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Given how long the Kingdom Hearts franchise has gone on, it was only a matter of time before these types of moments showed up... and how the fans wish they could smack these scenes with a giant key and cast them to the pits of DARKNESS!!!

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    Kingdom Hearts I 
  • Finalark: For me, Cloud's portrayal in Kingdom Hearts I was one big dethroning moment of suck. Originally, Vincent was meant to fill that role but it was handed to Cloud, a more popular character. The result is Vincent's personality implanted onto Cloud. This is where Cloud's Flanderization started. In Final Fantasy VII Cloud was much more of a complex character, coming off more as anti-social and kind of a jerkass than Wangsty. However, since Kingdom Hearts decided to give him a Wangsty personality an entire audience who are only familiar with Final Fantasy VII through Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children have made Cloud into the patron saint of stoic yet overly emotional JRPG protagonists. Not only that, but Final Fantasy VII has become the go-to example of JRP Gs being somber, emotional epics. I doubt you'll ever see any modern Final Fantasy VII related material reference "DRINK YOUR DAMN TEA!" or the cross-dressing scene.

    Kingdom Hearts II 
  • sardns: Sora falling to his knees while grabbing Riku's hand, crying and saying "I looked everywhere for you!" in Kingdom Hearts II. He won't cry over Goofy supposedly dying, but he'll cry when he's reunited with his friend even though he at least knew Riku was still alive. That emotionally over-the-top moment was really, really awkward to watch. And in a series with one of the most annoying Yaoi Fangirl bases out there, it's really unappreciated by the rest of us.
  • Manwiththeplan: Also from Kingdom Hearts II: the entire Cloud vs. Sephiroth subplot. Sora, Donald, and Goofy literally do nothing to affect it, the fight against Sephiroth and his reasoning about wanting the Keyblade is dropped and never referenced again in favor of a generic showdown between him and Cloud that ends abruptly with no resolution, and worst of all, the whole thing made no sense. Cloud is flanderized as his stoic, Wangsty Advent Children self with no explanation, his obsession with fighting Sephiroth isn't explained other than some weird bullshit about Sephiroth being "his darkness", and Tifa is his light, all the while she is derailed into some generic tough girl who single-mindedly seeks Cloud. Ugh, there is just so much wrong with this plotline and it's just so damn pointless save for pandering to the Final Fantasy VII base, just like that damn Complication.......sorry, Compilation.
  • Blackcatmisfortunate: The entire character of Roxas is, to me, nothing more than a walking plothole who serves to be one of the most inconveniencing and confusing plot devices in the series, and I could go on for days about why I think his inclusion in the series pretty much derailed the entire story, but the real DMoS that he brings to the table is the opening of Kingdom Hearts 2. After waiting years to finally play a console sequel to Kingdom Hearts 1, I didn't appreciate having to spend the first few hours of the game playing as a character that I cared nothing about.

    Birth By Sleep 
  • Sinister Hooded Figure 2: Master Xehanort's presence in the Kingdom Hearts franchise has bothered me greatly. He is literally the source of all of the series' worst Asspulls, Retcons, Gambit Roulettes, Idiot Balls, Idiot Plots, and unnecessary Kudzu Plots that the Kingdom Hearts series is infamously saddled with. He also has some serious storybreaker powers for someone who isn't a heartless or nobody such as possession of multiple people, and some really nonsensical time-travel abilities, effectively devaluing Organization XIII and Maleficent's band of Disney Villains as antagonists. But the defining moment that establishes Master Xehanort as an unforgivable Invincible Villain for me is during Master Eraqus's flashback. Eraqus and Xehanort were apparently close friends, but when Xehanort was essentially going to risk destroying the worlds, Eraqus tried to stop him. Xehanort blasted Eraqus with some dark powers in response, scarring Master Eraqus, but then the flashback ends. Friendship over right? Nope. Xehanort is allowed to preside in the Mark of Mastery Exam, and when some darkness sabotages the exam, Master Eraqus never suspected the transparently evil looking man that nearly doomed the universe and scarred his face with the powers of darkness, and blames it all on Terra. When he finally realizes that Xehanort is behind it all, he still makes stupid decisions, and ends up getting killed. The heroes are expected to beat a villain that downright cheats the narrative without effort? Makes me wish Kingdom Hearts 2 was the last installment.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 D: Dream Drop Distance 
  • Heirophants Fool: The fact that Axel/Lea had his cool chakrams taken away for a lame Keyblade in 3DS, thus ridding him of all that pesky originality and making him Sora mkII.
  • Hobgoblin: Sora's visit to the Grid encompasses his quest to save Tron from his fate of being Rinzler. He ultimately accomplishes this, only for CLU to drop Tron into a pit and send his men to go recapture him to change back into Rinzler. Which CLU says aloud within earshot of Sora. Sora then proceeds to leave without attempting to fight CLU or save Tron at all after all of his hard work over the course of the story, making the entirety of the The Grid pointless.
  • Charleston Man: Riku becoming the official Keyblade Master while Sora fails the test. Because what better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original game than to piss on it's unique twist of Riku The Chosen One ultimately losing out to The Unchosen One? Now the guy who was meant to be the Keyblade Master all along is the Keyblade Master, and Sora's just a lucky fool. How insultingly boring.

    Kingdom Hearts III 
  • bdacosta2: For someone like me, who's been waiting years for this game to be released, it came as a wonderful surprise to find it was everything I'd hoped for and more. Until the final battle. Up to a certain point, everything was going great: happy reunions, redemptions, and salvations of characters who I thought had been doomed forever. And then it comes down to Master Xehanort himself. What does he do to start off the final confrontation? Kill Kairi in front of Sora. Why? Because [Sora] "requires motivation". This is an insult for several reasons. First, way to build up Kairi as a supporting protagonist in preparation for this game, only to have her be killed off just like that. Second, there was no need for any of this: all Master Xehanort needed to do to complete his X-blade was to clash his blade with Sora's or anybody else from the side of Light. He could have warped down, attacked the heroes, and forged his final piece when they defended themselves. But no, he just had to kill off The Hero's Love Interest because he "required motivation". As spectacular as the resulting Final Battle turned out to be, the taint of that moment kept me from relishing this Grand Finale. Not to mention how it makes his redemption even more infuriating, as explained farther down.
    • SenorCornholio: In addition to the above and below entries, this is a DMoS for another reason: it's a flimsy excuse for a Bittersweet Ending after all the buildup to a satisfying conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga. The game makes you think everything will be alright with previously lost characters coming back, everyone reuniting after years of strife, and you finally being able to put an end to Xehanort's antics once and for all. But it pulls a last-minute downer by having Kairi, Sora's motivation since the first game, Stuffed into the Fridge and forcing Sora, who I am now convinced is a Cosmic Plaything, to perform a Heroic Sacrifice just so we can anticipate Kingdom Hearts IV or whatever side game it takes to bring him back. And knowing Nomura, who likes to take his sweet time advancing the main, overarching story, that's a long ways away. Was it really worth degrading Kairi like that just for an unsatisfying ending that makes the fanbase wait even longer for a proper final act? Wasn't the Foretellers' return more than enough of a Sequel Hook? As SomecallmeJohnny put it, Kairi was "a means to an end until her last breath," and it is now abundantly clear that she will never be anything but in the eyes of the writers.
  • Peridonyx: Master Xehanort's Ass Pull redemption and insultingly peaceful "Karmic" Death — after years of acting like The Sociopath, causing Fates Worse than Death, exploiting Forgiveness already, invoking But for Me, It Was Tuesday, etc. Thanks, Mr. Nomura, for making us wait a near-decade just for this.
    • Loekman 3: I can't believe I have to agree with you on this. I could rant on everything wrong with the game (making everyone but Sora incompetent, the utter butchering of Frozen's world, the rushed pacing at the end, etc.) but if there one thing that pisses me off the most, it's Xehanort, the man who ruined the lives of everyone, the one responsible for unleashing all these creatures into the Realm of Light as well as the man who flat-out murdered Kairi just to provide Sora motivation, suddenly gets redeemed and Easily Forgiven by practically everyone. He could have been one of the few villains who is both a CM and MB by his sheer intelligence and charisma but no, his motives of wanting to vanquish darkness suddenly makes Sora and everyone sympathize with him and because of that, he loses the honor of having both the titles. Heck, if he just spitefully curses the trio like Young Xehanort did in his last moments, he could have been a far better character but instead the story expects us to sympathize with him after everything he did.
  • Isaac_Heller: Since both what happened with Kairi and Xehanort has been covered, I have something else to add. This game suddenly decided that what was portrayed as a happy ending in KH2 for Roxas and Namine wasn't one, that they "ceased to exist" by re-merging with Sora and Kairi, and that they needed to be "saved" since they deserve to be their own people. OK, fine. Except that then, the inexplicably returning, disembodied Riku Replica gives up a chance to become his own person so that Namine can inhabit the spare replica body he leaves behind, remarking to Riku that "the world already has you". The world already has Sora, Kairi and Ventus too, yet the game was saying this was no good reason for Roxas and Namine (and Xion) to not be able to live in the world. But now the story breaks its own morality, and treats Riku Replica doing this a triumphant Heroic Sacrifice. Nomura, you can't have your cake and eat it too like this. Just like with your back-and-forth between whether darkness is evil or not, you need to take a solid stance and stick to it, otherwise the story becomes muddled in a frustrating, hypocritical way.
  • 227someguy: My Dethroning moment happens to be the whole time staring from the fight with Terranort to the end of the fight against the Heartless tornado. First, Ven gets one-shot by Terranort while making no effort to defend himself (despite the fact that it was made obvious that this isn't the real Terra). Second, Aqua just stands there, doing nothing while Terranort attacks the group. Third, Kairi does crap while needing Axel and Sora to defend her (the latter of whom can't even be bothered to fight back). Fourth, when the Heartless tornado arrives, Aqua still doesn't try to fight back. And to top it all off, Sora is too busy grieving for his lost friends instead of protecting his last remaining friend who pulls a Dying Moment of Awesome (a diamond in the ruff). If it wasn't for a certain Ass Pull, our heroes would've lost due to Cutscene Incompetence.

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