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For what everyone calls the greatest movie franchise of all time, it’s not stressful that Star Wars has a whole lot of moments that we definitely want Palpatine to give the full power of the Dark Side on; moments we DO NOT WANT, as it were.

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The Phantom Menace

  • Retloclive: The way Darth Maul dies. There's being caught off-guard by your opponent's actions, which was obviously what the movie was going for, but then there's also poor film execution that makes Maul come off like he's missing a couple brain cells. For no inexplicable reason, he just stands there while Obi-Wan hangs on for dear life, but is obviously seen hatching up a plan by constantly looking in the direction of a spare lightsaber. Like it's too much work for Maul to realize that Obi-Wan is looking at Qui-Gon's lightsaber on the floor. Maul then continues to just stand there as he allows Obi-Wan to force jump over him, force grab Qui-Gon's lightsaber, and then continues to just stand there as Maul gets sliced by said lightsaber. Wow. Just wow. He was already in They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character territory, but this was just sad. note 

Attack of the Clones

  • Retloclive: The film in general is quite infamous for how bad the romance side-plot is between Anakin and Padme, but the worst moment of said romance comes from Padme just accepting the fact that Anakin had just confessed to her how he slaughtered an entire village of Sand People down to the last man, woman, and child out of Revenge for his mother dying. Any sane person would just nope right out of there and call for help when they realize that the person in front of them is now an unstable mass-murderer. Yet she actually moves in to comfort him claiming that Anakin being angry is what makes him human. Oh I'm sorry. It never occurred to me that mass-murder is what makes me human. What were you thinking when you wrote this George?

The Force Awakens

  • cricri3007: The Force Awakens was a very nice movie, but the crowning moment of wasted potential is the battle of Takodona where Finn, an ex-Stormtrooper, has to fight the First Order. Does he hesitate killing them, knowing that he could having been talking to them not a week ago? Knowing that they are brainwashed from a young age into believing the First Order's right? Does he have anything resembling a fragment of his brainwashing coming back up to haunt him? No! He kills them without any ounce of remorse or hesitation.
    • Miracle @ St. Olaf: What makes it so bad is that they went to the trouble of establishing Stormtroopers as being kidnapped and brainwashed from childhood, and thus also tragic victims of the First Order's machinations. From there, though, the film proceeds to ignore that setup for everyone except Finn, along with all the interesting possibilities for conflict that it introduces, and simply depicts them all as bog-standard mooks for our heroes to kill by the cartload. It's not a bad idea to try introducing some shades of grey into a universe that otherwise uses Black and White Morality, but for the love of God, don't half-ass it; giving Stormtroopers a sympathetic background as forced conscripts and leaving it at that just makes watching them get slaughtered a lot more uncomfortable than it used to be, back when they were just implied to be an all-volunteer evil army.
  • Peridonyx: The cheap Happy Ending Override against Return of the Jedi, one of the most-iconic Earn Your Happy Endings of all time. Sure - the Legends continuity was no stranger to Reality Ensues about the Battle of Endor, the New Jedi Order, the New Republic, etc.... But at least it didn't just Hand Wave them away offscreen. Say what you will about the The Phantom Menace; at least it didn't start its Trilogy on such a middle-finger note.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: I feel that Rey might be a very frustrating character overall; on one hand, she's a fine character on her own but for one reason or another, her fight against Kylo Ren at the end shows the writing flaw regarding her skills. Now, I'm not gonna go and say she's a Mary Sue like all the angry Star Wars fanboys before because she's a well developed, flawed character; it's just that, despite not holding a light saber and seeing her friend Finn nearly dying even though he has more combat experience, being a former Stormtrooper and all, she is able to stand toe to toe to Kylo Ren even though, if The Last Jedi is to be believed, the latter has spend many years learning the ways of the Jedi. Now, the second movie reveals that she's extremely sensitive to the Force and that must be why she is strong with a Light Saber. But so is Luke Skywalker and his father Anakin and they spent many years to become the Jedi Masters they are, yet a girl who is not yet on Padawan level took down a veteran whose only weakness is his lack of control over his emotions? This is similar to how the Pokémon anime has a rookie trainer and his freshly gained Snivy being able to defeat Ash and his Pikachu even though, a few episodes earlier this Pikachu was able to defeat a trained Latios (which is not recommended in game logic because of the Dragon-type's resistance to Lightning-type Pokémon). Yes, there is an excuse for this too but still. Not only that, but Part 8 still has the problems I got with her and her being able to accomplish things even an identically weak Luke can't do. Let's hope for episode 9.

The Last Jedi

  • Dr Zulu 2010: For me it has to be what the fight between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker. Did I say fight? I meant Humiliation Conga where Ren flails his lightsaber to Luke while Luke gives him a "Reason You Suck" Speech while being in astral projection. This was after he killed Snoke cementing himself as the Big Bad, which I enjoyed since that means that the climax of Episode 9 won't be a rehash of Return of the Jedi and gave Kylo some needed credibility as a villain, so you'd expect they would make him into a credible villain but nope. At least his grandfather Anakin became a dangerous badass when he became Darth Vader near the end of Revenge of the Sith and he was my most hated character in all of Star Wars (even more than Jar Jar). Kylo already has a bad time to become credible after being on the receiving side of a Curb-Stomp Battle by Rey, who never wielded a lightsaber by this point, so how did J. J. Abrams expect that this loser can be seen as a credible threat with such a sad track record? Pathetic villains work if they are secondary villains or henchmen or if the movie is comical or lighthearted in nature, but not in a god damned serious drama because that would make the heroes incompetent by proxy if they can't handle a bunch of losers.
  • Troper/cricri3007: Leia surviving being in a room that got shot to piece, being in space, and using the Force to fly to the ship so she can be rescued when 1) nowhere is it stated that she got training in using it, 2) everyone else in the room died, 3) the way it's filmed is incredibly hard to take seriously. Having her died thusly would have also been a great sendoff to Carrie Fisher.
  • Retloclive: Admiral Ackbar getting unceremoniously killed off in this exact scene was a horrible send off for a character that has become a huge Star Wars cultural icon. If he was going to die in this movie, they could have at the very least given him a much better sendoff. Like, I didn't care one bit for the Vice Admiral Holdo character. How much cooler would that scene have been had it been Ackbar that got to pull the Heroic Sacrifice rather than a brand new character that was all of a sudden introduced to the viewers?
  • Edgar 81539: For me, it's the complete character assassination of Luke. Let's go through most of the stuff he went through in the Original Trilogy: he had his parents and mentor killed, most of his friends died in battle with the Empire, he discovered that the guy that killed his mentor and the second hand of the Emperor (with all the atrocities it entailed) was his father, faced certain death multiple times and was the pet project of Palpatine. And yet, even under his influence and having a known genocidist at his mercy, Luke didn't budge. He knew his father's goodness was still alive in the inside and was almost tortured to death for that faith. Now, let's compared that with his actions here. Leia and Han felt that Ben was being pulled by the Dark Side, and fearing another Darth Vader, sent him to train with his uncle. Luke senses that Ben is being influenced by Snoke. Someone would expect that Luke, knowing first hand how terrible being influenced by such powerful forces is, along with his blood ties to the boy, helps him. Instead, he chooses to kill him on his sleep. He backs down on the last moment, but not before Ben realizes what he was trying to do and, scared, starts his life as Kylo Ren. Luke is reduced to nothing more than a plot device and regresses on his development so much you wouldn't even realize it's the same character. Luke deserved nothing but respect yet was treated like trash throughout the entire movie, culminating with his lame duel with Kylo Ren and becoming one with the Force in the end. We get it, a story needs to be told about the new generation. But not at the expense of one of the most iconic characters in cinema history.
  • L Dragon 2: Finn having his Heroic Sacrifice being prevented by Rose was one of the few times I felt like yelling in frustration at the theater screen. This was Finn's time to shine, and also would have been a great send-off and conclusion to his character; he, a former Stormtrooper ends his story by selflessly giving up his life to save the Resistance, which also could inspire and renew hope and faith in them. Instead, just before he goes manages to hit the drill, in comes Rose, ramming her ship into his, stopping him from carrying out this act, and when pointed out, replies by saying that "we will win by saving those we love." Bull. Crap. Not only did she negate Finn's potential moment of awesome, she also effectively made the whole initial push to stop the drill worthless, and now the Resistance is on the verge of being completely destroyed, which also technically made Luke have to project himself onto the planet and die as a result. All because of Rose. What a wasted potential.
    • Happy Man: Do you know what's the worst part of that infamous statement? That's exactly what Finn was doing. Finn wasn't going to kill anybody (well, maybe some Imperials would die as collateral damage, but that's irrelevant), the point of his actions was to save what was left of the Resistance. But the movie was unable to justify such an idiotic act on Rose's part.
  • Cynical Bastardo: Vice Admiral Holdo's plan. Yeah, let's just sit around and wait for almost the entire fleet to get wiped out before taking any kind of action. Yeah, her Heroic Sacrifice was a Dying Moment of Awesome and all, but sitting around, waiting for Leia to wake up simply makes her look like she didn't know what she was doing. It didn't help that she refused to communicate her plan to almost anyone or provide proper supervision for Poe when his own tactics result in heavy losses.
    • Capejedi: Want to make that worse? Had Holdo let Poe know about the plan, then Poe wouldn't have sent Finn and Rose on the mission to get the hacker, which means they wouldn't have brought back a traitor who proceeds to sell out the Resistance's plans. Meaning the only reason the plan failed, was because Poe was Locked Out Of the Loop.
    • Loekman 3: Apparently we are supposed to see Hornydog's Heroic Sacrifice as an awesome moment but given the fact that the only reason why she has to do it is because of her own idiotic actions in the first place, it just does nothing but make the moment fall flat and completely fails to redeem her, instead making me hate her even more for letting hundreds of rebels killed because of her.
  • Allronix: Decisions, decisions. Because there are so many. But let's just go with the whole Rey and Kylo plot. The whole setup is a blatant and shoddy knockoff of the whole Male Revan and Bastila Shan (particularly a Dark Side Male Revan) arc from Knights of the Old Republic, mixed with the Mind Rape Deconstruction of the whole Force Bond idea from Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Frankly, you could make a drinking game with how much Johnson was ripping off from the games. He owes Bio Ware and Obsidian a chunk of writing credit and royalties). It really does not help that Driver and Ridley look like they're cosplaying Revan and Bastila; not their fault, they're doing what they can with the shoddy crap they're given. "You're nothing, but not to me?" Dude, was that supposed to be a shippy line? If so, it makes Kylo Ren look like even more of an emotionally stunted child.
  • Doctor Sleep: For me, The Last Jedi took a nosedive when Finn and Rose were thrown into a jail cell and their cellmate just so happens to know how to pick the lock, but for some reason only decided to escape when it was convenient for the protagonists. It was pretty clear from that point onward that the writers were just making things up as they went along.

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