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This is Dishonored after all.

  • Best exemplified by A Crack in the Slab, a mission in which you infiltrate the ruined mansion of Aramis Stilton, an Honest Corporate Executive who Went Mad From The Revelation while attending an occult ritual three years ago, and gain the ability to Time Travel between the present state of the mansion and the night of the ritual. Actions taken in the past will affect the present — smashing a statue will cause it to no longer be blocking a critical pathway, knocking out the workers repairing a window will leave it broken open, and most importantly, knocking out Stilton before he can attend the ritual will prevent his madness, completing transforming his mansion in the present into a restored and inhabited version, healing the injuries that Meagan Foster suffered when she went looking for Stilton, and transforming the beaten-down "Dust District" back into the prosperous Batista Mining District.
    • Alternatively you can kill him, in which case the mansion will be cleaned out and put up for sale.
  • In the Dust District, you're charged with getting into a mansion blocked off behind a supposedly unbreakable puzzle lock. Since deliveries are still made to the mansion, someone must know the combination, and the two likely possibilities are the Howler Gang and the Overseers, who are fighting each other for control of the district. There are five different ways to get the combination and enter the mansion:
    • Kill the leader of the Overseers and bring his corpse to the leader of the Howlers.
    • Kill the leader of the Howlers and bring his corpse to the leader of the Overseers.
    • Knock them both out and bring each body to their respective enemy's district. Both areas will turn neutral.
    • Explore the headquarters of both the Overseers and the Howlers, finding clues that will eventually lead you to a note with the solution to the riddle.
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    • Solve the riddle yourself and skip the entire level.
  • In the Dust District level, if you kill Paolo the first time by spawning rats, if he encounters them again, he'll yell out, "Don't let them bite you!"
  • In the same level, in the Overseers' outpost, there is an Overseer dying of a gut wound. To spare him the agony of a slow death, one of his closest friends — another Overseer — stabs him in the throat, and then kneels by the corpse's side in silence. If you ally with the Overseers, this Overseer will continue to do that... up until the point you try to mess with his buddy's corpse. Or use magic around him.
  • If you kill Paolo in the Clockwork Mansion level, a letter will appear on Paolo's desk, warning Mindy to watch her back. If you killed Mindy when you first meet her, he will make note about her death; he's shocked that someone managed to kill her. He also wonders if her murderer was the same masked person who attacked him in the alley.
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  • Every so often, there are scripted events where one NPC murders another. A clever player might find it amusing to use Domino to link the two together, so that the murderer winds up committing suicide. If you do so, you're rewarded with an achievement.
  • Jindosh speaks throughout his level over his intercom. These change depending on your actions: Notable examples include allowing Jindosh to know you're here by greeting him at the door, killing his guards, using different powers, eliminating his Clockwork Soldiers, and so on.
    • Additionally, it is very possible to proceed through the level without alerting him at all. In fact, if you manage to get through to his office without changing his room configuration or starting any explosions, you'll see him completely unaware working at his desk.
    • You can even alert him by pulling the first lever but refuse to meet him face to face, leaving him wondering who you are as you dismantle his entire security system one by one.
    • This is also in effect in-universe; Despite considering the idea ridiculous, he recorded special lines for his clockwork soldiers just in case they happen to find his own dead body.
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  • Corvo and Emily have unique lines if you choose to kill Sokolov and/or Foster on the last level. Additionally both Foster and Sokolov will react if you show them one of them the corpse of the other.
  • During The Grand Palace, it is possible to use the microphone Luca Abele has been using to make his loudspeaker speeches to the nation. Corvo / Emily's speech changes depending on if you've completed the objective of eliminating the duke or not yet, and if you picked the lethal or non-lethal version if you did.
  • If you use a cheat engine to gain Emily's powers while playing Corvo, Doppelgangers look like Corvo instead of Emily. As of the New Game Plus update, you no longer need Cheat Engine for this.
  • At the finale of the game, during the mission "Death to the Empress", it is possible to climb back up the rooftops of Dunwall to the same safe-room exit you used in the first level. However, a note from Delilah reveals that she had her witches seal the exit with bloodbriar vines after they found out how the player escaped in the first level. Additionally, a microphone for making announcements over the Dunwall loudspeakers has been placed on the same platform as the safe-room exit, and Emily or Corvo can interact with it and address the public. If the player does this after having killed Delilah but before freeing whoever was frozen in stone, the player character will sing the "Drunken Whaler" song from the first game over the loudspeakers.
  • One of the ways Corvo can learn the identity of the Crown Killer is by possessing them, as the Crown Killer themselves is an alternate personality of Alexandria Hypatia.
  • The game counts Doppelgangers as human beings, meaning that anything that can be done to a human can be done to them. Assassinate your own Doppelganger from a drop to avoid fall damage. Link them with Domino to take out a difficult target. Throw them into walls of light or at arc pylons to drain their whale oil reserves.
  • Domino works on line of sight, meaning you can't use it through walls... unless you have Dark Vision active. It's finicky, but completely possible.
  • Death and unconsciousness aren't the only things transmitted via Domino; the effects of Far Reach, Windblast, stinging bolts, and howling bolts are all shared along a Domino chain. Mesmerize can also be comboed with Domino this way, allowing for up to seven individuals to be affected by a single Mesmerize with full upgrades. If one NPC dies from any form of dismemberment, the others lose the same body part(s) and die.
  • The door code to rob the black market shop in the Dust District level is the date of the shopkeeper's wedding anniversary, as found in her apartment upstairs. The game will accept entering the code in either month/day or day/month order.

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