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With how much of a Long Runner the Power Rangers series is, and the amount of universes it spans, it's no surprise that some of these universes have a moment or two that some dedicated fans would not use their weapons for defense, and instead see them as their Monsters of the Week.

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  • Mr Smith 93311: In Power Rangers Zeo, Kimberly sends Tommy a Dear John Letter. What followed was a relationship between Katherine and Tommy that many Power Ranger fans felt was forced.
    • Shadow 200: Seconded, that was a terrible way to end their relationship. Could've just had them agree it wasn't working out with them being so far away. Kim claiming she only thought of him as a brother was idiotic. Many fans feel that that was a plot by Lord Zedd and Rita who orchesrated and made the letter. A bad moment that dampens a great season. Good thing there's always fanfiction right?
  • wswordsmen: In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, the otherwise awesome "Once a Ranger" has Adam going against Thrax the son of Rita and Zedd. However he doesn't win, he doesn't even get rescued by other Power Rangers. Instead he gets rescued by the Sentinel Knight a character who, while shown to be powerful hasn't participated in any battles before comes out of no where to destroy the team up episodes Big Bad. Ruined the entire episode for me.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: In my opinion, I disagree with "Once a Ranger" being awesome, mostly because of what the Overdrive Rangers did when they lose their powers. Mainly to give up entirely. This thing is completly contrary to what Power Rangers was all about. Previous incarnations of Power Rangers have lost their powers and are still able to be badass. From the Ninja Storm Rangers defeating Lothor with their jutsus, to the Wild Force Rangers to face off against Master Org in a last stand, to Tommy wanting to help his friends even when he loses his powers as the Green Ranger. That doesn't show the Rangers braving adversity despite what they lost, but as a bunch of spoiled brats who gave up at the drop of the hat. Why Mr Hartford chose these guys when they are clearly not meant to be in the task is anyone's guess.
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  • Brainiac0982: Another Turbo episode. In the episode, "Alarmed and Dangerous", Justin is chased by a bully up a tree onto a high branch. When the branch breaks, Justin teleports to the Power Chamber to save himself. After he arrives with a rough landing, he tells Kat that he was chased by the bully up the tree and that he needed to teleport away. She then tells him how it's wrong to use his powers for personal gain. There's your moral kids: if you're falling from a high location to either guaranteed severe injury or possible death and you have the power to save yourself, you shouldn't use that power because using it would be for personal gain. Using your power to save your life is a bad thing. What kind of moral is that?!
  • Hyrin: The ending of Forever Red, the 10th anniversary teamup that aired during Power Rangers Wild Force. An amazing episode was completely ruined in the last few minutes when Cole destroys Serpenterranote  using nothing but his motorcycle. Budget issues prevented the scripted ending from being made, and the motorcycle was included as a tradeoff with Bandai (the new toy gets featured in exchange for the funding to complete the episode. The original ending featured most of the old Megazords returning for a huge brawl against Serpenterra.
  • Rhetorical Cloud: The Samurai episode "Room For One More", which is the episode following Antonio's debut as the Gold Ranger. Basically, Antonio announces that he wants to join the team as the sixth ranger, but instead, Mentor Jii takes his morpher away telling him he isn't ready. Bear in mind, this was an episode after Antonio proved himself to be capable enough to fight of mooks and a monster, and he's the only one to want to become a Power Ranger as the rest were basically forced to be one due to Family responsibilities. Sure he does get his morpher back, but Jii never apologizes for taking it or discrediting his abilities as a Power Ranger. It's that moment that cemented in my mind of Mentor Jii being a terrible mentor,
  • Batman39: Whenever we see a non-PR Sentai Ranger or team appear in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Keep in mind we never saw an entire team Legendary morph for In Space, Lightspeed, Time Force, or Overdrive. Yet we get to see Dairanger TWICE and Changeman.
  • klom99: While Super Megaforce is just...the embodiment of pummeled expectations, the poo on the cherry sundae for me was the hour-long Extended Edition of the Legendary battle.....which wasn't an hour-long extended Legendary Battle. It was "The Wrath" stitched into the finale with maybe five extra minutes of footage touted about as something epic. The fact that they resorted to adding in an entire Episode of already-established content instead of just released the new-and-improved Legendary Battle from the get-go was an act of disgusting marketing, and highlights every one of the season's flaws in one move.
    • Scsigs: Super Megaforce as a whole is excruciatingly awful, but the ending is just a piece of shit. Here's all of the problems with it:
      • 1. The title's a lie. The episode does not take place around the battle, but rather to the lead up, then the last 2 minutes are dedicated to it and boy is it just bad. The entire last 2 episodes fuse together the plots of the last 3 Gokaiger episodes from which the series is adapted from. When Gokaiger did it, it was epic, well-paced, and epic. When Super did it, it wasn't.
      • 2. Orion shouldn't have left. It made no sense because of what his arc of revenge lead for him to do. Not only that, but his planet, he said, was decimated, so why is he going back when the Armada fleet's still threatening Earth?
      • 3. None of the past rangers meet the current ones until just before the battle and not all of them say much. Some don't get anything to say at all, even in the extended version.
      • 4. The battle itself is just a smack in the face. It's, mostly, Gokaiger footage, with some insert shots, but not a lot. Just wait, it gets better. Then the ultimate middle finger to even the kids watching is Robo Knight coming back out of nowhere after he sacrificed his life for Orion not a few episodes prior. No explanation, no questioning it, just Troy noticing him & saying, "Hello, old friend," as if Tzachor thinks no one watching has an attention span higher than a dog.
      • 5. Jason David Frank, since they didn't even remotely bother to shoot the Green MMPR Ranger suit fighting in the battle, he does grunting for the Ninja Storm & Alien Ranger teams. They don't even attempt to alter his voice, or add a few more to the mix, it's just his unfiltered voice doing the ADR over the stock footage. This is bad because he just spoke and he'll speak again after the fighting's done! On top of that, he has a specific way of doing the "ai-ya's" and "ki-ya's" and whatever that he does that no one else does unless they're imitating him, so it sticks out like a sore thumb. How he agreed to that, I'll never know.
      • 6. The past rangers ascend in flashes of light into nothing and the Megaforce team falls to the ground, then run back to the city and Troy plants his sword into the ground and runs with them. Where to even begin with this...First of all, the past rangers ascend in flashes of light. Um, what? This doesn't make any sense at all. It's partly composed of Gokaiger footage where the past Sentais sacrificed their powers and they floated away in space for Aka Red to collect and start the main plot. What was the PR version supposed to be besides obvious Stock Footage Failure? Then, the Megaforce team falls to the ground and are happy there's no longer a threat. This is no surprise because the series treats stupid weird things, not the normal weird things if that makes any sense, with the tiniest bit of seriousness by not letting the rangers be the least bit self-aware and wonder what just happened. Apparently it's just a thing that's normal to happen. It's not even teleporting either. It's just a big-time Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. Then, they run back to the city and Troy puts his sword into the ground and joins them. First of all, the Jungle Fury tribute showed Troy had an out-of-nowhere aversion to losing his weapon, so why's he doing that? Second, really? No wrap-up with the characters? No "where will they go?" moment? No "what's next?" segment? No "Gosei going back into hibernation and the rangers returning their powers" moment? No introspection, no reflection, nothing. I suppose that Troy doing that was supposed to complete whatever the hell character arc he was supposed to have gone through, but since there was no development of that arc, it comes right the hell out of nowhere and makes him look like a giant hypocrite. These are the reasons this ending sucks in one big season of suck.
  • Catmuto: For a season I overall loved, Power Rangers RPM kind of lost a good chunk of points with me, when they revealed that Tanaya 7 was actually Dillon's long-lost sister. It led to a few good moments, like Dillon asking Tanaya if a list in a plant, in which they used to be held in, had their real names mentioned. But overall, it was such a cheap thing to do because it had already been done with Andros and Astronema. I know there was a lot of issues with the series being created and changing directors and writers midway and all, but was there really no other option they could go for? Did they really need to rehash and copy a previous plotline?
  • Rx F: Super Megaforce's "The Perfect Storm", in a meta sense. In the episode, Tensou gets lightning-induced Easy Amnesia and wanders around the city, forcing the Rangers on a search. The main problem of this isn't the plot itself (decent to flesh out a minor character) but the budget required to film all this is obviously more expensive, with having to camp out multiple film locations, possibly not touched on before, to wherever they want Tensou to go and spend more time to animate/control him. And this is a Filler episode to boot! Sure, this is the last episode to be filmed as stated by Ciara and Cameron but surely this could have gone to getting rid of pre-Zyuranger teams and if it didn't happen in the first place, more budget and time could be allocated to another tribute episode out of the measly two we have and better original Ranger footage that doesn't clash with the Power Rangers mythos where it wouldn't in Super Sentai.
  • Tyrekecorrea: Why is the Ninja Steel morpher a weapon? Zordon insisted that the rangers' powers were to be used to defend, never to attack. It seems like the shuriken design is a provocative way to go, almost encouraging the rangers to start a fight. Kids will get their hands on the toy morphers next, and that has its own potential to cause problems. It's one thing for a weapon to be a part of a Ranger's arsenal. It's another for that arsenal's components to be incorporated into civilian wear. It's like combining any other first responder's badge with a weapon; it sends the message that being a hero or having power gives a person a license to hurt someone.
  • SampaCM: Power Rangers was always an important part of my childhood, almost as important as Ninja Turtles, I watched it religiously up until Power Rangers Samurai, however, there have been a few stinkers I can't just defend, so I'm listing a moment from Power Rangers Time Force, which was one of the very few seasons I skipped (I also skipped Megaforce but, given the negativity of the overall season and the huge bust that was the so called "Legendary Battle", I must feel lucky): In the first episode, called "Force From The Future", while the group is chasing Ransik, they ask for help to some random guys driving in a car. When they understandably refuse, Katie, the yellow ranger who inexplicably has Super Strength, grabs them and tosses them out of the car... What the heck? I understand they were in a hurry but, why was that necessary? The Rangers are supposed to protect people, not to be abusive, specially that yellow ranger. That tiny moment ruined the entire season for me, and that's also why I skip the Wild Force crossover episode.
  • Metalhead 14: Unpopular opinion that I feel I need to rant about: "Dimensions in Danger", the 25th anniversary special from Power Rangers Ninja Steel, is the most insulting team-up in the history of the series. Not the worst, but the most insulting. "Dimensions in Danger" literally left me livid with rage after watching it. This episode is the textbook definition of rushed, wasted potential, which really let me down because I was really looking forward to this special. The 25th anniversary of my favorite children's show ever, and this is what I got? My problem with it is the lack of team interaction. How do you have Trent and Rocky, both of whom were prior teammates of Tommy's, and both of which are appearing on screen with each other for the first time in different forms (this is the first time Tommy has been on screen with Trent in one of his past forms, and the first time he's been on screen with Rocky in his Green Ranger form), and literally give them no dialogue at all with each other? I get it, it's only 22 minutes, but you cannot tell me that they didn't have time to write in something like a "Doctor O, you look good in white!" from Trent or a "Oh, this is what you looked like in Green!" from Rocky. We have three dino-themed rangers together, and nothing was done with it. Why didn't T.J., Trent, or Gia even get a fight sequence? Why didn't Preston and Koda interact despite their actors being brothers, which I bet even the most jaded fans expected? I think what bugs me the most is that no one else seems to hate this episode but me. Yes, Tommy's fight against his clone was awesome. But that's it. It's a rushed mess that could have been so much more that the writers obviously didn't care about, and it doesn't get nearly enough shit.

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