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With as many reviewers it used to have, it should come as no surprise Channel Awesome has a few missteps in its history.

The Nostalgia Critic has his own page here.

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     Disneycember / Dreamworks-uary 
  • Retloclive: I always find myself enjoying Doug Walker's Disneycember videos hearing about his actual non NostalgiaCritic opinions on certain movies, especially since he started delving into famous anime movies done by Studio Ghibli, but one review that went overboard regarding his backlash towards something was when he did the video for Disney's Tarzan. More specifically, his hate for the music voice-work that was done by Phil Collins for said movie. I can respect Doug's opinion for not liking the route Disney took to try to do something different with the movie's music, but when his rant got to the point of where it seemed like he was bashing on Phil to the point of being a personal attack on the guy was really over-excessive on his part. I almost let it slide, but the "f#%k Phil Collins" comment at the very end of the hate rant was the moment that I felt Doug crossed a line.
  • Ballroom Dwarf: I usually enjoy the Disneycember reviews, but one that I just couldn't stand by is the review for The Phantom Menace. The review itself was fine at first, even though, being a fan of the prequel trilogy, I didn't agree with much of it, but it was reasonable enough. That is, until halfway into the review, where Doug discusses the fan reaction to the film. Here, he tries to make it seem like anyone who liked the movie (and by extension, the other two prequels) was just in denial about how bad they supposedly were, or were just blinded by the hype. To top it off, he ends the review by mocking fans of the movie, by painting them as just being too naive to notice its flaws (like the racial stereotypes, for example). Coming from someone who usually encourages varied opinions, this comes across as a really jerkish move on Doug's part.
  • dsneybuf: The Halloweentown High review has a moment in which Doug tries to sound socially woke, but after I let the video sink in, it horribly backfired. He praises the lesson not to negatively judge a minority group based on a few people's crimes, calling it more relevant in 2017 than in 2004. In order to agree with him, one would have to disregard the Islamophobic atmosphere America developed at the Turn of the Millennium, after 9/11. Doug was an adult at the Turn of the Millennium (at least physically), so we can't call him too young to notice. He probably would've sounded much less ignorant if he just called the moral always relevant.

  • troxe: For me it's "Batman & Robin in 5 seconds". Unlike the other 5 seconds movies this one is just gross and pointless.
    • Catmuto: For me, the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII In 5 Seconds was horrible. It was not funny, it was not even a take on a legitimate problem in the game. No, they made it seem like Lightning Returns is only about the money and picked a completely-out-of-context line, that didn't even have anything to do with money in an sense of association. It felt like they hadn't even played the game, just the introduction for that one line and decided "Eh, good enough for us".
  • Shadoboy: In my opinion, Video Game Confessions: Duke Nukem. Doug already made clear in Bum Reviews why he disliked Avatar, fair enough. Then as the Nostalgia Critic he made a throw-away joke reminding us why he disliked it. Pointless, but not bad. But then comes this. Was it really necessary to have an episode of Video Game confessions that was only a several minutes long joke with the punchline being "By the way, I didn't like Avatar" and worse, explaining everything again?
  • Plasma: The entire Santa-Christ section of the six-part film, Kickassia, was complete rubbish! Aside from having about 3 jokes in the 15 minutes of time dedicated to him, it was also used as an excuse for a very over-extended sequence of cameos just saying "I believe in Santa-Christ" culminating in a very predictable parody of those kind of things. And then he just comes back anyway, for no reason (enforcing Status Quo Is God in the process) and acts as a blatant Deus ex Machina.
  • fluffything: While Suburban Knights has been pretty middle-ground in terms of entertainment (some parts are genuinely funny where as others are, well, not), I find the scene with the mother complaining her kid can't play on the playground while Spoony's team is battling to be one of the most poorly-written scenes in the special so far. The woman playing the mother is a terrible actress, the gag feels forced and unfunny, and there's really no reason for it to happen other than for some poorly-written gag to occur. Also, the girl playing the woman's daughter is a horrible actress. She just keeps smiling and giggling for no reason at all and it's very distracting.
  • Kenya Starflight: Overall I found To Boldly Flee to be the weakest of the crossover specials, but for me the DMOS comes when The Cinema Snob gets abducted by the Executor... and we're suddenly treated to scenes that are pretty much just scenes from Revenge of the Sith with names swapped out. If the scenes had been a parody I wouldn't have minded, but when they don't even bother rewriting the script of those scenes beyond substituting Snob for Anakin, the Executor for the Emperor, and swapping out some details, it smacks of laziness. This is especially grating when more than one of the GWTG team has mocked Seltzer and Friedberg for doing the exact same thing.
  • The JJBL: Chalk another one in for To Boldly Flee, just Film Brain's whole "heartfelt" speech about how his country has contributed nothing to comedy except for men wearing lady's clothing. It was just dumb on so many levels, ignoring so many good comical things to come out of Britain and just ignoring the reputation British humour has of being more biting and complex than American humour. I understand Self-Deprecation and laughing at oneself but whoever wrote that speech really needs to get out of whatever rock they've been hiding under for the last 70 years.
  • Keshkable: I know Channel Awesome has fallen in quality this past year, but my moment comes from Brad (of all people) Jones' Midnight Screening of Jurassic World. It starts out of all right with Brad and Sarah talking about how they didn't like the film, and Julian saying it wasn't a great film but still enjoyable; the moment comes when Brad and Sarah claims that Chris Pratt's character and the screenwriters are misogynist/sexist and hate women because of how Pratt said one line. Now it's a stretch, but I could understand if they left it as the character being sexist or even the director for not having Pratt say the line again, but their claim that the screenwriters hate women because of how poorly Chris said his lines is flat out inexcusable and sounds like something that you'd find on Buzzfeed (which actually did write an article on how the same movie was sexist right before this midnight screening came out), it didn't feel like anything they would have usually say and if they didn't like the movie just say so, don't make up stuff about the creators being an "ism" or "they hate ______ people". Seriously Brad, usually the reason why people hate Channel Awesome producers and click bait sites (like you and your shows) is because you don't go into pointless rants about unrelated issues (especially not identity politics) in the middle of your videos.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: I like Brad Jones's material but his video response/parody of James Rolfe's "No Review, I Refuse" seems like a mean jab to someone's opinion. Basically, James refused to see the Ghostbusters reboot after the negative reception of the trailers. Seems like a honest and relatable opinion. So what Brad is doing with that? Making fun of him by taking a fictional movie title as the reboot's subjugate. What makes it bad is that Brad's angriest videos as the Cinema Snob and as himself were about the dumbest decisions Hollywood did and here he is mocking someone for not watching what can be seen as a dumb decision by Hollywood. This video makes me lose a lot of respect towards Brad.
  • Pgj1997: I find Top 5 a rather enjoyable and welcome addition to the Channel Awesome team. It's basically WatchMojo if they had actual charm. However, I find "Top 5 Worst Super Smash Bros. Stages" incredibly lazy. All it is is Walter and his cousin playing a few rounds of Smash on different stages while giving no constructive criticism on any of the entries. And even that isn't entertaining. Doing live commentary over gameplay footage isn't entertaining if you talk under your breath for most of it. It barely even qualifies as an actual list, and I seriously question why he thought a poor Let's Play disguised as a countdown was a good idea.


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