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LittleKuriboh may be the Trope Codifier for the entire Abridged series, but even he can't use his authority nor money to screw the rules and buy these moments away.

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  • Anime King 1108: One thing that ruined episode 3 of Season Zero Abridged was Bakura threatening to jump off the school roof. To make things worse, one of the spectators actually tells Bakura to do it. When he has second thoughts, he replies with "Don't be a bitch, bitch." As someone that was suicidally depressed at one point, I'm seriously fighting the urge to chew Little Kuriboh out for this next time I meet him at a convention. Say what you will about the joke about Yamcha committing suicide, but at least Goku and Trunks showed some concern over that. This was just needlessly cruel.
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  • Jicragg: In the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged version of the Tenth Anniversary movie (Nov 2011) there was a throwaway joke Yugi makes. He hits his head and in pain he says "my head hasn't hurt this much since watching the Naruto Abridged movie". There's a limit to these jokes. It isn't funny anymore. The "joke" got old very quickly. The way it was done was like watching a Seltzer and Friedberg movie. It was thrown in for absolutely no reason and provided no laughs. The movie was of a lower standard compared to his other works but that one line was scrapped from the bottom of the barrel.
  • CJ Croen 1393: In episode 60 of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, Joey sounds as though he's about to make an "adoption" joke toward Kaiba... Kaiba responds by giving him a rant mocking Joey for his own parental situation, mocking Joey for his father being an abusive alcoholic and telling him that his mother was "smart enough to abandon him before he infected the world with his stupidity". Okay, WOW. Just... that was cruel even by Kaiba's standards. It didn't kill the show for me, but it was undoubtedly the least funny moment in the series to me and only succeeded in making me shake my head in disapproval and hate Kaiba even more than I already do. Oh, and the insult wasn't even warranted, because it turns out that Joey was going to call Kaiba a dork instead.
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  • despairChihiro: I can't nail down an episode, but the moment when the Princess of the "Reboot clone" was called a transvestite - as a trans person, this just really fucking disillusioned me. It really threw the Willing Suspension of Disbelief out the window and Goomba Stomp-ed on it.
  • Animeking 1108: Episode 9 of Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show was disappointing over all, but since I can only state one dethroning moment, I would have to pick Naruto pissing on Inari for half a minute. No. Just, no LittleKuriboh. We seriously waited two years for this? This is starting to sound eerily similar to what this series often swung at Naruto: The Abridged Series for.
    • SenorCornholio: Honestly, it's not the fact that Naruto peed on Inari that pissed me off (no pun intended). Nor was it the fact that we waited two years to see Naruto peeing on Inari. Honestly, in spite of the nature of the scene in question, the rest of the video was kind of funny for the most part... keyword: "was", because of the Dangerous Box stinger where Naruto said "Doo doo dodo doo doooooo, you all just watched me pee on a child!" as if it was somehow supposed to be the highlight of the entire episode. Classy, LK. Real classy. And to make matters worse, it's been another two years since he uploaded the episode as of this edit, and Kaguya knows if he even plans on making another one. Listen Martin, if you really didn't want to work on this particular show anymore, you could have calmly explained it instead of making the most tasteless joke in your library, and then basically bragging about it. It's like if at the end of "House Fancy", they rubbed it your face that you watched the Toenail Scene. Because of this moment, even though the rest of the episode save for that one joke was passable, the stinger pretty much assured that I'd never watch it on its own again.
  • Trialman: For me, it was the post-Battle City clip show episode that gave me something to be upset at. Basically, throughout the flashbacks, the episode has a Running Gag of previous running gags showing up, and then someone claims that nobody understands it and therefore, it isn’t funny. I personally dislike this kind of Self-Deprecation in the first place, but that’s not why I was upset. The moment that made me lose some respect for the series is when he applied this to Slifer the Executive Producer, a renaming of Slifer the Sky Dragon. The thing is, many people do get this joke, as in the Japanese version, the dragon is named Osiris, in reference to an Egyptian god, and in the dub, the card was renamed in reference to Roger Slifer, the dub’s executive producer. But more importantly, at the time the episode was released, Roger Slifer was in a coma, from a hit and run accident two years prior. The rather unceremonious dismissal of the Abridged name felt rather disrespectful to the man, considering his important position in bringing the original series to the west, which in turn lead to the creation of the Abridged Series itself, especially as LK has acknowledged that the dub pretty much allowed his series to manifest. As such, I felt somewhat disillusioned with such an insensitive jab at Roger Slifer. (For reference, he passed away about a year after the episode released, making the joke feel even more insensitive)

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