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  • venicerenzetti: I'm always aware that any favorite web star of mine is gonna have opposing and sometimes unpopular opinions. Buckley has said some things that I've strongly disagreed with—namely his video regarding celebrity overdoses (generalized every junkie as a piece of shit and said he doesn't have to respect the Monteith family since Cory didn't respect his by overdosing on heroin) and his video about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (said that ALS isn't a disease worth really raising awareness for since there aren't a lot of cases of it and many years of research hasn't done much)—but in one of his slides in his "Jian Ghomeshi: The Only Bad Person in Canada" video, he featured the thumbnails of some of his videos and added the caption "Videos that some people (babies) found controversial". The way he generalized anyone who doesn't agree with his opinion as "babies" just left a bad taste in my mouth, as if to say anyone that disagrees with him is like that no matter what their rebuttal is. Doesn't this guy generally target people who can't take criticism?
    • Motherfickle: The rant about Cory Monteith did it for me too. As someone who was very attached to Glee despite how bad it got in it's later seasons and was devastated by Cory's passing, that really bothered me on a number of levels. Addiction is a disease that follows you for life. Cory tried very very hard to kick his and was sober for 10 years before the relapse that sent him to rehab, and the second relapse that ended his life. It doesn't make someone a "baby" to be sympathetic to that. Especially when his friends and family were literally swarmed by paparazzi to the point where his girlfriend later admitted she was scared to leave her house.
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  • Falconwing: I like Buckley, I really do... But his Comic Book Movies rant where he basically says comic book fans have no right to complain about the changes films make to the source material because "It's not for you" left a bad taste in my mouth. Basically I feel he told me, I have no right to complain about something if I am not the intended audience. This is coming from a man who routinely makes videos criticizing, and nitpicking songs when it can be easily argued that those same songs were "not made for him." All in all, I'm just saying it makes him look like a Hypocrite.
  • TT 454: I used to really like Buckley's videos, and he still respect him as a comedian as many of his jokes have made me laugh. However, after a recent run of many videos that are, in my opinion, boring, whiny and forgettable, I've decided to quit watching his content. I've become really sick of his arrogance, his voice, his increasingly mean-spirited tone and his over-reliance on sexual humour. This is why I have decided to choose the video "Apologies For Comedy" as his Dethroning Moment. This video isn't part of his recent bad run of videos, but I've never liked this one and always avoided viewing it. It's a video where he argues that comedians shouldn't have to apologise for comedy, no matter how offensive or hateful their jokes are, and it, to me, exemplifies everything wrong with most of Buckley's newer videos (late 2014-present). The problem with the video is simple: it's extremely hypocritical. In the video, Buckley makes fun of offended people for being "selfish babies" who consider things poor taste, and yet much of Buckley's success has come from being blatantly offended by various matters and ranting angrily about it! In other words, he's a hypocrite, and this video foreshadowed his decline. In many of his newer videos, he's become just as whiny as the people he shames in that video. So he's allowed to rant and complain as much as he likes, but no-one else is?
  • FromtheWordsofBR: "Top 10 Worst Songs of 2015" was oddly underwhelming IMO, but the worst part was definitely the Sia segment. Not because I love her music, moreso the fact that he believes anybody who likes her are hipsters who are "tricked" to like her with her image. What? People do have legitimate reasons for liking someone; painting an entire fanbase in this manner is just selfish. Fortunately his 2016 list was a lot better.
    • 8BrickMario: Adding to that, criticizing Sia's private image for being pretentious and annoying. While he may have a point with the peanut butter, Sia's privacy is because she has social anxiety and wouldn't want people recognizing her, so criticizing that seems inconsiderate or like a lack of research at best.
  • fairygirl567 The DMOS would have to be something that I had to pay for, everyone knows how he sells podcast versions of his shows on Bandcamp well I was curious and bought one about Bronies, I was a starting Pegasister at the time and wanted to listen to someone like him and see what his opinion was. I hated every minute of that video. Buckley came off as every other brony hater and it pissed me off so much, he ragged on it for dumb reasons and said he didn't get bronies. He said he didn't get bronies! While at the same time being a nerd himself, he doesn't accept or get bronies! I hate people like that! They think it's okay that they do something odd or weird but a grown man watching a kids show is so bad! Yeah, no it's not! Yes, it's weird. I am not denying that but the way Buckley talked made me doubt being a fan of the show and I kid you not I ended up posting a paragraph-length comment on his message board and I came off as desperate. I actually didn't watch his videos for awhile after that. At least with someone like, I hate everything, it makes since he wouldn't like the show and make fun of bronies, but even for Buckley that video came off as way too mean spirited. This was a waste of money and I'll never watch that video again.
  • whunt: Buckley's "Youtube Ads: Not for Everybody?" was probably his worst video. Buckley briefly mentions the heart of the issue being that YouTube is selective with applying their guidelines, but then rants about how ad providers act on the site. Dude, that was never the issue. The issue is that just now, at a time when a certain sect of Youtubers like MrEpzion and Phillip DeFranco are popular, they decide to demonetize "harmful opinions" and try to pressure not covering controversial subject matter. Youtube is not censoring of course, but dis-incentivising content creators can be just as bad and limits the voice of the people. And again, the fact that these are just now being selectively applied is the real issue here. The problem is not with how the revenue is distributed—If Youtube wants to make these content policies, they can—but how there is now pressure on Youtubers to act a certain way to make a livelihood on the site. He even plays the "Youtube is Not a Real Job" card simply to condescend to the platform and those who have elected to use it to their advantage. Newsflash: This is a free Internet, Buckley! If people want to pursue a career on Youtube, then they can do so as they please. I likely won't unsubscribe after this, but Buckley's arguments to this issue were one-sided, poorly researched, and very conceited to his own biases on YouTube conduct.
    • ryanisbetter: The one part about this video that really bothered me was him complaining about how YouTube is being selective about which videos have ads on them and not applying their own rules across the board (such as having a rule about NSFW videos not having ads but putting ads on music videos for explicit rap songs). But then he has a list of rules for his worst songs lists and the first one is "I can break any of my own rules whenever I want to." If he is allowed to break his own rules at will, why aren't they?
  • The Red Ripper: Just like a lot of people on this page, I too have had a point where I gave up on his videos. Granted, it was at first his downloadable Nerd Rants, where I had to pay for audio that was basically just a longer version of his rants that were not really that funny and just came off as whining. I eventually came back to his videos a few years later out of curiosity, and then I found my self literally screaming in anger upon seeing his most recent video, Fair Use Falsehoods. This video in a nutshell basically says that anyone who makes lets plays, fan made video games, fan conventions, fan fiction, fan art, and anything else containing copyrighted content(even when the fan made stuff is free) is not protected under fair use. This is despite the fact that fair use covers parody, reviews, and fan made content, something he clearly failed to read into. And both letsplys and reaction videos can both be considered reviews, go look at Jim Sterling's Squirty Play series. What angers me the most about this is the fact that his entire channel contains almost nothing but material he has never owned or bought the rights to use. His musical autopsy videos all contain audio that is owned by other companies, making him a hypocrite. If he did happen to get those rights, I would love to see the receipt.
  • Tropers/Yellow-Spider-Kitty: While I really like his Worst of 20XX series, The Dance A$$ segment had him whining about it being a charting song, and even said "Now seriously people, Stop buying this shit". Witch made him look like a douchebag imo, No one has control on what charts or not, and if a song you hate makes it big, then so be it.
  • tentonaraft: Mine would have to be his rant on Easter. While he doesn't have to like the holiday or celebrate it, I found it offputting how he completely refused to do any research into where Easter eggs or the Easter Bunny came from. A quick Google search would have told him that it was Pagan influences, since Easter was the appropriation of a Pagan fertility festival, and made it about Jesus' ressurection. This lack of research that could have been solved with a Google search is a big moment for me.
  • Probemerogersmith:I found Buckley to be nothing but a guilty pleasure almost as soon as I discovered him, at a time when I was pretty seriously against current pop music. Even then I found him annoyingly harsh at times, but somehow still enjoyed watching his videos at times. His videos almost always annoyed me at least a little, with him seeming more and more like a jerk who doesn't want anyone to have fun. I probably wouldn't have kept watching if he didn't claim it was humor in his tagline. But the moment that finally made me ditch him for good, and my DMoS for him, is in the Top 10 Worst Songs of 2016. Specifically, the part about Meygan Trainor's No. While I still find her annoying, I don't have a problem with the message of the song, even if it was poorly handled. He comes off as really sexist here, and doesn't seem to realize how much it sounds like he's basically saying women have no right to object to being sexually harrassed. Then to top it all off, he says that from now on he's calling her Meygan Tumblr, further mocking real issues, that are sometimes handled poorly, and ignoring the fact that some of her other songs are accused of being full of outdated stereotypes and sexism. I might be taking this too extreme, and might have let it go if it were someone who didn't bug me nearly as often, but he's just seemed like too much of a jerk way too much about stuff he doesn't understand.
  • I Will Nible Your Ear: Dear god, His Top Ten Worst Songs of 2018 was honestly a load of garbage. With the 80's Baby being the worst, besides the fact he's basically he rated said song too high (Sorry but how's this worst then The Middle?) and he basically attacks those who preferred life back when they were late teens. By saying "You fucked up, You did life wrong". A big What the Hell, Hero? for sure.

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