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  • Bengson 26: Going into Sacred Cow territory, Sohinki of Smosh Games has this moment in the "Game We Hate" episode of "Why We're Single". Here, while talking about the WWE Video Games, he says the only good thing about them is the "Create A Character" because you can "make characters as derpy as the fans of the games". You know, because there's no better way to get your opinion across than to call the fans of the games retarded.
  • Riley1s Cool: While, normally, I would go against the FNAF 4 Honest Trailer, because they're losing humor, I must say that my least favorite is by FAR the "Bubblegum Death Challenge." While I was getting sick of them humiliating and insulting Joven, this one was Joven's idea, and it was stupid, but the gang takes glee in torturing Joven, as they kill him and make him eat gum each time. I thought it was sort of funny at first, but I expected an MOA from Joven when he calls in an Insurgent. I expected him to triumph over the rest of the crew, and then... They kill him and steal his Insurgent. His Oh, Crap! only hurts the video's case, as it not only wasted his GTA$, they lost every bit of friendly competition, laughing as they become a giant death machine and laugh as they murder people in the thousands... and Joven begins to choke.
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  • Pkmon 11: For me, it would be their major Critical Research Failure in their "Video Game Quiz Fail" video. In it, one of the questions was "what we're Ghost Type Pokemon weak to?" One person answers with "Psychic Type," and Joven actually says that is the correct answer! Ghost type Pokemon are only weak to other ghost type and dark type; Psychic Types are weak to Ghost Types, not the other way around. I guess they thought that because of the Pokemon Gastly, who is a ghost type that is also poison type, which is weak to Psychic Types, and I understand that Smosh Games has focused more on the first gen than the newer ones, but they should have still known that Gastly was part poison type, even genwunners should know that. The fact that they were asking this as a quiz question is especially baffling! They should have done more research on what the type effectiveness of ghost types are before asking the question on a quiz. I know Smosh Games can have some moments where it feels like they don't understand the game, but this moment in particular irked me the most, if you don't actually know what the type effectiveness of Ghost Pokemon are, don't make it a quiz question!

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