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These are not how these How It Should Have Ended shorts should have ended.

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  • Dr Zulu 2010: For me, it's the HISHE for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I know that many people like to make fun of Lucas, but it takes it to a whole new level. At the stinger, after Spielberg says he's sorry, George arrives and said that he's not sorry while smiling and eating a bucket of money. For all the faults he could be blamed for, at least I know he is not an egotistic jerk.
  • Animeking 1108: The episode of The Hunger Games: It started off good enough, but then they end it with Katniss spitting out the berries while Peeta swallows them and dies. Her reason? Because she thinks Gale is 'hotter.' The ending to Mockingjay may be up for Alternate Character Interpretation, but this was blatant Character Derailment for the sake of Die for Our Ship.
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  • Tuckerscreator - The Halo: Reach HISHE claims NOBLE Team should have avoided Tempting Fate... except that none of those foreshadowing phrases or character flaws are in the original scene at all. For instance, Kat doesn't have any aversion to wearing her helmet, and in fact is sniped through the head while wearing it. So HISHE pretty much made up a scene where NOBLE Team acts like idiots solely for the joke of "Halo: Reach shouldn't have had their Spartans be idiots". Wow. There's being lazy about criticizing flaws and then there's making up flaws to criticize and taunt.
  • fluffything: Normally, I find How It Should Have Ended to be a pretty funny and creative web series. But, man alive, their Jurassic Park HISHE is just horrible. The "Dino poops graphically on the characters" and "Hey, let's add a pointless Snakes on a Plane" joke were bad enough. But, the worst was the way too long and not-funny-at-all "Smart Velociraptor" joke which basically boiled down to "Hey, the raptors can talk now and use guns!". That's the whole joke. The raptors start talking like gangstas and are able to use guns. It's like something out of a poorly-written Family Guy episode. No, I take it back. It's like something out of a cheap imitation of a poorly-written Family Guy episode.
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  • Fofa: Words can barely describe how rude the HISHE for Toy Story 3 was. The ending for Toy Story 3 was an excellent combination of a tear jerker and a heartwarming moment about Andy giving his toys to Bonnie. Here, it paints him as neurotic, selfish manchild when he takes the toys away from her and drives off. That's just insulting to both the movie and its fans.
  • batmany: Lazy. That one word perfectly describes the HISHE for Prometheus. The entire review is nothing but a quick summary of the film with "jokes" (in the loosest sense of the world possible) that were already made (and were funnier) in Spoony's and Chester A Bum's reviews of the film. HISHE, I am disappointed in this utter lack of effort. Ripping off jokes is something I'd expect from The Irate Gamer or some other hack web show, not you guys.
  • Peabody Sam: A huge piece of Fridge Logic arises from a Plot Hole in How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended, which is an odd case considering that this series is specifically devoted to pointing out Fridge Logic and Plot Holes. In this episode, it asks, "Since Gipsy's sword was effective against one Kaiju, why couldn't Gipsy just stand at the edge of the Breach and use its sword to decapitate Kaiju whenever one appeared?" The answer should be plainly obvious to anyone who has seen the film, which spends a ton of time demonstrating that Kaiju adapt and therefore any defensive strategy (i.e. Jaegers) is doomed to fail with time. Gipsy's sword is no exception; if they just relied on it, eventually the Kaiju would adapt and render it useless. Granted, the entire episode was just an excuse to shoehorn cameos from other Kaiju and Humongous Mecha, but you'd expect better from HISHE.
  • Retloclive: I had high hopes for the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade HISHE as it starts off brilliantly knowing that Indy could have just killed Hitler during the brief moment they were face-to-face. However... the rest of the video after that was extremely weak. The next portion of the video centering around the Grail is nothing more than an entire reenactment of what goes down in the actual film other than the old guard dying in a different method, and then they ended the video with an overly long joke about Elsa possibly sleeping with both Indy and his father. It's kind of funny, but not something I was expecting from HISHE.
  • Riley1s Cool: My moment is not a HISHE animation, it's one of their "Hero Swap" animations: Aquaman v Superman. We have Aquaman, one of the most badass superheroes in the DCU, with the ability to control sea life, including sharks, krakens, whales, and generally all sorts of creatures, along with a cool design and a magic trident. Their best joke? "Aquaman is useless". Yes, let's all mock Aquaman based on his Super Friends version. Adding is Critical Research Failure, like Supes vaporizing the trident, which is magic. Oh, yeah, and apparently Aquaman's greatest weapon is... fish, and when it looks like he'll finally demonstrate how awesome he is when he gets the Kryptonite Spear, he misses and kills Superman, leading to him being kicked out of the Justice League. This all feels like a vendetta against Aquaman. So, signing off as usual, I'd like to ask what the heck they were thinking.
  • twingle93: The Logan entry addresses none of the problems with the film, instead opting for almost the entire episode devoted to an Overly Long Gag referencing Les Miserables. It's not even a parody of Les Miserables, it's just a straight re-creation of the ending instead involving singing X-men instead of singing french people. It goes on for three or four minutes, with just the various x-men singing, with no jokes or funny bits to break it up. To anyone who hated or just didn't like the recent adaptation of Les Miserables, this whole sequence feels like torture, and seems to be put in simply because Hugh Jackman starred in both films. Finally they just lazily insert Deadpool, (who isn't funny if his cameos are gratuitous), to bring Logan back to life and then they both go over to harass Batman at the cafe and ends with Deadpool's bare ass sliding against the glass of the cafe's front, and calling Batman "Butt-man," which The Simpsons Already Did. So we have a HISHE episode that has far more references to Deadpool and Les Miserables (a completely unrelated franchise) than the actual Logan movie, and for added suckege, it somehow fails to make Deadpool funny.
  • Doctor Sleep: How the Venom Trailer Should Have Ended just didn't work for me. Not only did it come across as little more than the writers complaining under the paper-thin guise of parody, but running a joke about Venom's inability to tell an idiom goes against the channel's very premise. I mean, do they honestly believe the Venom trailer should end with him looking like a massive dork?
  • Sir Ijona: Though it didn't ruin the show for me, How The Last Jedi Should Have Ended didn't work as the others did in the slightest. Not only does it just come off as pandering to people who didn't like the movie (due to the fact that the creator of the show has gone on to say he enjoyed the movie), but the examples proposed for alternate endings mostly seem like fanfiction and not ways it should've feasibly gone, ex. Luke being able to stop laser blasts with the force because Kylo could, even though Luke has been locked out of the Force for decades while Kylo Ren has been trained quite a bit with new force methods, or Yoda being able to simply show up and strike Kylo's ship with lightning in broad daylight. It wouldn't be so bad if it was in general not a very funny video, with the best joke being one about Anakin being excited to meet his grandson, and that's just part of a Running Gag.
  • Zeo Gosei Prime 68: Don't get me wrong. I love the ''How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended" video, but one particular moment pissed me off. Almost every hero is lined up to take out Thanos and his Chitauri Army, and just as Captain American is about say "Avengers...Assemble" like he did in the movie, Wong suddenly shows up out of nowhere and uses the mirror dimension to make the Chitauri army disappear. He then uses the sling ring to plumment Thanos down to god knows where and closes it to cut his head off. This not only ruins an epic moment for the heroes, but he robs them off the greatest and most epic battle of all time and turns it into a huge anti-climatic battle!


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