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There are some lists not even the biggest Mojoholics can tolerate. Welcome to, and today we're counting down the worst WatchMojo moments.

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  • FromtheWordsofBR: I used to be a fan of, right up until "Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows". I could go on and on about them listing shows that are for the most part well-liked (Gravity Falls is on the list, which went over well), but, to me, it's the Critical Research Failure of including, of all things, Monster High(!) as an Honorable Mention. I don't care for it, but Monster High has only aired on Nickelodeon in America, not Disney Channel. Did you even bother to research where it aired? Or worse yet, did you believe what Wikipedia said while the page was possibly vandalized by Greeny Phatom followers? Furthermore, Monster High isn't even a show; it's a series of movies and TV specials which get aired on the network, much like the Barbie movies. I stopped watching their videos after this.
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  • stairwolf83: Watch Mojo's list of Top 10 PlayStation Games of All Time. They called Naughty Dog a "cinematic force". What the fuck is a "cinematic force"? And there are also several games that aren't even PlayStation exclusive, like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Resident Evil 2. They aren't even Sony's own IP's! The list also lacks several true PlayStation games, like Spyro the Dragon (PS1 only) and Crash Bandicoot (also PS1 only).
  • Blazer: Top 10 Magical Girls in Anime is painful and rife with mistakes on all ends. Their main rule is "magical girl in the traditional sense", which disqualifies wizards and witches... yet somehow friggin' Sakura Kinomoto herself is on the list as well as the characters from Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya while people will happily declare that those like Ezra Scarlet and the heroines of Magic Knight Rayearth don't count. They include Cutey Honey despite the fact that she's an android that uses undefined Phlebotinum and Utena Tenjou who isn't actually a Magical Girl. Then, there's the entry for Nanoha Takamachi, where the narrator describes the original storyline while showing scenes from StrikerS which showcase scenes with Subaru!
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  • LLSmoothJ: I've already heard bad things about Watch Mojo, but their "Top 10 Dragon Ball Youtubers" list made me facepalm. Filled with minimal research done, many questionable choices in regards to who made the list (especially one Youtuber who will remain nameless) and who didn't even get an honorable mention. In all fairness, the rankings were done by user votes (which could be considered another issue, but that's another topic). What really makes this a DMoS is the number 3 entry, Qaaman. It's not his ranking that's the problem as he's one of the few people on the list who could actually be considered a Dragon Ball Youtuber, it's how they pronounced his name (It's supposed to be as it's spelled, not "Kaaman"). In their defense, Qaaman's name is spelled similar to Qaatar so they thought the pronunciation was similar... if the majority of his videos did not start with him introducing himself, saying his name.
  • Sammettik: As someone who owned half of them growing up, I could tell they weren't trying with "Top 10 lame Nintendo accessories and peripherals". The entire video reeks of Weasel Words and Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch, with the logic behind most of the entries (which didn't even seem to be organized best-to-worst) being some variation of "It was obscure/It was short-lived/ It's clunky by today's standards/ It looks silly, so it must be lame". The low point was the final entry, where they show a complete ignorance of ROB's Trojan Horse role in The Great Video Game Crash of 1983 and the fact that the first wave was bundled with the NES (As in, it could only have had "Horrible sales" if the NES did as well), as well as taking the AVGN video at complete face value note .
  • Psycho Gecko: I didn't even get through their list of Top 10 Movie Villains That Are Just Plain Bad due to how bad the Critical Research Failure was. I have a soft spot for Power Rangers, and they included Ivan Ooze on the list, claiming his grand scheme amounted to somehow using slime to make people's parents commit suicide. It ignores that the first thing he did was distract the Power Rangers while he went and destroyed their base, which rendered them powerless and led to their mentor starting to die off. Then he supplants the normal BigBad villains and uses said purple slime to mind control all the adults in the city. It was the 90s, slime was huge, and adults wondering what it was and getting close enough to be controlled wouldn't be out of place today. They dig up giant robots for him, which are pretty much unnecessary since he already beat the Rangers, and then orders all the people to just jump off a clip when they outlive their usefulness. And he does all that by being one of the most gloriously hammy villains on the big screen since Raoul Julia singlehandedly made Street Fighter watchable. In the end, it takes the Rangers finding some previously unknown backup source of powers, a comet, and a Deus Ex Machina for everything to turn out alright. Except if you watch Watch Mojo, where you think he didn't do anything except try to make people's parents jump off a cliff.
  • SAMAS: "Top 10 Gundams" was about as YMMV as any subjective list is expected to be, which is fine. The problem is that they opened the list by specifically limiting the criteria to Mobile Suits with they word "Gundam" in their designations... then immediately broke that rule by listing the Turn X as #10
  • Larkmarn: The "Top 10 Gundams" was the first Watchmojo list I saw, and it quickly became the last. As mentioned above, the list is subjective and that's fine, but it immediately broke its own rule by naming a non-Gundam MS first. Which... well, it didn't stop me from watching. Neither did the fact that half the footage that they showed wasn't of the Gundam they were talking about. But it wasn't until #1 that I realized "oh wow, they really don't know or care about anything." Their choice itself was fine. Wing Gundam Zero from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Given the American popularity of the series it's a solid choice. Except... they kept showing footage of the Wing Gundam. Despite repeatedly talking about its unique "Twin Buster Rifle" it somehow didn't occur to them that they were showing a Gundam with only one gun. And failed to mention the ZERO system, easily the suit's most unique feature. But the true moment was when they called the suit "by far the most iconic Gundam ever created" which stretches past opinion into just plain falsehoods. Especially since it's apparently not so iconic that their footage guy can identify it.
  • A Sus Nun Company: Their "Top 10 Worst Video Game Title of All Time" made me go "Why?" due to several titles being reasonable, like VVVVVV. The reason it's called that is because the main character's names all start with V.
  • The Good Samaritan: I'm not a fan of Watch Mojo on the best of days, but Top 10 Worst Heroes in Video Games is where I really drew the line. It started out reasonably enough, listing Drake from Drake of the 99 Dragons at #10. Sounds fair. Then we get to their #9 pick, Raiden. Um... what? Even just using his appearance from Metal Gear Solid 2, he doesn't deserve to be on this list, especially not lower than Drake. Things get worse when they list Lightning (rather than some of the other, worse characters in the game) on a spot lower than the likes of Vincent and Boogerman! That's bad, but I'm still able to shrug it off, mostly... until they list Luke fon Fabre as one of their dishonorable mentions (which includes subjects like Ninjabread Man and Rubi Malone, by the way, both of which deserve to be on the list more than some of the other candidates). Luke! Arguably the poster child for Character Development in video games. The scene they attach to their decision makes this worse, as it's the very scene near the end of the game where Luke seizes his own identity and destiny away from Van's machinations, finally becoming the hero he desired to be at the start. The whole thing smacked of Critical Research Failure from that moment on, and I haven't been able to enjoy Watch Mojo videos since.
  • SenorCornholio: Watch Mojo is a channel I don't often watch, and if I do it's only out of morbid curiosity from time to time. But their "Top 10 Worst Anime Filler" list had a stinker right from the get-go. I could have talked about them including Rebecca Hawkins on the list despite her having long since been Rescued from the Scrappy Heap from DOMA onwards, but their #10 spot, the Orange Islands, immediately rubbed me the wrong way. Why is this on here? Because "we wanna see you take on Gym Leaders, not a freaking gap year!" Essentially, they wanted Ash to go straight to Johto despite Pokémon Gold and Silver not having been released at the time of this specific arc. Uh... guys? You do realize that the Orange Islands have four Gym Leaders that give Ash badges to fight a Champion, right? A Champion that, for the first and only time in Ash's life, he managed to beat? Not to mention, it's very clearly not filler either, since Ash actually gets a Snorlax in this season that later wins some very important battles for him and can learn up to six moves, and it was also the season where Charizard Took a Level in Kindness after a humiliating, near-lethal defeat. Not only that, but there's already an even bigger contender in the form of the Decolore Islands. Despite those episodes also being an island-hopping arc to wait until Pokémon X and Y were released, it was just a carbon copy of the Orange Islands with no gym battles or Pokémon Leagues in sight, and also used up the remaining episodes because the Team Plasma arc was ended too early and with too many plot points being absolutely wasted. In other words, there was a similar, even worse version of the Orange Islands they could have mentioned, yet they only bothered with the earlier seasons. You wanna know why WM is the butt of so many jokes? It's because of stupid shit like this; I actually felt legitimately angry with them for this entry because of how little care was put into the list. That, and Orange Islands is actually considered to be a decent season in spite of Tracey.
  • Mfanforever: I don't usually do these, however the "Top Ten Saddest Youtube Videos" takes the cake as easily one of the most disgusting and tone deaf videos that Watch Mojo has ever put out (the like/dislike ratio is, at the time of this writing, is less than a thousand). Videos included in this videos are Matthew Santaro's abuse story, Markiplier and Boogie 2988's Draw My Life, Cyndago's last blog after one of the member's suicide (which apparently wasn't sad enough to be in the main list so it was listed as a honorable mention), Angry Joe's tribute to JewWario, a dog owners' last moment with his dog. To be frank, I wouldn't mind if the video was unranked and just contained ten sad videos, but to not only rank them but monetize the video as well is downright disgusting. Who are you Watch Mojo to essentially tell someone that their video wasn't sad enough!?
  • The-Cooking-Guy: I used to be able to tolerate Watchmojo. They've made some videos that infuriated me before, but they were never enough to make me hate them. "Top 10 Toxic Cartoon Communities" was the breaking point. This video came out right when people were starting to put Rickand Morty on a pedestal, and this video was essentially another excuse to bash the fandom. I'm not the biggest Rick and Morty fan, but this video was still very bad. And the other fandoms put on the list were on their for flimsy reasoning. Not to mention they put Teen Titans Go! on the list, apparently forgetting that a lot more people hate the show than love it. This list was nothing but calling thousands of people names, bigoted statements and critical research failures. Disgraceful.
  • Zeo Spark 16: Being a huge Nintendo fan, I, of course, was in a hurry to see their "Top 10 Darkest Nintendo Characters" video. However, they did a couple of things that actually made me very upset. For starters, you know the Kirby series? The happy-go-lucky puff ball who goes out on adventures and eating foes in his way? Well, that game series is actually known for having some of the most evil and frightening villains of the series. You got Zero who is able to corrupt people and even bleeds whenever he's damage. You got the Star Dream who want to wipe out all organic life. And you have Hyness who is a freaking cult leader who wanted to summon a God of Evil to wipe out all life period! Any one of those would've been perfect but, instead, Watch Mojo went with... Meta Knight. Freaking Meta Knight. Meta Knight isn't even dark in the sense of the term! He's one of Kirby's main rivals and allies and is only "dark" for his attire and his willingness to to seek a good fight. Even Dark Meta Knight is darker than him and it's even in his freaking title! I facepalmed where pretty much every main Kirby game has a very dark character and they went with the least "dark" of them. But that's not what I'm upset the most about. #1 was Skull Kid. There's two problems with this. One, Skull Kid wasn't the one doing all of that. It's been made very clear near the end of the game that Majora's Mask itself was controlling Skull Kid. Yet another Critical Research Failure on WM's part. And second, they seriously put Majora's Mask over Ganondorf? The King of Evil? The King of Darkness?! Seriously, Ganondorf is definitely way more powerful and evil than Majora's Mask and Ganondorf's actions extend to many, many games while Majora's Mask only had influence in one game. He's the reason the his own race hates men. He's the reason that Hyrule got flooded. He's the reason why Link dies in a timeline! Just hearing Ganondorf's name is enough for people to tremble in fear! I was waiting for the moment that Ganondorf was announced but instead, they went with a demonic mask (though in their case, a crazy kid wearing a crazy mask).
  • Tropemaster849: Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018 already had me question the Watchmojo team when I saw that Kirby Star Allies was the thumbnail, meaning there was a good chance it would be on the list. But what truly made it a dethroning moment to me was that it was clear that the reviewer had only played the game in it's original state. Two chief complaints(the game being too short and too easy) were later addressed by the DLC Heroes in Another Dimension along with Soul Melter Ex. Not to mention the Dream Friends(Ensemble Dark Horse characters, many of which hadn't been seen in years) never being mentioned, the story(widely regarded as being one of the best and darkest in the series) being completely ignored as were main villains The Three Mage Sisters and Hyness.
  • mariic: I think WatchMojo should have a mandatory "One entry per franchise" rule for all of their lists. Case in point: their Top 10 Greatest Mecha Battles in Anime has six entries from the Gundam franchise. Why didn't they just make a separate list for Gundam anime?
  • Big Jimbo: While I only gave up on WatchMojo after the rise of the very annoying and forced "Top 10 Anime List" meme, even back when I watched videos, I was somewhat annoyed by their video on the most terrifying Disney deaths. Most of the deaths were Disney Villain Deaths, with only three (Stegosaurus, Mr. Arrow, Kocoum) not being villains. By this point, you can already find the problem: how about Mufasa, Bambi's Mom, Quasimodo's Mother, Kerchak or Ray? Should their death scenes count too? No? Well actually, how about Mufasa? You already have the death of Scar in the list, so why not Mufasa too? His death scene was one of the biggest Tear Jerkers for most people who've seen it, so I can't see why he's not in here.

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