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It won't be long before E-Rod ends up busted for these moments.

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  • fluffything: The Blockbuster Buster's review of Atlantis: The Lost Empire is pretty bad in and of itself (It's just him comparing scenes to the film to scenes from Stargate). But, that's not the DMOS. No, the DMOS is that throughout the "review", he does some of the most insulting and downright unfunny "impressions" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) of other internet reviewers. Some of his "jokes/impressions" include "Everything The Cinema Snob watches is porn!" and "Spoony's all about inside-jokes from older videos!" and "Let's make fun of Linkara's accent and how he pronounces "room"!". Why does he do all these bad impressions? Because he couldn't get anyone to cameo in his video. This only elevates his impressions from being bland and unfunny to downright rude and it makes him sound butthurt as a result. Hey, Blockbuster Buster? If you want a popular internet critic to guest-star in your video, here's some advice: Don't make fun of them, especially not in the way you did.
    • Man With The Plan: In fact, this was not the first time he did this! He did these exact same unfunny impressions in his review of Eragon on Youtube about a year before his Atlantis review. And the Eragon review was mainly just comparing scenes to Star Wars just like with Atlantis and Stargate. So this makes him guilty of the same dethroning moment of suck twice! Quite an achievement.
    • fairygirl567: The craziest thing is though, a lot of his fans actually liked his impressions! I don't get why? They weren't funny, some were downright insulting (aka Linkara because ERod should be teasing others for how they talk), and he came off as more smug than butthurt. I knew he really wasn't upset to not have any cameos and some of the people made fun of did actually like his impressions, but I'm sorry this was bad and ERod has never been good at doing impressions, his voice just always sounds off and annoying. The fact he let one of the characters he plays do an entire video for Sorcerer's Apprentice made my ears bleed and cause me to stop the video. At least with Doug Walker he is really good at them but ERod just isn't. And the review itself wasn't good either like other tropers stated he just drew dumb comparisons without reviewing the film and he doesn't have to like the movie, but he has to try harder.
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  • Dr Zulu 2010: While I admit to be alright with the Blockbuster Buster, his review of Highlander: Endgame wanted me to slap him in the face for a huge research fail about the movie. He claims during the whole review that it took place before the first movie. Which couldn't be that bad except that in the beginning, we see Rachel being killed. You know, the same Rachel who was still alive in the end of the first movie. So when he arrives at the fight between Connor and Duncan and that Connor dies, his anger to this just makes me wanted to have Spoony to appear in a cameo just to say STFU. How a Highlander fan could make a huge fuckup like that?
  • Charleston Man: His review of The Dark Knight Rises. It's OK to criticize the film and not like it. But E-Rod then goes on to say that he wishes that a movie was made showcasing "the definitive Batman". What is that to him? A Batman like Kevin Conroy's in Batman: The Animated Series (and Batman: Arkham Asylum games.) Um, E-Rod? Newsflash: there is no definitive Batman. This has been stated multiple times by the creative forces behind Batman! The reason Batman has survived over the years is because there is no one definitive version, and he can evolve, be updated, and reinterpreted in countless ways. Just because one version is the one you grew up with and is the one you personally prefer, does not make it the definitive version. E-Rod even actually says at the end that the movie is bad because it's "another example of filmmakers just doing whatever they want with Batman rather than providing the definitive version." No, E-Rod. Just no. Filmmakers are under no obligation to "recreate that version in film", got that? Stop making yourself look like a total jackass. Also, stop making fun of Bane's silly voice. Your voice isn't all that serious itself.
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  • Animeking 1108: His Reaction to Megan Fox Playing April O'Neil video. Now, I respect his opinion that he doesn't want to see the movie, even if I think he's overreacting to one bad casting decision. My problem was that he kept blaming Michael Bay, despite only being the producer. Why is this a problem? Because in his Reaction to the Turtles Being Aliens video just a year prior, he gave Bay the benefit of the doubt since he was, in his words, just the producer. So the possibility of the origin story being rewritten was okay (though it was later changed), but the casting of one actress he didn't like was enough? I'm not defending Megan Fox or anything, but it's annoying how ERod contradicted himself.
  • Echtra: I had a strange relationship with ERod. I started watching him sometime last year, and while I originally liked him, he’s grown more and more annoying since then. His story lines are pretty much the same story retold over and over again, he latches onto one version of a character and insists that it’s the “definitive version” and calls nearly every other version inferior, and all his fight scenes are basically just power fantasies. But, for some reason, I kept watching him, but that changed after watching his Dracula 2000 review. Now, the review itself was okay, nothing great, but okay. So, what made me decide to quit watching? His pointless stab at Elementary. Now, I like the show, I won’t pretend that I don’t, but the comments came completely out of left field. The worst part, however, was him saying that Lucy Liu was only made Watson so they could bring in the “horny, dumb, booger eating crowd”. Never mind the fact that having a male and female lead who aren’t constantly shipped teased is rare, but does he not understand that she was added so they could have a bit of diversity in a series that has, typically, been predominately white British men? It was not just for sex appeal. Hell, if they wanted to do that they could have just made Watson’s wife into some bimbo. Oh, and his insistence that Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock Holmes, that damn “definitive version” thing again.
  • Gaymer: I admit that I had high hopes for him when he originally started on TGWTG. He did show some things that I liked, he had an angle that was reminiscent of Linkara and actually seemed relatively entertaining... to a degree. After a while, I began to notice some things that are worthy of this spot more and more. Let us forget about a moment where he made fun of a child's appearance, let us forget the earscratchingly annoying voice he uses for his character in Uatu the Watcher, and let us forget the fact that he's reused the same exact plot multiple times in his "storyline". In one of his later storylines, he shows off everything that makes his series oh so spectacular. In terms of editing, it's horrible. He reused the same shots over and over WELL beyond the point where they got annoying & he kept the same jokes going well beyond they retained any semblance of comedy. The special effects were awful. It's almost like he jerked off his effects program on the screen in one go, resulting in just a horrible mess & a clear show of the fact that less is more. In terms of the storyline, it was the same one he keeps repeating. Some villain shows up & gets him to review movies without destroying the box-covers, leading to him supposedly losing his powers. At the end, he gets them all destroyed, regains powers, curb stomps, etc. This one had his enemy possess a friend and threaten to basically blow his brains out. He countered in a later one by threatening to do the same. This was only a few months after the unfortunate events surrounding Justin Carmical. I wouldn't care as much, but they shared the same channel. I've even heard people claiming that the blow was somehow lessened because he wouldn't have been able to blow his own brains out with his gun, despite the fact that he's holding a gun to his head & the guy possessing his friend does the exact same, albeit with a different weapon. Overall, this moment was the reason why I just got utterly disgusted with his entire series.
  • Drummer Worm PHD: It kind of rubs me the wrong way when in the Dudley Do-Right vid ERod wants to put down the use of the damsel-in-distress cliché in defense of feminism and then that in the same video he has the female characters make the review stop dead in its tracks to gawk at Brendan Fraser multiple times for an overly long bit and to end the bit, he just remarks on it as a sort of "girls will be girls" attitude. It is also a little unnerving in this regard when he has within his league of trust (I can't remember the real name of the team), has a female member, who showed up in this video along with others, being just a pair of breasts. I know this is suppose to be like Powerpuff Girls, and many other cartoons, where a character's face is not shown, but in that show the character was not wearing a flipping corset and did not flirt with the writer. It may seem nit-picky, but it just made me uncomfortable, even as a guy. This isn't the only reason what I don't watch most of his videos now, but I thought I was worth bringing up. If I am taking this out of context (all of this is mainly from memory), or if ERod has fixed this in later videos, feel free to let me know.
  • The Farmboy: ERod tackling The Phantom Menace. One would think it would involve actually deconstructing the film to point out the flaws, right? Well, for some reason he focused way too much on the sketch part. If TPM was a catalyst on what he considers horrible (hell, the intro shows him just about to bust it), one would think he would go more in depth. Seriously, I wish I could find a good review taking on the Star Wars prequels that wasn't a sleeping pill.
    • PentiumMMX2: I'd have to second that. He spent weeks hyping up how he was going to review The Phantom Menace, while he barely scratched the surface in his review; only touching upon a few aspects, rather than actually trying to do a proper analysis of it. I know that people have torn this movie apart many times over the years, but if he felt he couldn't review it because of that, as established in the first part, maybe he shouldn't have tried to tackle it.
  • Gamer Sly Ratchet: His video rant on Beware the Batman. Most of the review is him just stating his own opinion. The truly gross moment is near the end when he mocks a Magpie cosplayer by saying she was dressed up as her "just to get attention". It's rather dismissive, rude, sexist, and completely uncalled for.
  • Legal Assassin: I was once a casual fan of ERod's once in the same way I am towards the Nostalgia Critic. But then came the Sky High vs. Zoom review and with it a loss of my respect. There was a lot wrong with this review. First, the way ERod set it up made it obvious that it was going to be a tie, with ten points of comparison. Compare to the NC's "Old vs. New" (which ERod also mentions), where he uses five points of comparison so that one will always win out. The comparisons were also pretty flimsy, with one point being for plot and character concepts and another being for plot and character executions, for example. Again, compare to the NC, who judges both concepts and executions in the same point. Second, ERod claims both movies bombed at the box office. However, a quick look reveals that Sky High made back its budget in domestic sales. This search took five minutes. Third, ERod criticizes Sky High for giving the villain a silly plot (turning the world's superheroes into babies and raising them into her minions), despite arguing in his Amazing Spiderman review that superheroes almost always have a degree of silliness to them. Fourth, one of ERod's points was for special effects. He deemed both movies' special effects to be very similar and decides to break the tie... by judging who has the most annoying comic relief. As if that wasn't bad enough, he gives the point to Zoom for having the most annoying comic relief. Probably so that the two can be tied. Finally, when he realizes he has a tie (which he was jumping through hoops to make), the movie he declares the best of the two is... the Incredibles. No, seriously. All that build-up for a cheap cop-out ending. This review wasn't just a Dethroning Moment of Suck. It was an Epic Fail. (UPDATE: With the NC's Cinderella Old vs. New review, people are probably wondering how I felt about it when it applied the same ending. I was... actually okay with it. While ERod started his review by saying the Incredibles was the best and that both Sky High and Zoom sucked — thus making the ending more of a slap in the face — the NC's review felt like he and Hyper were legitimately trying to figure out which was better and were reminded that a better and lesser-known film — Ever After — existed. He also admits that both versions of the Disney film have pros and cons rather than saying both of them suck in comparison.)
    • whunt: Same, I felt legitimately ripped off when he didn't do a joke at the end. I was expecting him to give Sky High the edge when he found out Bruce Campbell was in it.
  • TCgamerboy2002: His Maleficent review. Well, not so much the review itself, but rather a certain moment in the review. At one point, he bashes the fact that the Prince's kiss would awaken the Princess, and was rather amazed at the fact that the kiss doesn't work. News flash, dude: The whole prince awakening the Princess with true love's kiss thing was how it went in the original story that The 1950's Sleeping Beauty movie and Maleficent were based on. It was supposed to be a simple story from the olden days. That's like bashing Mario for always having to save Princess Peach. No one cares! It's especially jarring since he was complaining about how much it deviated from the source material earlier! He also finds that Maleficent's kiss was the one that awakened Aurora to be pretty awesome while completely ignoring the fact that that was one of her decaying badass moments. This especially aggravates me because he claims to be a fan of the iconic Disney villain, and yet, he lets that pass, and he usually speaks for fanboys.
  • The Dark Avenger: Of all the songs E-Rod complained about in his review of Into the Woods, "Agony" takes the cake as a Dethroning Moment. Like all the other songs in the movie, he accused it of being "pointless and annoying" with no explaination beyond "they're singing". What makes it particularly bad is that not only did he not acknowledge its 1) Crowning Moment of Funny status in both the stage show and movie, 2) Establishing Character Moment for the princes, 3) largely praised conversion from stage to screen, and 4) intentional satire of wangst, but he completely missed a very valid criticism of the song: Since the reprise and Rapunzel's death were not in the movie, a large part of the Deconstruction the song sets up doesn't happen, so one could make a case that the weaker Deconstruction is worse than not having it at all, and because of that the song really is pointless. Instead, we just get the same annoyed reaction he gave all the other songs in the movie and a wtf moment when Prince Charming seduces the Baker's Wife, not even an explanation of how a funny moment on stage doesn't always translate into a funny moment on screen. It really came off less like he was criticizing the movie and more like he has absolutely no respect for singing in movies and was just complaining for the sake of complaining.
  • Theokal3: I usually tend to defend ERod, and as a whole I still believe he doesn't deserve all the hate he receives from some people. That said, I still find his approach of vampires very, very, very irritating. From what I got in his reviews on the subject, in particular Vampire Academy, any vampire depicted as remotely sympathetic isn't a real vampire and doesn't deserve to be called so, unless he is Angel. Never mind there are tons of genuinely good stories depicting friendly neighborhood vampires. Never mind some stories manage to portray vampires as both badass and good. Never mind the Unfortunate Implications behind a whole species being Always Chaotic Evil. Apparently, as far as he is concerned, being even capable of being or becoming a good person without a special curse to justify it automatically makes vampires Twilight-esque pussies.
    • Targetmaster Joe: Hmmm. Apparently he hasn't seen much of Adventure Time, because Marceline, IMO, is probably one of the best examples of having a sympathetic vampire without toning down the stuff that makes vampires what they are.
    • Godzillafan: Gonna have to add into this one, He totally blames Interview with The Vampire for this. As longtime Vamp fan and Anne Rice reader, I have to face palm whenever he insults her types of vamps when talking about other vamps and praises the likes of Angel and Spike even though Angel and Spike are pretty much Louis and Lestat (as many modern vampire protrayals kind of are unfortuatly, the blonde bad boy and the brooding brunnette)
  • thytruthiswon: I tried to pass on E-Rod's less than likable traits, because it's obvious he's passionate about what he talks about, but then came the snide remark on Joan Watson and his unwillingness to at least give Into the Woods a chance. And then he did the tribute on Mad Max. For over 20 minutes, he goes on and on about how awesome these movies are and even defended Beyond Thunderdome, which is considered the weakest of the franchise. And then he says he's in no hurry to see Mad Max: Fury Road and ends the segment with the Bane joke, reminding us that he didn't like Tom Hardy's portrayal of Bane. We get it already! Get over it. That is not a reason to be hesitant to see the film that has him as the lead. Why does he even keep that Bane joke around? It's not funny!
    • JEFFWONTLEAVE: Heck, why not include the Bane segments in general?! They're so forced, unoriginal and downright mean-spirited that I really wonder why not more of his fans are mad at them. This really gets even more annoying during his Totally Tubular Turtle Tribute, where instead of just celebrating the good things the franchise has done or give his honest opinion on the poorer quality stuff, he just brings in that stupid Bane Impression for no reason. What the hell, ERod?! This is a tribute for one of your favorite franchises, not some anti-Bane video!
    • And he keeps accusing The Amazing Spider-Man of ripping off Batman Beyond- except the moment he keeps fixated on was also done in Netflix's Daredevil, and it could be said that it happened in Arrow and 2014's The Flash. Didn't they also rip off Batman Beyond? It seems that he just wants to complain about a film series because he didn't like it.
  • ButterKing4Ever: Towards the end of his The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Honest Review, he briefly gives his opinions on Avengers, Assemble!. The problem is all he does is say it is the biggest piece of shit, he refuses to show footage and that he cannot believe good super heroes have bad ones in their place. He did not go in full detail on why he did not like it unlike with Teen Titans Go!, in his Teen Titans Honest Review where he did go into quite a bit of detail why he did not like. Also in his Dc Animated Movies of 2014 he briefly brings up the DC LEGO films during his rules and just calls them bullshit and over long toy commercials. You can tell E-Rod probably never gave the TT LEGO Video Games a chance since they are more than toy commercial since they feature LEGO models and Minifigs that are not physical.
    • Targetmaster Joe: I would like to concur with you on his comments regarding Avengers, Assemble!. I saw the whole first season of that on Netflix and some of the episodes of season 2, and I don't hate it. It's watchable. True, it'd be awesome if they revived EMH as a Netflix exclusive show, but as it stands, I can swallow Avengers Assemble.
  • supernintendo128: The Blockbuster Buster's review of Inspector Gadget was just 20 minutes of him whining and nitpicking at the film about how it's too different from the original cartoon instead of focusing on the film's actual flaws. But the absolute stupidest thing he did in the review is complain that Gadget's outfit is a different color from the one in the cartoon. Really, ERod? You seriously resorted to criticizing something as small and trivial as the color of Gadget's outfit? What.
  • Targetmaster Joe: I used to follow ERod's videos a lot. But when the credits to his review on The Legend of Hercules said his next review would be on Robots, I was like "Wait, what?". I knew I wasn't gonna like it, but when I bit the bullet and saw it anyway, my God, it was so painful to watch. His conspiracy theory gag that meshed the logic of Doctor Who with the events of Terminator into Robots was unfunny and longer than it should've been, his frequent pauses to give "Fuck you" messages to celebrity cameos that I never knew about until now was excruciating, and I did not like how he trashed Ewan McGregor's American accent. It felt more rude than anything. And saying that Fender was worse than Mater from Cars and Johnny from Hotel Transylvania combined? Yeah, I was not okay with that. And finally, busting the movie by Falcon Punching it into oblivion while singing a very shoddy rendition of Gourmet Race that just involved him saying "Falcon Punch" over and over? I'm sorry, but that was just pouring salt in the still-fresh wound. Ever since that review, I just didn't look forward to his stuff as much as I used to. It's like what Legal Assassin said earlier. This wasn't just a Dethroning Moment of Suck. It was an immensely Epic Fail.
    • Space Hunter Drake Redcrest: His "singing" is what really did it for me. At the end of the movie, he complains about how annoying the song is (though I would hardly call it that), yet he ends his review with an annoying song. I'd chalk it up to Hypocritical Humor, since a lot of the reviewers on the site do something they dislike in the movie to mock it. However, it doesn't seem like he's doing it ironically; he seems to be playing it painfully straight. E-Rod, if you're reading this, there are reviewers who can sing really well. JonTron, The Nostalgia Critic, etc... You, E-Rod, cannot carry a tune in a bucket.
    • xLJ7117x: The Robots review, to me, showcases E Rod's absolute failure when it comes to the most basic of research. He makes a claim early in the review that Anastasia bombed at the box office. A simple Google search will tell you that it didn't bomb. He also mentions how Robots as a film is "infamous" for the celebrity cameos and makes other statements like it that implies the film was panned by critics and audiences, despite the fact that the overall reception was more mixed than anything. Also, I don't recall even the negative reviews of the film saying anything about the use of celebrities.
  • BJV: Oh boy. I know he's called a fanboy... but sometimes a guy just shouldn't make a video about something. His video "reaction" to Finn Jones being casted as Iron Fist was just him saying that he liked the choice, because Marvel, in his mind, always casts the right actor. At first. Then he said that people who wanted Iron Fist to have a Race Lift for the MCU were "just bitching". Then he goes on about how Danny Rand being a rich white guy is integral to the character, since apparently he thinks that Danny Rand was a Spoiled Brat who became better through becoming such an unexpected person to be the hero of K'un Lun. Give me a break! Danny is a good character. I like Iron Fist as he is in the comics, but the world is ready for a Kung Fu master hero who isn't a Mighty Whitey! If he just said he thinks Marvel will handle it well regardless of who they casted, that'd be a perfect way to avoid bashing anyone. But no, he said that these people who wanted an Asian-American Iron Fist, many of whom are Asian-Americans who would like the MCU to have its first heroic Asian character be on the horizon, other people who want some diversity in the franchise, and people who want Asian-American actors to at least be considered for the part of Danny, are just complaining for the sake of complaining. And these people aren't mad, they're just disappointed. They don't need some guy saying that about them.
  • Mega Solipsist: It was his Top Ten Asinine Moments from Avatar that did it for me. Most of the points he raised were answered in the film, while the others were simply nonsensical. What really makes it a DMOS is when he says that the humans should have known Jake was going to side with the Na'vi because his Na'vi Avatar allowed him to walk again, even though long before he changed sides Colonel Quaritch had already promised Jake surgery to get his real legs working again when he rotated back to Earth. ERod doesn't pay any attention to what happens in a movie and then blames the movie because he doesn't understand it.
  • Alex The Proud Outcast: For me, it's his tasteless interpretations of certain celebrities in his reviews. From what I can remember, he interprets Michael Bay as a horny dimwit and Paul W.S. Anderson as a complete Cloudcuckoolander. There's also his constant hatred for Shia Labeouf and doing the "Shut up, Meg" gag every time Mila Kunis is in a film he's reviewing (because of his hatred for Family Guy, like everyone else, of course). Y'know, E-Rod, there are many opinions you should keep in your own pocket, and your incessant criticism of some celebrities is one of them.
  • Khaos Kyuubi: I like Erod's show, and think that the good outweighs the bad, but there have been some moments that have pissed me off. I wish I could list multiple here, like his fallacy-ridden Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice review, him saying he wasn't looking forward to Rogue One because he wanted Star Wars Rebels to do the "steal the Death Star Plans" plot. But if I had to pick one moment, then it would ahve to be the one that has stood the test of time for me. After The Legend of Korra ended, he did a video in which he talked about the show, while most of it wasn't that bad, even if I disagreed with some of what he was saying, there was one moment that just bewildered and infuriated me. He mentioned early on in the video that he wasn't going to be discussing the last few minutes in the show because he thinks that too many people are talking about it and that he doesn't consider it to be all that important. Excuse me? You think that one of the first ever canonically-confirmed gay couples in an animated show aimed at children is not worthy of discussion? Korra and Asami getting together at the end of the show was one of the most important moments in Western Animation, but you don't think it should be discussed? For what reason? Korra and Asami's relationship represent a huge step forward, and possibly emboldened other creators to include gay characters in their shows. But this guy doesn't consider it worth more than just a passing: "Eh, it was a thing that happened."
  • Troper/kittencakes: Frankly his fanboyism and this attitude he has about things and "their definitive adaptations" really annoys me, especially when he tries to dictate what movies are worthy to be watched or not if they're definitive to him or not. Like he doesn't seem to give DC products a chance if they don't replicate exactly what his precious Bruce Timm cartoons did (I don't even think he's given the original comics a chance), and it's just ignorant to say something like "there's already a good Beauty and the Beast movie out there made by Disney, so there's no need to do more adaptations". That's what ruined him for me, considering the fairy tale is pretty flexible to different interpretations and there HAS been good adaptations made of it before the Disney version came out (Cocteau, anyone?). I know it's a small moment but it really bothered me in his Beastly review and it just showed me how close-minded he is to new ideas or reinterpretations.
  • Troper/alienhunter: I used to not mind his reviews and tended to watch them every now and then, until I came across his review for Mirror, Mirror. Now I don't like the movie and I was looking forward to hearing his opinion on it. But I wasn't able to watch the entire thing, because of one specific reason: his hatred for Lily Collins' eyebrows. Every single time that she appeared in a scene, he annoyingly pointed out that he couldn't take his eyes off of her eyebrows. Why? Because they're more bushier than most film actresses' eyebrows are. That's it. E-Rod, just because a woman has something that you don't find attractive, that doesn't mean you have to continually point it out, it just makes you seem like a sexist bully.
  • EmberFist: I never watched E-Rod before his review of Justice League (2017) but that review didn't change my opinion of him much. I don't hate the review because I liked the movie. (I honestly share Linkara's opinion of it being So Okay, It's Average) but more the fact it reeks of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot. Despite actually liking the movie, I will admit it has problems (Poor pacing due to the mandated 2-hour run-time, The Russian family sub-plot, the Mood Whiplash from having two different directers involved, the Green Lantern Corps invoking Superman Stays Out of Gotham, etc.). The only one of these potential critiques he actually address is the poor choice for the Big Bad and even then goes about it in what I think is the wrong direction. Instead of pointing out how having a D-List villain at best being the Big Bad for their film when unlike Marvel, DC didn't sell off any of their villains to other studios, you know what he does instead? He complains about how the Justice League is made up of "losers" because the Big Bad gives them such a hard time (I Would say it is a fair point as he almost borders on Invincible Villain in the movie but he acts as if the Adaptational Badass trope doesn't exist). There is also the mustache thing, but the joke they do is somewhat ruined because they act as if every scene with Superman he had the mustache including the opening which was clearly not from the reshoots. However those are rather minor for me compared to the DMOS. Said DMOS in this case is that when Superman shows up in the final battle, he acts as if he saves the day by himself ignoring the contributions of the other members. Now I already put the specifics under Critical Research Failure on his YMMV page, but in retrospect is comes off more as a combination of Manipulative Editing a almost impossible to miss plot point about the Big Bad waiting for Superman's death to start his invasion. You didn't even need to watch the ultimate cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to get this it is established in one of the first scenes of the film. In short the review is a textbook case of wasted potential with the only thing making it watchable being Obscurus Lupa and Linkara (the latter the reason I watched the review in the first place.)


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