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Dethroning Moment / The Hunger Games

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These are moments from The Hunger Games that should have been selected as tributes.

Keep in mind:

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  • Moments only, no "just everything he said, " "The entire book" entries.
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  • No natter. As above, anything contesting an entry will be cut, and anything that's just contributing more can be made its own entry.
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  • Explain why it's a Dethroning Moment Of Suck.
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  • terlwyth: Katniss' vow to force the Capitol children into The Hunger Games for retribution after the Capitol is defeated, claiming it to be "For Prim". Even after witnessing the horrors of the Games, her earlier nature implied she wouldn't wish the Games on anyone, and then you realize Prim was a caring soul. Mockingjay was a letdown overall, but this is horrible.
  • TimeTravelerJessica - For me it's not so much that she voted on it (I can see her doing that to draw Coin out or something) but that the book never bothered to explain what ended up happening with the final Hunger Games - I can't imagine the new government actually forced them to go through with it but it would have been nice to explicitly state that the supposed good guys didn't turn around and force children into the games.
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  • WafflePluto: This Troper found the death of Prim itself a DMOS. It felt extremely stupid that Katniss spent three whole books trying to protect Prim for that to happen at the end.
  • StormRequiem: I was also disappointed by Finnick's death as well. It was so anticlimatic, especially considering he was an important character in Catching Fire.
    • BlueButterfly: Similarly disappointed by the above; it felt very poorly portrayed considering the character. At this point Finnick has everything to lose - a potential future, his wife, and even a child, about whom he may or may not know. And yet he dies so that Katniss can save the day, which she doesn't. It seemed an utterly pointless and undignified end to someone who received so much Character Development (supposed The Casanova turns out to have a one true love) and Hidden Depths (the scene where he explains the objectification and abuse, and utilizes secret-collecting).
  • bazer63: The epilogue. Why on earth does the epilogue have the author tell us that Peeta pressures Katniss into having a baby that she doesn't want. Worse still, is that this is portrayed as something completely heartwarming. So much for being a feminist idol.
  • WandaGinnyGreenleaf1500: My beef with the epilogue is that Peeta marries Katniss at all. I mean, what? Their entire relationship is summed up by being fake. Katniss pretends to love him because there is a gun pointed at her head that will go off if she doesn't keep up the facade. Not to mention Peeta is still having fits where he tries to kill her. Peeta's entitlement complex towards Katniss did nothing to endear him to me either. And yet, this is portrayed as the best, most romantic and sweet ending. That was the worst point of this entire book.
    • akanesarumara: Seconded. It was from its very beginning a facade, her and Peeta, and no time changed that. Sure she may have considered him a friend at the end, but I never ever got the vibe that she actually loves him. Actually the same with Gale, now that I think about it. The romance was truly the worst thing about these books.
  • Ikissfrogs: The fact that Katniss can't forgive Gale for inadvertently causing Prim's death. It's not even certain that the twin bomb was planted by the rebels, and quite frankly, after all the evil things Katniss herself has done, her condemnation of him seems like the height of hypocrisy.
    • Winters 15: Agreed. This is still the worst moment of the series, in my opinion, coupled with her tactless comment about him kissing another pair of lips a few chapters later, as if she hasn't kissed anyone else. It was a convenient way to end the Love Triangle.
  • Starshock: The Hunger Games was great... Until it turns out that the rebels are worse than the Capitol. And how do we know that? Because that fount of good judgement and truth President Snow told Katniss so. Sure, he promised Katniss he wouldn't lie to her, but do you really think he ever intended to keep that promise? I sure don't, he just made it so he could manipulate Katniss. I personally feel that the Capitol framed the rebels, so that Snow could take Coin down with him. And Coin's just such a great character, so why'd they have to go and ruin her characterization? I was really liking her characterization as a Magnificent Bitch-Knight Templar-Dark Messiah, but nope, she's just another flat villain, and one with even less characterization than Snow. My real beef with the ending is that it's such a Shocking Swerve.
  • Zsuzsa: The Quarter Quell and putting Katniss back in the arena for the second book. First, it meant that rather than getting a chance to see the Games and the rest of the Capitol from a new perspective, we instead get basically a repetition of all the major points from the first book. Second, it was the beginning of turning Katniss, who had been a very active and decisive heroine in the first book, into a passive character whose decisions and actions don't matter to the overall plot. Imagine that instead, the Games in the second book happen with Katniss as a mentor. We see another angle to them, and Katniss has to grow up as she needs to learn the skills of a mentor, things that don't come naturally. Meanwhile, she learns about the Rebellion, and she decides herself whether or not she wants to get involved and to what extent. It seems like it could have been a much stronger story rather than the "Katniss gets pulled back into the arena and then is dragged into the Rebellion like a rag doll" that we got.
  • The Lucky Cat: Haymitch's line from Catching Fire when he tells Katniss "you could live a thousand years and not deserve that boy" when it's announced Katniss and Peeta will go back into the Quarter Quell. Um, what? Now, Haymitch is one of my favourite characters in the series along with Johanna and Effie, but seriously, Haymitch, what are you basing this on? Katniss saves Peeta's ass in the Hunger Games, multiple times- looking at him when he was too injured to run, risking her life to get medicine for him, preventing him from accidentally swallowing Nightlock berries... and this still isn't good enough, apparently. Later on in the Quarter Quell, she still ends up saving him over and over again, so Peeta was an idiot for taking Haymitch's place to start with. Leading Katniss to once again insist on sacrificing herself for Peeta, carrying a pretty Squicky undertone that in order to have a relationship, the woman must put the man before herself at all times, even at the expense of her own life, or she's a selfish bitch. And this was written by a woman, for bonus disturbing.
  • Owlorange1995: The moment when Finnick reveals that he and other winners were prostituted by the Capitol was the moment when I decided that Mockingjay was unsalvageable. Gratuitous Rape is in full effect here; Finnick describes it when he's offhandedly preparing a radio broadcast, it's hardly mentioned again after he does, and now that Finnick's dead and the series is done, we will never know how he and the others coped with it and how they found support! If you're going to try to make your story more "adult", you have to do more than just throw in adult elements; give them the weight and respect these issues deserve! Rape is not something to be taken lightly.
  • Aurum Astrum: The direction for Prim's character in the first movie. In the book, her bright personality helps the reader easily understand why Katniss would want to protect her. The first movie makes Prim an incredibly dreary and somber child, which could disconnect the audience from Katniss' biggest purpose. One has to wonder what the point of this change was other than to make District 12 as sad as possible at the start of the movie.
  • Papyru 30: The decision to split Mockingjay into 2 movies was alright for me but the the fact that Part 2 was just going to be the attack on the capital ruined it for me since it decided that action was more important than story or character for the finale.

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