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Tim Buckley has for the longest time had a rather bad reputation on the Internet, mostly regarding his work. With moments like these, is it any wonder why?

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  • Revelo: Ctrl+Alt+Del and the Landing strip which closed out the infamous Loss storyline. Most people will cite 'Loss' as the moment the comic really hit rock bottom. I admit I'd followed the comic for a year out of curiosity, then was ready to abandon the comic then because of how Loss came out of nowhere, was a serious Mood Whiplash and poorly backed up by Tim, however I kept an eye on it just to see how this panned out. What Landing gave us was Lillah turning Christian into the authorities by making up that he was in possession of drugs. Not only does she not get in trouble for making false charges, but then she apologizes to Ethan for how she acted during the arc, even though she had done nothing wrong. This was the moment I realized I couldn't put up with a comic with terrible writing, poor humor, a Mary Sue main character who treats his best friend and wife like dirt, have them apologize to him when they go along with his bullshit and gets everything given to him for no effort.
    • Cerotech Omega: I am near-oblivious to the full extent of the Loss story with the exception of what I hear on TV Tropes, and yet somehow Buckley manages to find a new way to fuck it up. Ten years since that little bit of nastiness arrived on the net, he somehow had the gall to make it even worse. I present to you: "Found". Not only is it lazy as fuck, just tweaking the final panel so only Ethan's expression changed, but the new expression being a smug smile speaks leagues about the sheer contempt Buckley has for his audience. Even worse, the original strip was completely overwritten with this filth, meaning that only pictures of the original on other sources (like this io9 article I got the original link from) have the original for all to see, meaning those who only visit the CAD site for comics are SOL. And just like that, any passing interest I had in the comic or its author outright disintegrated. Buckley, please do the world a favor and disappear from the collective unconscious forever; we do not want you. And no, deleting the new offensive comic to put the old one back up will not wash away this stain.
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  • Joseph L: Initially, I had a high tolerance for Ethan's Manchild bullshit in Ctrl+Alt+Del, but it eroded steadily over the months, until this comic—hell, the first panel—washed it all away. I haven't been back since, except to get the linked comic. I guess I was able to tolerate it for at least as long as I felt that Ethan wasn't truly aware of it, that he was motivated more by (albeit sometimes misguided) love for Lilah than anything else. Seeing such puerile behavior put out so obviously made me feel, for at least a moment (though still a moment too long) that Ethan's primarily motivated by laziness and greed.
  • So We Ate Them: This strip from Ctrl+Alt+Del, and the corresponding blog, (which he tore down after realizing he'd discredited himself). It states he's never played anything in the game's franchise. That was all it took to convince me that this webcomic is unprofessional in all aspects. No, the Author's Saving Throw (specifically, playing the freaking game) did nothing to sway me, as Buckley should have known this from the start: Experience first, pass judgment later!
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  • Bek359: This strip, which was replaced with this strip after Buckley started getting reams upon reams of outraged comments. ...Just read the first one.
  • Dynamite XI: I'm finding that I really, really hate Ctrl+Alt+Del's ongoing storyline, where Ethan receives a massive electric shock and becomes sane and normal. The long-term ramifications of this change could have been fascinating, much like how Steve Dallas had a personality swap in Bloom County. Instead, however, Buckley puts Lilah and Lucas through Character Derailment, turning them into insane copies of Ethan's old self, which leads Kate to break up with Lucas in the process. The implication is that without Ethan's insanity in their daily lives, both Lucas and Lilah will themselves become insane, which does not happen in real life. And the way that things are looking, it appears that Ethan will voluntarily choose to go back to being an insane manchild again in order to save Lilah and Lucas. (And if it turns out that Lilah and Lucas are just pretending in order to get the old Ethan back, then the implications become even worse.)
    • Peteman: Ugh, yeah. Seriously. The only positive thing about this storyline is that you can make a reference to Linkara and Spoony's Warrior review on whether or not Ethan is an insanity magnet, and protects those around him by absorbing the insanity on the universe, without which it affects those around him. Bleh.
    • ABLb0y: This strip. Especially the Blog page thingy, in which he implies that there's nothing worse than homosexuality. I knew Buckley was a cock before, but this just kinda sealed it.
    • vexer: The ending to the original run of the comic where Ethan sacrifices himself in order to save the world, it was just WAY too depressing and nihilistic and felt very out of place in an otherwise comedic comic series, it just felt like Tim Buckley only did it because he ran out of ideas on where to go with the characters. Hopefully Lilah and the other character will get re-introduced into the rebooted series at some point.
  • n3rd_d4sh: One comic that pissed me off wasn't really anything like loss or something. There was this one comic where those two alien people bought a copy of Splatoon, saying that their happy that they can finally play a game that isn't related to Mario. Ah yes, because Splatoon is literally the ONLY game on the Wii U that doesn't focus on Mario. And then they show a Wii U that looks as if it was left unplayed for several years. As an average Wii U player, I felt genuinely pissed off.

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