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This is the page for Developers' Foresight for Detroit: Become Human.

  • If all of the protagonists' stories end before "Crossroads" (Requirements: Markus gets kicked out of Jericho for being unpopular and does not save them when the FBI attacks them (or dies during "Freedom March"), Connor is unable to locate Jericho before "Last Chance, Connor" ends, and Kara died), a special ending will commence where Kamski is interviewed by a news reporter, revealing that he's been reinstated as CEO of CyberLife after the rebellion failed and further hints that Kamski let the events of the game happen as an experiment to see if androids are worthy of claiming life for themselves.

Kara's Story

  • A short scene plays if Kara blocks the staircase during Todd's rage, showing Todd moving Kara out of the way.
  • One of the possible outcomes of Todd's anger episode is that if he was shoved into a bookcase, pushed onto the dishwasher, or hit with Alice's lamp, injuring his head and causing him to pass out. The next morning, if Kara checks the TV news (only possible if Kara spent the night in the Motel), Todd will have a band-aid on his head.
  • During Kara and Alice's escape from Todd, if Kara's player refuses to run on the bus during the final segment, Todd will come out and knock out Kara, leading to the "Alice killed" bad ending that happens if Kara does nothing when Todd goes to Alice's room (and a Chloe game over screen, forcing a restart), with an extra scene showing Kara's corpse in the front yard.
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  • In "Fugitives", the convenience store clerk Nathan has different reactions to Kara if she came into the store wearing Android uniforms or stolen clothes.
  • Also in "Fugitives", if Kara lets Alice stay outside in the rain for too long, Alice will say that she is feeling cold, and the game will automatically go to the Abandoned Car ending.

Connor's Story

  • Everytime a Connor is destroyed and replaced, that specific model will get his own tombstone in the Zen-Garden. The serial number on the replacement Connor's jacket is also different.
  • In the prologue, Connor can save a wounded officer on the terrace. Later, at the Channel 16 station investigation, the officer (if saved) will appear and thank Connor. This isn't the amazing part. The amazing part is that if Connor died between the prologue and the station investigation, the new Connor won't remember the officer since the new model won't have all the same memories. Also, if Connor died during the prologue, the officer acknowledges the fact that they can't be the same Connor, since he knows that the first one died.
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  • If Connor dies in The Interrogation, and the player goes back into the interrogation room afterwards, Connor's scan ability reveals the thirium from Carlos' android self-destructing, and from the previous Connor getting shot in the head.
  • When Connor and Hank talk after Fowler ends their investigation, Hank brings up Connor sparing Chloe as an example of him feeling empathy. If Connor shot Chloe, Hank mentions Connor sacrificing himself to save him at Stratford Tower. If Connor didn't do that, Hank will mention Connor saving him from falling during the Rupert chase. If Connor didn't do that, Hank will sadly say that Connor has always been nothing but a machine.
  • The DPD evidence room accessed by Connor during a late-game mission in order to find the location of Jericho has the bodies of every single dead deviant throughout Connor's investigations, as well as any evidence collected along the way (e.g. the statuette and Rupert's encrypted diary). It always includes Daniel (the hostage-taking android), but depending on the player's actions can also include Carlos' android note , Rupert note , the two Tracies note , and Simon note  OR the deviant service android at Channel 16 note . The presence of different androids and different evidence provide different ways to find the location of Jericho. Best of all, it is possible to skip the section if Connor learns the location of Jericho beforehand through other means, such as Kamski.
    • Also, all the androids in the evidence room have visibly different injures depending on how they died. For example, the Stratford Tower android will have a large wound on his chest if he was shot by SWAT using an assault rifle, a few bullet holes if he was shot by Connor using a handgun, or a wound at the bottom of his head if he shot himself.
  • In the Cyberlife building showdown between the two Connors, if good Connor's player does nothing at all, Connor and Hank will be shot but Connor would have completed a conversion before he was shot, leading to all the androids converting each other and the evil Connor panicking as he sees that he had failed his mission.
  • If Connor fell and died while chasing Rupert, later in "Public Enemy", if he goes to the railing and looks down, he'll reel back, as if he was worried about falling again.
  • If Connor's relationship with Hank is hostile, Connor unlocks the chapter "Night of the Soul", where Hank commits suicide. If Connor follows the deviant path, the Connor copy will confront Connor at CyberLife alone without Hank as a hostage. The sequence will skip over the choice to convert the androids or saving Hank, skipping to the Connor copy shooting Connor immediately and going from there.
  • In Battle for Detroit, in the rooftop standoff between Connor and Captain Allen's SWAT Team (which occurs when Connor remained loyal to Cyberlife and Hank is dead), if Connor died during the opening mission, Captain Allen will acknowledge having seen Connor's death by saying "I thought you were dead..." If Connor did not die during the opening mission, Allen will just say "I knew we'd meet again."
  • If Connor doesn't have enough evidence to locate Jericho by "Last Chance Connor", the level will skip to Captain Fowler telling Connor and Hank that they're off the deviant case. When Connor leaves Fowler's office, the game immediately cuts to the "Connor Series was Decommissioned" ending.

Markus' Story

  • If Markus forgets to lock the server room door during their way up to building to Channel 16, a person will come in, leading to a small situation that needs to be dealt with and always resulting in the SWAT team charging into the broadcast room and injuring Simon.
  • If Connor remains a machine and Markus is killed by someone else or commits suicide in "Battle for Detroit", a scene plays where Connor confirms Markus's death.


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