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Dethroning Moment / DeceasedCrab

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  • Zero Brina Fan: When DeceasedCrab basically told a commenter on one of his videos to choke himself to death. What was the commenter's crime? Mentioning a show DC didn't like. Up until I saw that comment, I was perfectly fine with the guy, even knowing all the Grammar Nazi crap he pulled, but after that I swore off his videos and only check his channel every few months to see if he's been banned yet. Honestly, Small Name, Big Ego doesn't even begin to cover him after that incident.
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  • ergeis: Oh boy, DeceasedCrab. I never liked him because he's like PewDiePie (who I'm sort of okay with, to be honest) but instead of the Pee Wee Herman personality, he has passive aggression. He even banned people for liking the Snake Eater theme. What is your problem, DeceasedCrab?
  • Dan The Enigma: I got another one for Deceased Crab. About 5 years ago, 14-year-old me made a comment on one of his videos because, me being only 14, I figure I'd ask him an honest question about what he said because it sounded familiar to me and I didn't remember what it was originally from. Instead of giving me a straight answer like you'd expect, he absolutely snaps and tells me to kill myself for not knowing what he originally quoted came from. (For those wondering, it was the "But thou must" line from Dragon Warrior that I know now but not back then). But no, he decided to be a complete Jerkass for no reason. DeceasedCrab? More like DouchebagCrab.
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  • Gotgunpowder: The time he got incredibly offended over the Hand Of Fate Dealer making a fat joke (Referring to a ring that does something to your food and gold: "Fat and poor, an unusual combination"). I'd normally understand it (to a degree) but it was apparently so irredeemable that he outright banned people disagreeing with him, including long time, dedicated fans, and even boasted about this in the comments. Way to completely alienate your fanbase, Crab.

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