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With the series being one of Nickelodeon’s most remembered Nick Toons, it’s not surprising that there's a lot of episodes of The Fairly Oddparents that the fans want wished out of existence. Unfortunately, that's against Da Rules, so we're listing them here instead.

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    Seasons 1 - 3 
  • Zeanobia: "Love Struck!" is nothing but a big middle-finger to LGBT societies! Just because all women are separated, there's almost no love left? And one single straight pairing is enough to power up Cupid all of sudden? The moral is supposed to be that love is important, but I feel too offended by its homophobic implications to even notice that aesop. What does it mean when Ladyland equals a void anyway?

  • kablammin45: Yes, I know that Timmy's parents are supposed to not care too terribly about Timmy, but (referring to the episode "Scary Godparents") giving away all of his most important stuff? That's stupid! That was one of those few times that I got a little ticked off at Timmy's parents' negligence and stupidity. I mean, didn't they just used to be overworked and busy instead of stupid? Especially jarring when compared to certain episodes like "Super Bike".
  • fluffything: Fairly Oddparents is one of those shows that has moments that are terrible, but usually they're not downright offensive. I say usually because this is one of those downright offensive moments. Namely the (in)famous episode known as "Twistory". Why is it a DMOS and why is it offensive? Because it manages to insult two (Count em! Two!) countries at the same time. The episode basically boils down to Timmy wishing he could interview some of the Founding Fathers (In this case George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson) for his report on the American Revolution. It starts out funny enough (Though, Washington's obsession with chopping wood was nothing short of obnoxious), but it gets ugly when Timmy's wish changes history. And, here, folks, here is where we enter the DMOS zone. The alternate history Timmy accidentally creates is pretty much a world where the USA remains a British colony complete with stereotypical Cockney accents, bad hygiene, and no advancements in technology since the 1700s. Wow, just... wow. I didn't even make this episode and I still want to go up to every British person in the world and go "I'm so sorry this episode exists". It's no wonder Nickelodeon rarely (if ever) airs it during reruns of the show.
  • Mr Thorfan 64: More from the Brit-hating writers. "A Bad Case of Diary-Uh!" shows that Vicky is an love with a British stereotype. Throughout the episode to sabotage their relationship Wanda and Timmy do things like make her look like a werewolf and reveal she wipes her noses on people's books. And the joke is... the stereotype claims Brits adore all these disgusting and horrible things because it reminds them of the hunt. Again, why are the writers so anglophobic! I can take a joke against the British, but this is so mean-spirited.
  • "Relaxing Teen": I've always loved the Fairly Odd Parents, but the worst episode I've ever seen was "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker". It was the worst episode of Season 3 that I've ever seen. The first 7 minutes were painful and frightening to watch and Timmy goes back in time to make Crocker less evil and miserable, one time when Timmy goes back it shows how Crocker was humiliated in Dimmsdale college and it's also devoid of humor. But the worst part was when Timmy actually stops Crocker from being miserable for a while for turning off the microphones, but "stupid" Cosmo turns the microphones back on and reveals Crocker's secret to the whole town, and because of this, Jorgen wipes out Crocker's memory in a scene that is painful to watch and has no humor, then Crocker loses his fairies and Dimmsdale chases him "For the Evulz". What's worse, you say? Timmy tries to go back to yesterday, but Jorgen stops him with help from his 70's counterpart just because they think Timmy was meddling and banishes him to the present. This is my Dmos because Crocker's my favorite character and they treat him like a loser. This episode is horrible for anybody, no matter who's side you're on.
    • NTroper: Even worse, Crocker is also a fairly constant threat to the Fairy World, and successfully conquered the entire world once. Had Timmy been successful, not only Crocker would be happier, but the Fairy World would be also safe from one of it's biggest threats. And Jorgen thinks that was meddling? Now that's grasping the Idiot Ball firmly.

    Seasons 4 - 5 
  • Johnny Nevada: "Timmy's 2D House of Horror" was pretty wretched for me. Not only did we get more of Cosmo bad-mouthing the idea of being married, but we get a heavy dose of Vicky's parents being more cowardly than Shaggy Rogers and afraid of their own daughter. Yes, Vicky's evil, but terrorizing her own parents seems pretty far removed from the earlier episodes (such as "Homewrecker", where she's concerned about getting in trouble with her parents after Timmy trashes her house). It also comes off as annoying versus funny. In fact, it's not funny at all. It's just pathetic! If push came to shove, I'd think two middle-aged adults could easily take on an annoying skinny teenage girl, Vicky's use of weapons or not. Adults have easily beaten Vicky up before in the series... see the ending of "Miss Dimmsdale".
  • FOP Troper: No list would be complete without the infamous It's A Wishful Life, a very demented subversion of It's a Wonderful Plot. Basically, the entire episode states that Timmy is responsible for all the bad things in his life, in his community and even the world. In other words, the world would be better off if Timmy was no longer around. The fact he nearly erases himself is very disturbing. The episode tries to fix this by stating the reason for this was to teach Timmy a lesson; earlier in the episode, he was doing favors for people, and they were not simply ungrateful, they were being a Jerkass about it. Timmy, though, is the one who needs the lesson that you should not do good things for praise.
    • TomPhanto: As the episode implied that everyone Timmy knew would be happier if he never existed, they made it sound like Timmy is the only character that Francis bullies and Vicky tortures, even though they show that it's not the case in several episodes. It also implies that AJ has hair and in college without Timmy around. Timmy's question about how that's his fault sums it up perfectly. It's just insulting that Timmy, who has saved Fairy World and the real world several times, would be shown an alternate reality where everyone is ten times happier without him, even if Jorgen was just testing him. But what really bothered me was how Jorgen opens the "Dimension For Kids Who Improved The World By Wishing They Were Never Born", and you see flames coming out of the crevasse. Look familiar? This was easily the most mean-spirited the show has ever gotten. Beavis And Butthead do an episode where they invert the It's a Wonderful Plot trope a lot better than this episode did.
    • Melancholy Utopia: I would have accepted the moral a lot better if the people Timmy helped were just apathetic to his deeds ("Yeah, not what I expected, but it's okay, I guess"), but, like the first person said here, the problem was that they were ungrateful jerks, which is a perfectly understandable reason to get frustrated. Keep in mind, none of these people know he can get what he wants on a whim through magic. From AJ's point of view, Timmy must have spent a lot of money on that expensive computer, but it's not advanced enough according to AJ and still uses it as a doormat because apparently he doesn't give a shit about Timmy's feelings. Then again, if they had been apathetic, it wouldn't have been good enough a reason to wish he was never born (which was already blown out of proportion to begin with), thus showcasing what a mess this episode would have been either way.
  • Hesperornis: The episode "Smart Attack!" really pisses me off. Timmy wishes his dad was smart so he can help him with his homework. Not a bad premise, but the way the episode presents smart people is quite offensive. Timmy tells his dad that he loves him, but his dad responds by saying that smart people don't have time for emotions, a slap in the face to every smart person who also happens to be emotional. It gets worse when Timmy's dad discovers that Cosmo and Wanda can talk, and assumes that means they are super fish. He takes the fish to the Dimmsdale Science Symposium and is about to cut them open, when Timmy tells him that they are his pets and he loves them. The scientists in the audience are unable to comprehend love, and urge Timmy's dad to dissect Cosmo and Wanda. The portrayal of scientists as unfeeling robots (there's even a robot in the audience that explodes because "Love does not compute"), is completely inaccurate, as anyone who is or knows a scientist knows. Scientists are just as human as everyone else, and have family, friends, pets, etc., who they most certainly love. I know it's just a cartoon, but this episode certainly does not help the public perception of scientists.

    Seasons 6 - 7 
  • Tropers/anoni: To be honest one sign that this show has overstayed its welcome is "Open Wide and Say Ahhh!". Basically, Timmy has to get his tonsils removed. For the mandatory conflict, Vicky is the doctor operating on him. Instead of a Tonsilectomy, he's getting a "Twerp-ectomy", which apparently not only removes his tonsils, but his will to live! That's right! Vicky plans to perform a surgery on Timmy that will kill him. Timmy's parents, even dumber than usual, sign him up for it because it will give them 5 nights in Hawaii. Have fun mourning your dead kid in Hawaii. There's also the fact that what kind of hospital will allow such a procedure to be performed? By the way, remember when Vicky's best weapon was blackmail and actually became concerned if something may have happened to the kids she babysat, just so she wouldn't get in trouble? The writers don't.
    • themaniclandofpage: The entire episode was a TTTP (Timmy Turner Torture Porn). I mean, he gets repeatedly tormented at school because, oopsy, he can't speak because of his tonsils, so he's helpless! Hell, even the nurse is oddly sadistic when telling him he needs his tonsils removed. Then, as mentioned above, Vicky's cruelty is so out-of-character, she's deadset on murdering him, and his parents don't give a damn. But the worst part about it? Even his own damn Fairy Godparents are too distracted by the attention they're receiving for using magic to cure patients to help him. Are you kidding me? I know Cosmo's an idiot and Wanda enjoys feeling validated due to it being a rare occasion, but I think they would care more about their own Godchild's life than just some petty attention from corrupt doctors.
  • TotalDramaRox97 In "Hair-icane", Timmy's dad reached new levels of mistreatment. He tries to get Timmy's hair with a chainsaw. And at one point he said Timmy's hair shouldn't be unlaughable. So he's basically saying he wants his own son to be laughed at.
  • ading: Originally, I posted "It's A Wishful Life" as my DMOS, but then I remembered the episode that convinced me the show really had jumped the shark: "Vicky Gets Fired". Timmy's parents fire Vicky, which would have been interesting, but it was done in an incredibly stupid way. They see a video of Vicky torturing Timmy, and what do they do? Completely ignore it, until they see Vicky erasing the tape they were saving for their reality contest. They even call that stupid tape "the most important thing in their lives". WHAT?! So basically, they don't care if their son was killed?! Just... why? What happened to this show?
    • Ngh93: Even the writers abandon all logic. They act like Timmy is Vicky's ONLY target, when they know full well Vicky was a babysitter before she knew Timmy; logically, her not being his babysitter means she's still A babysitter, just some other kids’ problem. Worse still, every time Timmy wishes Vicky was another profession she becomes even more evil than she is—if that's even possible. She goes from terrorizing a low level job, to the mayor, to the president, to the dark overlord of everything that breathes. Finally in a "heroic sacrifice" really just the worst usage of status quo ever, Timmy wishes Vicky was his babysitter again and everything goes back to normal. Timmy's "sacrifice" of having Vicky remain his babysitter isn't heroic, it's extremely sad and depressing, and kids can easily take this as meaning you should let bullies bully you for the greater good. I know that isn't what the episode was trying to teach, but that's what it implies.
  • MeerkatMario: I like "Merry Wishmas" for its funny moments, but one big DMOS that has to be associated to this episode is Vicky just being ignored despite starting the whole episode's situations in the first place. After Timmy wishes up the magical wish coupons, Vicky nags about having only one wish before wishing for a million wishes. This causes her mailbox to burst out dozens of coupons. People then grab every falling coupon and wish for stuff, resulting in the creation of Nogdog, Sanjay's elephant's 40 friends all named Timmy, and to top it all off, a literal mountain of toys. This causes the whole world to hear about Wishmas, resulting in the Magic Mailmen replacing Santa as the holiday mascots, and Wishmas replacing Christmas in particular, ending with Santa moving into Timmy's house for a year. Well, what has got to be the worst part is Vicky and her wish never getting seen, mentioned or even hinted at again. Neither Timmy nor his fairies care about or think even a tiny grain of salt about Vicky during the entire episode, Jorgen goes into an incredibly Out-of-Character Moment and congratulates Timmy for getting rid of Santa, and Timmy himself blames Santa for not giving him a sled and preventing all of this from happening. Come on, Vicky caused the media replacement of Christmas and Santa Claus, Santa moving into Timmy's house, and everything else just for wishing for a million wish coupons! No one even thinks she did it, and Jorgen, Santa, Cosmo and the elves put the blame on Timmy! The next thing you know, Cosmo is going to be causing every existing problem afterwards, wouldn't he?
  • Baronobeefdip: "Take and Fake". Why? Because Crocker is thrown what may be the most WTF-inducing Idiot Ball in the series. Long story short, Crocker (in a fairy costume, no surprise there) criticizes Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof (dressed as themselves) on their so-called "fairy costumes". Uh, Crocker, shouldn't you of all people know what a fairy looks like? Furthermore, why isn't it that he recognizes Poof especially. In the earlier episode "Bad Heir Day", Crocker had formed a close bond with Poof and is well-aware that Poof is a fairy (and is perhaps the only fairy he genuinely cares for) and that Cosmo and Wanda are Poof's parents. Psst... Earth to Crocker, Denzel Jr. DJ Poof is floating right in front of you.
  • Animeking 1108: I know "Bad Heir Day" is considered one of the better episodes, but Timmy's Chew Toy status made Squidward Tentacles look like SpongeBob. After Poof went missing, Timmy went through hell and back to find him. Even though it was clear that Timmy had been through hell and was remorseful, Cosmo and Wanda didn't think Timmy suffered enough, so they poofed Timmy to the Crocodile pit. There's being a Papa Wolf/Mama Bear, and then there's being an unforgiving Abusive Godparents.
  • Kereea: "Crocker Shocker", the episode where Crocker is cured of his fairy obsession. You'd think it could make for an okay plot, maybe with Timmy getting reckless without Crocker being so suspicious and maybe someone else getting crazy instead and Timmy going back in time to undo all of it or something, but instead the plot is thus: Fairy World is now powered by belief in fairies. That's all well and good, several episodes and specials have shown there are thousands of godkids out there all over the world. Except for some reason, Crocker, just Crocker not believing shuts down all of Fairy World's energy. And the only way to fix things is to turn Crocker back into his miserable, fairy -obsessed self. Fairy World is literally Powered By A Forsaken Former Godkid. None of those other godkids, not Timmy, the kids from wishing boot camp, Remy, or any of the other godkid cameos matter. If Crocker is not obsessive about fairies, Fairy World is doomed.

    Seasons 8 - 9 
  • Mineburst: I would pick "Force of Nature". While the episode itself had a good message, there's just one thing about it I don't like: They've completely ruined Crocker. You all know Mr. Crocker to spaz out at the slightest sign of fairy magic, but this episode screws it beyond belief. You see him spying on Timmy with very obvious signs of magic, yet he thinks that's normal. The next thing you know, he thinks average stuff (like a candy bar with both chocolate and peanut butter) are signs of FAIRY GOD PARENTS! How could Butch Hartman have gotten this wrong?
  • ilovedededeAGAIN: Mine would have to be from "School of Crock". Most of the episode was pretty good, especially Mr. Crocker's antics, but that one dethroning moment of this episode was Poof actually speaking full sentences. Adding Sparky was already bad enough for the series but I consider Poof speaking to be Nickelodeon taking it Up to Eleven. And dear lord, his new voice sounds like a congested Timmy Turner. And now I'm already fearing Poof's new voice is going to become a permanent addition to the series. I didn't mind Poof back then (I admit he was kind of cute), but making him speak makes me think otherwise.
  • Fairy Dreamer: The episode "A Boy and His Dog-Boy" where Timmy wishes Sparky into a human. The whole episode just proves the writers are running out of ideas and have just said "whatever, let's go with it". Particularly, when it's shown Timmy can't change Sparky because he's in love with being a human and you can't destroy true love (seriously, writers?) and there's now an imbalance in the world because Sparky is human and Timmy must become a dog to restore the balance. It's not the plot that's stupid. It's how it's carried out.
  • Brendan D Rizzo: In "Timmy's Secret Wish", it turns out that Foop's newest plan to destroy Poof and ruin Timmy's life is to reveal that Timmy had made a wish without letting Cosmo and Wanda register it, thereby forcibly stripping him of his fairy godparents and causing Poof (who is one of his wishes) to vanish. Ignoring for the moment the fact that this comes out of nowhere and has never been mentioned before, we learn that Timmy's wish was to stop everybody from aging so that his godparents can never be taken from him. Now, if it turned out that nobody has aged for the same number of years as the show had been aired for, then that would have been a genuinely interesting justification of Comic-Book Time and I would have been likely to give the show a pass for creative use of meta-concepts. But instead, Timmy apparently did this 50 years ago, just for the sake of comedy about every person in the world becoming senior citizens. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot doesn't even begin to cover it. To add insult to injury, this goes nowhere— the rest of the episode ignores it. But the real reason for the DMOS is because of how stupidly this was handled— how is it that nobody noticed for half a century that nobody was aging, and that children were not growing up? And shouldn't the fairies have noticed that none of their godkids are outgrowing them? Everyone in the courtroom is as shocked by The Reveal as the audience is, but logically, they should already know about it. The level of Plot-Induced Stupidity required for this set-up is staggering. Of course, by the end of the episode the conflict is resolved, everything is back to normal, and nobody ever mentions what happened again, which makes the whole thing absolutely pointless. It was at this point that I realized that the show had become reduced to a parody of itself that has lasted for far too long, and stopped watching.
  • The Amazing Travis: This show has never been big on continuity (I swear, they make a continuity error every episode, it's like tradition for them) but "Let Sleeper Dogs Lie" is the worst of them all. It tries to call back to the Season 3 "The Secret Origin Of Denzel Crocker!" while also completely destroying anything that episode established. What makes it even worse is that this had the potential to be one of the best episodes and instead ends up becoming the second worst (right after "It's A Wishful Life"). The setup is brilliant; I absolutely adore the idea of Crocker looking through his home videos and finding one containing his fairies in it. However, after our amazing setup, everything goes downhill. Child!Crocker is nothing like how he was shown to be in the Season 3 episode. There he was kind and understanding and later turned into the terrible person he is now after his fairies were taken away. In this episode, he's just straight up terrible. And for some reason he now has Sparky who may I remind you was not introduced into the show until earlier this season. Now I have no problem with Sparky but I find it extremely annoying that they felt the need to pointless shove him in the past. Even if they really wanted to place Sparky in the past, they could've done it in a way without violating continuity. Oh, and when Timmy watches the clip, apparently he remembers that Cosmo and Wanda were Crocker's fairies but he doesn't remember Sparky being there too. Um, what the heck? How would he know about this when the episode he found out about this was literally just retconned? Also, Wanda explains that it's because fairies have bad memories. Even though there's never anything to hint at that as previously in the series their memories have been just fine. She "backs this up" by bringing up the numerous times she calls Timmy "sport" implying that it was because she didn't know his name. Yes, somehow she can't remember the name of the kid she's been living with for over 50 years yet she's able to remember the events of an episode that didn't happen. Makes sense to me. Oh, and Crocker could have easily just posted the video he had of the fairies. W-Why didn't he do that?
  • AustinHinton: This Troper's personal DMoS is the Season 9 episode "Fairly Odd Pet". The basic plot is that Timmy wants a dog (because wish-granting fairies just aren't enough, right?), but his parents refuse to let him get one, despite Timmy having pets in prior episodes (Eddy anyone?). So what does Timmy do? Set off his mom's allergies to cats, and as someone who is very allergic to certain substances, this isn't a fun experience. But the worst is yet to come: Timmy and co. get a "fairy dog", Sparky. And he is the most obnoxious, self-centered (he doesn't care about Timmy nearly dying, twice) Jerkass in the show's history. Not only is his voice painfully bad, his whole character boils down to "I'm a dog, it's ok if I do bad dog stuff, 'cause I'm just a dog". I held out hopes for this show, even during its darker days, but "Fairly Odd Pet" was a punch to the metaphorical stomach.

    Season 10 
  • jmac9345: Right on the night it premieres, I’m gonna present “The Big Fairy Share Scare”. First, it just shows how this show relies a bit too heavily on Continuity Snarl. Poof and Sparky are nowhere to be seen, and while it might be a Character Rerailment for the entire series (bringing it back to its glory days, I guess), I don’t get it (If somebody who watched Season 9 religiously, and knows how this happened, please let me know). Don’t get me wrong I didn’t really like them either, but I also don’t get how we’re back to just the original trio again (yet Foop is still here). Second, it just reeks of We're Still Relevant, Dammit!! There’s the use of terms like “Duckface” and “Cray-Cray”. It’s not as major a problem as the other two reasons why this episode is bad, but Jesus. This whole episode just screams of “End us, fucking end us, we’re out of ideas!” (On the subject of Mr Enter, I love the man, but I’m at least happy I’m able to trash this episode the night it aired) The only good things that this episode has going for it are the few funny moments (like the Timmy bot) and that Chloe is voiced by Jessica and Keeta, but it’s not a good start for your new season. To be fair though, I think that the follow up episode "Whittle Me This" is much better, with an appearance from Catman and a Heartwarming Moment with Cosmo and Wanda's anniversary, but I'm still confused: Where are Poof and Sparky?!note 
    • Universalperson: During the episode Cosmo and Wanda lose their wands. Okay, standard plot. Then Cosmo suddenly pulls out a wand in order to show a flashback movie. No-one points out that Cosmo had another wand, even when he's seen holding it. The wand mysteriously disappears a few scenes later.
    • thetoonamirose: I haven't seen the episode yet with exception from a clip on MTV's site, but I saw the opening and it was baaaaaad, it was cropped up horribly with clips from the aforementioned... clip and dubbed over verses from the theme with a two-person chorus instead of the whole chorus along with Timmy and Chloe (but I'll admit, the lyrics Timmy sings cracked me up); Nick should have let this show die when they had the chance.
    • My personal DMOS was the scene with the Anti-Fairies in the middle of "The Great Fairy Share Scare." For context, Timmy has just wished Fridays out of existance, and Foop shows up. He claims that Timmy Retgonning Fridays will bring about The End of the World as We Know It. Cue the entire Anti-Fairy population attacking Dimmsdale. My problem is this: If there are no Fridays, there are, logically, no Friday the Thirteenths. As most of us know, Anti-Fairies can only show up on Friday the Thirteen, so how is it possible for an entire swarm of Anti-Fairies to be present in Dimmsdale? Apparently, it's because the Big Wand charges on Fridays and also protects Dimmsdale from the Anti-Fairies. My Willing Suspension of Disbelief can only go so far, people. Personally, I regard Anti-Fairies as Serious Business due to their interesting concept and potential, so this Ass Pull was enough to make me want to Shoot the Television. ~Commander Peepidot
    • supernintendo128: Every time I think that this show has hit rock bottom, it always finds a way to dig deeper, in this case with the introduction of Chloe, whose very existence is a blatant slap in the face to continuity. The single worst part of the episode is when after all of the build up for how annoyingly perfect she is, they then try to haphazardly explain why she has fairies towards the end while somehow managing to contradict the rest of the episode. Near the end, it is revealed that some of her actions that mean well end up making things worse off, like when she pulled a splinter out a monster's foot, only for said monster to start attacking the town, serving as a flimsy reason to justify giving Chloe fairies while every other aspect of her life is perfectly fine. I give up.
    • Vulgar Proboscidean: This is probably my least favorite Fairly OddParents episode for a number of reasons, but for me to pick a DMOS it would probably be the fact that Poof is nowhere to be found in this episode and not even mentioned; Sparky is kind of understandable because of his poor reception among fans in Season 9, but Poof had already became a notable cast member since his debut (this was already a problem with him randomly disappearing during Season 9 episodes), and the fact the Foop appears in the episode doesn't help either.
  • SenorCornholio: I'll admit I've only really seen this review of "Girly Squirrley", but from what I've seen it appears this show has learned nothing from its past blunders. The episode revolves around Timmy's Dad getting the Squirrley Scouts back together, and Chloe joins along and is, of course, perfect in every way while Timmy bitches and moans throughout. While this episode has plenty of apparent problems, such as AJ being the only original Squirrley Scout to return with the rest of them being nameless kids, as well as Timmy's Dad's usual Lethally Stupid nature, my biggest problem has to do with Cosmo and Wanda's treatment. Basically, they get mistaken for lunch by a bear who happens to be their camp counselor and, instead of just poofing out of the bear, they get the brilliant idea of sticking their wands in a "babbling brook", only to confirm that the water is stomach acid. Too little, too late, however; their wands are rendered useless the entire rest of the episode. Okay, I understand that they needed an excuse for Timmy (and Chloe) to be unable to use magic in this situation; I get that. But why in the holy name of the Fairy Council would they have it happen in such a contrived way? Even worse? Wanda's the one who proposes the idea! I get that they used to both be of equal intelligence back in the shorts, but that was back when Cosmo wasn't literally Too Dumb to Live. Because of this, Wanda has essentially been reduced to another Cosmo all for the sake of a poorly executed Diabolus ex Machina. I haven't watched this show in a good long while, and after hearing about this episode in all its stupid, I'm glad I abandoned The Fairly OddParents!. Which begs the question: why does this show keep running again? I mean, they already have their Cash Cow Franchise in the form of SpongeBob SquarePants, don't they?
  • cartoonfanman: A lot of Fairly Oddparents jokes today annoy me, but I can't really say that there was a joke out of that pile that really stands out to me as really really bad. However, I'm making an exception for the scene in "Certified Super Sitter" where Poof looks and talks like Donald Trump. This is The Fairly Oddparents, not fucking South Park!
  • Dr_Wrecker: Well, probably the hardest question is which of Season 10's episodes is the worst? Because there's a lot of stupid and senseless plots and Asspulls, cruel and meaningless humor, more Flanderization than before, Timmy becoming less Badass and more Jerkass and Dumbass, and of course, the horribly written character Chloe, and like what PhantomHeartless5 said: "there's the tired Running Gag of Cosmo and Wanda losing their wands for the umpteenth time so Chloe would be the only one to save the day". Anyway, my DMoS is about "The Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S.", It isn't the worst episode, but it was one of the worst Asspulls in the show, the episode was an awful parody of Looney Tunes, the plot is Cosmo and Wanda are going to an event in Fairy World and Timmy's enemies: Mr. Crocker, Foop, and Dark Laser as L.O.S.E.R.S., planning to revenge of him. But what will make the plot so funny? Oh yes, one more Flanderization... and who's the victim? Sadly... it's Timmy, the writers make him literally clueless, he can't walk or even wear his clothes by himself! The L.O.S.E.R.S. were totally like Looney Tunes's villains, and Chloe was like Bugs Bunny toward them... Y'know, I think I should quit watching this fucking show. It was worth to watch in the past (seasons 1-5), but now, it Ruined Forever.
  • PhantomHeartless5: I normally don't like changing my DMOS, but after watching "Dimmsdale Daze", I had to change it. "A Sash and a Rash" had a dumb plot. This has a dumb plot and a dumb moral. Okay, Chloe wants to go to Dimmsdale Daze, but her parents won't let her. In a fit of anger, she wishes she could be a parent. And this is where the episode starts to fall apart. Because Chloe is now too old to have fairies, Cosmo and Wanda are no longer her fairies. And since she's sharing them with Timmy, that means he doesn't get to keep them either. That's stupid. They were his fairies to begin with. Shouldn't he automatically get them back? The fact that this doesn't seem to bother him is also a bit odd. Anyway, because of her wish, Chloe's parents are turned into kids and they all go to Dimmsdale Daze, where she gets put through the wringer by Timmy, her parents, and Timmy's Dad (who's in this episode because why not?). Understandably, after such a horrible day, she yells at the kids and forbids them to go to Dimmsdale Daze. And this where the episode's true DMOS comes in. Because she had the nerve to yell at her kids, this apparently made them so miserable that they qualified to have Cosmo and Wanda as their Godparents. Not only is that is such a blatant violation of the show's rules, but it also sends the message that if you're a parent and you try to set rules for your children, you're a bad parent. I seriously wanted to throw my remote at the TV after watching this episode. This was such a disgusting insult to parents everywhere. As I said in my Season 10 review, this show needs to disappear. If it was showing some improvement like Spongebob, then maybe I can say it could last another season, but at this point, the show is virtually dead.


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