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Developers Foresight / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

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Special instances in the game where CyberConnect2 added neat little gameplay details that reference the JJBA universe.

For the tons of nods towards the series' mythos, go this way.


  • Vampire and Pillar Men characters convert half the damage they receive into silver health, which they can heal with one of their supers. However, damage inflicted by Hamon will not create any recoverable health. This is also true of most Stand users, a nod to how in early part 3 Stands were thought of as a ghostly form of Hamon.
    • Also, they can't be used in stages that take place outdoors in the daytime, with their characters in VS mode or Campaign mode labeled with a Stone Mask. If the player beats portions of Story Mode, this Stone Mask label gets a Red Stone of Aja added onto it, allowing players to access all stages.
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  • Not only is there specific dialogue for mirror matches, but there's also specific dialogue when a character fights against his past/future self, such as Joseph and Old Joseph, Kira and Kosaku, and Dio Brando and DIO.
  • A few specials where the character performing the attack gets hurt (Bucciarati and Ermes's HHA with snapbacking and Okuyasu's GHA with flowerpot to the face) actually chip away the lifebar.
  • Both played straight and averted with bubbles. Bubble attacks (like those used by Caesar and Gappy) can actually be popped if hit with another projectile. The aversion is that this also works on Kosaku's air bombs - in the manga, when Josuke cuts one in half, it still comes after him, because Killer Queen's power solidified the air. This is an aversion for game balance, since the explosion is unblockable, meaning that making the bubble invulnerable would make it far too powerful.
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  • The Dramatic Finish of the Morioh stage starts with the character in shock, and each character has a different reaction face, taken from a point in the manga, with Jotaro's even changing camera angles to match the original situation and Iggy going into a POV.

Part 1

  • Dio Brando's "Space Ripper Stingy Eyes" HHA has a special animation which plays when Jonathan is defeated. In it, the screen zooms in on Jonathan, who attempts to block it to no avail and calls out Erina's name before falling.


Part 2

  • Joseph has a unique counter taunt wherein he predicts his opponent's next line (one of their default taunts), for all 41 characters, including himself twice, followed by their accurate reply and unique humorous reaction shot.
  • The Battlefield (a.k.a. Skeleton Heel Stone) has both Lisa Lisa and Kars in the background. They won't appear if either of them is fighting.
    • Using any of the Pillar Men in this stage will have the vampire army cheering them on. Using Wamuu specifically will also have Kars saying that he can't lose.
    • Lisa Lisa (if not chosen) will also cheer on Joseph or Caesar.
  • Defeating Esidisi with powerful attacks will cause his brain to pop out of his skull, similar to how he escaped being defeated for a time after his fight with Joseph.
  • If you defeat Caesar with a light attack, he leaves behind a blood bubble with his headband in it.
  • Wamuu's "Wind Protector" mode grants him immunity to most normal projectiles - except for Caesar's Bubble Cutter, which, like the original material, bypass Wamuu's armor.
  • Ultimate Kars does not evaporate when exposed to the sun during the DIO's Mansion Situation Finish like all other vampire or Pillar Men characters (including Normal Kars) do, reflecting his new immunity to sunlight.

Part 3

  • In Part 3 of Story Mode, Jotaro cannot use his Time Stands Still ability until he faces Dio, which is the point where he discovered it in the actual series.
  • DIO's "It's a Road Roller!" GHA has new animations when done against Jotaro, where Star Platinum appears to defend his owner. If the Jotaro player inputs the command for his Time Stop ability during the GHA animation, an extra scene plays out after the steamroller explodes. This also reduces the damage Jotaro takes from the attack.
    • Once per round, when DIO sucks the blood of Jonathan's bloodline, he gains 1/4th of a Heart Heat bar and has a unique follow up animation of his "This is the greatest kind of high!" quote. This doesn't work on Johnny and JoJolion!Josuke, seeing as they aren't of the same Joestar bloodline.
    • If the DIO player inputs the time stop attack, and then attempts to use his HHA, instead he will just throw a wave of knives at the opponent.
    • Once DIO activates his time stop skill, his Heart Heat Gauge begins to deplete. If the player has max gauge when using it, the skill alone takes about 9 seconds to end. Just like how long DIO could stop time after sucking Joseph's blood.
  • Iggy has two separate animations for his GHA dependent on whether or not the player has chosen the alternate costume for Iggy's original appearance (the more realistic dog). The normal costume has Iggy end the attack by biting the opponent's nose, and the alternate costume has Iggy ending the attack by grabbing onto the opponent's face and farting.
    • Furthermore, Iggy has different low health/taunting/being taunted cut-in panels depending on what costume he's in.
  • Subverted with the Cairo Streets stage. It features a stage hazard where, if a player gets knocked in a certain area, Wilson Phillips goes to his car, only to find DIO threatening to kill him if he doesn't drive the car through a certain path, where it hits anything in its way. If DIO (or, for that matter, Part 1 Dio Brando) is in play, this still happens anyway.
  • The DIO's Mansion stage's Situation Finish involves the defeated player getting thrown through a hole in the wall. If a Vampire or Pillar Man character is thrown, instead, they'll be reduced to dust by the sunlight.
  • One of the Story Mode episodes is set immediately after Polnareff kills J. Geil, leaving Hol Horse in a severe bind. During this fight, Hol Horse cannot use any moves that involve Hanged Man. Because his throw's animation involves Hanged Man, this even disables his throw.

Part 4

Part 5

  • Giorno's Heart Heat Attack involves a close up of someone's face as Gold Experience punches them. This HHA varies depending on the character receiving the punch. Examples of how the characters are affected are in the MG page.
  • Guido Mista lists both his Stand and remaining bullets just above his super meter. If he has exactly four bullets remaining, the meter starts to go down as though he'd been taunted.

Part 6

  • When Pucci activates Made in Heaven, the TIMER speeds up with him.
  • The Green Dolphin Prison stage's Situation Finish involves Whitesnake (Pucci's stand) stealing the defeated character's Stand disc. If Pucci is the defeated character, the Situation Finish won't work. This also applies to the Kennedy Space Center stage.

Part 7

  • Both Johnny and Gyro have unique animations for their GHAs when fighting Valentine.
  • Valentine has a really low amount of health. This is because he repeatedly "dies", compared to other characters.
  • Love Train blocks every normal projectile in the game (Heat Attack projectiles still hit). This includes several attacks you might not think of as projectiles at first, including the explosion attacks of both forms of Kira (from Killer Queen or Stray Cat's air bubbles), Hol Horse's Hanged Man attack (something that relies on flying shards of glass, although it doesn't always work), and Valentine's summoned doppelgangers.
  • One notable exception: Tusk ACT 4 can't move if Jotaro or DIO freeze time, unlike in the manga where it is completely acasual and is free to move due to its infinite rotation. This was probably done for balance purposes, as otherwise ACT 4's homing projectiles would give Johnny an unfair advantage by rendering their specials moot.


  • Because Ikuro doesn't talk properly at all in his Baoh form (His speech is nothing but "BARUBARUBARUBARUBARUBARUU!",) the game's narrator will call out his attack names and actions for him.
    • He somehow still pisses Josuke off despite only the Narrator mentioning that he dislikes the smell of Josuke's hair.
    • His reaction to getting hit by Giorno's HHA changes depending on how much health he has. At full health, his face will not change in the least due to the Baoh Parasite being in full control.
    • Said inability to talk properly leads to this gem, courtesy of Joseph Joestar.
      Joseph: Next, you'll say...'BARUBARUBARUBARUBARUBARUU!'
      Narrator: Baoh is surprised!

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