too low he'll try to find something to eat, and there happen to be a lot of poisonous frogs and mushrooms in the area where you fight him.
  • Likewise, destroying the ammunition storages will make the guards carry only one magazine of ammo for their rifles. If they empty that clip after spotting you, they'll drop their rifles and chase you with their combat knives.
  • Throwing a grenade towards a Gavial when it opens its mouth makes it swallow the grenade and blow up. This is notable because of the two locations that they can be found in, one is an area before you find grenades and the other one places most of them underwater.
  • With the Subsistence edition of the game, the player is given the choice to use the original fixed camera or a camera that may be fully rotated around Snake. If you use this camera and look at the right angle at the end of the Virtuous Mission before healing Snake, the player can see The Sorrow's decomposed remains on the side of the river. These can also be seen with the fixed camera, albeit barely.
  • There's a sequence near the end of the game where the player gains EVA as a party member. You can check her injuries and food history, which has a fair amount of high-class food French and Italian Food, fitting with her background in the KGB. She also has some food that sounds a lot like what people eat in China. Because she's actually a Chinese spy, as we find out at the end of the game.
  • If you're doing a Pacifist Run, the game won't count Ocelot and Volgin's fights as kills if you drain their HP (as opposed to their stamina), since the former is a recurring character in future entries in the series and the latter is a Recurring Boss who shows up again at the end of the game.
  • Normally, the TNT is used for blowing up food storage and armory sheds. You can use it to destroy the Hind early as well, which will be replaced by floating platform guards on the mountaintop. However, the Infinity Face Paint reveals the TNT's true potential. You can set TNT almost anywhere to create distractions and chain reactions. If you sneak up behind a guard, you can can invoke Why Am I Ticking? situations. The guards will never notice they've been rigged, and you can blow them up anytime you want.

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 
  • You can unlock the Solar Gun from Boktai. It's a non-lethal weapon with limited ammo capacity, and it needs to be recharged manually in sunlight. In Boktai, the enemies were vampires, so the Solar Gun is lethal in that game. A player of Metal Gear Solid 4, however, might consider using it on Vamp. If you do, he has a special animation and response to the shot, and if it's a fully-charged shot it can knock him down in a single hit. Vamp is the only enemy in the game that can actually be killed by the Solar Gun.
  • Similarly to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, spinning Snake around on the model viewer/OctoCamo selection screen will result in Snake vomiting.
  • Certain locations in which you can participate in battles between Liquid's PMC forces and local militia change according to how the battle is resolved. You'd usually only spot this by backtracking.
  • Chapter 3 consists of a mission where you need to tail a man in a town that's under martial law.
    • Normally, you'd have to avoid being seen by the guards, especially since Snake is a wanted man and his face will be recognized. However, you can equip the Civilian Disguise (a face other than Snake's or Otacon's), and remove all of your weapons in order to be ignored by the guards. Just let a guard see you, cooperate while he pats you down, and keep your weapons unequipped. The guards, as well as the guy you're tailing, will think you're an innocent civilian. The guy you're following will take potshots at you to scare you off rather than try to run from you.
    • During this mission, Old Snake was being followed in-game. At any point while tailing the rebel, if the player looks back in the opposite direction from where they've been going, they can spot the cloaked entity that appears in a later cutscene. Attempting to approach the entity will cause it to disappear.
  • If at any point you're playing a song with Snake's iPod and stumble across something that references the earlier titles, an appropriate song from that game will play if it's been unlocked.

    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 
  • There's a couple of joke Dating Sim missions where you can date either Paz or Kaz. Normally, the game prohibits you from taking weapons into the dates, but if you hack the game to allow you to take them, you can kill them. When Kaz fades, his glasses remain and clatter onto the sand.
    • You can also use the team command "Say Goodnight" and they will... fall asleep. If you lay on top of Paz, she will dreamily state that "your beard hurts" and codec calls from other characters will imply that you are... umm... eating her out (Not to mention they're not too happy about you taking advantage of someone who's unconscious.) Almost the same thing happens for Kaz, except his line of dialog is "Stop it... I'm not that kind of guy..."
  • While the Codec lines in Peace Walker are usually generic or generic for the stage, thus making them hardly worth bothering with for the majority of players, making Big Boss stand on a specific riverbank in a specific stage after recruitment of Huey, the man who will become Otacon's father, leads him to remark that he always gets a bad feeling when he looks out at the water. (Metal Gear Solid 2 revealed that Otacon's father committed suicide by drowning himself.)
  • The game has two situations prepared depending on how well the CQC quick action cutscene turned out for the player: If the player successfully managed to do the CQC, the player will be able to use the ID card that Snake stole from Strangelove earlier to escape from the cell, although the call with Miller after Snake escapes will be somewhat short. If the player fails, the player can utilize a jigsaw strapped onto him, and after escaping, Miller's codec call will have him reference the Jigsaw.
  • Given the Sling Post's obvious resemblance to a club or baseball bat, the player might get the idea to smash it into enemies. The game programmed it for that specific purpose, and doing so will also activate a codec call where Miller will comment that it's not what its supposed to be used for.

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 
  • It is possible to Lag Cancel out of Raiden's attacks instantaneously by tapping the Blade Mode button, causing Raiden to enter and immediately exit Blade Mode, which both wastes much less time and works on a greater number of attacks than cancelling with the dodge move does. There are some attacks that don't let you blade-cancel out of them, however, because blade-cancelling is an intentional gameplay mechanic on the part of Platinum rather than a glitch or oversight, despite the game leaving it entirely to the player to discover this technique for themselves.
  • There are multiple instances in the game where the enemies are threatening detained civilians, who can be saved if the enemies are eliminated quickly and stealthily enough. Once rescued, the civilian will thank Raiden and begin running in the direction of the nearest level boundary. If the player manages to catch up with them before they retreat behind the invisible wall and slashes at them, the civilian will be unharmed but stripped of all their clothing but their underwear. Calling your friends on the Codec immediately afterwards leads to angry, disguested conversations from each character, though the best one has to be Blade Wolf's.
    Blade Wolf: For all his achievements, man is still capable of such depravity.
  • The stun icon that appears over enemies' heads (or the player's) have different words accompanying it, depending on who got stunned. Raiden and all of the cyborg enemies get "BMI ERROR", while Bladewolf and all of the unmanned Metal Gears get "AI ERROR". Sam simply gets the word "STUN" over his head due to being an Empowered Badass Normal with almost no cyborg enhancements.

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 
  • The story mission is comprised of multiple objectives which can be completed in any order the player wishes, and the game will rearrange or remove cutscenes to reflect this. For instance, the game expects first-time players to rescue Chico first, use his intel to locate Paz and then extract her. However, if the player rescues Paz before doing this, that portion won't trigger, nor will you acquire Chico's tape. If you decide to rescue Paz first and then take Paz down to the extraction zone after rescuing her, just like you would normally do with Chico the game gives you a unique cutscene between Snake and Paz.
    • In addition, if you extract all the other prisoners and approach Chico last, the cutscene is changed slightly so that Snake is instead startled by an enemy vehicle noisily approaching their location.
    • Ground Zeroes' side missions also have plenty of freedom in how you approach them, and the game reacts accordingly. Probably the best example is "Classified Intel Data", which centres around the revelation that the tape your mole instructs you to collect is a fake planted by Cipher, and contains next to useless data. As it turns out, the real tape is with the Cipher agent who has bullied the mole into cooperating. The game has unique dialog for almost every conceivable combination of objectives. For instance, if you follow the mole's instructions but shoot out the camera next to the fake tape will cause Miller to comment on the cleverness of the trap. However, if you throw a smoke grenade into the room before grabbing the tape, so the camera can't catch you, Miller won't even notice the room was booby-trapped. Other ways of completing the mission, such as grabbing the fake tape without talking to the mole or interrogating the Cipher agent, causing him to drop the real tape will have Miller Hand Wave the Contrived Coincidence of just how the hell Snake knows what he's doing without making contact with their source.
    • It's not uncommon to see Challenge Gamers on YouTube try their hands at a " Both Tapes Run", which nets the player an extra score bonus.
  • Shooting your own helicopter with the rocket launcher will cause Kaz to radio the messages "That's not funny."

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 
  • D. Horse will not only poop on occasion, but can do so on command. Horse poop can even be placed on roadways, causing vehicles that run over it to skid out of control.
  • With the right upgrades, you can use fulton recovery on objects like a container. If you're standing on it, interacting with the balloon makes Snake grab the cable and immediately exfiltrate by fulton pickup. You can also use it to reach the upper floors of buildings.
  • Returning to Mother Base on your birthday (which the game asks for at the beginning) gets you a scene where Miller, Ocelot and the Diamond Dogs throw Snake a surprise birthday party, including a special song and a birthday cake. With Quiet recruited, you get another special scene in which she shoots open a crate of cigars for him by shooting out the letters "HBD".
  • iDroid specific:
    • The iDroid has two audio settings, headphones and speakers. The speaker option makes the music and briefing tapes much more audible and easier to hear, but also does so in-game; since you're using the speakers it becomes diegetic, meaning the guards can hear what you're playing and will investigate the source of the noise.
    • Using the Stun Arm while listening to tapes causes audible static feedback.
    • One of the many unlockable tapes in game contains audio of a certain somebody in a porta-john having... bowel issues. If you're hiding in a toilet and a guard is coming to use it or searching for you, turning on the iDroid's speakers and playing the tape makes the guard respectfully walk away and leave you be. The same goes for animal SFX that are on certain tapes — playing the goat sound-effect in Afghanistan, for example, will make an inspecting guard think you were just an animal and call off his search.
    • Additionally, an Afghan and an African lullaby tape can be found in the respective locations. Playing the appropriate regional tape at night-time will make any guards that can hear it fall asleep at their post.
    • There's even special tapes that contain guard voice clips. Playing them in appropriate situations will prompt the other guards to fall for it; playing a recording of someone saying "Enemy eliminated!" in the correct language will make alerted guards assume someone else killed you, and promptly radio in to end the alert.
  • In most missions, Sequence Breaking is possible, as you can simply go to the objective before finding out where it is, or reaching an NPC before they reach a specified point. Several missions will have dialogue for this, and at least one, Episode 8, will lampshade your sequence break with Kaz questioning whether you have a "sixth sense".
  • The Water Pistol has a surprising amount of detail put into it for a Joke Item.
    • Enemies shot by it will be startled. Spraying an enemy in the face causes them to block with their hands, leaving them open to a CQC strike.
    • Squirting it at electronics will cause them to short-circuit. It can also be used to detonate mines at a distance.
    • Clothes will be realistically stained at the point you strike them. Additionally, blood stains can be cleaned away by spraying it with water.
    • Miller has a unique reaction if you try to use it on the Man On Fire. And despite his claims, it is possible (though it takes a very long time) to douse the Man on Fire with it — approximately 300 shots or so.
    • It's semi-transparent, just like many real-life water pistols.
    • Using it on open flames (like burning barrels or torches) will extinguish the flame.
  • Quiet's boss fight can be finished incredibly quickly, as all the player has to do (Rather than either engage in a sniper duel with her or sneak around and use the Silent Pistol to tranq her) is mark her location before calling in a supply drop on her head, which knocks half her stamina out. Do it twice, and the whole fight can be finished in a minute. It is possible to do this in both Mission 12 and 40, although it's much more difficult in the latter — if you wait until the drop is about 10 metres above her, poke your head out of cover and then duck back in again she'll take a shot and get hit by the supply drop before she can react. Although on Extreme it takes five hits instead of two like in mission 12.
  • If you destroy the comms equipment in the Eastern Communications Post in Free Roam Mode and then attempt the "C2W" mission from a chopper, Ocelot will note that the comms equipment has already been destroyed and the mission will end instantly.
  • When Ocelot sends you to rescue Kaz, he says that Kaz can probably hold out for three days. If you use the Phantom Cigar to skip three days ahead and then try to save Kaz, he'll die and you'll fail the mission.
  • You can hold up enemy soldiers while they're standing in ankle-deep water streams. If you have them lie down, they'll lie down face first in the water. That's not the Foresight part, though. What is is that if you leave them like that, eventually they drown. And die.
  • The first time a player gets attacked at one of their FOBs, a cutscene reflecting on the matter will play on Snake's next return to Mother Base. Miller's response to Snake's question "Who did this?" will depend on whether or not the enemy player left the FOB without getting detected (which would give the FOB's owner to attack the enemy's FOB as revenge):
    Snake: Who did this?
    Miller (if the enemy player was spotted): A competitor. We know where they're based, even have a route planned out.
    Miller (if the enemy player wasn't spotted): A competitor. But we don't know who. Can't pin down a route to their base.

    Multiple Games 
  • Try shooting the ! above a guard's head if you're discovered. It stuns them momentarily.
  • If the player tranquilizes the soldiers in the butt, heart, or the crotch, it will instantly knock them out like a headshot.
  • In most games you can press a button during cutscenes to zoom the camera in. If you do this when the camera's point-of-view is looking through a set of binoculars or a handheld camera, the various numbers and bars change as well.


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