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  • Retsof Noraa: Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter has one in their video for the "Pay Your Respects" achievement in Batman: Arkham City. The achievement is - literally - paying your respects at the site where Bruce's parents were killed. Being Rooster Teeth, they try to lighten the situation with humor - claiming the chalk outlines make it look like Martha Wayne was giving a blowjob to Thomas when they died - but instead of crossing the line twice, it only crosses the line.
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  • Zeta Ridge: And speaking of Achievement Hunter, their co-op let's play on Ghost Recon Future Solider is one of their weakest if not their worst so far. Gavin is especially cringeworthy on his playthrough when getting either consistently killed, getting caught, or "accidentally" killing civilians. I honestly wouldn't mind if they were goofing around but all in all, they were playing the game wrong not for comedy but rather obliviousness and sheer ignorance.
  • Joseph C Badass: Achievement Hunter has a number of such moments, but the defining moment has to be the 37th episode of their Let's Play Minecraft series, "Clouds." The objective of the game is to platform a long series of small blocks stationed high in the air, make it to the end of the course, mine the Tower Of Pimps, descend to the ground, and erect it by your pedestal, all while in 3rd person mode. To win the episode, one of the guys has to do this twice. Ray ends up doing this twice, but on his second time making it to the end of the course, we suddenly get live footage of the office, where we see Ray playing the game. In the background, Gavin gets up from his seat, walks up to Ray, and puts his hand on Ray's controller to make him walk off the course and die, prolonging the game. I choose this as my dethroning moment because Gavin very blatantly cheated by messing with Ray's controller. Now, I understand that if Ray won there, the episode would've been too short to be a Let's Play (and later in the series, this happens again to Ray), but cheating in an attempt to prolong the episode just isn't right. What makes this moment even worse is how the others will occasionally make fun of Ray over this,
    Michael: Ray, can you believe the frustration I'm feeling? (later) Ray, don't be such a fucking poor sport.
    • And in response, Ray can be heard fuming over this. And just to twist the knife one last time, Ryan makes it to the end of the course for a second time, but before he can mine the tower, Michael makes it right behind him, and Ryan, in response, breaks the block Michael was standing on, sending him plummeting to his death, which is also against the rules (In every episode, you're disallowed from destroying the terrain unless otherwise noted) and when the others realize what he's done, Gavin is the very first one to get on Ryan about cheating, making him not only a cheater, but a massive hypocrite on top of that. Geoff also comes across as hypocritical, seeing as he banned Caleb from Let's Plays for cheating in an earlier episode, but here, he goes on to add insult to injury as well by telling everyone not to cheat anymore, while completely ignoring Gavin. This entire episode just featured all the Achievement Hunters at their most mean-spirited, and if it weren't for the ending of the episode being the most perfect ending possible (Gavin made it to the end completely legitimately, fought off Ray who also made it to the end, mined the tower, but placed it on Ray's pedestal, giving Ray the final point needed to win the game), I'd have considered this episode to be unwatchable.

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