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There's only so many times you can sit through The Power of Friendship before you start feeling The Power of Hate.

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  • Lily Nadesico: Chapter 322. Following a pretty cool fight between Laxus and Jura, we are "treated" to the rather short and rushed outcomes of the Grey & Juvia VS Lyon & Cheria and the Erza VS Minerva fight. Then, after all is said and done, it seems that it will be Sting's time to shine... and yet, after seeing the worn-out Grey, Juvia, Erza, Laxus and Gajeel getting ready, he just... gives up? Talk about a disappointing and anticlimatic end to what was until then a fairly good arc.
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  • jaydude1992: The end of the Erza/Minerva fight. Minerva has previously beaten up one of Erza's friends, tortured another one purely for the evulz, and threatened one of her guild's members with the death of his Morality Pet if he doesn't win the Grand Magic games. After being thrown around by Minerva for a while, Erza reveals that she has magical power in reserve, and chooses to tap into it. Does this mean we'll get an epic showdown between the two of them, ending with Erza paying Minerva back for all her jerkassery?
    Nope, she just pulls a new suit of armor seemingly out of her ass that effectively makes her a God-Mode Sue for a few seconds and then one-shots Minerva. That's it. That's all the punishment she ever gets for her behaviour. At best, it's an anticlimactic end to what should have been a kickass battle, and at worst, Minerva becomes a downplayed Karma Houdini.
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  • Super Saiya Man: We get a desperate battle against seven almighty dragons that have came through the timegate by Future Rogue. A tense situation where the Status Quo could really be thrown for a loop! We even have Gray dying in a Heroic Sacrifice for Juvia! How can it... wait, she's reversing time by one minute... reversing any deaths and killing any tension? People thought Kishimoto was bad with Rinnei Tensei, but at least it was excusable in universe.
  • K Oman: The infamous conclusion to the final Erza vs. Kyouka fight. Kyouka, having entered her Etherious Form, has Erza completely on the defensive with her constantly increasing strength. Then she cripples Erza with pain receptors sensitive enough to bring her to her knees screaming and crying over a light breeze, and shuts off her five senses. So, how is Erza to escape this predicament? She.. just does. She gets up, spouts a friendship speech, and suddenly starts curb-stomping Kyouka. Suddenly, neither the blinding pain or the lack of her five senses is an issue. How does Mashima try to rationalize all this? "It's because she's Erza"... Not only was this a lazy conclusion to the fight in an arc that been giving characters interesting power-ups, it completely killed all the tension in the fight, and preemptively any future fight Erza will take part in.
  • Awesomekid 42: During Natsu's fight against Zancrow, it was established that Zancrow's God Slayer fire magic was far superior to Natsu, being a kind of fire that Natsu couldn't consume and was significantly less resistent to than other types of fire. So, does this lead to Natsu having to find a way to defeat a powerful opponent without the use of magic, an interesting idea that the Edolas arc before it brought up before throwing away? Nope. It's revealed that as long as Natsu depletes himself of magic, he's somehow able to eat the fire that was completely unedbile to Natsu, the most interesting of the very few things I found interesting about Zancrow. With wasted oppertunity, a reveal that comes out of nowhere, and isn't even elaborated enough to make sense making it come off as barely better than Plot Armor, this scene is the embodiment of nearly every major problem I have with the series.
  • 55Revolver: I had problems with Fairy Tail, but the revelation that Doranbolt was actually Mest all along and was working for Fairy Tail as a spy on the Council destroyed my love for the series. I could bring up the massive Plot Holes, or lack of foreshadowing, but those have been done to death... No what bothers me about this is Fairy Tail effectively committed full blown TREASON against the Magic Council, and the Kingdom of Fiore. That alone would be bad enough, but the fact that this crime is never shown to blow up in Makarov, or any other member of the Guild's face effectively makes Fairy Tail a massive Karma Houdini. You just know that if one of the dark guilds had done the exact same thing, Mashima would demonize them and portray them as criminals, but because Fairy Tail are the heroes they can do whatever they want without backlash. Bull-Freaking-Crap!
  • Catalyst 375: Chapter 433 and 434. The Dark Guild Avatar's leader has just revealed that his "Operation Purification" involved summoning a War God to consume the souls of his Guild in an attempt to make Zeref appear. Ikusatsunagi is massive, his head reaches the clouds, his sword can split the land-scape for miles with a single swing... and Natsu frags it with a single punch, while making a speech about The Power of Friendship. Let me repeat that for emphasis: a capital-G God. The first one seen in the series. Fodderized. In one punch. By Natsu. Giving the same type of speech we have seen dozens of times throughout the story. If it didn't happen before, it has officially come to pass: Natsu and the whole Fairy Tail guild have become Mary Sues, Mashima is not even trying with his villains anymore, and the Fairy Tail manga has hit rock bottom.
  • EXNativo: Nothing to do with the latest arc in the manga has thrilled me as of yet, but one glaring example of how pointless the story is becoming is Universe One. So we finally have a current member of Fairy Tail die, and even though Gajeel was one of my favourite characters, I'm fine with that being how his story ends. Wait, nope, just kidding! Eileen's magic just so happened to reverse it... even though the portal was quite clearly closed before she even started the spell. Oh, and just in case it wasn't blatantly clear that Eileen is totally a badass that we should all love, her magic even results in a cameo for Zera... despite the facts that some people will have absolutely no idea who she is (if they haven't read or even heard of FTZ) and Mavis (whom apparently created her as a result of breaking free from Lumen Histoire at exactly the same time as Universe One was cast...I think?) had enough time to open her eyes and make a comment about the state of her muscles to a listening Cana before everything got shuffled around. I'll be completely honest and say that I find Eileen's quote-unquote 'character' to be a bit of a train wreck who is taking over whatever you can call current events, as I hazard to refer to it as a plot, but my Dethroning Moment it definitely her use of magic that all but confirms that nothing for Fairy Tail is ever going to change. Despite the fact that they are current embroiled within a continent wide war.
  • Cheed: My Dethroning Moment took place a lot earlier than a lot of other tropers here. Arc Villain Brain trying to kill his apprentice is one of, if not, the biggest demonstration of troll logic in anime history. The fight between first-generation dragon slayer Natsu and second-generation dragon slayer Cobra was one-sided. Cobra was effortlessly annihilating Natsu. In the end, Natsu is left drained and defenseless after he lets off an almighty attack that ultimately fails to defeat Cobra. Up to this point Cobra has merely been toying with Natsu and so decides to close in for the killing blow...but then his master, Brain, backstabs him. The reason? Brain says he wants a strong apprentice like Natsu.......WHAT?? Brain was watching the entire fight, how the heck did he come to that conclusion? What am I saying - the fact that he needed to save Natsu by almost killing Cobra should already be testament to the fact that all parties involved acknowledged that Cobra was better than Natsu in every way! What even made him think that the good-aligned Natsu would ever agree to be his apprentice, especially after witnessing him try to kill his current apprentice for no good reason? Brain adds that he admires Natsu as a first generation slayer, but every fight we've ever seen between a first and second generation slayer has always been one-sided in favour of the second generation, it took two first-generations to even dent a second generation! And even if his troll logic was true, isn't the fact his loyal apprentice managed to absolutely wipe the floor with Natsu not a testament to how powerful Cobra is? Fairy Tail is full of lapses in logic but this was the moment that tipped me over the edge.
  • Maj_Spoiler: Gray's fight against Invel in chapter 500. First off, it was yet ANOTHER ice vs. ice battle. What made this worse than the others was that in other fights, Gray used strategy and his wit. In this one, Gray only uses The Power of Friendship (which he never used before) to curb stomp Invel, a member of the Spriggan 12. That's right, even after Invel equips his super powerful armor, he gets destroyed. Gray was the only character whose fights I still enjoyed, which was only because he didn't use nakama BS or some sort of major Ass Pull, making this fight the final straw for me.
  • N Troper: Makarov's Heroic Sacrifice in Chapter 505. The lead-up to it is basically Eileen casting Berserk on all the enemy soldiers now overwhelming Erza's group. Makarov then declares he will be using a wide-range Fairy Law to dispatch all berserked enemies overwhelming them, prompting the whole group to try and stop him. At that point, Mavis reveals she came up with a plan that will grant them victory. Makarov then throws all logic out of the window by telling Mavis that he knows her plan will bring them victory, but as a father, he cannot sit idly and watch his children being overwhelmed, despite that being what Mavis' plan is for! He then unleashes Fairy Law at the cost of his life, wiping out all enemies in the process. This is a problem for a few reasons: First and foremost, the way Mashima has been handling deaths in Fairy Tail, particularly Gajeel's and Juvia's, completely took the sting of killing off characters not only from this arc, but in the series as a whole. Secondly, on the case that this IS a death that does not get reversed somehow like the previous cases, it will be a case where a character was killed off by a completely idiotic motive, since Fairy Tail is still getting pretty overwhelmed by Zeref's army and losing one of their powerhouses will certainly make things harder for them in the long run and Makarov had NO reason to pull that Heroic Sacrifice when Mavis' plan was there as a perfect alternative with no casualties. Which, again, Makarov acknowledges but ignores for utterly emotional reasons. Lastly, we are at the risk of, should Makarov be brought back somehow, putting up yet again with the overused joke of whoever gets assigned as the next Guildmaster handing over the job back to Makarov, making Status Quo god yet again.
  • Retloclive: I'm deleting my previous example, because of The Reveal that went down in chapter 513. That apparently, Erza is the daughter of the former Queen of the Dragons. No Mashima. I do not buy this revelation one bit after the Erza character has been around for so long. Not once did I ever feel like, or be hinted towards, Erza having some sort of connection to being a dragon-born. If anything, she was always just a normal magic-user that fought with armor and swords to the point that I would have bought a different reveal that I originally thought it was building up to. That Erza was going to be a Living Weapon created by Irene Belserion. But no. Erza had to be a bloody dragon-born instead, because Mashima wanted his Creator's Pet to somehow also be connected to the dragon story-line as if already being one of the strongest mages in the Fairy Tail guild wasn't already good enough for her. Now she's a freaking Dragon Princess too.
  • Maddoxsort: Only one thing in the Alvarez Arc really burned me. It was when Acnologia suddenly murdered God Serena. Hiro revealed God Serena had 8 Dragon Lacrima and then had him cut down before he barely got to use half of them, like he couldn't figure out how to fill in the remaining Lacrima and decided to off him for shock value as an excuse not to showcase the rest. Dude, when you have someone who equates to the Mega Man of Dragon Slayers step onto the battlefield, don't kill him off before you've seen the full course of his power assortment!!


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