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No movie is without sin. For that matter, neither is this channel.

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  • CJ Croen 1393: I like CinemaSins, but one aspect that bugged me would be the one about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, wherein Jeremy repeatedly complains about how Ron and Hermione "have absolutely no chemistry and are only getting together to appease the shippers". Um...what? Ron and Hermione had a lot of chemistry over the course of the series. Maybe not as much as they did in the books (which don't matter, but still), but they still had chemistry. The only way Jeremy would have missed it is if he closed his eyes and covered his ears literally every time they were onscreen together.
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  • Leftred 9: While I think the Brand Sins video on Everything Wrong with Nintendo is pretty terrible overall, (large amount of mispronunciations and multiple instances of a research failure) my main gripe with the video is the part where the host lists off and sins every Nintendo console and handheld for a total of fifteen sins. It serves nothing but to saturate the sin counter and the fact that the Nintendo products were sinned instead of actual problems with the company gave off bad impressions.
  • Anicomicgeek: While they are accurate in summing up that Black Widow was talking about being a killer and not her inability to have children when she called herself a monster in Avengers: Age of Ultron, they did so in a way that did insulted people who criticized it, especially since many fans thought that putting the stuff about her feeling like she's a monster that close to her mentioning that she was infertile is a legitimate criticism.
  • Doctor Sleep I'm aware that CinemaSins uses a very cynical sense of humor, but the "Everything Wrong With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Trailer 2" video just convinced me that Jeremy is incapable of feeling any kind of joy. The whole commentary was basically "DC movies can do no right". A message for Jeremy: You're watching a trailer. You have no more context for any of the scenes you're criticizing than the average viewer and anyone can see that you're only doing this for publicity. Stick to movies that have already come out if you want to look like a respectable critic.
    • Adding to this is the fact that Screen Junkies did wait for the film to be released before criticizing it. While they didn't think highly of Batman v Superman either, they at least showed some class and didn't scoff at people who were looking forward to it.
  • L Dragon 2: Jeremy saying in his Sins video for Captain America: The Winter Soldier that if you like it, while that's fine, you are enjoying what is "essentially a Terry Gilliam fever dream". Really paints him as an extremely smug individual, and despite his words, also makes it come across like he views his intellect as superior to that of the people who liked the movie. Basically, a Fan Hater.
  • Aspie: A lot of the review of Avengers: Age of Ultron gives the impression that Jeremy hasn't been paying much attention during the previous MCU movies or even this one: He asks how the scepter ended up in HYDRA's hands, which isn't hard to figure out considering that S.H.I.E.L.D. takes alien items into custody (as seen in The Avengers) and S.H.I.E.L.D. was essentially HYDRA (as established in Captain America: The Winter Soldier). He also calls out Scarlet Witch for defending her HYDRA experimenters and captors, ignoring the fact that she volunteered for the experiments, as the film makes fairly clear. He also claims that the movie ignores the question of what would happen if Banner was The Hulk when he tried to lift Thor's hammer, ignoring that The Avengers already addressed that point.
  • dsneybuf: The Frozen video marked the point where I really started becoming suspicious that Jeremy doesn't really give the movies he criticizes his full attention, since he questioned parts with explanations delivered right in the viewer's face. The earliest of these parts I can recall in this episode occurs when Anna meets the talking Olaf for the first time. "Why does Anna still remember Olaf?", Jeremy asks. Because Grand Pabbie gave her a memory of building Olaf outdoors. When I saw this video, I wished I could hit dislike more than once.
  • wentesur: I can still remember Jeremy's snarky remark in Hollywood's fascination to split 1 book into 2 movies with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as an example. However, he then did the exact same thing by uploading The Phantom Menace into 2 parts, each no longer than 14 minutes. I know that this is a minor problem, and Jeremy himself even stated on Twitter that splitting the videos was intentional. However, I personally have an impression that it's a mere excuse to make himself not called hypocrite (as probably some people had already called him out of it) for some of the fans who were aware of both Cinemasins channel and Cinemasins Jeremy. Even if it's really for joke purpose, It's actually bothersome. The contents are relatively short enough to be put in one video so no point in doing that.
  • Tera Chimera: The Furious 7 video. Jeremy makes no secret that he doesn't like the movie, and Bias Steamroller doesn't begin to cover it. Numerous sins are minor things he'd overlook otherwise (like sinning the number of editors or pointing out that James Wan also directed Saw), repeated several times ("This cliche is going to happen." DING "This cliche is happening." DING "This cliche just happened." DING), or just given massive amounts of sins for no real reason. Sometimes the sins he gives flat-out contradict each other; he claims the characters are in no real danger due to their lack of injuries (which is legitimate, as Made of Iron is taken a bit far), but the times when they are in danger, he just says, "They'd survive anyway." To make matters worse, he starts devolving into hating the fans just because. He claims that it's okay if you like it, as long you acknowledge it being a cartoon, but several (not one, several) sins are essentially nothing more than, "This movie made money and was critically-acclaimed? But I think it's stupid! How dare people like something I don't like!" He seems incapable of recognizing that people may enjoy it precisely because it's a live-action cartoon, and thinks they instead enjoy it because they're delusional morons. His exact words: "What's it like living in the Matrix?" Towards the end of the video, he starts avoiding legitimate, hard-to-miss sins (How can Hobbs operate, by hand, a mini-gun meant to be mounted on a Predator drone? Why did Dom wear his wifebeater to his wedding?) in favor of yet more fan-insulting.
    • maxwellsilver: Furious 7 ends with a heartfelt montage of Brian and an In Memoriam dedication to Paul Walker. How does Jeremy react? By complaining the montage doesn't have footage from an unrelated film featuring Paul Walker. That's just downright disrespectful.
  • Maths Angelic Version: I'll be honest: I liked CinemaSins more when a typical video was "a few minutes of pointing out Fridge Logic with some silly fun in between", and not "ten minutes of nitpicking with a few funny moments and legitimate complaints in between". However, the moment that made me quit the series was when they sinned the Ironic Echo in The Lion King. The problem was that they didn't even try to justify it. The video basically said, "The Ironic Echo trope was used *ding*". Said Ironic Echo was, as far as I can tell, clearly a literary technique whose use made sense in context. I was already getting fed up with their research failure, Bias Steamroller and unfunny picking on trivial problems.note  When they complained about random things that most people probably won't even consider to be issues, weren't funny about itnote  and didn't even explain why they found them problematic, I was done with the series.

    Don't tell me that CinemaSins videos are supposed to be satirical. I know! That moment fails because 1) it isn't funny, and 2) it fails to offer any meaningful criticism of the Accentuate the Negative it might be trying to satirize. Assuming that sinning the Ironic Echo was supposed to be satirical, which is giving it the benefit of the doubt, the only interpretation that seems to make sense is "negative critics can be prone to randomly complaining about stuff without explaining why it's bad". What do they do with this not-so-groundbreaking-and-amazing observation? Not make fun of it. Not deconstruct it. They just put it in a video where few people will get the point, and most will either ignore it or misunderstand it. It was so poorly executed that it came across as a sincere complaint. The videos might teach aspiring writers to avoid potentially useful literary techniques for no reason. An explanation would've prevented that and kept this from being a DMoS - a serious explanation can show how/why something can be bad,note  while a silly one is a great way to say, "hey, this is a joke, so don't take this complaint seriously".
  • Nightelf37: Out of the many sins videos they made, the one of Inside Out really got to my nerves. Mainly, the fact that Jeremy considers the other emotions outside of Joy as negative, as if he completely ignored their positive purposes (e.g. Fear - personal safety, Sadness and Anger - stress relief). And then here's his sometimes-outright forgetting key plot points, like his sin #16, despite seeing the Memory dudes cleaning them up.
  • toonyloon: I'm usually okay with Cinema Sins, but there is one example of research failure that I just can't ignore, that example being in their video for Monsters, Inc.. At one point, they sin the scene when Boo made the lights go out in the factory by laughing, because according to them "the last time Boo made the lights go out, she was crying, not laughing." Anyone who paid even the slightest attention to the scene would know that the lights did indeed go out by her laughing; she only made the lights flicker when she was crying. To me, this was a kind of research failure that's impossible for me to ignore.
    • Ryanruff13: Agreed. Nevermind how not only does he give another sin for the same thing later in the video, but also the fact that power being generated from laughs ends up being a major plot point at the end of the movie. Even if he simply misremembered the prior scene, why was he so willing to believe that laughing had no effect based on one exceptionnote  to the extent of ignoring one of the main points of the movie?
  • THOMASNATOR: The Sucker Punch video, in which he repeatedly protests his misunderstanding of the film's plot, then proceeds to demonstrate a greater knowledge of it than I did after my first watching.
  • Tropers/DrY9K: Their review of the Goosebumps movie, where they question why R.L. Stine does not seem to have any tools to bring his creations to life, such as a magic typewriter. The problem? He is literally shown to have a legitimate magic typewriter that makes what it types come true, and it serves as a plot device. How could they glance over that!?
  • Who Needs A Mango: I've disliked CinemaSins for a while, due to their behavior of abandoning comedy for the sake of long and annoying rants about how much they hate the movies in question. I was sure their Dethroning Moment would be the atrocious video of the Clone Wars film, but I think I'll settle for their even worse video of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It can all be summed up as Jeremy whining and moaning about his confusion over events in the film... events which have clear reasoning behind them. Why could Aquaman crush a bomb and Superman didn't? Because Aquaman disabled the wiring and rendered the bomb useless (which just before, Jeremy dedicated an entire sin to accompanied by three seconds of obnoxious laughing). Why was Nora Allen outside the police station when Barry left it? Because they clearly say two seconds later that they had plans for the evening. How could Barry recognize his mother? Because all that's changed about her is wrinkles and her hairstyle, not to mention Barry was thinking of her the entire day before. Then come the unfunny nitpicks like the scene change between Barry finding his mother's body and the arrival of the police. And these examples are all in the first three minutes of the video.
  • Indy Revolution: In his Split video, he accuses Tulane of being a made-up university. What the actual fuck. I know Jeremy can be lazy with the sins sometimes, but this is a new level of stupidity.
    • origamigem: What irks me is Jeremy calling Tulane a fake school, considering my little sister went and graduated from Tulane. Was a quick Google search too hard, Jeremy?
  • Jade Eyes 1: During the review of Toy Story, in the scene where Bo Peep is introduced and flirts with Woody, Jeremy adds a sin because "This scene does not contain a cartoon lap dance". Really? You're complaining because there isn't a lap dance in an animated, G-Rated children's film? Yes, I know it's just a joke and the scene is peppered with double entendres, but that's just going too far.
  • mariic: I'm not exactly one of the biggest fans of Power Rangers, but their review of the movie left a bad taste in my mouth. Specifically, I don't like how he suggests that the Rangers should just run away. As Linkara once said, "When the rangers lose their powers or are put in great peril, they don't give a rat's ass! They'll keep on fighting no matter the cost!"
  • Freezer: During the Who Framed Roger Rabbit episode, where he goes in on the opening animated short for what seemed like longer than the segment ran in the movie. Granted, most of it was just part of the channel's gimmick, but nitpicking that hard on the inconsistencies and implausibilities of what is essentially a Tex Avery short? When people talk about CS taking the gimmick too far, this will always be Exhibit A of this.
  • Twilight Lord: I usually like Cinema Sins, but their The Lion King video made me cringe, mainly because it felt like Jeremy was incapable of paying attention to the movie. He questions things that are actually explained in the movie itself, such as why Scar didn't kill Mufasa before Simba was born (even though Scar himself says "I was first in line, until the little hairball was born" meaning he had no reason to kill Mufasa before Simba was born) and why Scar wants to be king, implying his motivation is never explained even though he had a whole Villain Song dedicated to it and outright says that he wants to be "respected, saluted and seen for the wonder I am" during said song. The entire video came off like he just had the movie on in the background while he did other things and then decided to make a sins video based on what little he remembered/paid attention to. He also seems not to understand that a movie needs pacing, sinning the video for skipping over Simba's time growing up with Timon and Pumbaa despite the fact it added nothing to the plot (and ditto for Timon's backstory not being explained during "Hakuna Matata", even though it was in a scene that was cut for time and pacing), and a baffling joke disguised as a Critical Research Failure (or maybe the other way around) that doesn't even make sense and isn't funny (implying Africa no longer exists). It feels more like he just wanted to sin the movie because it's so popular but couldn't find anything actually wrong with it, so instead he willfully ignored half of the movie in order to "make up" sins to fill out the video.
  • A Haunted Mind: The video for The Greatest Showman, which is less of a funny nitpicking of the film's minor flaws and more like an extended rant against the filmmakers for not portraying Barnum as a greedy, racist asshole. While Politically Correct History can be a legitimate issue, he seems to have a problem with the movie ignoring Barnum's bigotry & taking advantage of his "freaks" in general, despite the fact other movies he's covered like Pocahontas whitewashed the uglier aspects of the past as well, with only a few jokes from him mocking it, rather than it taking up almost the entire video. In short, he came across as a stereotypical Social Justice Warrior attempting to "take the creators to task" for deliberately glossing over the un-PC elements of a man's life-story in order to tell the story they wanted to tell.
  • Alex The Proud Outcast: In the sins video for Aladdin, Jeremy says that he'd remove a number of sins if Raja mauled Jasmine. Considering he says this after mentioning the Roy Horn (of Siegfried & Roy fame) tiger injury, this is extremely mean-spirited and a whole new low for him. I mean, wtf is wrong with him these days?!
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