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  • The title character from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.
  • Bina from All Night Laundry is a great example of realistic consequences of this kind of behavior.
  • The canadian lumberjack in Antihero for Hire certainly adheres to the trope strongly, as seen here. Some of MANTIS's agents, especially the elites, qualify.
  • Fern from Awful Hospital, fighting her way through incomprehensible weirdness to get her kid back.
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  • Jozk of Charby the Vampirate refuses to fail his mission, fighting someone he knows is an immortal teleporter, managing to actually delay her even after she gives him fatal injuries, and continuing on his way until his body literally cannot move anymore.
  • Laura from Collar 6...well, when Ginger is watching, anyway.
  • Ludwig in A Day With Bowser Jr. He is so hell-bent on murdering Bowser Jr and claiming back the Koopa throne, that literally all of his dialogue revolves around his desire for the throne. He's even thinking about killing Bowser Jr while bedridden and severely injured!
  • Denma The Quanx: Edel. In his pursuit of his goal, which is to live freely with his True Love Nell he: spends time in prison, loses over 100 pounds, becomes a guard, leaves the church, sells his body as a prostitute, kills a dozen people, escapes prison (twice), walks directly into a war zone, and steals a spaceship.
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  • Dominic Deegan has The Infernomancer. No matter if he's devastated by holy magic, blasted by chaos infused black magic, banished to an alternate dimension full of eldritch abominations, or sent directly to hell, he just... Doesn't... Die...
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse:
    • Nail. Holy shit.
    • It took a lot for Recoome to go down, too.
    • On a more humorous note, Dabura manages to survive a giant fucking hole in his chest far longer than should be possible.
    • The same can be said of U13 Kakarot who survived a sucking puncture wound long enough to wake up and call for medical attention, when everyone fully expected him to be dead after U18 Vegeta was through with him.
  • Dumbing of Age: This praise from Sarah
    You will do it. It might work, it might not, but you will do it. And you will keep doing it, for her. Because you are relentless. You will never stop doing whatever you can for her, ever. And because of that, ultimately, she will be fine.
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  • El Goonish Shive: Nanase was the only one able to protect Ellen from the Knight Templar trying to kill her, but the only thing she could do was summon a doll-sized version of herself at Ellen's position, though she could still throw full-powered punches in that form. She would get a few hits in, and then the Knight Templar would destroy the doll, which would make her experience the pain of death. So she'd summon another one...and another....and another...
  • Girl Genius:
    • "Let me tell you about Airman Higgs." Airman Higgs got Baron Wulfenbach out of a burning airship and to safety. During which, he had to deal with a bunch of monsters, an irate Captain Dupree, and a goose, breaking three out of four limbs in the process and getting an infected bite. He managed to get to a town despite his injuries, where he got shot in his last undamaged limb. He informed the local garrison of Wulfenbach's predicament, then passed out. He then shows up here and here fighting off a Muse that is possessed/occupied by the Heterodyne Castle's AI. Then he comes back again - even getting run though by a sword didn't slow him down for long...
      "You cannot kill Mr. Higgs. You cannot stop Mr. Higgs. You cannot even run from Mr. Higgs."
    • Gil has his Determinator moments as well, especially when Agatha is in danger:
      "I am Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, little man - and there is nothing I couldn't do, had I cause! And now... now I have one!"
  • Homestuck:
    • Sollux Captor manages to get Feferi Peixes into the Medium while he and the rest of the troll species were being mind raped to death by the cry of an Eldritch Abomination. Feferi later returns the favor. Sollux does it again when he telekinetically flies the troll's asteroid toward the beacon of the Green Sun, their only hope of survival, at the rapid speed necessary to get there before the beacon's path fades. The strain is so great that he bleeds from every orifice before ultimately dying permanently of it.
    • Terezi Pyrope also deserves mention, having raised herself almost completely alone from infancy on Alternia, a freaking Death World. This would be amazing already without the fact that she is blind for a good portion of this time, thanks to Vriska. This gets brought to even further extremes before, during, and after "Game Over". She takes an absolutely merciless beating from an Ax-Crazy Gamzee that should have already been enough to kill her, with him slamming her face multiple times into concrete and piledriving her into the ground as well. She is still able to attack Aranea in an attempt to stop her, but Aranea uses telekinesis to first cause Terezi to run herself through with her own sword, then throws her into a mountain. Terezi still survives this, flies down to another planet where John is located, headbutts him, and later uses her powers to come up with a plan to fix the timeline and makes a whole long list for John before finally succumbing to her wounds, on her own terms.
    • Kanaya, after getting fatally shot by Eridan, manages to pick herself up and escape offscreen. During Nepeta's time wandering around, she finds a trail of Jade blood and a destroyed transportalizer. When Kanaya confronts the three who've gone rogue, she's wearing Eridan's cape around her wound as a sash, which has since soaked through with her blood, and she still takes them down.
    • Gamzee Makara has recently taken things to a new level with the revelation that he has managed to survive through will alone, throughout every timeline, including ones in which a psychic shriek was emitted that is fatal to his entire species. He's also still moving in the alpha timeline, despite taking 5 minutes worth of automatic fire from Caliborn's Machine Gun.
    • Vriska is obsessed with being the most important character of the plot, essentially orchestrating (Or at least so she thinks) every major event of the Alpha timeline. Even after she died, she's still hell bent in being the one to defeat lord English by rallying up an army of ghosts in the void between universes. Taking this trope to its logical extent, she will even directly challenge the narrator/writer of the comic psychically in order to get back in the spotlight and finish her Story Arc properly. Perhaps more impressive are her actions during the revenge cycle. After Terezi causes the cueball to blow up in her face (removing her right arm and eye) she regains consciousness and immediately performs a double psychic reacharound (mindcontrolling Tavros to use his powers to control a dragon to use its connection to Terezi to mind control her into blinding herself) to get her revenge, and is still mad enough to taunt Terezi over a chat client before passing out due to bloodloss.
    • Karkat might qualify as well, because on Alternia, being (as previously stated) is a Death World, where just surviving is a feat, not only does he survive, he does so living in a world where his ENTIRE EXISTENCE is a crime punishable by death because of his blood colour, but he does so while living in close proximity to other trolls. Which means, because of troll biology, he would never be able to cry, blush, bleed or have sex. EVER. The last of which, in troll society, also means death. Terezi teases him about it mercilessly.
    • Caliborn. It is impossible to win a session with just one player. Caliborn does it anyway. He is a Time player, which means he can go back in time and redo things until he gets them right. Out of sheer stubborness, he achieves all of the levels, by himself, just by level grinding for years and years, solves all of the puzzles despite his learning disability, and eventually becomes the most powerful villain in the universe. On a lesser level, Caliborn's art is absolutely terrible. Everyone who sees it tells him that it is, and that he should stop drawing, but he draws anyway, confident that he will become a great artist. His art has improved immensely from the start of the story, from "incomprehensible" to "bad" to merely "poor", so that just goes to show he was right not to listen to the haters.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: Fructose Riboflavin, who has been trying to take over the Nemesite Empire for the better part of two thousand years. He's now very old and tired. He's pretty good at knowing when he's lost a battle, he can even be gracious about it, but he never concedes the war, and he's virtually impossible to keep locked up even briefly. Although his sheer frenzied desire for his goal can lead to occasional Villainous Breakdowns.
  • Link, from The Legend of Zelda, as portrayed in a comic by Zac Gorman.
  • Marah from Modest Medusa is showing signs of becoming one.
  • Karen, one of the Villain Protagonists of NonPack, deconstructs this trope. She goes after her rival gangbanger Honey, he beats her up, then she attacks him again — over and over. Karen's teammate Doc tries to get her to stop, but her pride keeps her going for a long time before she finally listens to him.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • The side character O-Chul, whom Big Bad Xykon is speaking of in the Quotes Wiki. Just see for yourself.
      "It's Xykon's spell list. Or most of it, anyway."
      "Are you kidding?!? How did you get this??"
      "One saving throw at a time."
    • Roy himself sometimes displays Determinator qualities, especially right before Xykon kills him.
  • Jacob's persona of Target Man in Precocious, with the power to absorb all hits and keep getting up.
  • Questionable Content: "My name is Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham. I end messes."note 
  • When Sammy arrives at the eponymous show in The Sanity Circus to find Attley, he will not let anything stop him. Not having to tear down the circus, not even being thrown head-first into a brick wall by magic. It takes a Safeguarde to stop him, and even that's because he was close to being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent:
    • Ever since his My Greatest Failure, Lalli would rather repair a mistake he did in a task while half asleep rather than leave it hanging. As one can guess, this tends to make him blind any new mistakes he may be making in the process until their consequences actually halt his progress.
    • The quality is greatly associated with Swedes, both by themselves and other nations. This ranges from maintaining a railway system in a country that consists of various settlements separated by Death World areas to Emil's own persistence at befriending a No Social Skills mage with an Ambiguous Disorder who speaks a language completely different from his own.
  • Anne from Sunstone puts a startlingly large amount of time and effort into getting Alan to cross dress. This infliction was caught by the fans when Sejic hinted this would actually happen after an outrageous amount of page views.
  • Lots of characters in Tower of God are more or less like this, since it's so largely concerned with people undertaking the long and almost impossible task of climbing the Tower.
    • The Hero Bam won't stop at anything when pursuing the things he cares about. It starts out with his determination to reunite with Rachel — he undertakes The Quest to climb the Tower just for that. He gains other goals later on, including saving practically everyone in trouble he comes across. He's unstoppable because he fears death less than things like losing his friends — and because he has Plot Armor, of course.
    • Wangnan never stops trying to climb the Tower, even though he's been stuck in the same place for ages and has (seemingly) no special abilities to compete with all the other Regulars. It becomes a bit of a Deconstructed Trope when it's revealed that numerous companions have died alongside him while trying, and the only reason he's not joined their fate long ago is probably that he's secretly unkillable.
    • Also deconstructed with Rachel. Reaching the top of the Tower is everything to her, but she has no special powers or destiny to help her, and she's not crazy like Bam to go charging in where she'd just get killed. So, unwilling as she is to give up, what's she going to do? Absolutely anything that works, no matter how dirty, starting with betrayal.
  • Weak Hero:
    • Ben is very difficult to take down in a fight, not only because of his impressive strength, but because he just never gives up. After fighting Jimmy Bae, Donald Na, four of their mooks, and protecting Alex from falling construction with his own body, Ben is still able to stand through the power of his instinct alone.
    • Once he becomes friends with Gray, there's nothing Eugene won't do to help him out. Teddy tries to steal his bag? Eugene clings to it until Teddy beats him down. Hyeongshin students gang up on the two of them? Eugene offers himself up to be beaten instead of Gray. Wolf starts to brutally beat up Gray? Eugene gets up from his own severe beating and clings to Wolf, begging him to stop. What Eugene lacks in muscle, he more than makes up for in spirit.
  • The sysadmin in this xkcd.


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