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Fallout 2

  • Fallout 2 has a healing device called a Super Stimpak, which heals massive damage instantly, but has a timer that inflicts some less-serious damage later on from harsh drug side-effects. It is possible to assassinate the Enclave's president by healing him with about ten of them and letting 2 minutes pass. There is a special text message for doing this to Non Player Characters.
  • Along the same line, you can use the drug Jet on the enemies to cripple them before a fight. Jet is a very powerful combat enhancer, but after about 5 minutes of game time, gives them very big penalties. 3 Jet can be used on the oil rig's every soldier, wait about ten minutes, and every soldier will be effectively blind and cannot hit you at point blank range.
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  • If you meet Mrs. Wright, she would detect you being a tribal and proceed to speak more slowly and loudly, which you can immediately rebuff by telling her you're neither deaf nor stupid. If you have a pulse rifle or are wearing power armor, your character will ask her why a tribal would be walking around with those things.
  • One companion, John Cassidy, has a heart condition. Jet and Psycho work by accelerating the body's systems. Making that ally take either will give him a fatal heart attack.
  • The last level in Fallout 2 is supposed to be a running shootout through the Big Bad's home base. However, if you have the same kind of Powered Armor the Bads use, you can drop off your allies at the San Francisco docks and bluff your way through the entire mission, save the battle at the end. Which you can allow temporary allies and base guns to deal with instead of handling it yourself. Sadly this trick doesn't work with random encounters during the rest of the game.

Fallout 3

  • Early on for the Wasteland Survival Guide, you need to explore an old robotics factory. "The Superhuman Gambit" involves two "superheroes," the AntAgonizer and the Mechanist, the latter is a robotics master. There is special dialogue for accepting the sub-quest to go to the robotics factory while wearing the Mechanist's costume. As for The AntAgonizer, if you explore the old Hubris Comics building and find out where the AntAgonizer gimmick originated from, you have the option to discuss this with her as part of talking her into giving up the supervillain schtick.
  • During your escape from the Vault, Amata offers you a pistol and you have the option to refuse it, telling her she should keep it for defense. During her interrogation by her father and Officer Mack, she'll use the pistol to defend herself and kill Mack. Subsequently she's horrified by what she did and gives the pistol to you then as you head for the escape tunnel. Her dialogue also changes heavily depending on how you've been treating her in previous interactions and what you discussed.
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  • If you talk to Stockholm (a sniper in Megaton who is normally unreachable) by using the command console to make yourself fly (or manage to climb the way up to him), he will respond that he won't have time to talk while watching for raiders and add "How the hell did you get up here, anyway?"
  • One of the DLC packs for the game requires you to talk to a few Brotherhood of Steel renegades called the Outcasts. After helping them with a Super Mutant problem, you almost immediately engage in conversation with them. If you happen to be wearing armor that you took from the dead body of an Outcast elsewhere in the game while they talk to you, they start asking what the hell you're doing off-duty.
  • Speaking of the Outcasts, there is an unmarked sidequest at their base of operations where the Lone Wanderer can trade certain items for meds, ammo or grenades. If the player has failed to earn their leader's trust by turning in enough technology, the leader will confiscate any Outcast Power Armor currently carried, stating it was rather convenient that you "found" their armor out in the wastes.
  • If Lucas Simms, Megaton's sheriff, dies, his son will have new dialog options with you. Moreover, if you start wearing the Sheriff's outfit, he will reply "You might wear this badge, but you're not my dad." Other NPCs will react too!
  • Lucas Simms will more than likely die, if you side against Mr. Burke in the quest The Power of Atom, during a cutscene of sorts. "Of sorts" indeed, because nothing keeps you from acting during it, and disarming or executing Mr. Burke before he gets the chance to fire his One-Hit Kill scripted bullet at Simms. The sheriff himself even thanks you for saving his life, praising your quick reflexes... and your VATS, probably. You have to, however, wait until Burke pulls his gun in order to prevent Lucas's death. The time you have to react is less than a second. Pop a cap on Burke before that, and you will be punished instead, for interfering with the local law.
  • The Power of Atom, in which you either disarm or detonate the nuke in Megaton, is likely one of the first quests you'll get in the Capital Wasteland, and is usually done right away as it results in the only available player housing in the game. Holy Water is a quest that is only available near the end of the game after the main quest is complete and you've begun Broken Steel content, and it starts just outside of Megaton. If you somehow happen to blow up Megaton while Holy Water is active, there is a set reaction from every NPC involved.
  • Similarly, if you've already started the "Wasteland Survival Guide" quest for Megaton resident Moira when you decide to blow it up, upon returning to its ruins you will discover that she was out of town when the bomb went off. The radiation has turned her into a ghoul, but you can still finish the quest for her. However, after a few in-game days, Moira will relocate to Underworld, since ghouls fit in better there... which can get her killed.
    • If you do the irradiation part of "Wasteland Survival Guide" after blowing up Megaton, when reporting to Moira there is an unique line based on her being a ghoul.
    I feel about as bad as you look.
  • If you find James without doing the "Galaxy News Radio" sidequest, either by Sequence Breaking or passing the Speech check to convince Three Dog to tell you where he is without doing the sidequest, you can still do the sidequest if you feel like helping him, and the new reward is a key to a cache of weapons in Hamilton's Hideaway. If you've already been to the Museum of Technology and got the satellite dish needed for the quest, you can say so and Three Dog will be surprised you've already retrieved it, asking if you're psychic. If you accept the Galaxy News Radio sidequest and then find James on your own, you can go tell Three Dog about it and he asks you if you wouldn't mind repairing his relay anyway, and he'll think of something different to give you as a reward; if you find James, repair the relay, and then tell Three Dog you already know where Dad is when you complete the quest, he thanks you for sticking to your words even when you didn't have to, and in both cases he'll give you the weapons cache key.
  • Three Dog has dialogue for pretty much every scenario that happens in the game, including leads for quests you haven't done yet and commentary on quests you've completed, and quests that can be completed different ways often have Three Dog specifically talk about which way you did things. He's also aware of when characters move; for example, if you completed the Wasteland Survival Guide, but then nuke Megaton, he'll report on how you helped Moira, who currently lives in Underworld. He also has dialogue referring to you using all possible 90 Karma titles you can have (each one dependant on your current level and if your Karma is Good, Neutral, or Evil).
  • Uncle Roe will tell you that he "hasn't heard from (caravan merchant's name) in a while" if that merchant has died, and you will no longer be able to invest in them. Although if their pack brahmin survives, it will continue to follow the caravan route, and you can loot the inventory if you retrieved the dead merchant's key.
  • Additionally, if you take Three Dog's quest to fix his broadcast antenna, and then find Dad on your own before you turn it in but still complete it, Three Dog will express a lot of respect that you kept your part of the bargain despite the fact you got his end without actually needing him.
  • If you did the Paradise Lane/Vault 112 main quest before Operation Anchorage, a new line appears when talking about the simulation to the Brotherhood Outcasts.
    Lone Wanderer: Oh great. More evil little girls.
    Protector McGraw: Uh... no.
  • Delaying certain steps of the "Wasteland Survival Guide" until your raise some skills gives unique dialog options with Moira. Having +50 in Science before the "get irradiated" part, or +70 before the "get crippled" part both give options to describe accurately what would happen without having to deliberately hurt yourself. Said options are also considered as "smart" answersnote , though using this option obviously results in missing the unique perk granted by getting 600 rads (since said perk is the result of getting a critical amount of radiations).

Fallout: New Vegas

  • Your status with certain factions will result in new dialogue options. These open up slightly new branches during quests, the largest examples being at the end of the Lonesome Road DLC, where your NCR or Legion fame can have you argue against Ulysses based on your faction. Other examples include speaking like a soldier to people with high NCR fame. All these are optional, but the game does take your reputation into account.
  • When you first meet Ranger Milo, he that if the Courier had a few dozen doses of Psycho, he could use it to get the NCR troopers to take back Nelson, but admits that's not likely. If you actually have 24 or more doses of Psycho, you can offer them to him and he'll be impressed, granting small NCR fame, but not take them, saying he was only joking.
  • In a mission given to you by The King, you have to investigate a bodyguard named Orris who seems to be doing his job a little too well. He does this by paying thugs to play dead while he fires blanks, giving the illusion of skill. If you decide to go back and attack the thugs on the ground, they get up, yell "Orris 'aint payin' us enough for this!" and attempt to kill you.
    • If your character is too dumb to figure out the scam (low intelligence, low medical skill) then The King will be pissed off and make you do it again. Only the next time, Orris won't fall for it and will try to kill you off the bat.
    • If the player has a high enough medicine stat, they can examine the "thugs" and notice they are playing dead, giving you proof for confronting him. Alternatively, if you have an intelligence of 6 or more, you can point out the fact he fired three shots, but "killed" four people. If the player has both pieces of this knowledge, they can actually extort money from him by threatening him to expose him. Doing so has him leave, with you clearing it for the King, and getting extra caps for doing so.
  • Faction leaders Mr. House and Caesar tend to congratulate (or scold upon doing something to annoy or anger them) the player on things they have done. Mr. House, for instance, will praise the Courier if they immediately go and retrieve the Platinum Chip instead of talking to him, while Caesar will offer praise them upon killing Mr. House as soon as he enters the Lucky 38.
    • After retrieving the Platinum Chip, you are supposed to return to Mr. House. However, if you skip this and instead progress to the point where you enter the bunker in Caesar's fort, he will compliment you on being "ahead of schedule".
    • Caesar in particular will give an absolutely epic rant if you've been working against his interests earlier, listing each and every blow you've dealt to his forces and finishing with asking you why you felt it safe to show up in his tent. On the other hand, if you do Caesar's Legion quests before meeting Caesar and dealing blows to the NCR, Caesar will give a more positive rant and note how you and him share a common foe.
  • Almost all of Mr. House's dialogue has a corresponding line from Yes Man. If you kill House and install Yes Man into the mainframe before going after the Platinum Chip, it will be Yes Man that greets you inside the Securitron Vault. He will also give the demonstration on what the Mark II upgrade does in House's stead. Alternatively, if you pursue the independent ending without upgrading the Securitron army, he will scold the Courier (as best he can anyway, given his programming) for trying to take on Caesar's Legion and the NCR without a standing army.
  • Whenever you have a companion, try to give them an order you already gave them a few seconds ago and see the results.
    Raul: Right. Got it. I'll just stop using this melee weapon and instead use a melee weapon. Good idea, Boss.
  • The NCR's questline has you helping them wipe out the Legion in certain towns. If you've already killed all the Legion soldiers in those towns, the quest-givers will be surprised at how badass you are. Further bonus points if your character is female, considering the Legion's treatment of women.
  • Bypass Nipton on the way to New Vegas, thereby avoiding meeting Vulpes Inculta. Once you get to Vegas and meet Vulpes Inculta, kill him, then go all the way back to Nipton. A unique Legionnaire named Gabban will be in command at Nipton instead of Vulpes that you can talk to instead.
    • If you do the same thing, minus killing Vulpes, he will acknowledge that you've met, though he "Wasn't wearing a dog's head at the time."
    • Likewise, if you kill Vulpes in Nipton, a Frumentarius named Alerio will give you the Mark of Caesar on the Strip.
    • Related to this; normally players are told to go to Nipton by NCR Ranger Ghost at the Mojave Outpost. If they already have been to Nipton when they speak to her, she'll request you scout it out, but your dialogue changes a bit and you tell her you've already been to Nipton, thus allowing you to save time. If you haven't gone yet, most players wind up running into Vulpes, but you can complete the quest without meeting him if you instead talk to Boxcars, who is hiding in the general store. Talking to him is treated as finding out what happens, so you can chose to talk to him and avoid the Legion entirely.
  • In Old World Blues, a required quest involves you entering a chamber containing Gabe, the cybernetic dog of Doctor Borous while he was still human. Gabe is hostile and immediately attacks you. You'll almost certainly be forced to kill him, but you're not required to, and even if you dig up the item you need from one of a dozen dirt piles around the chamber, roboscorpions will attack and almost certainly kill Gabe if you didn't. But if you did avoid killing Gabe and protected him from the roboscorpions (neither of which the game even really hints is possible), Doctor Borous has unique lines thanking you for sparing his dog when you bring Gabe's bowl back to him.
  • One of the NCR quests involves resolving a conflict between the NCR and the Kings, and one way to resolve it is to kill a King named Pacer. You need to make his death look unconnected to the NCR, so you need to either arrange for him to die by accident or get him to be (or appear to be) killed by the Van Graffs. There's a pretty impressive range of options, such as simply killing him with an energy weapon, spiking his Jet with Psycho to cause him to have a fatal reaction, slipping an energy explosive into his pockets, or even forging a hostile note from the Van Graffs and sticking it on his Jet stash, which will cause him to run off and attack the Van Graffs. The kicker here are two options that aren't readily apparent: if you killed the Van Graffs already, you can tail Pacer to their building and kill him with an energy weapon inside the store. Alternately, you can take another sidequest where your job is to stand guard outside the Van Graff's store in Van Graff armor and using an energy weapon, and then deliberately pick a fight with Pacer when he walks up to the door. There is nothing in the game that hints that this latter option is possible, but it works perfectly fine for the quest.
  • A quest for the Brotherhood of Steel works with this as well - they expect you to kill the Van Graffs, which is kind of really difficult given you can't take your weapons inside and they are all armed to the teeth. It just so happens, however, that one of the NPCs who wants to enter has bombs strapped to his body - let him in and he'll take care of it for you (though at the cost of some of the potential loot being damaged). An alternative comes right after the portion where you stand guard - since they're paying you to help them, they'll let you take all your weapons inside the shop now.
  • Weapon Repair kits restore the condition of whatever weapon you have out. If you try to use one with no weapon equipped, you gain a small amount of health, as the game apparently interprets this as "repairing" your bare fists.
  • During a conversation with Johnson Nash, he'll tell you how a cowboy robot had him hire six couriers. This can to an amusing moment where you have to clarify which cowboy robot he's talking about. Normally the line would be "Cowboy robot? You mean that one over there?" However, if you speak to Primm Slim afterwards and then go back to ask Nash the exact same question, the line is changed to "Cowboy robot? You mean Primm Slim?"
  • During the very start of the game, players will be strongly encouraged to talk with Sunny Smiles to to ask her about any odd jobs that need doing, which segues into a tutorial about hacking/lockpicking an old safe. If the player happens to wander into the schoolhouse and crack the safe beforehand, you have an option to tell Sunny about it, in which case she'll just let you keep the bobby pins, since they'd clearly be of better use in your hands than hers.
  • The final quest in Sunny's tutorial chain will have you collecting Xander Roots and Broc Flowers. These two plants can be found around Goodsprings and sold to Chet for caps before talking to Sunny. In the event you did just that, there is an instance of each plant that only appears when you accept this quest, both of which are marked on your map and compass as objectives.
  • The "Against All Tyrants" challenge from the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC requires to kill 10 named Legion characters with a selection of NCR Ranger guns. One of the characters involved in the challenge is Silus, who can normally be encounter inside an area you can’t enter with your weapons. Some weapons can be smuggled inside restricted areas, but the list includes none of the guns related to this challenge. Alternatively, you can help him to escape from NCR custody to be able to properly approach him with all your guns and then shoot him, which works too. So, using Silus to progress in this challenge requires to either cheat or make an illogical action (side with the Legion to help a member to escape, then immediately murder him), but he still counts.
  • The Wild Wasteland trait causes an alien ship whose captain has an alien blaster to replace the mercenaries with the unique YCS/186 Gauss rifle. If you change your traits with the Auto-Doc in the Sink in Old World Blues, you can't get the alien blaster if you already got the YCS/186 and vice versa. However, the same does not apply to the unique Abilene Kid LE BB gun; you can get one from Jimmy's well with Wild Wasteland even if you already got one from the Fields' shack.
  • If you lock Elijah in the Sierra Madre vault at the end of Dead Money and listen to his radio frequency, you'll hear him panic before accepting his fate and giving the Courier a Dying Curse.
  • James and Francine Garret both are questgivers. Their main quests (collecting money from debtors to Francine, and recruit three escorts for James) can be received on the same time. The Freeside NPC Santiago is one of those debtors and also one the available escorts for James' quest; if Santiago is talked to when both quests are active, there's a special dialog option to suggest him to repay his debt by working as an escort in the Atomic Wrangler (which complete both objectives from both quests at once).
  • You can find Clanden's snuff films and present them to Marie Pappas, the head officer of the NCR Embassy's military police, which makes sense but it doesn't present itself as an option to you.
  • The Wild Card quest allows you to disregard all the factions and finish the game regardless of reputation, which is great for speedrunners. Choosing other factions makes you do a string of quests and non-speedrunners would do them for the free xp. If you ignore them entirely, even choosing not to upgrade the Securitrons at the bunker because you want to get things over with, Yes Man addresses this during the final battle and comes up with a new plan of attack: rather than set off the override as one would if they upgraded, you render the dam inoperable so the NCR has no reason to try and take it back.
    • That's not the end of it. If you chose not to upgrade the securitrons, the ending notes that the Strip quickly descended into anarchy because they didn't have the firepower to protect it.
  • At a point in "Come Fly With Me", Bright asks you to kill all the "demons" (Nightkins) in Repconn's basement. A late part of the quest brings you in a previously closed part of the basement, a room with a bay window where the player can see, below, a large room where the Bright Fellowship stores rockets in order to travel to "the Great Beyond". You're not supposed to go there by yourself at first (and only learn about the rockets and their purpose once the ghouls ask you to follow them there, later in the quest), but said room can actually be accessed once the basement's entrance is unlocked. The room includes an intercom, and using it before you're supposed to go in the room results in a unique dialog where the Courier asks Chris Haversam (the Bright's Fellowship's chief engineer) what those rockets are for, which he answers something like "none of your business".
  • Boone and the Misfits are all NCR-aligned characters, so helping them in a Legion playthrough wouldn't make sense, yet they all have special endings in the endgame narration if you complete their quests early in the questline (before getting Caesar's pardon) then side with the Legion.
  • Veronica's quest involves finding various technologies, like the rangefinder. If you've already accomplished the HELIOS One questline by sending power to anything else but the weapon, you can tell her that it wouldn't be an option.
  • You can convince Swank to turn on Benny by showing him three pieces of evidence. Depending on how much evidence you can provide, Swank offers varying levels of support. E.g, bring him two pieces means you'll be allowed to pack heat to take out his private goon squad. All three means he'll engineer a situation where you can enter Benny's suite without having to worry about them at all.
  • One of the biggest examples of this in gaming probably occurred with Dead Money. Due to Obsidian's budgetary constraint, they knew that they couldn't re-hire Veronica's voice actress to reprise her role for post-DLC dialogue. Instead, they had these lines recorded alongside her normal lines in the main game. By doing this, however, they risked letting the players discover these lines in the files and spoil the event of Dead Money before it was even announced. Obsidian's brilliant solution to this is to create an entire fake questline in the files where her post-DLC lines were put in a different context, thus preventing players from figuring out that those lines were supposed to be used in an unreleased DLC.

Fallout 4

  • The dev team included a database of roughly 1,000 names that Codsworth can call you by as opposed to simply "Sir" or "Mum". These names range from common names such as Abigail, Dan, and Joe; to pop culture references such as KalEl, Furiosa, Katniss, AKIRA, Battosai, and Vash; all the way to more profane names like Fuck, Fucker, and Fuckface.
  • If you decide to be stubborn and refuse to fill out the Vault-Tec Rep's forms, your spouse does it for you.
  • Speaking of the Vault-Tec Rep and his test to give you the SPECIAL stats - during normal gameplay you can never actually see his notepad from the written side, as he stands in the way. However, if you enable the noclip cheat and go past him, you'll see on his notepad... the SPECIAL stats.
  • Spending too much time exploring or walking around Pre-War Sanctuary Hills when the Great War starts and the game will trigger a Non Standard Game Over, as the bombs will drop and kill you instantly.
  • During the scene in which Kellogg kills your spouse and kidnaps Shaun, you can't do anything to stop him. Edit the game to kill Kellog however, and the scene changes. The unnamed Institute woman who accompanies him will wrestle Shaun away from your spouse. As soon as she succeeds, a bullet fired by an unknown assailant kills your spouse. The Institute woman looks around for the gunman then runs away with Shaun.
  • At any time once you reach Diamond City, you can go to a plastic surgeon to essentially re-enter the character creator and redo the Sole Survivor's face completely. Later on in the story, however, where you enter Kellogg's memories and see "yourself" in his mind back when he abducted Shaun, your face will still look the same as it did the first time you created your character. A small touch, but nice attention to detail.
  • Sturges, a pretty major character in the Minutemen questline as their resident tech expert, is a Synth. This is never remarked on in game, and he's not killable, so normally you wouldn't find out. Players only discovered he was one by turning off his essential status using the console.
    • Additionally, Sturges comments if you first meet him wearing Power Armor. You're meant to get your first set after meeting him.
  • The Raiders in the Commonwealth all have a pretty intricate measure of interaction with each other, and their terminals will have entries based upon which of their leaders you've previously killed. For example, Slag, the leader of the Raiders at Saugus Ironworks, will have an entry for if you kill Wire, Bosco, and Jared respectively. The Raiders will also have conversations with each other mentioning which leaders are dead as well.
  • You get access to Bunker Hill as a settlement by completing a main story quest for the Institute, but if you get yourself banished from the Institute before you receive that quest, you can instead get Bunker Hill as a settlement by doing a quest for Kessler.
  • There's a rare bug where kill animations that for whatever reason fail to kill you can sometimes destroy your limbs as if you'd died. But you'll walk around with the exploded body parts floating around with you. What makes it this trope is that they actually programmed in effects in game for the player when missing various limbs. Losing your head drops your Perception down to zero, losing a leg will drop your Agility to zero, and so on and so forth. Similarly, Stimpaks no longer heal the missing limb. This mod makes it so there is a chance (that can be set up) that lost limbs doesn't equal death anymore, with grisly reactions that actually uses the vanilla AI package (such as Raiders trying to run away while Super Mutants and Deathclaws are trying to keep fighting)
  • Outside of an abandoned hardware store, a civilian calls to you to ask for help for a friend inside, and inside the store she runs into the back telling you their friend is this way. This encounter has numerous possible outcomes - if you rush in after them, you'll get about halfway into the back room before she pulls a gun and Raiders light you up from all sides. If you linger in the front of the store a little while, you'll overhear her friends waiting to ambush you talking and shushing each other — wait any longer, they start to get suspicious that no one is coming and send someone out to look around. Kill her before she enters the store, or sneak in through the back, and you'll hear one of the Raiders complaining about how long it's taking for you to come in until his irritated boss blows his head off.
  • During the quest "Reunions" when the Prydwen arrives, you can sprint after it and follow it — it'll fly to Boston Airport and then turn and move itself into its mooring position. Though there is still a hiccup in this, as the Prydwen that spawns during the cutscene isn't the real Prydwen you can visit later, it's got no collision and nothing on board, so when it starts to move into place at Boston Airport, you'll see a second Prydwen, the real version, pop into place as the cutscene-version slides over it and they become one.
  • If you go to the Memory Den before you meet Nick Valentine during the main questline, you can relive the murder of your spouse and the abduction of Shaun, and in witnessing this Irma will advise you to consult with Nick to help find him. When going to the Memory Den later for help with accessing Kellogg's memories, Dr. Amari will act like she's never met you if you didn't visit before, but if you did then she remembers you're from Vault 111. She also reacts differently if you've previously consulted with her for help with Curie's companion quest, or if you met her during the Railroad questline when you brought an escaped synth to her for a memory implant.
  • Dogmeat is a necessary companion to advance the quest "Reunions." If you haven't recruited him at the truck stop, Nick Valentine will introduce him to you as "a guy he's worked with before."
  • If you rest the crosshair on Cait's buttocks a few times, she will remark about you leering.
  • After dealing with Kellogg, you get two objectives to discuss your findings with Valentine and Piper, respectively. If you brought either one of them with you as a companion, the objective to talk to the one you brought autocompletes, since they were there to see what you found.
  • Completing the post-ending quest "In Sheep's Clothing", in which Mayor McDonough is exposed as a synth agent for the Institute before getting Hancock's affinity with you to the halfway point will alter his heart-to-heart with you, expressing his frustration with whether his hatred for the central character of said quest was rightful, misguided, or even had any point at all.
  • Tapping a button in the middle of a conversation to skip the line will frequently prompt your character to go "Uh huh", "Yeah?", "Okay", and stuff like that. Pressing the button that prompts that's usually mapped to a certain kind of response will have your character interject more rudely, neutrally, or positively. For example, the negative response (B for Xbox One, Circle for PS4, Right on PC) will have you press your interviewee with muttered insults.
    • The rude interjections are also specific to whatever kind of character you're talking to. For example, rudely pressing while a Robot character is talking will have you mutter "Crazy ass robot..." or something like that, while talking to a senior will have you say "Stupid old man..."
    • Additionally, your interjections change depending on whether or not you're on chems or alcohol. Interjecting while high will frequently result in you say something in a very breezy "Yeeeeah..." or something, while doing so while drunk will appropriately have you interrupt with a slurred "Yyyesssss..." or ask to keep it down (implying you're hungover).
    • If you have low Charisma, you will noticeably be hesitant or stutter when you speak.
  • In the Brotherhood of Steel's questline, you find out that they are trying to rebuild Liberty Prime - the giant robot from the climax of Fallout 3 - and because she was instrumental in repairing Prime last time, they send you to recruit Doctor Li away from the Institute. If you've had yourself already banished from the Institute, Elder Maxson will chew you out for it and switch to the back-up plan of recruiting Professor Scara from Diamond City's Science! Center.
  • It is possible to become effectively immune to damage by wearing six pieces of armor with the Sentinel legendary effect and wielding a weapon of the same effect. This grants you 100% damage reduction when standing still, and has an interesting effect on the AI of the game. Stupid and unintelligent enemies, like wild animals, Feral Ghouls, and Super Mutants, will attack you no matter whether you're invincible or not. However, human enemies will recognize that you're bulletproof when you're not moving, and run away screaming in fear.
  • You can enter Goodneighbor by jumping over the fence with power armor jetpacks or other methods. In fact, you can even Jump off of Mass Fusion into Goodneighboor
    • You can also get into Diamond City the same way, though it requires more clambering to get to the top of the Wall.
  • Deacon can appear as a unique unnamed NPC in various locations, such as a guard in Diamond City or a drifter in Goodneighbor, because he's the Railroad's Master of Disguise. Because he's keeping an eye on you, when you meet with the Railroad, he can recount tales of your feats, such as killing Kellogg, helping rebuild the Minutemen, joining the Brotherhood of Steel (who have yet to be the Railroad's enemies at this point), launching the USS Constitution, or rescuing Nick Valentine, to Desdemona. In addition, there's unique dialogue if you manage to find and kill an Institute Courser before meeting with the Railroad.
    • If you decide to make a beeline to the Old North Church, immediately after leaving the vault, and thus - not accomplish anything, Deacon will still vouch for you - albeit far more awkwardly. Insisting that you've "got to be someone" because you made it down there, and that "normal people just don't do that".
    • If you take Deacon as a sidekick, he will change his outfit to one appropriate to pretty much every different area you take him to. If you change that outfit in one location then change companions, when he appears as a background NPC he will still be wearing whatever outfit you gave him in that area. Take all his clothes and give him a combat armor chestpiece in Goodneighbor, next time you see him in Goodneighbor he'll be in skivvies and a combat chestpiece.
  • The Railroad quest "Memory Interrupted" eventually leads to you and fellow heavy Glory getting assigned to clear the same area independently of each other, due to the organization's compartmentalized structure. If you bump into her on the way out of headquarters, she'll remark that she's on her way out on a mission instead of her normal idle dialogue.
  • The DLC Far Harbor has an impressive number of these. For example, it is possible to bypass a speech check in one quest if you happen to have the Cannibal perk.
    • If you take too long responding to any of the characters, they'll ask if you're alright since you've been spacing out.
    • Also in Far Harbor, you can get yourself recruited by the Children of Atom. If you go to the Crater of Atom in the Glowing Sea, Mother Isolde will have unique dialogue for you. Relatedly, in a Brotherhood of Steel main quest set at the Sentinel Site in the Glowing Sea, the Child of Atom found at the end of the quest's dungeon will be automatically helpful if the player character clarifies that they've also joined the Church.
    • If you take Nick Valentine with you to Acadia and talk to DiMA with him present, and subsequently earn enough approval with Nick that he shares his backstory with you, he has new dialogue that will reference what he discussed with DiMA
    • Porter Gage has some unique dialogue if you take him to the Island. While he doesn't really comment on plot developments, he will state some opinions about the region and its inhabitants. This is particularly notable because DLC content, whether it be characters or perks, usually don't interact with each other.
  • At some point during development, it was possible to have a full-fledged companion as well as Dogmeat travel with you simultaneously like in the previous games. However, this was scrapped and can only be done using mods or console commands. Strangely enough, Porter Gage, who is a companion from a DLC that was released long after Dogmeat was turned into a full companion, still has voice lines commenting on Dogmeat getting hurt in combat.
  • Interestingly, it's possible to avoid recruiting or talking to Codsworth until after you've completed the main questline. Doing so causes the tone of Codsworth's recruitment dialogue to change significantly, as the Sole Survivor admits that Shaun is dead. Codsworth then decides to join you more out of pity than anything else. Additionally, the Sole Survivor can actually hesitate/act confused when talking to Codsworth after the main quest (or if you wait until you're at level 25+), showing that you've actually forgotten about Codsworth until now.
  • If one does the quest "Emogene Takes a Lover" after killing the Pillars of the Community at Charles View Amphitheater at an earlier point, when threatening the new leader of the group during the quest the Sole Survivor will bring up how they killed the last person running the scam. He folds Immediately
  • If you don’t feel like dealing with Overseer Barstow and the “Vault-Tec Workshop” story, you can bypass the whole questline and become Overseer right away by just killing Barstow; she’s not marked as essential at any point. If you do this, you automatically get the achievement for becoming Overseer that you usually don’t get until the questline is complete.
  • The Mr. Handy at the General Atomics Galleria bowling alley charges five thousand pre-war dollars per game. Should you happen to have hoarded that much pre-war money for whatever reason, you can actually pay him, with the Sole Survivor grumbling in disbelief.
  • When confronting the Mechanist at the end of the Automatron questline, there's unique dialogue to speak to them as the Silver Shroud if you're wearing the costume, and the Mechanist will refer to you as the Silver Shroud back. Also, there's an elevator in an early room that is inaccessible because of the security lockdown. A nearby terminal seems to just give background lore of the facility, but actually explains that the lockdown can be lifted with voice authorization from three ranking officers of the facility. You can find three audiotapes throughout the facility, and if you backtrack all the way to the elevator and slot them into the elevator's control console, you can lift the lockdown and ride the elevator down to the Mechanist's lair, avoiding the Boss Rush of their robots. The Mechanist will also react to you sneaking in through the back door, as it were.
  • If you use a Stealth Boy, have specific set ups or use console commands to make yourself undetectable and then attack an armed enemy they will react a bit differently depending on whether you remain stationary or move around. If you remain stationary they will slowly begin to zero in on your location until their shots become accurate again. If you move around they will panic and start shooting in random directions erratically.



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