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Everyone has different views on morality, and fan fiction is certainly no different. Of course this, combined with Sturgeon's Law, tends to result in plenty of questionable acts of "heroism".

  • Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way of My Immortal. She hates anybody who dares have a different opinion than her, swears at teachers, kills people just for bothering her, and has a hissy-fit whenever the attention isn't on her.
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  • A Collection Of Harmonious OneShots is a fic that has Harry and Hermione (who are married in the fic, for some reason) start out with good intentions — to prevent a war between wizards and Muggles that is even worse than anything caused by Voldemort — but they jump off the slippery slope as soon as they arrive in the past, as they make a deal with the dementors, set fire to their enemies' houses, blackmail the Gringotts goblins (and treat both the goblins as inferiors and approve of house-elf slavery) into executing Dumbledore and Snape, who have received Ron the Death Eater treatment, but actually come off as better in comparison, as Dumbledore at least implores Harry not to go around killing all who have angered him. Harry ignores him, and this is supposed to be seen as heroic behavior. In fact, there are many Peggy Sue Fix Fics which have the main character, usually Harry, act in a way more befitting of Voldemort than the Boy Who Lived.
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  • Rose Potter from the infamous Rose Potter series is a particularly egregious example - she belittles and bullies near everyone in the series. She angrily demands to know why she isn't being told anything while they're visiting Arthur Weasley in the hospital, she outright kills Quirrell herself, does absolutely nothing to keep Peter Pettigrew from escaping even though she knows everything about it in advance, spends half of the hearing with the Ministry of Magic belittling the wizarding world for not being as wise and enlightened as the druids, and carves words into Ron Weasley's forehead. The author believed these to be improvements to the canon and to the protagonist.
  • Katara and Zuko in the infamous webcomic How I Became Yours.
    • Katara: In canon, she is a kindly Team Mom and Action Girl who does what she can to help her friends despite having quite the temper. In the webcomic, however, she is presented as vain ("I'm sure that Kuzon will come out quite charming, with me as his mom."), self-absorbed ("[Kuzon] died years ago, a day before my birthday..."and the emphasis is not added by the troper), and downright murderous (bloodbending Mai to death). Yet she's always right and no one ever questions her stupid, selfish or downright evil actions.
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    • Zuko: In the series, Zuko is an Anti-Hero with a lot of issues stemming from his past, but genuinely does aspire to do good (even though he initially has a bit of trouble at that). In the comic however, he cheats on his wife behind her back and fathers an illegitimate child with the designated heroine mentioned above, physically and emotionally abuses Mai when she confronts him and appropriately points out the huge political and social fallout his philandering will bring, leaves his struggling and almost destroyed kingdom without any seconds thoughts to get together with his woman-on-the-side — and yet we're supposed to sympathize with him.
  • The Fullmetal Alchemist fans in this fanfic. We're supposed to believe they're in the right and be rooting for Edward Elric, when his fans have just laughed at people going into CARDIAC ARREST! That's right folks, Fullmetal Alchemist fans will just point and laugh when you go into cardiac arrest. The reason? Liking something they don't. What.
  • The "heroes" from The Prayer Warriors are self-righteous, racist, homophobic, misogynistic mass-murderers who made Stalin look sympathetic in universe. Even more so, they are never seen doing anything positive let alone anything heroic. We never see them feeding the poor, healing the sick, or even stopping to Pet the Dog. They get rid of the "villains," and make everyone convert to Christianity, but the Satanists were actually better people than the Prayer Warriors were, and the conversions are almost all coerced thanks to our heroes policy of killing those who refuse.
  • In The PER: Michealson and Morely - The Speed of Right, has the eponymous "heroes" forcibly ponifying people.
    • Related to this, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia are considered the heroes in most Conversion Bureau fics, despite committing genocide against the human race.
  • Brought up In-Universe by Joe Dark in Clash of the Elements, who claims that Alex Whiter is getting undeserved treatment as a good guy after some sort of atrocities he committed in the past.
  • Jenna from My Inner Life does nothing besides fawn over Link, have sex with Link and get fringe benefits and praise for being married to Link. Every character loves her because it's explicitly stated that they do.
    • Particularly egregious is the king of Hyrule. In short order, Jenna goes from a traveling foreign merchant with a good inn at the castle to the king's de facto second daughter. By the middle of the story, it's stated that she effectively has a line to the throne.
  • Princess Luna in Frigid Winds And Burning Hearts is our main viewpoint character, and the plot of the story is about her learning how her sister smeared her and portrayed her as the monster during her time banished to the Moon. She also constantly refers to everyone around her as "commoners", has no sympathy for any mortal pony, was willing to abandon Equestria to centuries of anarchy and destruction just to get her own way, and outright brainwashes Twilight Sparkle onto her side. 90% of her dialogue is whining about Celestia while she waits for other ponies to fix her problems.
  • Brolli Diamondback of the Touhou fan series/movie Diamond in the Rough (Touhou) is both a satire on Self-Insert Fic main characters that result in this trope and then a nasty Deconstruction. In the first half of the movie, Brolli treats himself as the hero of his own adventure in Gensokyo, then later believes he is the only one who can save Gensokyo from a disastrous incident, even though he has done no good and everyone else is perfectly capable of handling everything without him. It's obvious to both the residents of Gensokyo and the viewers that Brolli is obviously unprepared and morally skewed. In the second half, Brolli becomes aware he's nothing more than a Designated Hero and then does what he can to actually become a redeemable, likable hero. By this point, however, everyone has become fed up with his actions, even ones that aren't directly his fault, and believe killing him is the only option to save Gensokyo. By the end, the audience and Gensokyo get exactly what they want: Brolli is killed, just after he's done everything he could to redeem himself. Shiki does decide to reincarnate him, however.
  • Harry in a Harry Potter/World of Warcraft crossover. He's functionally a living embodiment of the Light. He's also allied himself with the Black Dragonflight, participated in the Culling of Stratholme, and gave Arthas the idea to use mercenaries to burn his men's ships and then kill the mercenaries. His reasons? In order, to establish him and his men as powerful fighters, because he gave his word to follow the orders of the crown (Jaina calls him out on valuing his word over the lives of thousands), and to get back at Arthas for pulling Harry off a personal mission to help fight the Scourge. Our hero ladies and gentleman!
  • L and Light both become this with a dash of Unintentionally Unsympathetic in the Death Note fan fictions by Dotti 55 (found on,, and Most of her works chronicle an AU of her creation in which L and Light inexplicably fall in love and get together, and Light gets off completely scot-free for his crimes as Kira (though he does give up on being Kira; it's even suggested that Kira is actually a demon-like entity that made Light do all those bad things in classic Draco in Leather Pants fashion). Both of them thoroughly selfish and hypocritical, the two devolve into Sickeningly Sweethearts and Creators Pets that never have to answer for what they've done in the canon series and despite all the Character Shilling they get, seem to care more about themselves and their relationship than about crime-solving or anything else (or if they are solving crime, the conflict comes from how the case affects their relationship; expect copious amounts of Wangst from them both in any case). Everyone else is treated as a yes-man, a bystanding supporter of their relationship or if they don't or if they call them out on anything, they are promptly villainized and punished; Misa in particular gets this treatment a lot. Granted, it would be a good thing that gay rights be advocated, but the problem is L and Light are the one couple that the stories are most concerned about, and every one of the stories focuses more on the relationship in some way than on actual crime-fighting (the author also ships Mello/Matt, but they don't get nearly as much attention as the former). The way the author handles female characters in general doesn't help, either: they have little if any importance beyond convenient plot devices, are almost never right about important things and are typically portrayed as either Satellite Love Interests to straight male characters or rapist Yanderes and/or Heteronormative Crusaders bent on tearing L and Light's world apart while males who act in a similar fashion get a proverbial slap on the wrist and are portrayed far more sympathetically overall.
    • In one particularly egregious fanfic, it's openly stated that L relishes the idea of putting Misa in restraints in case she loses her temper (compare this to his canon counterpart who treats tying up Misa as a necessary evil and shows no evidence of explicitly enjoying doing it) when Light tells her that he loves L and is leaving her. The fact that Light was the one that’d been leading her on up until this point is hardly if at all addressed and the story treats it as excusable because at the time Light was Kira and therefore "not himself" and besides who cares what Misa thinks anyway? She's crazy and as dumb as a post. When she threatens to commit suicide ("to give him a shock to snap him out of it"), L looks for a window to open so that he may “accommodate her” (again, compare to his canon counterpart who appears visibly shaken about the deaths of Ukita and the FBI agents and has Watari stop Misa from killing herself in confinement by gagging her so she can't bite her tongue). Later when Misa leaves, Light tells L that he knows that he "didn't mean it," but L admits that "the thought was enjoyable, anyway." Somehow this attempt at a "Take That, Scrappy!" is supposed to be cute and funny.
  • Uzumaki Naruto and his mother the Red Death Uzumaki Kushina are this in A Mother's Love. Kushina gets away with literal murder for anyone who even tries entering Namikaze grounds, including those who are lost or just drunk. The Third Hokage lets her get away with it since its "Clan grounds and out of his jurisdiction"...yet the Hyuga, Akimichi, Aburame, Uchiha, even the Senju Clan don't get that preferential treatment. Not only that, she teaches Naruto to be an arrogant dickwad with a entitlement complex and gives him Lost Technology that would benefit all of Konoha-yet doesn't share since they aren't Uzumaki's. Naruto himself becomes a practical tyrant when he becomes Hokage who conquers the entire continent through military force to usher in a Pax Konoha. In any other story, Naruto would be the villain and his rival (who he kills in the first half) Sasuke would be the hero.
    • Lord of the Land of Fire normally does this. For example in his A Mother's Love AU, Kushina leaves Konoha in a huff since she can't keep her lifestyle as the 'Namikaze wife', taking an infant Naruto with her and they settle in Sunagakure. No point no one tries stopping her, Hiruzen Sarutobi just lets it happen and the only way Kushina is stopped being portrayed as a Villain Protagonist is by having Fugaku lead a successful coup d'tat against Hiruzen when Itachi of all people chooses the clan over the village.
  • Cori Falls's Pokémon fanfic saga tries to play like Ash Ketchum is a case of this, but the reality is that her versions of Jessie, James, Meowth and Gary fall into it more than Ash at his worst ever could. The stories make a big deal of what good people they are and how they have the souls of angels, even as the trio snark and mock anyone who doesn't live up to their standard of intelligence and brutalize first Domino, then later Ash and Tracey on several occasions.
  • Awesome de Britannia in Code Geass: Awesome of the Rebellion, whom the narrator repeatedly assures us is a kind, noble and heroic leader and yet he constantly murders any enemies who try to surrender to him, has the biggest ego ever, (at one point his subjects chant that "Awesome is the greatest" to which he "modestly" replies "Thank you, thank you. I know I am.") and by chapter 10 he's just blowing people up for no reason at all.
  • In the Harry Potter story Doing Hermione a Favour, Harry is most definitely this trope regardless of what the author insists. First he realizes that Tonks is pretending to be Hermione so the latter can run to the store (why she needs to sneak out is never brought up) and tricks Tonks into having sex with him by acting like he and Hermione do all the time. Then Harry tricks Hermione into having sex with him by making her think Tonks promised it. When Hermione and Tonks admit that Tonks has been taking Hermione's place, he acts outraged at "their deceit" and demands a threesome. Finally, after a few weeks of regular sex with Hermione, Harry decides that despite being on birth control for months, Hermione must already be pregnant so he switches out her birth control with sugar pills. Hermione doesn't learn of this for another couple months when she learns she's six weeks pregnant.
  • Tony Stevens in the Real-Person Fic, The Global Gunger. We’re supposed to laugh at the so-called 'cocky celebrities’ while Tony humiliates them, gives them their 'Just Desserts’, and wrecks their holiday, all because he’s jealous of them and they can afford it. And throughout all this, Tony’s regret for his actions are non-existent, bar a part of the story where he considers what he might be doing is wrong… until he sees one of the celebrities ordering expensive wine, then he just goes ahead anyway. He also gets away with stranding a celebrity out to sea after gunging him, leaving him to be deserted, and at best, humiliated, and at worst, killed from starvation/dehydration. Even then, he doesn't give a crap that he is destroying a man's social life. And, despite his actions, where he could be arrested in real life for harassment, which so far, he hasn’t, the audience is supposed to cheer on him humiliating the celebrities, when they really hope that the celebrities give him their ‘just desserts’ for sabotaging their holiday.
  • While the heroes in Total Drama Stranded were called out on their more jerkish actions from time-to-time, the heroes of it's sequel Strandarama play this frustratingly straight. Portia in particular acts rather horrible, and while some of it is excusable, a lot of her actions after the merge have alienated most of the readers.
  • Both this and the Designated Villain trope are invoked, zig-zagged, discussed and deconstructed in Story of the Century. Even though L is supposed to be the Big Good, his relationships with everyone on the task force are very strained due to his un-heroic tendencies, to the point where Erin thinks that they've only stuck with him for as long as they have because they want to catch Kira and there's no one else that could help them do that. And even then, there's his foot-dragging during the Yotsuba arc where Light and Misa seem to end up doing most of the work pinpointing the next Kira while L sits around still accusing them of being the real culprits. That starts to change after The Reveal. And after L dies.
  • The entire United Super Sentai and Power Rangers Alliance in Super Sentai Vs Power Rangers can be seen as this. Basically, aside from doing the regular missions, all else they do is talk about love life, gushing over how certain characters are awesome, and worst of all, mistreating their own members in harsh ways that make them no better than they villains they fight. The moment that people get involved in the detention center and that their own teammates mock them to boot, it means you can't even call these people heroes. This, combined with extreme OOC-ness, makes them extremely hateable, when we are supposed to root for them.
  • Blaze and Shadow from Xantrax-42's Precure Meet The Dream Traveler series. Xantrax-42 claims Blaze and Shadow are pure and good-hearted heroes, and the fics take their side in everything. Both are who beat down on whomever they feel like, including the other Precures. who are only 14 years old. Blaze murders Madame Momere simply because her fate was unknown at the end of Happiness Charge. Shadow in particular frequently threatens to murder 12-year-old Regina in gruesome manners, such as melting her face off and then desecrating her body. He is well aware she is Brainwashed and Crazy, but outright states he doesn't care; because she's the daughter of the villain who is himself brainwashed. Both are in one-sided relationships with 14-year-old girls, whom they "kiss passionately" toward the end of each fic. Shadow lives in the same household as Mana (even living in a room next to hers). The entire romance honestly comes across as a sexual predator and his victim, or child-grooming. Shadow constantly takes pictures and makes recordings of 10-year-old Aguri despite her insistence that he stop and him not having permission. and later does it with Aguri's friend Eru. Shadow later threatens to set her on fire in front of Mana's class, simply because she told them all to leave Mana alone and let her rest when she was sick. The chapter even ends with Aguri apologizing to Shadow for "causing trouble." Both of them get through the Pretty Cure Graveyard by stealing the souls of the Pretty Cures, sealing them in cards, and then forcing them to fight as their personal army. Some of them, such as the Dark Pretty Cure 5, are already dead, and it is not known what happens to them after their cards are expended. Blaze attacks, insults, and bullies all villains even if said villains are Brainwashed and Crazy, including Siren despite who is (in story) possibly his sister. Blaze and Shadow double team Phantom beating the Pretty Cure Hunter almost to death. Then, when Phantom reverts back to being Phanphan, the two of them flat out bully and belittle him. They then bully Cure Honey when she calls them out, even after she has agreed with their statements. It really says something when a reviewer considers some of the more vile Pretty Cure villains, such as Joker, to be saints when compared to these two.
  • Emerald of I'm Here To Help is either this or Nominal Hero, depending on how one views things. He's on a mission to stop the creation of Crystal Tokyo, which he claims is a soulless dystopia full of brainwashed people. But he shows no sympathy to its citizens (the same people he's striving to save), referring to them as zombies and cattle. At one point he mentally rants about how he wants to kill Luna because she won't trust him enough to tell him where Serenity is (this being despite the fact that he only met the senshi a handful of times and was dodgy each time). He reacts to Mamoru's kidnapping with exasperation and jokes and rescues him only to earn the trust of the senshi, basically thinking that the guy can rot when the Dark Kingdom re-captures him (and on top of that, makes a very tasteless joke about how Beryl may or may not be forcing him to have sex with her while brainwashing him. He later saves the youma in Beryl's cryogenic sleep, but kills any that show any signs of PTSD, without waiting to see if they recover. He then abandons the handful of remaining ones, brings them to Earth once they remind him they're still there (which kills several more in the process), and leaves them to do whatever they want (implied to be attacking humans for energy) but with the warning that he'll kill them if he finds them again. Despite claiming to respect the senshi of the past, particularly Sailor Moon, he belittles them or condescendingly treats them like ignorant children, and at one point rants that he only wants them around to lead him to Serenity and continue to protect the planet. And at the end of the fic, he bathes the planet in his energy to prevent the creation of Crystal Tokyo. Not only does that mean he subjected every living being on the planet to a strange energy without their consent (something that he hates Serenity for doing), but he essentially destroyed a future world that showed no signs of actually being a dystopia and which would have provided planet-wide peace and safety.
    • There's also Sailor Pluto, who manipulates the timestream by allowing a terrorist and criminal to go back in time and meddle with history. The reason she lets this happen? She didn't like how Crystal Tokyo turned out, and was willing to let it and everyone living in it vanish into nothingness as a result. Again, like with Emerald, it's left unclear if her actions were meant to be seen as heroic or not, in-universe.
  • Fanfic author Hung Nguyen is known for combining Ron the Death Eater with Flanderization to stress and heighten all the negative aspects of the characters. However this just made them made them come across as huge jerkasses in The Great Crossover Crisis due to the fact they openly resented the original Ranma for not having the same privileges as them when it should have been the other way around making him come across as far more sensible the writer obviously wanted him to be. In fact the only one of the five main characters who can’t be considered this is D-Ranma.
    • Mind Rape: T-Ranma did this to Nabiki using smuck bait when he could have just prevented her from entering giving his access to advanced technology.
    • Schmuck Bait: weather knowingly or unknowingly P-Ranma did this to Ranma with his water stone. Knowing that given his life style it would either be stolen or broken making it useless to him.
    • Why Did You Make Me Hit You?: B-Ranma used this as an explanation for all of Shampoo’s and Cologne’s past manipulation completely taking any sympathy one might have for them. Given the fact the fact that he grew up with the Amazons and knows their laws and the consequences of breaking those laws intimately it come across as him not caring because she wasn’t his Shampoo and just trying to get Ranma to marry her because she’s Shampoo.
    • Moral Myopia: Kojiro has spent his entire life complaining about his Neko-ken training yet sees nothing wrong with using his Tiger form in front of Ranma.
    • Of course take note that the original casts can come off as Designated Heroes themselves and Hung focus on not allowing them to be portray heroically undeserved and Alternative Character Interpretation as his bases. Also the five Ranmas do not resented the original for lacking the same privileges as them it more the fact the original has several flaws such as coming off as a Jerkass and push around at times. They do understand what he is going and doing what they can to help him achieve REAL character development unlike in the original series. Not only Ranma, they are also focus on fixing the flaws of the others like Kojiro telling Ukyo not to be so possessive, B-Ranma getting Shampoo not to use mind manipulation, P-Ranma never meant to reveal his stone to Ranma and does what he can to help improve. As for the things that made them appear as designated heroes, please the note the story behind them, T-Ranma only show Nabiki the consequences of her continuing her path of black mail and extorting and showing the up sides of treating Ranma better, B-Ranma is understandable of how he feel about the Amazon as he was cared for by them and he recognized the bad behaviors of the original and tried to correct them, as for Kojiro using his tiger in front of Ranma was only done after the latter insisted on transforming. As for the flaws of the some characters like Genma despite appearances are not exaggerated just played seriously. Be honest would you find it funny for a man to thrown a kid into a a pit of starving cats and just treated as it wasn't his fault or shrug as no big deal?
  • Mykan Jaden from Dakari-King Mykan's Yu-Gi-Oh!/Totally Spies fanfics. In the "final season", in spite of being a "master duelist", he makes two rookies duel brainwashed ponies despite knowing that, should they lose, they'll get brainwashed too. When the rookies triumph and Shining Armor is teleported away, Mykan gets so mad at a brainwashed Cadance for trying to brainwash and accidentally destroy his world with card games and double crossing them on a deal they made, he soundly beats her up with the power of a Millenium Item. When Mykan attempts to finish her and is stopped by his wife, he implies that it's Cadance's fault that he nearly killed her. Incidentally, in the author's note at the end of that particular chapter, the author Mykan notes that it felt good to beat up Cadance in a manner that makes it sounds like he jizzed to it, then goes on to state he wouldn't disrespect real-life women like that.
  • Dark Yagami from Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami is this, despite being described as a villain early on. Everyone loves him, and in later chapters, the author and characters say he's a good guy, and yet he's an unrepentant Jerkass who helped sing the song that ends the world, even after having thought about how the children will have nowhere to live.
  • In the Harmonian fanfic The Real Us, the whole canon is a series of lies told by Harry and Hermione, who've been in a romantic (and sexual) relationship since first year. The framing device of the story is them telling the real story to the wizarding world, and mocking and being condescending towards people for daring to believe the lies that the pair have altered their memories to make sure that they would believe.
  • In the hilariously terrible crossover fic Blood Raining Night, Reicheru Ketsuneko-Oni is treated like she's the "hero" of the story despite being a terrible person. To recount, she works for the Yakuza, she cheated on her boyfriend Denmark and then got pregnant with Inuyasha's baby (and Denmark is treated as if he's in the wrong for not "accepting" this), she ripped off Lucy's horns because Lucy called her a whore, kills Luka Megurine and drinks her blood, does absolutely nothing to rescue Kagome from Sesshomaru and when Zombie!Kagome comes to call her out on it, Reicheru tries to run her over and she decides to ruin her father's wedding because her father hates her for killing her mother as a child. Don't expect the narrative to ever treat her like any of this is wrong.
  • Showa & Vampire had problems with this due to the size of its cast, which kept the story confined to the heroes' school for the most part. That doesn't sound so bad, but it's combined with the fact that the heroes themselves are the villain's big goal, meaning both that the heroes' presence puts their school in danger and they say nothing about it to anyone outside their group, and they know that powerful and ruthless villains are out there and do nothing to stop them despite having the resources to easily do so. Worst out of all of them is Yuji Fudo, the leader/Big Brother Mentor of the rest of the group. He's presented as a Cultured Badass and All-Loving Hero who puts family before all things. But reading about him, well...
    • During a side-story he mentions when his fire powers surfaced and he accidentally burned a bully to death, but was shielded from any consequences by his parents, seemingly including that he has to carefully control his power or he could easily take a life. He threatens to beat people up for looking a little too long at a girl he's interested in, and makes the same threat to his students for hitting on the same girls after he becomes a teacher. note 
    • When there's a scholastic martial arts tournament (that is it's supposed to be friendly competition with no real stakes and no fighters suffering lasting injury), his sister has to bow out after entering a painful stage of their species' life cycle in the middle of her match. Yuji is so upset over this he demands the right to take her place so he can "f*** up some opponents" to work off his anxiety. Not only is this something that happens to all of their species, which he knows having gone through it himself, but by taking her place the first opponent he'll "f*** up" is not just a treasured childhood friend of theirs but the One True Love of another childhood friend of theirs. And after beating her, the final matchup of the tournament is guaranteed to be between Yuji and his beloved younger cousin who he wants as his #2 guy when he takes over a powerful evil-fighting organization...It was really just to have a reason to set up a duel between the two main heroes, okay. But looking at Yuji's insistence on fighting in a tournament with nothing at stake, and who his opponents will be, it's almost as if Yuji feels like his loved ones owe it to him to let him beat them up if he gets really upset.
    • Yuji has not one but two barely-restrained Super-Powered Evil Sides. And yet the story rushes him into command of both the heroes the story's been focusing on and the large organization he's inheriting from his grandfather, the Vongola famiglia, the largest and most powerful mafia family in the world. The potential for abuse with his multiple dark sides, and his own natural tendency toward violent anger, is never addressed (although that was a major plot point in the manga that mafia's taken from).
  • Art of Mass Vexations can come off as this. For one, he was condescending, aggressive, and sanctimonious to a lot of people. He mouthed off a number of characters, often for petty reasons. He also punched Kaidan, a commanding officer, over Shepard's former relationship with him and her relationship with Thane when he met him on the Citadel after Horizon. The only form of reprisal was Tali calling him out on his crap in MV 2. It was surprising no one else called him out on his behavior. As for trying to change the course of canon for the better, he hasn't done much in the grand scheme of things. The only form of change he did was playing Shipper on Deck between Shepard and Kaiden in the first entry and her and Thane in the second. One reviewer noted how weird it was for him to be liked by Shepard despite his behavior:
    Rogue Penguin: It’s a strangely uncomfortable situation, actually. The narrative makes it obvious that other characters don’t like this behavior, but the main character persists in engaging it long after he realizes this. For some reason, however, Shepard continues to include Art in the plot of the game and brings him on away missions to allow him to get combat experience. It’s baffling. It actually reeks of an author who is aware that Mary Sue’s are frequently adored by characters for no justifiable reason, and then decides to throw in lines from other characters expressing their hate but NEVER actually following through on their hate to get away from the character. In the end, Art ends up feeling even MORE Mary Sue-ish because he’s an ass, who is NOT liked, but is still not thrown off the ship (or boxed up in crew quarters to be ignored).
  • Danisha from Back to the Frollo is this in spades. She's supposed to be sympathetic, but is unabashedly racist, incredibly rude and self-righteous, and sometimes outright villainous. She slandered a 14-year-old boy for picking up his younger siblings from a party and made an eleven-year-old watch her brother die. In one of the later chapters, she punched Esmeralda in the face and had her kidnapped and tortured on the rack... all for the "crime" of being attractive and not letting a genocidal maniac rape her.
    • Frollo, too. In the movie, he was a genocidal judge who literally burned Paris to the ground because he wanted to have sex with a girl. In Back to the Frollo, he's the same psychotic, victim-blaming maniac... except this time, he likes Motown and Indiana, and all of the aforementioned traits are portrayed as right. Again, special emphasis is put on Esmeralda deserving to be burned to death and/or tortured, for having the nerve to look pretty in public.
  • This Pokemon fic arguably hits its lowest point in Chapter 28. Okay, Erika once again banned Ash from entering the Gym for not liking her perfume, so he goes to report it to Officer Jenny. But, instead of punishing her for being unprofessional about her duties, she and a Nurse Joy inspector bring up that the Pokémon League has an article that forbids anyone who is not straight (Erika is portrayed as a lesbian here) from being a trainer, let alone a Gym Leader. Not only the main characters are okay with it, but the fact that Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny enforce it makes them fall into this category too (and still the author has the gall to claim that he's not anti-LGBT).
  • In The Rival Prefects Trilogy, Thomas is made out to be the hero of the first and third stories but does not act all that differently from his archnemesis Malcolm and can come off as stuck-up, particularly when showing off his naked body. Similarly, Malcolm is the protagonist of the second story but never does anything heroic and shows no remorse for what he does to Thomas.
  • Liu Bei in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. Everybody is fully aware of this, for better or for worse.
  • The unnamed protagonist in the Warhammer 40k fanfiction Avoiding Stupid Deaths in the 41st Millennium, who is also the author of the guide of the same name. Although portrayed as a good father and husband and brave soldier in the out of character chapters, he comes across as smug and abrasive in the guide he writes. Although the examples he gives for every line of advice do feature the person in question dying due to doing something incredibly foolish, he comes across as needlessly cruel due to the fact he relentlessly mocks them.
    • In one entry example he gives, a group of drunk guardsmen hit on his sister. They were never stated to have gotten violent or even to have overstepped their boundaries by touching her in any way. Naturally, his sister (who is an Adepta Sororita) kills almost all of them, leaving only one alive and with horrible injuries. Our protagonist then mentions how, while taking the survivor to the medbay, he stabbed the man in the throat multiple times, killing him. All because he got drunk and hit on a sister of battle. The drunk guardsmen were presented as jerks who got what they deserved, even though the protagonist could have just told them to back off instead.
    • In another entry, he insults the Ultramarines for being smug, while also telling the readers to still accept their help if they can get it. However, in the very next entry, he tells the readers not to accept the help of Cato Sicarius (who is the Ultramarines' chapter champion and commander of their 2nd company, considered to be one of the most skilled warriors in the Adeptus Astartes, an organization of superhuman killing machines) because he is more smug than the rest.
    • The finest example for this trope in this particular fanfic, and what makes the protagonist an Idiot Hero as well as a Designated Hero comes in Chapter 2, entry 39. In this entry, the protagonist tells all of his readers, who are most likely young imperial guardsmen straight out of training, to burn their copy of the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer when their officers aren't looking. The reason he gives for this is because it is completely worthless and full of imperial propaganda. While the latter is true, the Primer also informs guardsmen on how to maintain their equipment, instructs them on what litanies they must say to keep their guns from jamming, and what rules to follow to avoid punishment by the commissariat among other extremely useful advice. Now, telling all guardsmen to burn it would be bad enough for it's contents alone. However, the biggest reason to absolutely not do what the protagonist says is due to the fact that any guardsman that fails to present their copy of the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer when called upon will be summarily executed by their commissar. Just this one entry alone most likely caused more deaths in inexperienced guardsmen than every other entry combined prevented. This isn't just in one entry either, the protagonist goes on to repeat this advice in later entries, somehow never realizing that his egotism is causing the needless deaths of thousands of young recruits.

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