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What time is it?!?! Dethroning moment time!

Adventure Time was the show that pulled Cartoon Network out of its Dork Age and made the way for a cartoon renaissance that continued for quite a while. Despite this, even the Land of Ooo has some darker secrets hidden within its bright and colorful exterior, several of which include these moments...

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  • ading: For me, the DMOS for Adventure Time is the episode "His Hero." Finn and Jake meet Billy, who teaches them to be nonviolent in helping people. Throughout the episode, their attempts at nonviolent methods are portrayed as idiotic and just causing more trouble, and in the end they are forced to face the fact that the best way is to punch monsters in the face. So... the moral of the story is "nonviolence is never the answer?" What kind of a message is that?
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  • Silverblade 2: "Heat Signature". Like a lot of people, Marceline is one of my favorite characters. However, I can't stand the moment where she lets her ghost friends suck Finn and Jake's brains on the basis that vampire can't beat ghosts (right after kicking them) and expresses that she just came to apologize for pranking them into thinking they became vampires. That was horribly out of character.
  • Spider Fan 14: To me, the fact that "Too Young" basically had PB and Finn join up and bully the technical son of PB. It was painful to me when you add in the Fridge Horror of it all. And this may just be me, but Lemongrab seemed very mentally/physically impaired, and this makes me want to cry now, because I have Aspergers's Syndrome and know what it's like to be picked on for being considered awkward and freaky. Yes, he was being a Jerkass about the situation at hand, but there had to be better ways of dealing with him than how PB and Finn did it.
  • Wizard Battle:
    • DeepC: The ending to the Adventure Time episode, "Wizard Battle". Now I absolutely love this series with a passion and the beginning and middle of this episode weren't all that bad. Now why do I loathe the ending so much? Well, allow me to explain the beginning first. The whole episode starts of with Finn and Jake watching a battle amongst wizards. Everything is going great for them until they see the Ice King cheating so he could win the grand prize, which is a kiss on the lips from Princess Bubblegum. This motivates Finn to enter the Wizard Battle disguised as a wizard, stop the Ice King, and kiss Princess Bubblegum. While they fight, they come across a mediocre wizard named Abracadaniel, who wanted to fight, but does not want to kiss Princess Bubblegum. So Finn decides to help him win in order to save Princess Bubblegum. As the battle progresses, Abracadaniel gets even better with his magic and manages to defeat the Ice King. Now this sounds all fine and dandy, correct? Well here comes the Dethroning Moment of Suck; when Abracadaniel and Finn are the only ones left, Finn forfeits immediately, which meant that Abracadaniel won. With his newly developed confidence, Abracadaniel decides that he does want to kiss Princess Bubblegum after all. However, due to the "Power Of Love", Finn goes batshit crazy and screeches at Abracadaniel in a way that can be considered OOC, immature, and downright mean. This causes Abracadaniel to fall over, and even though it appears that the announcer is about to call him out for that, Finn still wins! Later, Finn is stressed out about hiding his feelings; now, it's understandable that you're stressed about hiding your feelings, but what about having regrets for the way you screamed at Abracadaniel, pulverized his new-found confidence, and hurt his feelings?! Later, Finn reveals who he is in front of Princess Bubblegum. Now does he get any sort of scolding or punishment from this? Well, he does get a slap on the face for cheating, but he still wins the prize of getting a kiss from Princess Bubblegum! Not only did Finn cheat, but he acted like a Jerkass and started staggering near Mary Sue territory.
    • TheyCallMeFluffy: I like "Wizard Battle" and thought Abracadaniel was adorable for a bit, but God I hated how he was only Camp Gay (right down to his power being rainbows) and turned off to the thought of kissing PB when he was scared and wimpy. When he gains confidence and starts winning battles the campness goes, he starts "acting like a man" and suddenly looks forward to kissing PB. I like to think the writers were taking advantage of a stereotype to set up Finn's jealous turnaround when he'd previously helped Abracadaniel and they probably weren't actually advocating thinking of camp/gay men as just weak and in need of fixing (hopefully), but it's a huge Berserk Button and a gag I wish would just die already. I'd kind of hoped they were above playing it straight and I skip the part right before the power shriek when I re-watch it because it ruins the carefree mood Adventure Time usually has me in.
    • Filby: It mostly just bothered me that Finn and Jake just kinda forgot the wizard training they got back in the season 1 episode "Wizard", especially because their teacher and two other students from the same wizard school were there.
  • TornadoTomato: "You Made Me!" would have been a fantastic episode if it hadn't been a completely disgusting Karma Houdini for Lemongrab. This man acted like a monster for a whole episode, was a spoiled brat, tortured children, tried to electrocute his creator (who was being extremely kind to him...) and yet, he got exactly what he wanted, he was not punished or reprimanded for anything he did wrong. Even Princess Bubblegum justified all of his disgusting, torturous, cruel actions with "Oh, he's mentally disturbed, so he gets a free pass on just acting like a downright rotten person." Lemongrab justified all of his horrible behavior with "Princess Bubblegum made me this way, so this is how I'm supposed to act." I was one of the fans who felt sorry for Lemongrab during, and after, Too Young, but "You Made Me" made me lose almost all of the fondness I once had for this character. The moral of this story was this: "If you spend your life acting like a monster and hurting your family and those who care about and worry about you, you will get exactly what you want, and you will eventually find true love."
  • Flygon Rider: My Dethroning Moment of Suck is the episode "Wizards Only, Fools", mostly concerning Bubblegum's characterization. Normally, she comes off as an overall sane, level-headed, kind, sometimes morally ambiguous ruler. However, this episode tosses that characterization out the window and instead turns her into a whiny, pigheaded, stubborn idiot who refuses to admit she's wrong, thus getting her friends thrown in prison and nearly being forced to kill one of them. And the whole "refuses to believe in magic" thing really rubbed me the wrong way. She lives in a world that's filled with magic (and frankly, needs it just to keep running), she's probably seen magic at work before, and she even used magic in "Five Short Graybles" to make the perfect loaf of bread, but now suddenly she's dismissing all of that? It'd be more understandable if she was the kind of person who wanted people to explore magic and see how it ticked instead of just accepting it at face value, but nope! She now believes that magic can simply be explained away. This wouldn't be so bad (if she considered magic a more advanced form of science), but Peebs goes about it in the most pretentious, stuck-up way possible. In my opinion, this is Adventure Time's low point. The only thing that made up for some of it was the Princess showing off her parkour.
  • ghosttorrent: "Jake Suit"; not the episode, but Finn's attitude. He basically says he doesn't care that Jake gets hurt when he wears him and this is his brother and best friend. And then he jumps down a volcano, almost killing them.
    • Shadoboy: Agreed. I wouldn't mind the episode if Finn learned the lesson that maybe, just maybe, abusing your brother and best friend for fun is wrong. But no, apparently, Jake is the one that needed to learn that "bruises are hickies from the universe". Ummm, what?!
  • Too Old:
    • Tropers/hurpdurp: "Too Old" for completely ruining Lemongrab's character by making him the most unlikable character in the entire show.
    • Mswordx 24: Ctrl+V that entire sentence, except replace "Lemongrab" (who I still think is a good character) with "Finn". They turned Finn into a totally selfish and horny teenager. He even lies to Jake by telling him that PB hates him so that it would be easier to flirt with her. Whatever happened to The Hero? The Conscience? The Paragon? The incorruptibly pure hero with an unbreakable moral code? The guy whose "deal" was slaying evil and not finding a girlfriend? Sorry, he's gone. Now we're left with the guy who would rather flirt with his rebound girl than save the lemon people and Lemonhope. In the end, he realizes that he shouldn't be flirting with her, but for the wrong reasons (because older people are "less fun inside"). Not learning a lesson is the cherry on the DMoS sundae, and Finn didn't learn his lesson. I severely hope this is just a major flaw the writers are intentionally giving him so that a giant character redemption pay-off will come later. But we all know it won't happen and Finn won't learn his lesson. He'll just suddenly be dating FP (again) as if nothing happened. Not one of Finn's proudest episodes.
    • Kashima Kitty: Concurring with the above about "Too Old". I have a pretty strong tolerance for distasteful things, but this episode of Adventure Time made me sick to my stomach. I expected the creators to learn their lesson about Lemongrab after "You Made Me" but it seems they're going out of their way to make him as unlikable as possible. The way he treated Lemonhope was bad enough, but what happened to the other Lemongrab was probably the worst thing I'd ever seen on this show.
    • fluffything: I agree wholeheartedly that this episode is a mess. However, my biggest issue is that this is yet again another "will they or won't they" dramatic tension episode between Finn and PB. Good gods almighty, can we just move on from this already? It is getting old. Look, I don't mind romance in children's cartoons. But, can we please not have it so forced in? Can we please go back to when Finn and Jake fought against the forces of evil and saved Ooo?
    • Vanguard1505: I'm with those about Finn on this one. This may be the writer's attempts to show Finn is going through puberty or something, but when such a phase completely overshadows who is meant to be The Paragon of the show, changing him from an Incorruptible Pure Pureness to some really horny teenager who is on the rebound, this only serves to be an awkward and painful distraction. Keep in mind, this was the same kid who refused to crush an ant because it was neutral, and here he is not giving a damn about a single citizen of Lemongrab's when they are obviously being tortured for the tyrant's amusement.
    • On The Hill: All the downright beautiful storytelling that was shot down with this episode. The Lemongrabs were loud, grating, impulsive, antisocial, and prone to making horrible decisions. They were also fiercely devoted to one another and loved their children deeply. And that's just fine, the narrative used to say. Some people are deeply troubled and need to be treaded around somewhat carefully, but that doesn't mean they're beyond help; and it certainly doesn't mean they can't love. Their hearts are fine... they're just like this. And this is where we end up? To hell with you, Adventure Time. There's Darker and Edgier and then there's just a train-wreck.
    • Hairy Leg Herpich: My biggest issue with this episode is how distasteful it was. There are just certain things that are too horrible to take lightly and I believe that child abuse is one of those things. This episode was so crammed full of blatantly violent child abuse and domestic violence that I wonder how survivors of these tragedies will deal with having been triggered by the episode. This episode was just disgusting.
    • D Yellow Madness: In addition to nearly everything anyone else mentioned about this episode I hate that it's like Finn trying to get with PB is the important thing happening & the slow horrific murder of the nicest guy in the building is a background event. They even still portray him as a nice guy so why does Pendleton Ward consider his fate so unimportant? Does he hate autistic people or does he just hate all of his fans? He sure seems to hate fans of Finn, PB, & the Lemongrabs & he seems to hate kids too considering how completely out of place this all is on day-time Cartoon Network. This episode made me go from thinking Pendleton Ward seems like a cool guy to thinking he's a total scumbag. Most of the episodes involving the Lemongrabs are some of my favorites but this episode has tainted 'em for me because they're full of moments that me think "that's some wasted character development" or "I wish I could see these characters without watching the same few episodes repeatedly."
    • FAS 1997: It was this episode that I consider the Dethroning Moment of Adventure Time due to the cruelty in it. I hated how Lemongrab went from funny to a Fat Bastard. He became such a different character in two years. I can agree with that the others are saying. Not one scene was memorable and I think this episode is forgettable. I'd rather watch Regular Show Laundry Woes than this. Lemongrab is truly unacceptable with the behavior he did in this episode and Lemonhope.
  • Mighty Mewtron: "Earth and Water" for being too rushed. The ideas behind the episode (the real reason Flame Princess was locked up and the flashback, FP becoming obsessed with honesty, the Ice King temporarily living with Finn and Jake, etc) weren't too bad. However, a lot of the plot isn't utilized as well as it could have been. For example, at the end of the episode, Flame Princess takes over the Flame Kingdom (with the help of Cinnamon Bun), starting a rule based entirely on honesty. The problem with this is that we don't see the action of them doing this! Instead, we watch Finn and Princess Bubblegum saying random stuff and truths in order to access the Flame Kingdom (never mind that the "jokes" include Finn making a Your Mom joke and admitting to hitting a baby in the head with a snot bubble). The first part of the episode isn't too bad, and the idea of learning more of FP's past is intriguing (the baby FP was indeed adorable), but the ending was incredibly rushed and felt a little forced.
    • My Little Pingas: Not to mention that once again, PB is never called out on her crap. She may have only done it to protect everyone, but locking Flame Princess up without showing any sort of remorse or sympathy when she was a baby, then callously tricking her into being experimented on while claiming she was going to help her was just awful. What makes it worse is that she overheard what FP was talking about and what made her upset, but didn't even bother trying to talk to her about it or make her feel better. She should know damn well about FP's situation with Finn, since she basically put him through the same thing. She knows this now because he admitted it to her in "Burning Low", but even then she only cared about Flame Princess' unstable elemental matrix and never actually apologized to the boy himself! Hell, Jake called her out on it, but it was brushed off immediately! To be fair, she's actually a wonderful character with many good traits. But for Glob's sake, girl, own up to your mistakes.
  • The Ant 1: First off, I want to make clear that I'll continue watching this show no matter what, actually I pretty much do that with all the shows I watch. But I, for the love the God, cannot stand "Red Starved". Why you may ask? Well, I'll tell you. Jake closes off his friends' only means of exit, eats all of Marceline's red, nearly tried to eat her... and nothing happens to him. He was two kinds of Houdinis.
  • heartauthor: My original DMoS was "Another Five More Short Graybles", but I've found myself a new moment that I find more irritating. With all the ups and downs of Season Five, "Root Beer Guy" was actually a pretty refreshing episodes, and definitely one of the better ones I've seen in a while. But then, literally at the last second of the episode, I saw something that actually gave me Mood Whiplash. Earlier in the episode, it was acknowledged that Root Beer Guy was attempting to write a mystery novel, and he had been spending the last ten years trying to write it. At the end of the episode, RBG's life seems to have taken a turn for the better after becoming the head of the Banana Guards, and as we see him and his wife happily going for a walk outside... there's a split-second shot of RBG's typewriter in the trash. Now wait a minute! You mean to tell me that this project that was clearly very important to Root Beer Guy, to the point where it was interfering with the rest of his life, and he had been working on it for ten years, just literally ends up in the trash after one specific series of events? Like I said, yes, RBG's preoccupation with the story and solving the episode's mystery was affecting his real-life relationships (mainly with his wife), but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to have things he's passionate about. And if anything, at the end of the episode, RBG actually has a story! He could have written about his real-life adventure and let people enjoy that! While it's nice that RBG was able to move forward in his life, as someone who wishes to be able to write for a living, that last second of the episode was not a pleasant sight to see.
  • Apple Wedding:
    • UnionMan: While Adventure Time is one of my favorite animated shows, I found the episode "Apple Wedding" to be extremely disappointing: Like in "Wizards Only, Fools", Princess Bubblegum's characterization was awful, making her a petty and unlikeable Jerkass, who acted like an abusive Control Freak: When Tree Trunks tells PB she does not accept Princess Bubblegum's authority to perform her wedding and insists that she can only be married by the King of Ooo, Princess Bubblegum enrages and later tries to expose the King of Ooo as a fraud... So she enters into King of Ooo's zeppelin, makes it crash into the wedding, declares the wedding between Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig as a "criminal farce" while showing the King of Ooo's outdated wedding officiant license. But then, The King of Ooo pulls out his up-to-date paperwork and accuses PB of breaking into his blimp. Instead of recognizing her mistake, Princess Bubblegum sends the King of Ooo to jail anyway. When the wedding guests protest, Princess Bubblegum sends all of them to jail. Even Finn (who wasn´t even opposing her in those moments). In this episode, PB was shown to be Not So Different to Lemongrab (The way she threw them all in jail after saying "Nope. Shh. Nope. Nope. Nope. Stop talking, go to jail." is reminiscent of Lemongrab's retort: "All of you. Dungeon. Seven years, no trials.") acting in a complete tyrannical manner against her own friends. So what if she released all of them at the end? She shouldn't have put her friends in jail in first place. She doesn't even receive any sort of minimal comeuppance for her completely unfair behavior, and just seemed to confirm PB status as a Creator's Pet in the series. I think it would be very hard for viewers to find her likable after this episode.
    • Super Saiya Man: Am I the only one who thought that while Princess Bubblegum went too far during the episode, it would have been completely avoided if Treetrunks didn't bite the Jerkass Apple herself? Like it or not, Treetrunks, Princess Bubblegum is the authority in the Candy Kingdom that protects you through thick and thin. At least let her make a speech, or hell, have both her AND the 'King' of Ooo to do the ceremony. That way, PB's ego is satisfied, you get your wedding done, and everyone is happy and we can focus on what was advertised: Finn trying to keep Lumpy Space Princess away from the wedding in comedic fashion.
  • Charleston Man: I'd like to point especially to the end of "Rattleballs". It was attempted to pass as Character Development for Bubblegum and that she'd learned her lesson. What it really comes off as is yet another in a long list of Karma Houdinis for PB, coming right on the heels of similar instances in "James" and "Apple Wedding". This case is particularly aggravating because she was downright genocidal in it and yet still got off scot-free. It's like what happened with Lemongrab in "You Made Me", only taken Up to Eleven, and continues to drive home that PB just can't seem to suffer any negative consequences from her terrible actions, nor take full responsibility for them.
  • The Red Throne:
    • supernintendo128: "The Red Throne" was a disappointment. Finn did not need to be in this episode; he served no purpose other than to be a nuisance to the protagonists and flirt with Flame Princess, who he should've gotten over ages ago. Cinnamon Bun is suddenly badass, which wouldn't be bad if it didn't come completely out of the blue. At least have some buildup. And now he's suddenly in love with Flame Princess. Why!? Talk about a complete Ass Pullinvoked! All this episode did was that it hammered in the fact that Finn X Flame Princess is still dead for now. And why did they have to leave Jake out? He would've made this episode more tolerable. And why didn't Flame Lord force Flame Princess to marry him instead of walking away after being rejected? The writers should at least look like they're trying. They could've left that plot point out all together!
    • Dadstardly Demolition: I truly agree with you. The whole episode to me was just to hammer the fact that they're through. Also, having "Rowdy" Roddy Piper as Flame Lord seemed like a cheap reference in a already weak episode to me. There was only one reason why they brought him in.
    • Echoing Silence: I agree as well. I like Adventure Time. One of my favorite cartoons. Finn just seems unnecessary indeed in this episode! Especially since they already sank the ship in a previous episode where FP becomes the Ruler of the Flame Kingdom. Flame Princess tells Finn in no uncertain terms that they can't be a couple again. Finn accepts this, a bit with difficulty at first, but FP tell him they can still hang out and be friends, he just has to be honest with her. Finn happily takes that. And he had accepted that he had fucked up a lot with one of my favorite episodes "Dungeon Train", where Finn goes through some emotional development and realizes that though life is painful, he can't just hide away and he must move on, and he got over his breakup. He's gone through that Arc. He's in a better mood. Why oh why did they set him back to the Finn that wants to get back together with FP. Like I said. The Ship was sank!
  • Austin DR: For me, it would have to be "Betty". There's actually nothing wrong with the episode, in fact, I liked it. My only complaint was that the episode was too short. To me, we didn't get to know too much about Betty, and that they rushed the ending to the episode. I wished that they could've had a two-parter so that we could learn more about Betty and maybe more on the Mushroom War, but they simply ended the episode with Betty flying off on a magic carpet, implying that she'll find a cure for Simon. Again, it's not a bad episode, I'm just disappointed that we didn't learn more about her or the Mushroom War.
  • Tropers/buttprankster: Not an episode, but the second Adventure Time video game, "Explore The Dungeon Because I Don't Know," is this for me. Before I say why, let me just remind you that the game is canon, so everything I'm talking about did actually happeninvoked within the continuity of the show. Because of this, we can presume that the game takes place some time before "Another Five Short Graybles." In the game, Finn and Jake encounter the Lemongrabs, who have been lost and trapped in the underground dungeon. The Lemongrabs tell Finn and Jake that Princess Bubblegum had lured them down there to perform non-consensual, painful experiments on them. The whole time, the Lemongrabs seem to be in pain and they are clearly traumatized, especially Lemongrab 1 who has some gummy thing stuck to him. What the fuck, Princess?! There's "pragmatic" and then there's "unethical." That was beyond unethical- it was just disgusting. To hell with you, Princess. How dare you pretend you don't know why Lemongrab went crazy. It's because you freaking tortured him!
  • Lemonhope:
    • Tropers/Asger: I had to remove my original entry on "Too Old" just to talk about the "Lemonhope" 2-parter. Oooooh how I loathe this episode. First of all it brings in that Purity-Stu Lemonhope back into the show, ramping him to almost absurd Creator's Pet invoked status with the little yellow turd acting like a selfish whiny brat for a good chunk of the episode while Bubblegum for some reason expects him to be the one to liberate the lemon kingdom. Gee PB, if only you had some sort of hyper-competent army of robot badasses on hand to handle things like that... too bad you casually committed genocide on them. I digress, a half hour devoted to a much loathed character while "Betty" had everything crammed into ten minutes. It comes down to a battle between Hope and the Earl, which ends when Lemongrab 2 takes the Earl's ear plugs, allowing Lemonhope to blow him up with his music. Then the real kicker- Lemongrabs 1 and 2 get stitched into a horrible abomination by PB, and the princess decides to just leave this poor borderline brain-dead creature to live alone (Didn't that end bad the last time?). Lemongrab 2 is given zero credit for his part liberating his people, making his sacrifice almost pointless, and then when PB offers Lemonhope a place in the castle the selfish yellow bastard decides to walk off and put his own needs above everyone else's. And then PB sings a song about just how great Lemonhope is, while we're treated to the grim sight of a desolated Land of Ooo. What a... charming ending. Christ... writers, please never do another Lemongrab episode, because all you do is lay down more Unfortunate Implications on top of the previous ones.
    • FromtheWordsofBR: Not to mention, just like what The Mysterious Mr. Enter said about "House Fancy", if you don't care about how much of a Jerk Stu Lemonhope is in this episode nor everything else Asger said about it, then it's just boring! Very, very, boring! I'm not joking; a show that has been able to turn simple, mundane plots into fun 11-minute episodes actually has made an episode that almost literally put me to sleep. What happened, writers? There's Jumping the Shark, and then... there's this.
    • spongebutt: What really hammered the nail in the coffin was the fact that they showed graphic abuse of all of the lemon kids on-screen, and all PB and Lemonhope did was watch passively. And they treated Lemongrab killing one of his children as a joke. Child abuse is not fucking funny! Every day, real children are horrifically abused by their own parents and many of them actually die due to abuse and neglect! This was the one that ruined the entire show for me. I will never watch this show again. It is disgusting.
  • Veranas: The Lich's role in the season six premiere shows that the writers have no clue how to handle a frightening villain. Back in the second season he was a genuinely frightening villain, but with each subsequent appearance his character becomes less imposing. His murder and impersonation of Billy was impressive, but nothing significant comes of it - he departs from the episode after his wish, and then he has a comically flustered reaction after Jake reverses it on him. It seemed like a waste of a potentially horrifying character, but it pales in comparison to what season six's premiere does to him. Sure, he kills Prismo, but he stays completely still for most of both episodes. And when he finally confronts Finn, he ends up turning into... a gigantic baby. The writers let him kill a couple characters, sure, but they immediately incapacitate him before he can do anything major: Finn beats him right after he escapes the resin, he falls into suspended animation after his wish backfires, and now he's Tree Trunks's adopted baby. You guys have a cool villain - let him do something! It doesn't matter how scary he looks if he doesn't do anything for 90% of the episode and then gets thwarted in such a silly way. The Lich's pitch document plays him up as a completely serious, competent threat - it seems the show has forgotten that.
  • Breezy:
    • tordles: The whole Lemongrab arc really had me starting worry Adventure Time was straying from the whole "progressive cartoon" track, but "Breezy" was just... a completely unlikeable episode for me. The majority of the plot wasn't as awful as it could have been, I guess, but the level of importance the writers continue to place on Finn's apparent need for romance, even though it's been established time and time again that he seems to either move on from his past flings or save romance for a later period in his life, is just starting to get ridiculous. What's the point of having Finn get so obsessed with having a girlfriend? And worse, how are we supposed to sympathize with him when his first response to feeling empty and disappointed about his dad is to go out and start macking on every princess in sight? Are we expected to sympathize with his blatant disrespect of all these girls while he takes advantage of their feelings? Because, personally, I just felt irritated by him. Having Finn behave this way is rude to the female characters, and disrespectful to Finn's character development, especially in terms of his view on romance. But no, they just can't let him learn his lesson, and seem to include "Breezy", who is also using Finn to get to his flower, simply to make his actions appear to be a little less reprehensible. And frankly, I'm not even going to get started on the whole LSP making a move on Finn, pushing him despite his discomfort, and then having him come around and make the whole thing seem okay despite Finn's lack of consent, all because Finn is a boy. For the same show that gave us the wonderful message of not backing down when it comes to people making you uncomfortable in "Lady and Peebles", it's downright backwards. But the worst part by far, for me, was Finn getting his arm back. They could have explored so many new possibilities with a million different innovative, magical, fantastical prosthetics he could have received, not to mention him coming to terms with his disability and totally owning it (seriously, how many disabled kids out there would be thrilled to be able to relate to FINN of all characters?) but no. They had to go running back to the Status Quo with their tails between their legs. I just expect so much better from this show after all the leaps and bounds it's made in terms of being an adult, emotional program that, above all, teaches us wonderful lessons and holds good values in such high regard.
    • saundersaur: Finn getting his arm back was the biggest slap in the face that Pen Ward, the Adventure Time crew, and Cartoon Network, have ever given the fans. As much as I love Adventure Time, I hate how the Status Quo is God. The show has a vastly detailed world with an endless supply of Continuity Porn. No episode is ever forgotten. A seemingly silly and pointless episode from 3 seasons ago could come back and reveal itself as a major plot point. Yet despite this, the nature of the show is not allowed to change. Princess Bubblegum turned 13? Nope, she's 18 again one episode later. Finn gets a new girlfriend? Nope, they break up. Jake is a dad? Nope, his kids grew up and moved out in a matter of a few days, so Jake's life doesn't get to change. However, I can forgive these blunders because there was no build up. Lady Rainicorn's pregnancy came out of nowhere and the fact that Princess Bubblegum's age changes based on her body mass doesn't make much sense, even for a show like Adventure Time. So, why am I okay with these examples of chickening out on a possible status quo change, but not with Finn getting his arm back? Is it the implication that Finn can't be happy unless he's "normal", or that a disability could just instantly get fixed like it did for Finn? Or is it the fact that ever since season one, we've been treated to little hints and bits of foreshadowing that Finn would lose his arm? Actually, it's all of those reasons. Every depiction of Finn in a parallel universe shows him with a prosthetic arm. His past life, Shoko, lost her arm. The foreshadowing grew stronger and stronger with each season. Many fans figured out that it's Finn's destiny to lose his arm (since destiny is a running theme in the series). And finally, during the season six premiere, they did it in the most heartwrenching, yet mature way possible. One would expect that Finn the hero would lose his arm in battle, possibly while fighting a monster or something. Nope. He lost his arm holding onto his biological father, whom he refused to give up on even after he learned that his father is a deadbeat jerk who doesn't care about him. Oh, and his supposedly "cursed" grass sword was actually helping him by turning into a massive arm to help Finn hold onto his dad, who was riding the equivalent of a spaceship. His grass sword was loyal to Finn until the end. Not only did Finn lose his only tie to his human lineage, but he lost an actual part of himself. And to hammer it in even more, Finn never imagined his father to be anything but a really cool guy who must have left him for a darn good reason, so the revelation of who his father actually is just adds to the heartbreak. Also, Prismo died just so Finn could meet his father. So, how do the ensuing episodes play out? We get "The Tower", an episode dedicated to having Finn learn to deal with the fallout of the traumatizing experience he went through. Yeah, it actually felt like the Adventure Time crew was going to go through with it! They were actually developing the issue and taking on some mature themes instead of holding back. In "Breezy", Finn was starting to show signs of Depression, so he started doing some despicable things, like going around kissing several princesses just to make himself feel better. This could have carried on the message of "The Tower" and show that there are unhealthy, morally wrong ways to deal with trauma. But nope. Finn got his arm back, and he doesn't learn anything. The End. So, none of it mattered. The writers literally took six seasons of foreshadowing and build-up and threw it all in the garbage. That is just extremely insulting. And it doesn't matter if Finn loses his arm again in the future, it will never be as emotionally powerful as the first time it happened.
    • CJ Croen 1393: I liked the episode for the most part (yes, even LSP force making out with Finn, which I found darkly humorous)... except for the title character. She was supposed to be likable but she struck me as extremely selfish, since the only reason she wanted to help Finn in the first place was because she was obsessed with his flower arm. The low point for her, however (since I know about the "moments only" rule), was at the very, very end, when Breezy gets Finn's arm back. Finn celebrates for a second but then he sees Breezy, looking at him and calls her name. Breezy looks at him... and then catches his fallen flower arm and starts kissing it, ignoring Finn. Selfish brat.
    • T-Jack: Handled better, Breezy could've been a great story about unhealthy relationships. Had they kept Breezy in her bee form and not given Finn his arm back, the relationship between them could've been used to explore themes like "being in love with someone who sees you just as a friend" and "liking someone entirely for shallow, selfish reasons" as well as seeing how a relationship between two completely incompatible species would work (while these particular topics have already been tackled in past episodes, they could be done in a unique way, and there's many more out there that somebody else could think of). In short, they could've filled a season-long story arc with this, but instead they made Breezy into a one-off character in the most maddening way possible.
    • Loekman 3: The very fact that Finn gains his arm because of a one-shot character that I don't give a damn about is the DMOS to me. If he regains his arm because of an improved relationship with Flame Princess, Marceline, Bubblegum, or hell even Ice King, I would have accepted his arm regeneration because at least it makes up for it with a heartwarming moment between my favorite characters. But nope, instead he regains it back from the character of the day who is so unlikeable that it broke my Willing Suspension of Disbelief that he even regains it. Adding insult to the injury, Breezy is never seen or mentioned again yet Finn continues to keep his right arm back so to me, this is one of the few moments where the developers tried too hard to cater to kids since they clearly don't like seeing Finn with only one arm.
  • Epi02O3: For me it was Ocarina, the fact that the main antagonist in the episode is the Deuteragonist's grown up child is for one a punch in the gut. Two, the guy's a business man who bought his father's house deed in a "shady" deal with the guy's best friend for a bass. Yeah it's awesome, but what the heck Marceline? Plus then they try to teach the whole dynamic about the strong preying on the weak to a 16 year old kid in terms of why their house was forced to be put on rent unless they get kicked out... I mean, you don't just try to teach a kid about something like that at that age, especially someone who is living After the End of the World. Who just went through a whole ton of crap including losing his arm and then getting it back. I can understand Kim's desire for Jake to grow up and be a good father, but did you have to involve your much younger uncle into the mix too?
    • darkwing: I was willing to give Adventure Time a second chance after "Breezy" but this episode made me reconsider that. The thing that got me was Kim thinking Jake and Finn don't have a real job and he can't respect them? Uh, yeah, rescuing princesses, facing dangerous monsters, and oh yeah, only reason the Lich hasn't killed all life everywhere. I'd say even if it isn't a formal 9 to 5 job what Finn and Jake do is far more important and far more respectable than anything Kim will ever accomplish at the office.
  • regularshowman: For me, the DMOS in this show is in the episode "Nemesis". Not only was this yet another episode completely lacking any Finn and Jake (seriously, is anyone else getting sick of that?), not only were this episode's main cast people I didn't give a crap about, but this episode proved to me that Adventure Time was getting stale. This episode was trying way too hard to be weird and zany at times with Nemesis himself driving his kids around in a minivan (Get it? He's supposed to be a badass but he drives his kids around in a minivan with his kids like a normal parent! Hur de dur hur!) which is stupid. That and it was trying way too hard to be cool. Which it isn't. Oh, and what the fuck was up with that ending? Oh and the aforementioned lack of Finn and Jake for, what? The third episode now! As well as them being substituted for boring characters who I don't give a crap about just killed this tired and boring episode for me.
  • thespecialneedsgroup: I've never had a problem with Princess Bubblegum's occasional Comedic Sociopathy; I've often found those instances to be pretty funny overall—at least I did until The Cooler, where she strays into 'crimes against humanity' territory. She conspires with the Ice King, a known enemy of both nations, to lower the temperature of the Fire Kingdom. This causes the mass-suffering of everyone who resides there, and results in at least one death. She does this to create a pretext for gaining access to one of the Fire Kingdom's major means of defense, so that she can sabotage them. She does this all under the guise of providing humanitarian aid—aid for a crisis that she engineered. Granted, she does these things in the interest of her nation's security, but keep in mind that she was spying on the Flame Princess, so Bubblegum probably knew that Flame Princess was not only opposed to the idea of attacking the Candy Kingdom, but was also interested in forging an alliance with it; so PB might not have even needed to commit her heinous acts.
  • Mario123311: I haven't watched AT in a very long time now to be brutally honest, but I know I'm probably gonna piss A LOT of people off by saying this: Finn and PB's whole "breakup" really ruined it for me honestly. Basically I felt like these 2 were a perfect fit for each other and what ends up happening is "Lolnope". Needless to say I was not happy and I honestly haven't watched since that happened.
  • honkgamzeehonk: Sad Face, not because it is a bad episode, but it has hardly any main characters except for a sleeping Jake's tail and a bunch of one-episode wonder bugs. This episode should have been used for something like the Fire Kingdom coup, not pointless Filler.
  • PrinnyRamza: Stakes Part 8. I actually was enjoying the mini series for the most part until the final episode. It was trying so hard to be a finale that it forgot to make sense. First, the whole last episode is full of blatant excuse to have everything go back to the status quo. I'm fine with Princess Bubblegum becoming Princess again because that was at least foreshadowed, but nope everyone had to grab the idiot ball and trust a blind Peppermint Butler with highly unstable vampire essence and then the essence bit Marceline because reasons I guess. Considering how the whole previous episode was about making different choices to get different results, this was a huge copout. My second issue is that two of the Princesses come out of nowhere and at first I was excited. I'm like "oh man, Hotdog Princess is sending out her archers and here's Flame Princess sending artillery and oh... only two princesses? Wait, why these two? Did you pick their names out of a hat and you didn't have time for anyone else?". Furthermore when Marceline joins this big battle they have this moment where everyone turns to her, even these two princesses who were looking from a distance. Hotdog Princess I can forgive, but Flame Princess was sending strikes from the Fire Kingdom. There is no reason she would teleport to the grasslands and then dramatically look at Marceline. And my third and final reason. Finn and Jake are left to be purely comedy relief; they were pretty much incompetent the whole mini series but they didn't help in this episode at all.
  • terlwyth: "Wheels". This episode could've been an excellent episode in which we see how Jake shows his Bunny-Ears Lawyer side. He has been characterized as being a fun-loving conscience. This is what Kim Kil-Wham was looking for when he wanted his daughter to. Instead Jake gets caught up by his grandkid thinking him not cool, and why not, he acts like an absolute Jerkass to her to prove something to some other peers. This just isn't the Jake I knew. Even Finn thinks the whole thing stupid.

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