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Dethroning Moment / The King of Hate

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Considering his reputation, people are inevitably going to find problems with DarksydePhil. These are those moments that stick out.

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  • Bengson 26: While Phil comes off as one of the most egotistical persons I've seen, his Christmas special cemented me as a permanent member of his deservingly enormous hatedom. It's a "parody" of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and I used quotations because it's basically Phil's response to the haters disguised as a parody. And my god, what a big ego-strokefest that was. This just shows how much a crybaby Phil is.
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  • Ben Mitchell 90: Phil has had countless moments proving just how big an asshole he is, but a recent standout example for me is the little "epilogue" tacked on at the end of his Five Nights at Freddy's "playthrough". Now Phil really disliked the game, but that's fine (well, aside from the fact that he seemed ready to bash it from the start, anyway), not liking that game is something I can totally understand. But then he goes on this tirade about how other Let's Players who are scared by the game are "idiots", and that people who like the game, including everyone who requested he play it, are "sheep" who need to "wise up and be smarter". It really sums up the main problem with Phil, in that it's not necessarily that he's bad at games or dislikes popular ones like this and MGS, but more that he acts like a complete arrogant prick about it and clearly thinks his opinion is fact, and looks down upon anyone who dares disagree with him.
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  • Trialman: DSP has really overdid it with his Mortal Kombat X stream. He meets a player who asks him about an incident where his girlfriend insulted Kingdom Hearts in a stream chat. Phil then complains about how the player is apparently wasting time, and not wanting to play, as though said player was specifically seeking him out. But then comes the Dethroning Moment of Suck itself. Phil then tells the viewers that he wants them to go to the other player's PSN profile and spam him. Yes, you read that right, Phil basically told everyone watching his stream that he endorses cyber-bullying.
  • Nick Tatu: I have seen a decent portion of DSP's playthrough of Persona 4, and it is easily one of his worst Let's Plays to date. Him blaming the game for his complete ineptitude to understand the mechanics, I can deal with. His complete lack of editing (especially when fishing for the Guardian), I expect from him. DSP constantly making sex jokes about the cast, I can barely tolerate. But, his biggest Dethroning Moment of Suck came from him mocking the ending. After you have to return to your home town after beating Izanami, Everyone runs to catch up with the train to tell you not to ever forget them and their time together. DSP comment was "And then in a horrible tragedy, they all trip and fall under the moving train, the end!". This is what drove me over the edge. Him insulting the end credits only pissed me off even more. And then he made a Justin Bieber joke at the stinger. DarkSydePhil, this was too much to stomach.
  • stormofhale: Well, I'd never put Phil on a throne in the first place, so this was more like him being kicked off a couch... my point is, my moment is one that occured the night of August 19th. To add some background, in the last couple of days before, Phil had gotten copyright claim notifications on at least ~650 of his videos based on two users whose fan-art had been co-opted by Phil and monetized (despite the first, all-purpose greenscreen footage of Phil, having been given blanket permission to see fan edits and the second, featuring Phil's face and the Witcher 3 box art, deemed transformative enough to be copyright-claimable), resulting in two YouTube strikes on DSP Gaming, revoking Phil's ability to live-stream on the account. In response to this, Phil released a thirty minute video referring to his detractors as 'mentally ill sociopaths' and going so far as to dox and make threats toward Be Awesome One, one of the users who had filed claims against the channel.
  • Drbazooka: In general I've never liked Phil's persona but I was never a member of his Hatedom: until I saw his Let's Play of The Walking Dead. More specifically the infamous moment with Clementine performing open wound surgery on herself. The scene was already hard enough to swallow with Phil but what he does next is horrendous and disgusting. He seemed to find the disturbing scene pleasurable and worse still, it sounded like he was getting off to it. To say the least I was not amused. After that I never watched another The King of Hate: playthrough. Phil if you are reading this, then please stop with your attitude.
  • Last Of The Time Lords: I wasn't a fan of Phil's Kingdom Hearts playthroughs, and when he said that he was going to play Birth by Sleep, I instantly dreaded the day when he will play it. But then, during a segment of Ask the King, he said that he wouldn't play BBS until Kingdom Hearts 3 gets a release date. Look, I could've put anything here, like his lack of emotion in his KH playthroughs, or his utter failure at playing the games, but I just facepalmed at this. The fact that he won't even play a game until a sequel's release date is announced is nothing but pure dumbassery. By the time KH3 gets its release date, Phil would have probably forgotten about BBS and what happened in KH 2, while other players of the series are probably already prepared.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: I know Phil's sense of humor is so offensive it even makes Seth MacFarlane thinks he has gone too far, but his constant jab at Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2 sickens me to the core. Now, I'm okay with jabs at characters I like as long as they are playful and relevant to the game (Like The Dark Id's making fun of her Worst Aid moment) but all the jokes he does about her was about her being Asian, combined with a stereotypical asian accent, even though she never has an accent to begin with. News flash for you, racism has stopped being funny a long time ago! Not only that, but he has the nerve to cheer up when she seems to have died at the end of Leon's campaign. There is a lot of emotional moments he ruined, but this one takes the cake for me.
  • Space Hunter Drake Redcrest: I remember joking about how bad Phil would do at Super Smash Bros. 4 months before he actually did either the 3DS or Wii U version...and boy, was I accurate. Even worse, I was under-exaggerating. The absolute worst part of the Let's Play is when he does Classic Mode in the Wii U version as Kirby. He does okay until the Final Boss, Master Core. Unsurprisingly, given how bad Phil is at gaming, he dies. Now, that's not too bad, since you do get to try again, and it is expected since this final boss changes things up from the other games. However, Phil dies against the final boss almost 7 times. And each time he dies, he claims that the game is getting harder each time (despite the difficulty level clearly going down). There's being bad at Smash Bros., and then there's that. As such, I've never watched another video of his gameplay again, since I just could not imagine someone being that stupid.
  • SenorCornholio: I still find the guy's videos so horrendously bad to watch that they bounce back and become entertaining, and his attempts at "humor" to be something to facepalm at. However, I think we can all agree when GradeAUnderA called Phil's accidental masturbating on camera to be "the cringiest moment in YouTube history". Let's face it; we all need A Date with Rosie Palms from time to time, but that kind of shit remains private. We don't need to see a grown man stroking his arms in a jerking motion, then reaching his eventual orgasm. It was such a dumb moment that, when I heard of it, my jaw dropped from disbelief. And as if it wasn't enough, he'd go on to do it again, thankfully without the visuals.
  • Crashlander 555: I've only just heard of Phil, and I'm already a part of the Hatedom. However, when it comes to gaming, Super Mario Galaxy is a low point for me. It has some pretty expected bad moments, like Pandalee making everything annoying, Phil not knowing how to freaking long jump, but worst of all, they make fun of Rosalina's story. They called Rosalina's mother a pig. A fucking pig. Honestly, Mario doesn't get paid enough to suffer from bad LPs.
  • Ty Johnson 616: So, I'm an old-school guy to the point I remember the transition and use to be an avid watcher, but I am now a member of his Hatedom. This began because in 2010 on a December morning, a new demo for a game came out, and this demo forever changed my view of him. Dead Space 2 was a game I highly anticipated from go, I loved the first game and even got the viral material for the second game (a Inkblot version of what was clearly a slasher with a note). So seeing a LPer I enjoyed play it would be fun, right!? Then come the Nazi Jokes.... since I was dating a Jewish girl at the time, this didn't sit well with me from the word go, and then there was the Oven joke and I was done, then came the pedophilia joke referencing priest and I was like "Nope!" That mixed in with clear lack of knowledge of the weapons usage and wasting ammo just cemented how much I hated him from that moment onward.
  • Bigbattle 1990: I really, truly thought that after the "Panda goes to the hospital do to anxiety attack and Phil not giving a damn about her" was the last time I was going to post something on this page about him... It seems I was very wrong. Throughout most of 2018 and into 2019, Phil did multiple "fundraisers" on his streams to put into his "taxes", screaming about how he'll lose his home and have to move back to Connecticut. For those who are new to this, know that these are lies and Phil is just using this as a means to stockpile money for... I don't know. Well, around April, it turns out Phil was going to take his (At the time of writing this) new girlfriend Kat to Connecticut, no mention of those taxes he was panicking about almost every time he would stream a game or even how he got enough money to make a trip to Connecticut with Kat, just "Hey everyone! Me and Kat are going to Connecticut for a week, be sure to keep giving me money while I'm gone!" Now this alone would not be worth putting on the page, but the real dethroning moment comes in April 10th of 2019 where Phil marries Kat in private. ...You did not read that wrong. Phillip Burnell... Used money that was given to him by his fans who thought he was going to use it for taxes, instead uses the money to not only go to Connecticut and take Kat with him, but also marry Kat in private as well, scaming every one of his fans who thought they were helping him with his taxes. A con he's been doing for 10+ years now. (How did everyone find out about this you may be asking? Phil posted about the marriage on Instagram to brag to everyone... And then goes to say in his vlog stream after he got back from his trip that he was trying to upload random pictures from his trip on Instagram to throw off the hatebase.) ...Oh, did I also forget to add that one of the reasons Phil wanted to go to Connecticut was because he said his parents were dying and he wanted to see them just in case they were expiring? (In case you're asking: Nope, they weren't dead. yes: Phil was using that as a excuse to go to Connecticut as well. yes: he quickly dropped the lie about his dying parents and refused to talk about how they were doing or even if they were still alive once he had the money he needed. And yes: He even begged them for money to go to his "Taxes"... And it didn't even last the month he got said money before he went back to begging/demanding his fans to give him more money. He even went as far to say that his mom was the one to tell him to get a job (Something people have been telling Phil to do for years now, only to be mocked, ignored, and/or banned from his streams/twitter/whatever), and he would get one... Ten years from now.) At this point, saying I hate DSP for being a ungrateful, scamming, heartless, soulless, egotistical, cancer that has festered for 10+ years now is a damn understatement and a half.
  • Dr Sleep: I've only watched his Kingdom Hearts LPs but dear God that was enough. Constantly complaining about "dropped input", ignoring prompts, and whining at everything he disliked was unbearable in and of itself. But as a Disney fan his terrible "edgy" jokes and commentary about the characters and settings were just pathetic. Dude, the Air Pirates made all your "lol asshole mickey and slutty minnie" jokes thirty years before you were born, and they did them better than you ever could.
  • Trogdor 7620: I've never had much respect for Phil as an LPer, or as a human being, but his June 14th, 2018 stream about Depression is the final straw I am willing to take. Sure, he talks about its prevalence in celebrity suicides at the time, but it quickly derails into how he himself has depression, and how it's to blame for everything he's ever done throughout his "career", despite never having hinted this at any point until that day. But it gets worse: not only does he get a load of facts wrong (He calls depression a disease, rather than a disorder, and that's the tip of the iceberg), but when someone in the chat tries to correct his statements, and points out that they themselves have depression, Phil proceeds to mock the whole chat, and bans the original poster, saying that they were a troll who was faking their depression and seeking sympathy. Speaking as someone who has actually suffered from depression for a long time, it sickens me to think that Phil would stoop so low as to blame all his actions on a condition he clearly doesn't know the first thing about.
  • Little Lady Fandoms: I've not seen as much as others here, but good god, his playthrough of Jak II: Renegade really made me never want to watch anything of his again. Now, I may be a fan of the Jak and Daxter games, but it's totally fine if someone else doesn't like it. BUT all of the whining Phil does throughout this game is namely his own stupid fault - every failure he has he blames the game for, and I do mean every single one of them. I understand that the game is hard, but the fact he struggled at something as simple as the tutorial was already nightmarish enough. But the worst part had to be the race with Erol. Yes, it is often considered one of the hardest missions in the game and that isn't entirely wrong...but just how badly Phil failed due to his own incompetence and doing the same thing over and over again despite the fact it wasn't working was enough to tell me just how poor he is as a Let's Player and as a gamer. This is only worsened by his obnoxious singing throughout that part of the game, and then blaming the game all damn over again just put the cherry on the crap cake.


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