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"It's official; you suck!"
-One of Shao Kahn's infamous taunts that would be a great Take That! to the writers/devs responsible

Mortal Kombat may be one of the greatest fighting games, but there are those moments where you may want to perform a FATALITY on the writers/devs...

Keep in mind:

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  • Explain why it's a Dethroning Moment of Suck.
  • Please make sure the moment is fictional and is neither an event that occurred in real life nor something gameplay-related. We have a perfectly good Scrappy Mechanic page for the latter.
  • No ALLCAPS, no bold, and no italics unless it's the title of a work. We are not yelling the DMoSs out loud.


Mortal Kombat 1

  • SampaCM: Raiden's ending. I grew with Mortal Kombat II and liked (and still like) the idea of having Raiden as the Thunder God, protector of the Earth Realm and mentor to Liu Kang, so I got really shocked when I learned about his motives in the first MK: After defeating Shang Tsung, Raiden was growing bored with the lack of challenge in the tournament, so he invites fellow gods to compete, and the fights ended in total chaos and the destruction of Earth. Honestly I wasn't expecting that, and I was all like "That can't be. That must be some mistake!". Fortunately he was retconned into a more noble, less Jerkass Thunder God.


Mortal Kombat 9

  • magnum12: The end of Chapter 15. Cutscene Power to the Max is taken to ridiculously absurd levels when Sindel of all people (normally weak both in game and in universe) effortlessly rofl stomps 10 people at once. Johnny Cage and Sonya get beat up. Cyber Sub-Zero dies from being punched 3 times (despite Cage's blows looking more serious and being protected by armor). Kabal dies from being stabbed in the upper-left pectoral (near the shoulder) by a shoe. Striker is killed by a punch to the jaw. Smoke gets a Groin Attack followed by a neck snap. Jax gets stabbed by a shoe. Jade gets an organ pulled out. Kitana gets her lifeforce drained. Sindel is only killed by Nightwolf blowing himself up. Also gets combined with Idiot Ball as the defenders weren't smart enough to simply wolf-pack her (all 10 attack her at once from all sides) and by not using their powers. All of this is just an excuse to kill off most of the cast for the next game, much like Mega Man Zero 4's plot to Zero. One could compare this to the revelation that it was Dalton that defeated Guardia after the end of Chrono Trigger. Saying that a very large chunk of the fanbase considers this scene to be an outrage is an understatement (a lot of people are angry with it). It also has the effect of causing Sindel to develop a Hatedom.
    • PNF: Adding to that, Raiden then goes to the Netherrealm and offers their souls to Quan Chi in exchange for his service is a sickeningly, disgustful and immoral act. With that, Raiden's transformation into the Thunder Idiot God of Blunder was complete.
      • Knight9910: Oh good lord, yes! The sad part is that up until that point I actually liked MK9's version of Raiden. He actually seemed like a good leader and a decent person who was trying to do the right thing but didn't understand how... and then we get to that point... Let's take a look at his offenses here, shall we? He abandons his followers when they need him most so that he can go make his deal, directly resulting in their deaths. He willfully betrays every single person who ever put their faith in him, selling them all out to Quan Chi. He kills Liu Kang, the person who up to that point was the closest thing he had to an actual friend, because Liu Kang didn't like his stupid plan. Granted, it's not exactly a Moral Event Horizon moment because Raiden does feel shame and remorse when he realize what he's done, but it's still a pretty epic Character Derailment, IMHO transforming Raiden from a good person to a complete moron.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: If I have to play the devil's advocate for a moment, Liu Kang is no better in term of being an idiot. Sure, Raiden killing him was bad but I can see as the tragedy of it. But the worse thing is that it an easily avoidable death if Liu lets Raiden go with his plan and let Shao Khan win because he broke the rules of Mortal Kombat! Also, Liu's last words "You have killed us all" ends up null and void since after Raiden finally preventing Armageddon, or at least alter it, not only did the forces of good still have Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage, but in MKX, they also brought back to life Jax, Sub-Zero and Scorpion, the former of which has a daughter and the two latter reverting back as humans. So, yeah, Liu Kang. Raiden "killed us all" the same way Ed Boon killed your credibility as the hero of the whole franchise.
  • AnarchyBalsac: Baraka's Arcade Ladder Ending. It's the only ending where Shao Kahn doesn't actually die, but rather, it was Shang Tsung pretending to be Shao Kahn. Worse, the tarkatans, a race of savage JerkAsses are elevated in Kahn's ranks because of this. Sure the Shokans and centaurs aren't much better, but they're not as bad as the tarkatans. It even surpasses Cyber-Sub-zero's Ladder ending in its suckage.
  • Grumpy Old Man: Cyber Sub Zero's Ladder Ending. He defeats Shao Kahn, only to somehow get possesed by him. Not only does that make for a bad ending in the first place, but there's no explanation or justification for it, it just happens, because the writers said so? Worse still, it's the only ending without any narration, we just get silent visuals.
  • Mighty Kombat: Related to the Big Sindel Massacre in Story mode, how they took Shang Tsung, one of the series' staple villains and literally fed him to Sindel to power her up and justify her slaughter of a shitload of strong Earthrealm fighters. After his decent showing in the MK1 and 2 chapters were he's able to pull strings in a devious way mid tournament, and convince Shao Kahn of his worth by letting Kitana grass on him about his creating of Mileena, he ends up getting this? One of the series' interesting villains? Just feed him to Sindel to power her up! It doesn't help Sindel's case that some of the Earthrealm fighters she killed were Stryker, who had not too long ago beat Kintaro and Ermac, and Sub-Zero, who literally bested Ermac and more importantly, beat Goro and Kintaro simultaneously. It really stings when combined with the lack of screentime that staple villains like Baraka and Reptile got (the latter doesn't even get any spoken lines!) It also stung how half of Shang's good moments and plans ended up handed over to Quan Chi instead, right up to the Sindel Resurrection Plot in MK3 no longer being a plan Shao Kahn had at the ready for ten thousand years with Shang Tsung's help, but instead made up on the fly by Quan Chi while Shang Tsung stands there looking stupid (Which incidentally counts as a spit in the face for Kahn fans as well.)
    • Tropers/Skullnsouls:This was my moment as well. It happened so fast that I was confused at first then angry. It was a stupid move that helped another stupid move happen. Add on Shang being one of my favorite characters and you've got one of my reasons I will never play story mode again.

Other Entries.

  • Soran The Man: Taven's ending, aka the ending that was supposed to be canon ending before MK9 thankfully undid this piece of crap. Say whatever you want about the story decisions in MK9, but at least those had consequences! At least those led to something, both good and bad! But here?! You just went through the entire story mode (which sucked in almost every way possible!) wondering if Taven was going to be the the doom of all the characters or simply the bane of their powers once he became a god, only for him to recap everything that we already know by this point and then give us the ultimate kicker: nothing happened! The Kombatants didn't die and their powers were not removed. Taven (and the player) did everything for nothing! And it's not even in a dramatic way! It's just like "Oh well. That didn't work. Guess I better find another way". My word...
  • Xiristatos: Mortal Kombat 4 has a blatantly moronic example of Gameplay and Story Segregation combined with Downer Ending in Reptile's Arcade Ending. Namely, after Shinnok has been defeated, Reptile wishes to return back in time and pleads to Quan Chi (and Shinnok, effectively) to make it come true. Quan Chi considers this wish "impetuous", which agitates Reptile after a while. Long story short: Shinnok - the same Final Boss who was just defeated by the player a short while ago - then pops up, grabs Reptile in a chokehold, states that Reptile "is in no position to demand anything" and then simply blows his head up. This isn't the only ending in which Shinnok remains victorious despite being the Final Boss, as Tanya's and his own ending could attest to, but at least those two were still a victory for the player, if a villain victory at that. This ending, however, blatantly and nonsensically punishes the player for winning as Reptile, and only furthers the latter's position as this franchise's Cosmic Plaything.


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