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What we've seen is wrong, we know it's wrong, so we're gonna post it here anyway!

The Mysterious Mr. Enter is a bit of a Broken Base when it comes to his videos, and these moments do nothing to help that. Whether by poor research, poor speeches or hypocrisy, these are Animated Atrocities, Admirable Animations, and MLP reviews that not even Mr. Enter's biggest fans can stomach. Heck, oftentimes Enter himself wishes some these moments didn't exist.


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  • Wayward Totodile: For me, it was when he tried the "totally discouraged and needs a reassuring speech from a friend/mentor to continue" cliche in his review of Breadwinners... and it falls flat on its face - it drags the episode it's in out for way too long and feels completely unnecessary.
    • Blue Guy: On a different note, I agree. He just goes on and on about how the creators are hacks, sees rape-y undertones where there are none, forces in unfunny sketches (most notably a brief bit where he pretends to be Nickelodeon, which does nothing but reenforce his hatred for the show's creators for... daring to make it, I guess) acts hypocritical at least once (chastising the writers for putting in a reference that children won't get, and shortly thereafter suggesting that they reference the Konami Code - which most children also won't get), and generally sounds way too angry. The worst part of it - the part that efficiently summarizes why I really don't like him at all - is his looooong rant against Nickelodeon when he discovers that the show did very well with its target audience. The entire thing makes him sound like he honestly can't understand that children's tastes change with time, and that not all of them share his views on Comedic Sociopathy. And the icing on top? Near the end, he "realizes" that Nickelodeon will probably never see his videos and starts ranting that "there's no hope". Does the state of children's animation really matter that much to you?
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    • Brainulator9: This would be the main one for me, dating my... disdain for his work to well before the Trolls review. In addition to the aforementioned problems, what's stopping me from believing the animation is Stylistic Suck? (Contrast the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi review where he brings up the possibility of it being the case there.) Why do other works get a pass for having Parental Bonuses, but this one can't even reference Tommy Tutone because it's not accessible to the target audience? It's not like the song is obscure enough to fade from the public consciousness, what with 1980s music stations on the radio and Internet. It's not like the reference actually affects the plot beyond being a throwaway gag. There's nitpicking, and then there's complaining for the sake of complaining. I made a video response to this specific review, but I'm not putting it here because Weblinks Are Not Examples and somewhat downplayed levels of Old Shame.
  • supernintendo128: I'm not as big of a fan of Mr. Enter as I used to but I still enjoy his videos every now and then. But even when I was a huge fan of him, I could not stand the "When He Loved Me" segment in his "To Love a Patty" review. Now if it only went on for like 10 or 15 seconds, it might have been funny, but instead it dragged on for 2 minutes. Even Mr. Enter himself admits that adding that segment to the review was a mistake and even added an annotation to skip the sequence entirely.
  • SoaringEagle: I never liked Mr. Enter, and I have to nominate his "Cold War" review as my Dethroning Moment of Suck, as it represents everything I dislike about him as a reviewer: Insulting professional writers for their mistakes, acting like bad cartoons are the worst thing in the world, rambling, and assuming things about the mainstream audience. First of all, he refers to modern Nickelodeon writers as "idiots and hacks", and refuses to accept that people would like Fanboy and Chum Chum, but that's not the worst part. When he starts to review the episode, he begins with, "I'm going to say that the real Cold War was far better than this piece of shit. At least the result of that was just getting something into space." I'm sorry, but having taken a history class, there is much more to the Cold War than that. How could a several-year-long geographical conflict be compared to a bad episode of a cartoon? Most importantly, why would he say that unironically? But wait, there's more. When the episode brings in Kyle the Wizard, he starts to rant about the Butt-Monkey trope, concluding with the statement that, "No one EVER found it funny or compelling". Oh, really? Well, sorry, Charlie Brown! I guess nobody finds you a compelling character anymore, because this angry guy on the Internet says we're not allowed to. At the end of the review, he beats up the main characters off-screen during the credits, further proving his irrational anger issues. This episode, along with his other two Nickelodeon Week reviews, present all of Mr. Enter's negative qualities, all wrapped into one.
  • Captain Lhurgoyf: In his review of "Jeepers Creepers Where Is Peepers", he objects to the villain being drawn in an Animesque art style because "Dexter's Lab never had anything to do with anime." Uh... what? From the beginning, Dexter's Laboratory was strongly influenced by anime - not in terms of art style, granted, but certainly in terms of thematic and storytelling elements; hell, there was an episode where Dexter used a Humongous Mecha to fight a Kaiju! I love Mr. Enter, but for an expert on animation, no less one who happens to be a fan of Dexter's Lab, that mistake is unforgivable.
    • thetoonamirose: As much as I like his videos and crack up whenever he blows his stack, I could never comprehend that moment either, I mean, wasn't there an entire friggin' parody of Speed Racer!?
  • hydrix: Top 10 Worst Animations From the 2000's, while perhaps one of his lesser works, is decent on its own right. There is only one spot I disagree with, the #5 spot which is for the 4Kids Entertainment dub of One Piece. Now one might say that this is just an example of Small Reference Pools, because in all fairness the guys behind the dub are not that horrible and merely made a So Okay, It's Average dub. The catch is however is that we have a man in front of us that knows that there was a Horrible section for Voice Acting on this very wiki, which includes dubbing companies that make 4Kids Entertainment look faithful to their source material (look at this shot for proof that he knows about this folder). For a guy that tries to make himself portray like an actual animation critic and tries to back it up with actual information he sure lacks the flexibility to put that information into correct use.
  • JEFFWONTLEAVE: I could go on for hours on how his recent writing tips video Satire, you're Doing it Wrong is very awkwardly paced, completely fails at giving viewers a good understanding of satire, etc. But I would single out the moment where he forces in the controversy to his Troll video. Look, if you want to defend your position about your favorite work, that's fine. But when you shoehorn it into what's supposed to be an educational piece about how to understand a very complex type of writing style, it makes you come across as arrogant, preachy and bitter for all the wrong reasons.
    • Dat Shambler: I'd also like to add that in said video, he refers to the people that are not him/the writers of Family Guy as "The Bad Ones" or something along those lines. That makes him come across as really petty.
  • Willie Manga: One moment that isn't exactly popular is his overreaction to the Egghead joke in Bubsy: "DON'T YOU DARE REMIND ME OF A QUALITY JOKE FROM A QUALITY CARTOON EVER AGAIN!!" He was referring to the new MLP for some reason, and I can see why people don't like this. How does calling someone an egghead relate specifically to MLP? Was that a thing in the show? Non bronies won't understand what he is talking about. If Mr. Enter was talking about... like, the Saturday morning Sonic Cartoon, it would make more sense. And it would have made his reaction towards the Olsen Twins wishing for a pony more funny, instead of feeling like he was jumping the shark. I mean, what did you expect, Mr. Enter? Bubsy was made long before MLP had quality control. I feel it is just a confusing moment of an otherwise decent review.
  • FromtheWordsofBR: Pretty much all of his Rocket Monkeys review is him complaining about how he dislikes getting requests, how he caved into reviewing this purely on requests alone, and the fact that he has virtually nothing to work with because Rocket Monkeys is just another clone of Fanboy and Chum Chum, with a review slapped onto it somewhere. If that's so, then just ignore the requests you get for that; yes, you mentioned on DeviantART that if you didn't review it the amount of requests you'd get might've caused you to "leeveryothergitimately snap", but it's better to tune them out than to make a pointless video, especially since Rocket Monkeys is just dull as opposed to horrible. And yes, getting requests over and over is annoying, but anybody with a large fanbase like yours is bound to get tons of requests! Your life is probably a relief compared to the amount of requests that people like The Nostalgia Critic get. And finally, if this video was made to demonstrate why you don't do requests, why bother making the review in the first place? It's very clear you didn't want to do it due to how little you could work with it, so why did you spend all this effort on a video you knew wouldn't be good in the first place? It's not like your fans (well, most of them) are trying to hold you at gunpoint; this is your channel, after all. At least he remade it later on into a much better review.
    • TS Rival: The hypocrisy is strong with this one, but what I can't stand more is one of the comments to the video. It was a polite, albeit very blunt comment about the aforementioned hypocrisy for the first three sentences. Afterwards, it's about how Enter's slipped from what he once was and that he's prone to not take criticism. It seems like at least some effort went into that comment, but Enter's response was, word by word: "Because like a 100 people wanted me to review THIS particular episode." I have two problems with this one. One is that he answered the question of "If you don't take requests, why don't you just ignore them?" with "Because people wanted it." Two is that he completely ignored the majority of the comment that was a criticism on him. Between taking requests despite not wanting to and ignoring the criticisms of others, it really feels like Enter is just trying to surround himself with people who love him and his work and shut out anyone who has anything slightly mean to say about him. For a critic, this is a terrible mentality and for his sake I really hope it doesn't persist.
      • Ender Pixel: You know what I think would be better? Mr. Enter doing the EXACT SAME SCRIPT for the Fanboy And Chum Chum video, to show how similar it is, and put how much he hated that request. THEN make a video about the requests soon- don't force it into a review.
  • whunt4: His 12 oz Mouse review was disgraceful. Not only was it not the review for the episode for which he provided a notecard, but he spent most of the episode ranting about how it didn't work as postmodernism. Mr. Enter's knowledge of postmodernism as given in the review seems cursory at best, and he jumped to assumptions in assuming the work was postmodernism rather than Stylistic Suck. That's not to say I'm defending 12 oz Mouse, but I am saying this particular review was poorly researched and based on false understanding of a certain concept.
  • T Vsir 13: I'd like to nominate his Drawn Together movie review as my DMoS, for it was after this review that I unsubbed. For starters, he says prologues are pointless. Right... because this one movie has a terrible prologue, all of a sudden ALL prologues cannot be done effectively and are therefore useless. Logic? What's that? Another thing that got under my skin was his near-constant levels of yelling. Seriously, he's giving SammyClassicSonicFan a run for his money, and at least SCSF was pre-pubescent. Mr. Enter is in his 20s. If a cartoon angers you this much, get some professional help. Then he says porn shouldn't have story. Two things: 1. What does this have to do with the movie? 2. You're asexual. You're not one to talk. Finally, he says: "Just because you put a laugh track over a terrorist attack doesn't make it funny." Uh, yeah, not everyone has the same sense of humor as you. I am not ashamed to admit I find 9/11 jokes funny, among other things. It's a Giggle at the Ghostie type of humor. By mocking them, they lose their power, in a sense. It's kind of fitting that the "worst thing he'll ever review" is his worst review yet.
    • GojiBiscuits: I have much the same opinion - as someone who is taking a degree in Creative Writing, one of the very first things you're taught when it comes to writing and producing reviews is to never act like the piece of media you're viewing is personally out to get you. If it's bad, it's bad, and vice versa - it's not tailor made to please/piss you off. In this video, Enter acts as if the movie itself was made specifically to hurt him, and it gets grating extremely fast.
  • Vexer: For me it was his review of Screams of Silence. I already found him rather grating with his annoying ranting about adult animation "copying" South Park (which is total bullshit, most adult animated shows were more likely influenced by The Simpsons than anything else) and his irritating shouting and incessant preaching in all his Family Guy reviews where he insults anyone that dares to actually laugh at the show. But this review really cemented the fact that he is terrible at reviewing Family Guy (I may disagree with his negative Spongebob reviews, but at least he came across as more reasonable in those) and should just give it up already. The biggest problem I have with his review is that he thinks that just because Family Guy has some fucked up humor that it's not allowed to tackle a serious issue (and I have a hard time believing his talk about statistics on the subject being unreliable considering he gets several facts wrong in many of his reviews). I for one thought it did a good job of tackling the issue of domestic violence head on.
  • TCgamerboy2002: For me, it was his review of Mars Needs Moms. In recent reviews, I've been noticing that Enter was starting to get increasingly angrier (most notably in his review of Fairly Oddpet, though there's a good reason for that) but even that wasn't enough to be considered a DMoS. What was, however, was that throughout the whole review of Mars Needs Moms, he becomes so angry that he sounds like he's ready to scream. This isn't much of a problem in prior reviews as they weren't very long; this is a two-part review, and it happens all throughout it! Even during moments where there's no reason to! For people like the AVGN and The Nostalgia Critic, they're not really angry. They're just acting. Enter, on the other hand, sounds like he's legitimately angry. If this is how he's going to act (for the most part) in future Animated Atrocities reviews, I don't think I can follow him anymore.
  • iansimsjam: For me, it was Ren Seeks Help. While it is understandable why he would hate the episode, he forgot to talk about the high quality animation. Why review an animated cartoon without talking about the animation? It seems that story is the only thing important to Mr. Enter when it comes to a cartoon. The fact that he doesn't mention one bit of the well-constructed drawings or beautiful backgrounds is a sign of Mr. Enter's closed-mindedness. It's funny how Mr. Enter would criticize these beautifully drawn cartoons and yet draw like a five-year-old on his deviant art page. His criticism of John K. and Rich Pursel were obvious attempts at character assassination. Can Mr. Enter make a better cartoon than John K.? Food for thought.
  • AmazingAnagram: For me, it has to be his Return of Slade review. Most of his criticism seems to be that the show apparently fucked over fans of the original Teen Titans, as if it hadn't already for the past 2 years, and further shoved it in their face that they've grown too old to be obsessing over children's cartoons. Mr. Enter specifically makes the argument that you can be a child forever by holding on to the things that made your childhood great. It's true in some aspects that nostalgia can be a good thing, but it shouldn't be the entire basis of one's adult life. One can have as great a childhood as you want, but eventually they're going to be an adult; they're going to need to go to work, pay bills, and make a living. There still are people that can grasp onto their childhood and become the next Walt Disney or Dr. Seuss, but they need actual talent and education to do so. He's basically saying that any low-life can make it into the animation industry, no matter their level of experience or, God forbid, education. (Eek! My hair raises at just the thought of it!) He boasts about having watched Courage the Cowardly Dog and Samurai Jack in his childhood and still refuses to take criticism about his Growing Around series with the mindset that it will absolutely be approved by a network or have an overwhelmingly positive impression on people. Secondly, he implies that edgy reboots cannot work. Yeah, no edgy reboot has ever been successful. Also, he assumes that absolutely everyone loves shows like My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. They might be the best TV shows ever, but I can't agree because A) not everybody likes those shows (quality is subjective), B) he's not even in the target audience for these shows and it's not his duty to decide how good or bad they are for children (he's not even breaking any social barriers by liking them), and C) he needs to realize that cartoons aren't the most important thing in his life. It's weird how Chris-chan gets berated for holding on to his childhood, but when Mr. Enter does it he's treated as a fucking hero. Not to mention with all this in mind, this is his 5th review of TTG. I think he's beating a dead horse with this review, pardon the apparent MLP reference.
  • Phantom Dusclops 92: My DMoS is his review of Seahorse Seashell Party, for too many reasons. First, he complains about the cutaways saying that they're pointless filler that bring nothing to the plot. Except he often does that in his reviews too (just in this one he inserts the "Filler time" scene from Nostalgia Critic, and in many others he does it with other stuff, including the always popular "bringing My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic in the discussion because a character in the cartoon he's reviewing just mentioned ponies")! Then he does a second pointless gag that is actually heinous for the review: the "I'm going to break some windows during this scene" part, which means that during the whole scene of Brian telling Meg that she should accept to be the family's lightning rod we hear the sound of breaking glass covering the dialogue, making for us impossible to hear what they are saying since the clip's volume is already very low on its own! Someone who never saw that episode could even imagine that what Brian said is completely different and Enter made up stuff to complain about. And at the end he thought that Stewie's "go behind the library and get some drugs" advice at the end was to be taken seriously. Seriously, did he expect good aesops from a Black Humour show? And actually I thought that the acid trip sequence was the only good part from that episode, and he despises that too.
  • I Am Not Beast: His thoughts on the My Little Pony fifth season. He completely missed the entire point of multiple episodes. "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" was about self-forgiveness, not self-harm. "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" revealed why Diamond Tiara is the way she is, yet he still demands that she be punished for past grievances. His description of Starlight's motivation in "The Cutie Re-Mark" makes me wonder if he was even paying attention. And, the entire time travel rant pretty much amounts to him saying that time travel stories should only be done the way he likes them. Because you know, there are absolutely no explanations for Twilight and Starlight not having time duplicates. TL;DR, Mr. Enter reacted badly to not having every little thing spelled out for him.
  • tentonaraft: For me, it was the Troll video. He starts off by telling anyone who says there's a difference between cyberbullying and trolling to shut up. Also, the sources he cites don't support his case. He also describes driving people to suicide or illegal hacking as trolling. Trolling is just poking at someone for amusement. It isn't hacking into webcams. He has no idea what trolling is.
    • Meek Dazzle: There's also the fact that he said he blocked all the people who said that there is a difference between Cyber-Bullying and Trolling. There's silencing the opposition of an argument, and then there's this.
  • Quilladin 206: My opinion of the Dethroning Moment is when in his re-review of "The Splinter" he said he was going to delete all the videos that he decided to redo. The problem with this is that in his video, "Critical Advice: Dealing with Trolls" he made it very clear that you should not delete a video no matter how much you don't like it, even saying it was his most important advice, making him sound like a bit of a hypocrite.
  • Legal Assassin: Up until "Homer Badman" and the video following it up, I personally thought that Mr Enter did a good job tackling serious issues with "Screams of Silence" and "Peter-Assment." He knew what he was talking about and addressed the issues with all the seriousness that they deserved. But then came this review and I was raising an eyebrow. He basically demonstrates that he doesn't really know about rape culture (which is made all the more frustrating by his "Peter-Assment" review, which made it clear that he knows about the double standards about women assaulting men), citing the statistics regarding rape as bullshit, asserts that the very imperfect justice system can be trusted, and doesn't seem to realize the stigma against rape victims who don't fit into the "perfect victim" mould. This is best shown when he scoffs at the "men should be taught not to rape" line because everyone already knows not to rape. It ignores the fact that 1) the line was originally a rallying cry against the notion that it's the woman's responsibility to prevent her own rape, as many pamphlets on rape tend to have more detail on how not to be raped than what rape is or what consent is, and 2) while everyone knows what rape is, many have different ideas of what it looks like, the most prevailing being "woman gets dragged screaming into a dark alley by a complete stranger and is raped," and that we should broaden our view of what it is. Overall, while I agree with Enter's point about not jumping to conclusions I feel the argument was one-sided and didn't acknowledge the other side.
  • Light Tiger Peace Grail Race: As loyal as I am to Mr. Enter, there's one particular moment that rubs me the wrong way. It's the moment in his Princess Promenade review where we meet Spike's G3 counterpart. Inoffensive, right? Then he says this: "Oh well, he's still a dragon, and he's still a dude, so at least they got that right". Um... what?? How, exactly, does a previous generation get a design of its successor wrong? I get it bothers fans when an adaptation changes a character's gender, but this line makes no sense. It's like if I went back in time and drew a prehistoric animal. Then people would look at the drawing and compare it to the modern-day counterpart of the animal, talking about the details I supposedly got wrong. Mr. Enter, I love you, and I understand you dislike G3, but could you please think through your criticisms so fans don't get confused?
  • Eternity Of Spirits: Why I loved most of his review of "Top 20 Worst Animated Theme Songs", his #8 pick of the dubbed version of the Rurouni Kenshin reeked. Mr. Enter didn't like the singer and felt she couldn't sing. Okay, that's fine, but he completely ignores the actual series to see if the song actually fits, going off third-hand information about the setting without realising the actual plot, or that the song was largely the same in Japanese to claim it was misrepresenting an action series as Slice of Life. What's more, he notes that the song, being directly translated, would likely suffer from a wonky translation... then proceeds to rag on some lyrics anyway. Also, he mispronounces "Ronin".
    • Docyoshi: So in his Top 20 Worst Cartoon Themes he names Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue! as the worst thing song of all time. Okay, understandable. The song is obnoxious and it's Enter's list so he can list want he wants as #1. But that's not the moment; go back to his Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 2000's video where he puts this show at number 7. The problem is that in THAT list he also spends most of his time trashing on the theme song. And when the subject of the show he barely glossed over it. Acting like he couldn’t understand what was going he's prone to doing with a given element of a show (Where he is all “wha? Why is that in this?”). Enter, if you hate the show so much, maybe you should actually review an episode? Because so far it just seems you hate it because it checks off your Pet-Peeve Trope list for theme songs. Now it’s just a part of the franchise’s Dork Age and has moved on. The fact he spent so much time trashing the theme song in the original list, when he should have devoted more time to explain what was wrong with the show itself (even if it boiled down to being a Scooby Doo show In Name Only) means when he got to the video actually devoted to bad theme songs he was repeating himself and was just wasting everyone’s time.
    • SWF Max: In "Animated Atrocities #114: Top 20 Worst Cartoon Themes (Part 1)," Enter says, "I have 3 words: the Pac is back." However, that's false; "the Pac is back" is 4 words. Come on, Enter; it's not difficult to count how many words there are.
  • Phobosong: It's an earlier video, but I still can't stand his Power Ponies review. He already rates the episode low from the beginning just from the prologue, which makes it clear he's just going on a Bias Steamroller against the episode. He makes numerous errors throughout the review, such as claiming that the Mane Six have the same powers as before and saying it makes no sense that they'd have trouble, despite there being clear differences (Rarity can't create whatever she thinks of, Applejack's lasso has no powers, Pinkie's speed is never used in battle and not for comedy, etc) and accusing Pinkie of running into a tornado for no reason, despite Pinkie obviously trying to stop once she notices the disaster, a part which he showed in the review. And, finally, if you're going to insult a writer for working on Johnny Test, it'd do you good to 1. have some actual proof that the scenes you assumed were her fault actually were and 2. be fair and insult, say, Alex Hirsch for working on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Heck, he didn't even like Scott Sonneborn's episodes, but he didn't insult him for working on Angela Anaconda. What makes it worse is that he actually tried to defend himself in the comments when someone called him out, saying "have you seen Johnny Test?", despite having apologized for insulting MLP writers before. I know he admitted that the review was "very unorganized", but I still don't think that begins to describe it. This isn't really his worst review, but it was this one where I honestly wondered if he was half asleep during the episode.
  • Regulas 314: His atrocity review of Seth Mac Farlanes Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy to me felt like the guy was just trying way too hard to be negative to every little detail he saw. From the second segment "A Scotsman Who Can't Watch A Movie Without Shouting at the Screen", his anger reached levels far beyond how he acted in any other atrocity review. From that moment he stayed consistently angry, getting progressively more frustrated and unreasonably loud with each segment, which I don't think even the mediocre segments deserved. While it did have some good jokes and introduced me to things like Dorkly and a new Voltaire song, the review itself is marred by the fact that he gets so angry he starts slurring and you can barely understand the guy; nevermind the fact that he's incessantly screaming over every single segment drowning out all of the dialogue. Actually, his anger towards the Scotsman segments seemed hypocritical on his part considering he basically does the same stuff when he cartoon reviews! Almost like he's trying to compensate for his own inadequacy. He threw away every little bit of dignity he had in this review and broke his promise of keeping himself in check with his anger in the worst way possible.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: I concur. I watched the commentary on him by Doodletones and the original video can be summed up as "Mr Enter indulging us on his Seth MacFarlane hate-boner to the point of throwing logic away". I have no problems with him hating on Seth MacFarlane; I'm not a fan of the guy's style of humour and though that his cuttaway gags are nothing but filler, but his complains on this series of skits borders on Insane Troll Logic, like how he calls a skit about Super Mario decent but since it's on SM's CCC, it doesn't count, saying that other short cartoons made the things showed on the skits better, even though they came out after the skits, says that because he didn't get the jokes, then there is none (when humour and jokes are subjective) and missed the point on many of the jokes like the already mentionned "Scotsman" skit where he says that the jokes is "This accent is funny! Laugh at the accent!" where the meat of the joke is that the Scotsman shouts at the movie Tootsie and says the "Asshole Beaver" is "Lol! They say vagina a lot! Laugh Damn You!" where the joke is that "beaver" is a slang for "vagina" (granted, the joke falls flat since the beaver is acting like an asshole where he should behave more like a pussy which is a slang for vagina). I like some of his reviews, but he should really stop reviewing Seth MacFarlane's works for a while just he can't pop a blood vessel for all his rage.
  • Mario And Sponge Bob Fan: My personal Mr. Enter-related Dethroning Moment of Suck? His review of Elf Bowling: The Movie, hands down! From the moment the review started to the very end, No Indoor Voice is in full effect, with Mr. Enter practically screaming his head off for most of the review, making it nigh-unlistenable for someone who has very sensitive hearing like myself. I'll admit that the film itself is nothing short of a trainwreck, but was there any reason for him to make his anger against the film that pronounced to the point of literally screaming every word he says? This is literally the only review of his that is physically hard for me to watch, and for good reason. Calm the hell down!
  • Danny Lightning Lightner: My dethroning moment comes from his review of "Everyone Knows It's Bendy," doubling as Harsher in Hindsight. In the review, he defends Lauren Faust basically by saying "Oh well, she's done so much other great work, so I can't fault her for writing a bad episode here and there, she's only human." Which is a fairly mature and open-minded thing to say. The dethroning moment comes in with the hypocrisy of his attitude towards Lauren Faust; he doesn't give this same type of forgiving treatment towards other people in the animation industry, like Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Richard Pursel, whom he's repeatedly and personally bashed in his reviews and referred to as "sociopaths" on multiple occasions. Specifically, he accused Zeus Cervas of condoning animal abuse in his review of "A Pal for Gary." Possibly his worst offense is from his original review of "The Splinter," in which he says, word for word, this statement about writers Nate Cash, Sean Charmatz, and Steve Banks: "These people do not deserve to have jobs. They deserve to be fired immediately, and blacklisted." Let that sink in- he wants people to lose their livelihoods because they wrote episodes of a show he doesn't like. The dethroning moment from "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" is a result of Enter completely judging other artists/writers for their involvement with less-than-stellar episodes of certain shows, unaware that they have produced much better work before and after. His hypocrisy is astounding and nauseating. Enter's constant and vitriolic bashing of specific artists and writers working in the animation industry actually makes Enter's desire to get a job working in said industry laughable at best- with Enter's horrible reputation as someone who constantly belittles and insults people, there's next to no chance of that happening. Enter has effectively blacklisted himself from the animation industry with his attitude.
    • Krazy TV Watcher: I agree with this highly. Here, Enter decides to treat Lauren Faust as a goddess of animation, yet he treats the other three writers like crap. I mean, just because Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Richard Pursel wrote a few "bad" episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants doesn't mean they're evil or anything like that.
  • Peteman: His Animated Atrocities #70: "Nobody Doesn't Like TJ" [Recess] episode fails to explain why Gordy not liking TJ is so problematic. I haven't seen the episode, so I can only really go on what he showed, but it seems less like Gordy hates TJ for no reason, he just has a hard time articulating his dislike for him. If Gordy was shown to be going out of his way to bother or harass TJ (and if he did, the clips Enter showed did not showcase this), I could understand why Enter could be so judgmental of Gordy's behaviour, but instead, it's TJ who is going out of his way to bother Gordy.
  • Brony Of The Octaves: While I've always loved Enter's work, even if there are times where I feel he tends to be dramatic (like in his Admirable Animations of Phineas and Ferb's "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together!" where he declared certain shows were a sign of "the decline of show animation around the late 2000s, mentioning Skunk Fu! as one despite it being harmless), his infamous MLP Review of "Putting Your Hoof Down" was honestly atrocious. While I don't deny that Fluttershy's behavior was wrong, seeing how she Took a Level in Jerkass and gave a very nasty "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Rarity and Pinkie Pie when all they did was confront her about her behavior, his entire reaction to the episode felt so forced and at best, very dramatic to the point of unfunny Large Ham behavior. Yes it's sad to see your favorite character take an asshole direction and coming off as O.O.C. Is Serious Business, but the fact Shy was able to learn her lesson and turn herself for the better honestly worked. Yes the episode was flawed, but is not as horrible as Enter made it to be, let alone acted like it and being so dramatic about it.
  • alienhunter: I used to be a big fan of Mr. Enter, but after not watching his stuff for awhile, I decided to come back and watch his most recent video: Top 10 Worst Cartoons of 1990's. While I do like some of the cartoons he listed, that's not the problem. It's when he picks the cartoon for an entry, he just goes off an tangent about basically the entire genre, like when he places Caillou on the list, he spends half of the time either calling out his haters and saying that toddler shows, especially Dora the Explorer, are incapable of teaching kids anything and just used for ignorant parents to park their child in front of the TV. Then when it comes to Angela Anaconda, he spends most of the entry talking about the two KaBlam! shorts instead of the actual higher-budget Fox Family show and then ends the entry with claiming that because of Angela Anaconda, KaBlam! won't be put on DVD and basically calls it an abomination for that (even though it's been proven in This Very Wiki that it's not a problem). With all that and with the transition music being so horribly edited together, I turned off the video and promise to never watch another of Enter's videos.
  • Smitty91: Recently, I've noticed that Mr. Enter has begun rambling at the beginning of his videos. I first noticed it on his Animated Atrocities for Legends of Chamberlain's Hrghts. I was annoyed, but it didn't bring down the video for me. Then came his Admirable Animations of "Life with Loopy" where he spent the first five to six minutes of the video talking about KaBlam!. This legitimately pissed me off because instead of talking about the episode and reviewing it, he's giving what amounts to a history lesson on the show it was featured in. This annoyed me to the point where I said "Screw this guy," and I haven't looked back.
  • Krazy TV Watcher: For me, my Dethroning Moment for Mr. Enter is his original review of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode Pet Sitter Pat. Later on in the review, Mr. Enter showed Casey Alexander's Twitter page, and shortly after the video was uploaded, his fans took to Casey Alexander's Twitter page and insulted the crap out of him. Some of Enter's fans even went too far by writing death threats. When Enter re-reviewed the episode, he told his viewers to keep him from getting angry, and apologized to them for his anger. Mr. Enter, I'm sorry to say this, but the damage has been done.
    • SenorCornholio: Since we're allowed to bring up that unfortunate incident, allow me to change my entry again to reflect this. I personally put it off because I thought it was just a gray area that no one was mentioning because they'd rather forget. But now that I see the above entry? Yeah, this moment was fucking terrible! And it was just the icing on this badly baked cake. Not only did the review replace "Little Yellow Book" at the last possible second because he found this (admittedly terrible) episode to be that bad, even christening this idea as the "Pet Sitter Pat Effect", but he went way above and beyond with his anger in this one. The entire video exemplifies the worst of Mr. Enter's habits; the anger, the freakouts, taking the whole thing way too seriously, the insults to the writers, initially planning on doing an atrocity review on Uncle Grandpa just because Casey worked on it, it's all there! And it all culminated in the brilliant idea of showing the guy's Twitter page, not realizing what it'd do until after the fan rampage. At least I gave Mr. Enter a fair chance and hoped his videos improved after that, which they did for the most part, but stunts like this are the reason people like Joshscorcher barely do response videos anymore; people will inevitably cause a fandom war, whether intended or not. I'm sorry to say Jonathan, but maybe you should have thought harder about that when you made this video.
    • SorPepita: This would also be my DMoS; normally I don't mind him attacking the writers of some Atrocity, but in this particular case he crossed the line. To be fair to Enter, he himself seems to consider it his DMoS, so I'm inclined to be more forgiving than the above Troper.
  • Neonyoshi 150: My DMoS is in the review of ''Little Clowns of Happytown." In it, Mr. Enter spend much of the episode complaining about the Strawbot, I mean, advertiser friendly bot, about how anytime he says something "offensive", the bot complains. So much time is wasted on these boring segments and the complaints make no sense. Mr. Enter will say one or two sentences about the cartoon, then have several more sentences about the bot's complaints. I know he's trying to make a point about the Wall Street Journal and their current coverage of YouTube, but it just drags on and on. When Mr. Enter ignores the bot and actually reviews the cartoon, the review becomes way more bearable. I thought his speech about how horribly the cartoon portrayed disabled people was really good. But then he brings up as bot again, and it goes downhill fast. I left the video as soon as he brought up PewDiePie. What would have been an interesting video talking about how shows often portray disabled people, instead was bogged down by boring Strawmen.
    • Kamon The Skunk: While I can agree with most of what Mr Enter said about Little Clowns of Happytown, I just can't bring myself to agree with him when he criticized the show's ending where he felt the message was "Disabled people can do everything normal people can do." Normally it would make sense for people to agree with him because, yes, most disabled people aren't capable of doing everything that people without disabilities can. But my gripe is the fact that it was not the message of the episode. The only disabled people that are featured in this episode are people that are confined to wheelchairs. Mr Enter took the episode's end message and felt that it was referring to all disabled people, when it clearly was not. Now if the episode featured people with different disabilities, I could agree with him and his criticism at the end, but since that is not the case, I believe he being hypocritical. He mentioned that he also has a disability, specifically Asperger Syndrome so he knows what it's like. Heck, I have Asperger's too, but as I've said, since the episode he reviewed only had disabled people in wheelchairs and nothing else, his speech doesn't have any merit to it. Don't get me wrong, I still like a lot of his other videos, but if he can't observe everything in the show to get its message right, I have to eventually draw the line.
      • CLCN: Also, the fact that he seems to think Asperger's is a disability or a mental illness when it is neither. He says this in a lot of his videos where mental illnesses or disabilities come up as if they are all the same and he can totally relate. No, Mr. Enter. You have a condition. There is a difference.
  • Literal Novice: His needless incessant rambling aside, there is one moment in his review of "Brian's a Bad Father" that stuck out to me like a sore thumb, which was his overreaction to the gag about slitting wrists. It seems like he's under the assumption that a 14 year old is going to watch it and know how to slit their wrists like soccer moms whining that kids playing Grand Theft Auto is going to turn them into murderers. The people that watch Family Guy would be more likely to mock cutters than become one themselves. And even if a depressed 14 year old did come across this scene, I highly doubt it would start them cutting. I was a depressed 14 year old once and I came across images on the internet making similar jokes, and that didn't make me want to grab a razor. If anything, it made me not want to cut myself because of how pathetic it seemed. If Steven Universe or Adventure Time made a joke like this, it would be callous and gross, but it's quite in line with Family Guy's sense of humor. His anger over an edgy joke is honestly kind of pathetic and even a little bit insulting to insinuate that 14 year olds can't differentiate between fiction and reality.
  • Captain Tedium: I used to be okay with Mr. Enter, but hearing about some of his infamous habits (such as lashing out on specific writers just because they wrote bad episodes and making a big deal out of cartoons not being done the way he prefers) made me become more and more reluctant to continue watching his videos. I finally decided that I was finished with him for good after watching his Animated Atrocity "Cartoon Network in 2017". He did raise many good points in the video, like how networks should prioritize the quality of their shows over how profitable the show's merchandise is and that constantly airing a show to the detriment of the other programs would get irritating even if it was a well-regarded one, but the whole thing still came off as Enter going into yet another of his irksome rants about how cartoons should be done the way he likes them and that the people involved in cartoons he dislikes are terrible people. What really annoyed me the most, however, was how this Animated Atrocity was devoted to attacking an entire network as opposed to a specific maligned animated work. I can accept that there are some shows you don't like, Enter, and I despise Teen Titans Go! as much as you do, but I find saying a network has fallen from grace simply because you don't like most of the shows currently airing to be a bit out of proportion and it gives the impression of the ever so annoying Nostalgia Filter mindset.
  • Ramone 490: While I am a casual fan of Mr. Enter's, one moment that I found really petty and pathetic was when he put Shrek as a dishonorable mention in his "Top 11 Worst Animation Cliches". He put a good movie as a terrible animation cliche because it inspired lesser-quality products. Yeah, that seems fair. That is like hating on The LEGO Movie and Wreck-It Ralph for indirectly inspiring The Emoji Movie. This moment is even more infuriating when he directly references "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny in the next video. I can understand if he is not a big fan of the movie. But it definitely seems unfair to consider the whole movie as a terrible animation cliche because it introduced some annoying trends. Especially when said trends are mostly harmless nitpicks.
  • Melancholy Utopia: I removed my previous entry to make one for The Emoji Movie. I know nothing about the movie except the little I saw in his review before closing the video down in disappointment. Now, I've long before unsubscribed to him because of his consistent roaring anger over things that are relatively trivial. But then, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt by checking out this review... after all, the movie has been universally panned. To my own surprise, what made me annoyed with him was not his ranting (at first), but his comment about Just Dance being a clone of Dance Dance Revolution. Hold. The. Phone. They are nothing alike. Are you saying it's a clone merely because it's a dance game? Then we might as well say all other racing games are copies of Mario Kart because it popularized racing games, or Cuphead being a copy of "[insert random platform title here]"... that's not how it works! A clone is an exact copy of something else, and that's something JD is not. DDR uses a dancing mat and arrows which slide over the screen vertically, telling you which platform to step on; JD does not use a mat, it uses a camera and has anthropomorphic figurines telling you which dance moves to make, and they slide over the screen horizontally. Both games have their own individuality, and just because of them being the same genre it doesn't make the other a rip-off! Sorry, I may be going overboard with this, but it just felt like that, for being such a thorough reviewer, he just took one look at JD and decided it was a copy, which is astoundingly hypocritical of him. Then when he started raising his voice and getting his panties twisted in a bunch further in the video over something miniscule, it was a reminder of why I had unsubscribed in the first place. Sorry, Enter, but that was the last straw. I wont be watching your videos ever again.
    • Thefreepup: I have to agree with you there because I felt like he was getting too angry in this review over one "bad" movie, to the point where it turned me off (and what you said back there made me suspect that he only called Just Dance a Dance Dance Revolution ripoff so that he can find more things to complain about in this film). Done differently, this review could have been fairly decent and funny (his review on Elf Bowling The Movie had me howling with laughter). Here, it feels like he's shouting and rambling on for too long, to the point where I got very annoyed and bored and decided that I'm never watching his review on The Emoji Movie ever again.
  • regulardude94: For me it was his review on the Drawn Together movie that made me lose complete interest in him. He got way too angry in the review to the point of screaming at the top of his lungs in the mic. It was so cringeworthy that I had to turn the review off. I know Mr. Enter is well known for overreacting in his reviews, but this review made me realize that he's way too angry and unprofessional about what he reviews. He needs to get his attitude in check before making reviews of what he doesn't like. He wonders why people are unsubscribing from his channel. His anger issues are a big reason why. It makes his reviews sound like some kid who's throwing a tantrum cause his mom didn't buy him the candy he wanted. Sorry Enter, but I can't take the anger and negativity anymore.
  • Guitarlove: I used to watch Mr Enter all the time, but over time I got tired of his rants and his jumbled messages. What really got me was his video on High Guardian Spice. For a start, I was apprehensive. The fact this was a show with just a trailer, and he was reviewing it like any other piece of media, made me mad. Teasers are meant to hype up whatever the piece of media is. His annoyance of Crunchyroll making an anime is odd to me, because Crunchryroll already has made one show, Anime Crimes Division. The moment that really hit the nail to me was his rant against the "100% female writers" line. Hoooo boy. For a start: Lauren Faust hasn't worked on MLP since around 2010/11, Steven Universe has a pretty even number of male and female writers (plus the show is named after and is centered around the experiences of a male character), and just because a show is created by a woman, doesn't mean she has much involvement with the product. Lauren Faust worked on MLP, yes, she did! She made the groundwork for the entire series, wrote the first three episodes, and helped design some characters. She hasn't touched the series since midway through season 2, and the show is now approaching season 9. The point I want to make is the following: just because the creator is a woman, doesn't mean the writing staff are also women. I'm glad there are more women in the industry, and we're starting to hear their voices, especially since I'd love to work on animation myself. The fact he gets so angry at the idea of only women writing the show just doesn't make sense to me. Does he think only women are going to be storyboarders, animators, background artists, color artists, character designers, etc., etc., etc.? The fact he disregards all of these other positions men might have, the fact there are men talking about the production in the teaser, really makes me wonder how for equality he says he is. Also, no Ocean's 8 isn't a failure, unless a film considered to be So Okay, It's Average and making back twice its budget is considered to be a failure.
  • Sakubara: While I can't say I hate Mr. Enter, I wouldn't say I'd like him either. Since while I like analysis as much as the next guy or gal, I'm in the camp that feels that it just drags on and on and its usually Anvilicious if not representing the boring at best and irritating at worst camp of Internet reviewers that think that just spending twenty minutes droning about why something sucks ,but isn't as eloquent as they think is funny. And there's no better example of that than his review of the The Goode Family, with the oh so fun bonus of having him ramble on about his political beliefs. Like I am not here to defend the Goode Family, it's a bad show and I'm also not here to argue about politics. But I feel like that for every point he criticizes the show (some I agree with, others I don't) he has to go on a speech about how far-left liberals sucks (even with some valid criticisms about the left) and it just gets boring after awhile. And again, just annoyingly preachy...all the while criticizing the Soapbox Sadie Granola Girls the show makes fun of. It's not the worst thing it's done, but it's rather Anvilicious "don't be an extremist, especially you lefties!" preaching and is just boring after awhile. Also comparing all liberals to Autism Speaks at the end, what the ever loving hell Ender?!
  • Thefreepup: While I'm still cool with Mr. Enter, there was one moment in particular that, while I can understand it, still feels like a hard pill to swallow. In his deviantArt review on Chicken Little, he brings up other films he didn't like, one of which was Cars 2. While I can understand why he didn't like it much (though to me, it just came across as "average"), I didn't like how he stated that Cars 2 led to Pixar being brought down to a level comparable to that of Hasbro's. Yeah sure, every legends do fall into a rut sometimes because no one's perfect (a fact that admittedly can be hard to accept), but that doesn't necessarily make them "bad". They are capable of getting back on track (something that I feel has been happening with Pixar themselves lately), you just have to wait it out (or, if you're that fed up with them, just do something else instead). While far from the worst things he's ever done (which, I'll admit, are kind of hard to get over), this is one of those moments where I feel that he should've known better about, especially since he went through a Dork Age of his own (it may not be comparable to that of Pixar's, but it's still a Dork Age, nonetheless).
  • Mr Media Guy 2: I used to be a huge fan of Enter. I defended him a lot, and greatly enjoyed his earlier videos, even a lot of the ones that got bashed pretty hard on this page. That was before he released his video essay titled "The Animation Genre". It started out reasonable enough, deconstructing the mindset of animation being considered a genre, which many people like Brad Bird absolutely loathe. Then it turns into a thinly-veiled rant about how every single modern animated film is cliched and formulaic. That's right, every single one. Including the critically-acclaimed ones like Inside Out, Zootopia, and Coco. He claims that characters going on some sort of adventure is cliched, despite adventure stories being around since literally the beginning of storytelling, and that it's better if the characters stay in one location the whole film. He bashed Moana for following the Disney Princess formula, even though it arguably subverts more Disney Princess cliches than the critically-acclaimed Tangled does. He also claimed that My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) is the personification of all modern animated film cliches, despite that film being 2D-animated, not casting celebrities as the Mane Six, and not relying on Toilet Humor or a shoehorned romance. He comes across as a major Hypocrite here since some of his previous essays, like his journal review of Inside Out, pointed out how creativity is more important than originality, and an unoriginal story isn't necessarily a bad one. I genuinely want to know what kind of animated film would make Enter happy, since he's coming across as an unpleasable jackass in that video. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he claims that every single trope on the Omnipresent Trope index is a cliche as well.
  • Every Other Handle Is Taken: There are a few, but the most disgustingly uninformed one is in his "Herpe The Love Sore" review when denies that American soldiers who do despicable things are defended for it because they're soldiers. There were examples of him being wrong even at the time, but another more recent example prompted me to post this.
    Do you think anyone condones their actions? On the base, at home, whatever.
Um, yes Enter, I do.
When people hear of soldiers going psycho, they're condemned beyond all belief. Even the biggest supporters of the military condemn them beyond all belief, if anything, because assholes like this make the military look bad.
Some do, others try to raise money for their defense and sell t-shirts about that say they should be freed.What was it Enter said in that same rant about needing to do research?
  • Mike Sparks 101: I really do like The Mysterious Mr. Enter but he has a few duds here and there. His review of Robotboy was just plain lazy. Besides him saying the show was made in Flash when it was really animated in Toonboom, Enter ignores talking about Robotboy himself, the main character, beyond a very brief line saying "he acts literally like a robot". He doesn't even say a single thing about Kamikazi, the main villain of the show. He only glosses over the three main human characters and Professor Moshimo. He also goes on and on about how awful Gus is, and barely talks about Lola at all. Most of the jokes in his review weren't very good either. Personally I like Enter, but this episode felt lazy and rushed. It should've been a bit longer than 11 minutes, but that may be just me.
  • Luna Veg 87 : I didn't think any episode of Mr. Enter's could have aggravated me as much as "The Substitute," but he managed to outdo himself with his "Everything is Offensive" video that premiered in December 2018. It was basically a perfect storm of lecturing other critics who call out media with problematic implications and regurgitating the talking points of the right-wing/reactionary side of YouTube that I've been hearing since 2015 (likening criticism to demands for censorship and claiming that representation of minorities is a no-win situation because some people might criticize it either way), but what bothered me the most about it was his complaints about people being offended by the Rankin-Bass Rudolph special because of the cruel way the main character is treated by his peers, his parents, and every adult in the special. It annoyed me because it was coming from the same person who had a hissy fit over "PuttingYour Hoof Down" because Fluttershy was mean to her friends (even though her losing her temper and blowing up at her friends and subsequently having to learn her lesson was the entire point of the episode). Not only that but considering he's criticized other cartoons that feature bullying and parental abuse, it comes off like Rudolph only gets a pass from him because of Nostalgia Goggles.
    • Mighty Mewtron: I've found it harder and harder to enjoy Enter the more his political leanings seep into his videos, mostly because it feels his issue is that people are calling out these issues at all, and he only seems to care about issues that affect him (namely, abuse and sometimes ableism). It's not just his politics; it's how he just seems so dismissive about having to talk about politics (which he really doesn't) to the point that he ends up revealing himself as uninformed or contradicting himself. This started with the journal on John Oliver and the media, where he acts like it's silly for people to be afraid of Trump's presidency, as if there aren't a ton of policies that many women and minorities feel target them, which wouldn't directly harm Enter. But the DMOS has been supplanted by one line in the "Everything is Offensive!" journal. He complains about the Kevin Hart Oscars controversy and how many people have rejected his apology, saying, "Why should anyone ever apologize for any shitty thing that they've done if it's just not going to count?" Did he completely forget his review of "The Telescope"? In which he praised its realistic usage of Rejected Apology showing that not everything can be wrapped up so easily? Sure, what Hart did isn't comparable to what BoJack did, but Enter's statement seems to completely contradict what he learned from this show that allegedly changed his whole life. If your mindset is shifting to align with BoJack even before his Character Development, then that's a huge downgrade, Enter.
  • Michael Sar: Look, I agree that "One Coarse Meal" is a lousy episode, but Mr. Enter's first review of it is in my opinion one of the worst reviews he's ever done. The Draco in Leather Pants-ing of Plankton whining that whales don't eat plankton was annoying enough, but the part of the review that I hate the most is when Mr. Enter, after SpongeBob says that stepping on Plankton would fly in the face of his good nature, goes into a whiny rant about how Spongebob has no good nature and how he's an evil sociopath bent on ruining the life of Squidward. If Mr. Enter actually watched any of the episodes that he brings up, he'd know that SpongeBob, while not immune from being thrown the Jerkass Ball, IS a genuinely nice guy, and he DOES mean well in episodes like "House Fancy" and "Cephalopod Lodge", the problems he causes Squidward are out of stupidity rather than malice. In fact, sometimes he and Patrick will even feel guilty for causing Squidward trouble and try to fix their mistakes ("Good Neighbors" and the aforementioned "Cephalopod Lodge"), even if their efforts fail. He even brings up one episode ("Tentacle-Vision") where SpongeBob isn't even at fault for Squidward failingnote !
  • Tropers/afliador8: Not his reviews necessarily, but his op eds on political correctness are at best ill-informed, and at worse wilfully propagandist. Regardless of your views on the subjects, his "everything is offensive" episode is so full of misrepresentations, strawman arguments, or just pure nonsense that it lets you see just how full of himself and lazy he can be. From a failure to read past a headline (he lashes out at a writer for supposedly not understanding what a meritocracy is, despite the whole point of the article being that it doesn't exist), to not bothering to look up "cultural appropriation" (he gives an example of an Italian person opening an Italian restaurant in the states. Yes, really) to implying that Asian people cannot be considered a minority anywhere because most people on earth are Asian (yes, really), it creates some extra scepticism as to whether or not his reviews are deserving of serious consideration or if everything is as poorly researched as a video that was meant to be taken with more seriousness than others.

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