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As well liked as SuperMarioLogan is, sometimes he produces moments we hate more than Jeffy hates green beans.

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  • TomPhanto: I used to enjoy SuperMarioLogan, But I felt the series started to go downhill when Jeffy, a mentally handicapped kid who was dumped on Mario's doorstep in "Mario The Babysitter!" became one of the most recurring characters, second only to Bowser Jr. The real DMoS here is, "Jeffy's Bad Word!" I personally dislike Jeffy episodes because most of them are just making Mario miserable. The episode starts off with Mario driving to Walmart and he yells at a homeless guy that gets in his way, accidentally calling him a "faggot". Jeffy then starts saying it because he likes the word. And as expected, the episode is about Mario getting into trouble because Jeffy won't stop saying "faggot". What makes this a DMoS for me is what happens at the end. Mario gives Jeffy a spanking because he wouldn't stop saying "faggot". Mario is arrested, accused of child molestation, and is registered as a felon and sex offender, all just for trying to discipline Jeffy. I know Mario's supposed to be a Butt-Monkey in this show, but I felt the episode went way too far with the abuse.
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  • Meta Master 54610: You'd think Logan would have learned his lesson from the fiasco Jeffy's Bad Word caused. He knew full well how loathed that video was, so you'd think he'd know better than to create Jeffy's Bad Word 2.0 in the form of 'Locked Out'. The plot of the video is that Mario is trying to get Jeffy to eat his peas, promising him chocolate cake if he eats his peas. Rather than eating his peas, Jeffy pours them onto his high chair seat and tries to lie to Mario about it. When Mario rightfully denies him chocolate cake for not actually eating his dinner, Jeffy throws a tantrum. Admittedly, it was a dick move to have Mario eat a piece of chocolate cake in front of Jeffy, but what happens next is disproportionate retribution at its finest. Jeffy tricks Mario into going outside, then locks him out so he can steal the cake. He locks all the doors and traps Mario outside. In this video, Jeffy clearly has malicious intent, and knows exactly what he's doing. Mario is locked outside in the cold, trying everything he can to get back inside. And then the Brooklyn Guy shows up, and when he shows up in a Jeffy video, you immediately know Mario is in for a bad time. The Brooklyn Officer thinks that Mario is trying to break into the house, and when he talks to Jeffy about it, the little bastard lies and says he's never seen Mario before in his life. Of course the Brooklyn Guy takes Jeffy's word over Mario's and threatens to arrest him if he ever goes near his own house again. Mario is rightfully pissed at this point, mumbling threats to assault and murder Jeffy, and honestly, after everything Jeffy's done to him, it's hard to blame him for wanting revenge. He tries to get inside through the air vents, and ends up crashing down on the floor, seemingly unconscious. Jeffy sees Mario lying on the floor, and, infuriatingly, grabs him and literally throws him back outside without a word. Eventually, Mario begs Jeffy to just let him inside, which Jeffy refuses to do unless Mario gets him more chocolate cake. So Mario does get another chocolate cake... Which Mario hides in so that he can get inside. When Mario pops out of the cake, he chases Jeffy in a rage... And gets locked out again. And of course it ends with him getting arrested and Jeffy getting off scott-free for his actions, because Logan refuses to freaking punish this kid for the awful things he does. This is honestly the video that cemented my absolute loathing of Jeffy as a character. He's nothing more than a braindead, unfunny little sociopath that exists for the sole purpose of making Mario's life a complete and utter nightmare, and he's well aware of that fact. I am very disappointed in Logan. I thought he would have known better after the last time he made a video where Mario was unfairly tormented because of Jeffy...
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  • FlyingDuckManGenesis: As much as I like SuperMarioLogan, there is one character I can't stand in the least, and that is post-Flanderization Mr. Goodman. I hate him more than I hate Jeffy, and "Chef Pee Pee's Restaurant!", in my opinion, is the episode where he's at his absolute worst. While I admit there were some moments I liked in the episode, such as the menu that Junior drew in crayon and Junior accidentally spilling the drinks he meant to give to the customers, the episode was still very bad. The moment in the episode I disliked the most, however, was when Chef Pee Pee asked Mr. Goodman for a $50,000.00 loan from his bank so he could start his own restaurant, since he doesn't have enough money himself to do so. What does Goodman do about it? He brings out $50,000.00 and lights it on fire! That, in my opinion, was the moment where Goodman crossed the Moral Event Horizon, especially considering that money could have been used for many other useful things, like buying meals for starving families.
  • fanboy95: Originally, my DMOS was Cody's off-screen mass rape from "The Remote!", but SML managed to one-up Cody in the unethical behaviour department. In "Sicken", Bowser Junior is sick with the flu and Chef Pee Pee, hoping they'll die from the flu (since this was made at the time of the early 2018 flu epidemic), lets Junior invite Joseph and Cody to his house. Cody, as always, leaves Ken unguarded which gives Junior the idea to throw him out the window and break him. Naturally, Cody's distressed but suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, he goes on a murderous rampage and tries to kill Chef Pee Pee, Joseph and Bowser, reasoning that Cody now has to kill someone Junior loves and tries to make him choose. That's bad enough on its own, but what really seals it is the ending: Junior manages to stop Cody simply by saying he loves him as a friend and sappy music begins to play in the background and, even worse, all Cody gets for it is catching Junior's flu when he should've received worse consequences. Just... what? Not only did Cody acquire a willingness to commit murder out of nowhere despite warning Junior against doing anything that could kill someone in episodes like "Evil Chef Pee Pee!" and "The Magical Button!", but the episode seems to make you feel sorry for him despite the fact that he actively attempted murder over a doll that he genuinely believes Junior murdered. Needless to say, I've liked Cody even less than I did following "The Remote!" after this episode.
  • Cabbit Girl Emi: I think I found something just as bad, if not worse, than infanticide from Bowser Jr.'s Playtime 5. That would be Goodman's moments in "Jeffy's Driver's License". When Mario accidentally hits his Lambo while driving Jeffy somewhere (sound familiar?), Goodman demands to illegally take his license away, which he does by bribing Brooklyn Cop. This leads to a half-decent story where B.C. gets Jeffy to take a driver's exam despite being 14 years old, and he actually passes. Now it seems that Mario can finally get a break, right? Nope! The final test was the McDonald's Happy Meal test, and since Jeffy didn't get B.C. a toy, the latter revokes Jeffy's new license. If that wasn't bad enough, Goodman barges in to rub sending Mario's license into the Sun right in the plumber's face. Just when I thought I couldn't hate present-day Goodman any more, Logan and Lance seem to find ways to dig deeper. He would only be amusing if he gets consequences for his actions, but that unfortunately it seems it won't happen anytime soon. Nor would his apparent Irrational Hatred of Mario ever go away...
  • Big Jimbo: Maybe this is relatively minor (and it really only made me unsure if I should watch these videos, instead of swearing to never watch them again), but I'm listing it: I was annoyed by the fact that in one video, Logan made a Take That, Critics! joke about how people who hated his videos were among the worst people in the world. I get that it's a joke, but it's a really stupid one: I can take playful pokes at your hatedom, but this just seems petty and makes him look like he's a conceited jackass (which I don't think he is). I mean eff... I know people on YouTube want to be famous, but this is taking it too far. I seriously think this was more pretentious than Butch Hartman's similar saying.
  • Red The Hedgehog: With every single SML video that comes out, it gives me a new Dethroning Moment to talk about. But as of 2020, SML has gone from slightly entertaining with a decent to actually really good video most of the time, to an irritating at best, and infuriating at worst YouTube series that I'm surprised still gets millions of views and subscribers. Two videos in 2020 became Dethroning Moments by a landslide. "Jeffy's New Dad" and "The School Dance". Honestly, I had a hard time figuring out what video to put on here, I watched both videos over and over again, but it ultimately went to "The School Dance". The video features The Puppets for one thing, but that's the only the smallest issue in the cesspool of problems that this video has. At the start of the video, Jackie Chu offers someone to take her daughters to the dance, and his daughters are represented by an ugly Asian girl puppet that just so happens to be Conjoined Twins. I know Racism is a common joke, but it reaches uncomfortable, infuriating levels with Jackie Chu's daughters, essentially saying all Asian girls and Siamese Twins are disgusting abominations of society. Real fucking smooth, Logan. Junior then asks a new girl to the dance, and is then rejected, followed by reusing an old joke from a video made 2 months before this one (Need I mention this joke makes light of the late rapper Juice WRLD and his fanbase?), and then going to the dance with Chef Pee Pee, leading unfortunate implications of Pedophilia that I thought Logan would move on from since the days of Mr. Winkle. And what is the ending to this video, the new girl gets with a guy named Roy Gethard, which made me realize this whole video was an allegory to the recent drama between Logan and Chilly, and Logan is handling the situation like a 5 year old would, instead of addressing it in a vlog or something more mature. Top it off with filler, jokes that don't land, and bad characterization, and you got yourself a bastardization of a once good Plush YouTube channel.

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