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  • Garfield 2710: Their video "The Conservative Lorax," really left a bad taste in my mouth. Aside from being just plain unfunny, this sketch implies that all conservatives are Wall-Street loving, environment hating, Mexican hating, and greedy tycoons. It also completely misunderstands the difference between free-market capitalism and crony capitalism, ignores the fact that most companies that cut down trees, replant those very same trees, because not doing so would be a detriment to their business, something that the original source material warned against, and also seems to believe that every corporation is bad (some are, but not all). This entire sketch is nothing more than a thinly veiled Author Tract Take That!, and an unfunny one at that. If you don't agree with Conservative ideology, or want to make a video playfully mocking them, that's perfectly fine (I lean Conservative, but I don't agree with everything they say or do, and there is a lot to make fun of about them), but this is just so mean-spirited and smug.
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  • Maths Angelic Version: The most worthless CollegeHumor "article" I've ever seen must be The Official Disney Movie Matrix. The x axis goes from "Not Your Favorite" to "Was Your Childhood", and the y axis goes from "Doesn't Hold Up" to "Genuinely Great":
    1. The placements on the "was your childhood" axis are arbitrary. I seriously have no idea what the logic behind them is - I suspect that the authors (yes, it took two people to make this stuff) at most exchanged some childhood memories and based the rankings on that. And why is Frozen on it? If you were a kid when it was released, you're probably still a kid!
    2. They didn't even include the full Disney Animated Canonnote , and the criteria for inclusion make no sense. Less popular films like Chicken Little and Home on the Range tend to be excluded, but the disliked and forgotten The Black Cauldron is on the list. Some recent films, like Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph are excluded, but Frozen is not!
    3. The y axis... oh my. Some placements make sense, like having the acclaimed The Lion King and Aladdin at the top. The Black Cauldron, a flop with mixed reviews, is at the bottom. On the other hand, several positively reviewed, beloved classics like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan are given a "does not hold up" rating. The Aristocats, which is typically considered watchable, but low-tier for a Disney movie, somehow beats them. I realize that the bottom half of the matrix also needs entries, but there's a better way to do that: including the less popular movies like Chicken Little! Also, for some reason, The Emperor's New Groove has the second lowest y axis placement despite its generally positive reviews. This is enough to convince me that the authors didn't bother to research the movies' receptions and just substituted their own guesses or opinions. Of course they're entitled to their opinions, but they shouldn't pretend to be objective when they aren't. Even with this in mind, all they're doing is saying things like "Sleeping Beauty is bad" with no attempt to justify it. It's neither informative nor funny. It's just lazy. If someone posted it on their personal blog after being asked how they feel about the Disney films, I wouldn't care, but a comedy site should have some kinds of standards. If they had put some effort into writing funny and/or informative criticism to go along with the matrix, that would've been fine. Unfortunately, they do neither of these, so I fail to see why this chart should exist. The only purpose I can think of is "let's use College Humor as a vehicle for our Disney opinions and upset fans of the classics (and The Emperor's New Groove)".
    4. The icing on the cake? The description is "Disney fans, get ready to argue". They knew it was lazy flame bait and published it anyway.
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  • Captain Tedium: The College Humor video that I found extremely bad was "DuckTales (1987) Opening Gone Horribly Wrong". It basically starts the same way the traditional opening to this classic Disney cartoon goes, but things go downhill when they get to the part where Scrooge McDuck dives into his Money Bin. He ends up getting brutally injured and dies at the hospital, after which Huey, Dewey, and Louie end up in jail for causing a riot over Uncle Scrooge's death, are raped by the Beagle Boys, and are left to rot in jail by their uncle Donald, who is implied to commit suicide at the end of the video when he's unable to pay his bills. Having the Duck family torn apart by these tragedies just isn't funny.
  • SenorCornholio: I have a small bone to pick with a throwaway line in the College Humor video, "Luigi Finally Snaps". The plot of the video involves Luigi calling out Mario for basically getting the spotlight while the green plumber always plays second fiddle. The video was perfectly fine for the most part, but what really grinds my gears is this: Mario mentions he at least had Luigi's Mansion which Luigi says was terrible. Okay, fine; no problem. I like the game, but I can see why others don't. Then Mario says "Luigi, it's-a GameCube; all of those games were terrible". What!? And the GameCube hate apparently doesn't stop with this video; I recall them often repeatedly bashing the system in several videos. Okay, first of all: all GameCube games are terrible? I don't know about you, but I had fond memories of playing my GameCube, and several others did as well. I remember playing the heck out of Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. And that's not even going into several other games that I missed out on. In fact, a lot of these "terrible" games have become fan favorites in recent years; heck Wind Waker got an HD re-release on the Wii U. Really, it's like these guys only think that even for the most arbitrary change, the game automatically sucks. Second, putting all GameCube games in the same category of awful is a stupid generalization. I never had any interest in the Xbox 360; does that mean all Xbox 360 games are terrible because of that? No; it just means I never took an interest in it! Not every GameCube game is Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis, and not every Xbox 360 game is Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). I may have merely mentioned this moment because I grew up with a GameCube, but even if I wasn't a GameCube owner I would be headdesking so hard at this moment.

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