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Description Cuts in live-action TV.

  • 24
    • In "3:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M." from Day 1 of 24, Jack chews Nina out upon her arriving back at CTU when he had meant for her to stay with Teri and Kim at the safe house to make them feel safe. She assures him, "They are safe, Jack. I settled them in. Paulson and Breeher are taking good care of them and the extra security team is in place." As she's speaking this, the show's trademark splitscreen shows them in a car fleeing for their lives, followed by a slam cut to this scene.
    • Similarly, in "10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M." from Day 2, Kim Bauer and her charge, the young Megan, are arriving at CTU after being told to do so by Tony Almeida. "Where are we?" asks Megan to Kim, who assures her, "Don't worry, we're safe here." Splitscreen cut to the counter on the Time Bomb currently in place at CTU, which is set to go off in about eight minutes.
  • Adam Adamant Lives!: Adam refers to Georgina as a 'poor, frail, defenceless girl.' Immediate cut to Georgina smashing a teapot over her captor's head and making her escape.
  • The editors for The Amazing Race especially love this. Their favorite tends to be showing a team who thinks they're way ahead gloating about their position, only to cut to another team that's currently beating them.
    • Season 1, Episode 5:
      Joe & Bill: [Kevin & Drew] must have gotten lost.
      (cut to Kevin & Drew dancing it up at the Pit Stop oasis)
    • Season 10, Episode 8:
      Tyler: (at the Fast Forward) No team is going to finish a Detour and a Roadblock ahead of us.
      Rob: We're going to be so far ahead.
      (cut to Dustin finishing the Roadblock, her and Kandice about to take first place on that leg)
  • The Andy Griffith Show introduces the character of Helen Crump this way. Andy and Barney are talking about how, based on Opie's description of his new teacher, she sounds like one of those bitter old crones they used to have. Cut to school to reveal that she...isn't.
  • Angel
    • In "Waiting in the Wings". When Cordelia and Fred are shopping for dresses to go to the ballet, Cordelia makes a sarcastic comment to the effect of, "Oh, right. Angel's gonna spend the whole day worrying about his outfit." Cut to Angel worrying about his tux, which baby Connor had just spit up on.
    • From "I Will Remember You": After Angel temporarily becomes human, Doyle mentions that Angel is now immune to the "perfect happiness" curse (implying he and Buffy can now have sex without repercussions) and says sarcastically that they're eating tea and crackers. Cut to Buffy and Angel enjoying some tea and crackers. Then subverted after talking for less than a minute, they practically leap into each others' arms.
    • In "Origin", Angel is explaining to Connor how, despite having supernatural entities on the payroll, Wolfram & Hart is still a boring law firm. Cue Spike getting punched through the doors, swearing bloody murder.
  • Several times on Arrested Development:
    • Tne episode "The One Where Michael Leaves", sees Michael quitting his job as the CEO of the family company and trying to skip town. However, circumstances forces Michael to come back, and he finds out that while he was away, his mother has made his incompetent brother, Gob, the new CEO and given him unlimited access the company check book:
      Michael: Well, I better get over there before he brings the whole company down.
      Lindsay: It's only been three hours. How much damage could he really do?
      (cut to Gob ordering a construction worker to punch holes in the walls of his office with sledgehammer so he can play pool)
      Narrator: In three hours, Gob had done $45,000 in damage.
    • The episode "The Cabin Show" has Michael trying to prove that his father George Sr. has landed his twin brother Oscar in prison by performing a Twin Switch and get his uncle released from prison. (Oscar has even made a website,, to insist on his case.) Later, he realizes that this task is taking him away from spending time with George Michael and decides to take a break for a while.
      Michael: I'm sure Oscar can stay in prison another day.
      Narrator: Not according to his latest post on
      (cut the website where the latest post literally says "I can't stay in prison another day!")
  • In The A-Team episode "Deadly Manuevers", after Murdock is kidnapped and tied up next to Face, the two are discussing what happened to them and Face remarks, "I don't know how they think they're gonna get B.A. The man is indestructible." The next shot shows B.A., obviously in severe pain, having to let Hannibal help him out of the van.
  • Played for Drama in an episode of Babylon 5 where Sheridan mentions how he believes that Londo is back on Centauri Prime celebrating and partying over his coronation as Emperor. Cut to Londo sitting on his throne, contemplating quietly, and utterly alone.
  • In Blackadder the Third, Edmund invites a French aristocrat that he pretended to have rescued from the revolutionaries to a ball at the French embassy, only to find the place dark and deserted.
    Comte de Frou-Frou: Don't worry, in a moment we will hear the sound of music and happy laughter!
    Cue Scare Chord and Evil Laugh.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Used in "School Hard": Spike asks about the Slayer, "Is she tough?" And then it cuts to Buffy brushing her hair, saying "Ow. Ow."
    • In "Ted", Buffy comes home to find (awkwardly) that her mom has a serious boyfriend. She insists she's fine with it — cut to her whaling on a vampire with enough violent fury to creep out Giles.
    • In "Bad Eggs", Buffy and Angel decide to team up to hunt the Gorch brothers, a duo of evil vampires.
      Xander: Yeah, I see a lot of hunting getting done in that scenario.
      Buffy: Please. Like Angel and I are slaves to passion. Grow up!
      (cut to Angel and Buffy passionately making out instead of hunting vampires)
    • In "Out Of My Mind" Buffy is talking about Spike.
      Buffy: Hanging out in that crypt all day, you just know he's doing something nasty.
      (cut to Spike and Harmony playing 20 Questions)
    • In "Checkpoint, Giles assures the Council that Buffy has matured a lot and gained incredible focus. Cut to Buffy yawning, bored and distracted in her history class.
  • Castle features a few of these:
    Castle: She's got cruel eyes. I bet she enjoyed watching Wilder suffer.
    (cut to the suspect, crying like a baby and babbling hysterically)
  • The study group from Community tries to play their way through a video game in the episode "Digital Estate Planning". They visit a village and split up. Britta investigates a crooked painting in one house and adjusts it to find a hidden passageway. She explains that women don't hack and slash their way because they're one with life. We then cut to the blacksmith's shop where Annie and Shirley are trying to hide the body of the blacksmith they accidentally killed.
  • Corner Gas: Used constantly. Most of the time, they don't even bother with the cut.
    • "Tax Man":
      Brent: I can't just turn over my father. There's a bond between father and son that's strong and sacred.
      (Oscar storms in)
      Oscar: Hey! Idiot! You left the lid on the dumpster up last night! Crows have scattered garbage all over the place out there and I'll be damned if I'm gonna clean it. It'll be you out there on your hands and knees scrapin' up crow crap!
      Brent: I'll tell you whatever you need to know.
    • "Cousin Carl":
      Mrs. Jensen: With him, the customer was always number one. Oscar always treated people with great respect.
      Oscar: (to Brent) Hey jackass, stop talking to this old wingnut and pump my gas!
  • Doctor Who:
    • "Image of the Fendahl" has this while the Fourth Doctor is locked in a storeroom and having to think of a way to get out:
      Leela: Listen. I'm sure the Doctor can help you. Oh, he's very difficult sometimes, but he has great knowledge and gentleness.
      [cut to the Doctor, raging, kicking things and hurling his sonic screwdriver across the room]
    • "The Shakespeare Code":
      The Doctor: And now we're gonna hear him speak! He always chooses the best words, beautiful, brilliant words.
      William Shakespeare: Shut your big fat mouths!
      Martha: You should never meet your heroes.
    • And a real-life version in the Doctor Who Confidential episode for "The Time of Angels":
      Karen Gillan: ...and then the Doctor bites my arm, and I'm not really sure how we're gonna do that, and hopefully he won't actually bite it.
      [cut to Matt Smith]
      Matt: I'm gonna bite her arm!
    • "Amy's Choice":
      Rory: You know the Doctor. He's Mr. Cool.
      [cut to the Doctor stumbling around on the street like an idiot, trying not to fall asleep]
    • "The Big Bang":
      The Doctor: [at Amy and Rory's wedding reception] I only came for the dancing.
      [cut to the Doctor tearing up the dance floor... really, really badly]
  • Firefly
    • In "The Message", Zoë explains how things work on the battlefield to a new recruit:
      Zoë: First rule of battle, little one, don't ever let them know where you are.
      (cue Mal coming in, guns blazing and screaming)
      Mal: I'm right here! I'm right here! You want some of me? Take it! Come on!
      Zoë: 'Course, there are other schools of thought.
    • In "Bushwhacked", the crew are being interrogated separately. When asked why she is deflecting questions about her marriage to Wash, Zoe is stone-faced.
      Zoe: Don't see how it's any of your business, is all. We're very private people.
      (cut to Wash's interrogation)
      Wash: Her legs. I'll definitely have to say it was her legs. You can write that down!
  • Fraggle Rock:
    "Fraggles are graceful creatures—"
    (a Fraggle immediately falls into shot)
  • In the Frasier Whole Episode Flashback "Crock Tales", in a scene set shortly after Niles and Daphne's Relationship Upgrade, Niles alludes to the fact he and Daphne have been "a bit distracted" and then says "If Daphne knew I was speaking so indiscreetly, she'd be mortified." Cut to Daphne describing the sex in detail to Roz.
  • Friends: In the episode where Heckles dies, Monica and Rachel feel touched when they are named in his will. Cut to his apartment, which is a dump with a bunch of tacky items, which Monica proceeds to complain about and claim it was his final revenge.
  • In the Full House episode "Joey Gets Tough", Joey feels bad about having to punish D.J. the previous night, but Danny tells him that he had to do it and that she can't be mad at him forever. D.J. then walks in and greets everyone cheerfully except for Joey, who she speaks to with a stern "Hello, Joseph".
  • Game of Thrones:
    • "The North Remembers" features an entirely nonhumorous example:
      Bran Stark: Dragons are all dead. Been dead for centuries.
      (cut to a very not-dead baby dragon)
    • In "The Night Lands", Cersei justifies not sending more men to the Wall on the basis that she's sure the members of the Night's Watch can ably defend the realm. Cut to Watch member Dolorous Edd amusing the others with fart jokes.
    • In "Mhysa", Tyrion warns that every enemy they kill creates two more. Cut to Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark just before they hack down some new Lannister allies.
      • Bran tells a story of how the gods punish those who violate Sacred Hospitality; cut to Lord Walder Frey Evil Gloating about The Red Wedding, the most notorious violation of said principle in recent memorynote .
    • In "The House of Black and White", Tyrion is annoyed by the need to keep a low profile because of being wanted for murder, which is hard to do because he immediately stands out as a dwarf.
      Tyrion: How many dwarfs are there in the world? Is Cersei going to kill them all?
      (cut to Cersei examining the severed head of a dwarf, brought by bounty hunters who try to pass him as Tyrion)
      Cersei: Not him. Are you trying to deceive your queen?
  • In the Game Shakers episode "You Bet Your Bunny", while the Game Shakers fret over losing Bunny in a bet to Todd, Triple G tries to cheer them up by saying that he might be enjoying himself. The scene then cuts to Todd treating a miserable Bunny like his personal slave.
  • In Good Omens (2019), the fourth episode cuts from Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell talking about the horrible torments that Witchfinder Private Newton Pulsifer is probably enduring at the hands of the forces of darkness, to Newt having sex with Anathema. This happens twice in a row.
  • In "The Shershow Redemption" episode of Happy Endings, Penny is upset that her safety, Shershow (who is depicted as a pretty big screw-up) is getting married, but she tries to cover it.
    Penny: Come on, Max, I was never gonna marry that guy. And anybody who would must be busted in la fache.
    [Shershow enters with his beautiful fiancée]
    Dave: More like awesome in la fache.
    Brad: Damn.
  • In Heroes, Ando insists that Hiro will never leave his side. He turns to look at Hiro for support, only to find he's walked off. Hilariously, when it cuts to Hiro, the movie playing in the background provides a cymbal crash.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    Lily: How come Marshall isn't doing anything crazy?
    (cut to Marshall and Barney in the midst of an Escalating War with a guy across the street)
    Marshall: So all we need is one large shipping box, and one hundred white mice!
  • In iCarly, after Freddie gives up his 6 month cruise to Missy to keep her from trying to split Carly and Sam up and keep Carly for herself, Freddie is somewhat disappointed that Missy gets to go on the cruise. Carly mentions that Missy used to be seasick as a child but likely got over that. Cut to the boat, where Missy is puking and miserable, obviously seasick.
  • A promoter turns the club from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia into a hot night spot, but they quickly find out that it's because he secretly promoted it as a gay bar. Dee goes to chew him out, saying that the guys are not happy with the change.
    Charlie and Dennis: Look at all this money!!! Wooo!!
  • A frequent occurrence in Little Lunch. One example:
    Tamara: [to camera] I don't act like I own the monkey bars. I don't know why anyone would say that.
    Tamara: [to Melanie] Get. Off. My. Monkey. Bars.
  • The Lost Girl episode "Bloodlines", after Trick, Kenzi, and Dyson determine that Bo's been kidnapped by Aife.
    Trick: If Aife has Bo in her grasp, there's no telling what hell she's putting her through.
    (cut to Bo waking up in an opulent bedroom with three buff shirtless guys at her beck and call)
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E., "The Bat Cave Affair":
    Clemency McGill: That was a right fine movie. Do you like spy movies, Mr. Solo? Napoleon?
    Napoleon Solo: I'll tell you, they're all right if you like light entertainment. I just think they're... pretty far-fetched.
    (cut to Illya Kuryakin tied up in a cage, being attacked by vampire bats)
  • On Married... with Children Bud dates Alpha Bitch Heather McCoy, who put his underwear on the flagpole in sixth grade. He plans to get his revenge only to be humiliated again. Kelly tells him she took care of the situation as she talked to Heather in the hall and they worked things out like ladies. Cut to Heather Bound and Gagged next to a sign reading "Don't mess with a Bundy".
  • In M*A*S*H, after being informed that Hawkeye and Margaret are stuck behind enemy lines in the midst of heavy shelling, BJ, Radar, and Potter are extremely distressed about what's happening to them.
    BJ: They must be going through hell out there!
    (cut to Hawkeye and Margaret passionately making out in a hut while bombs rumble in the distance)'
  • The Mentalist:
    • The opening of "Bleeding Heart" has an interviewer asking Lisbon about how local police agencies get along with the CBI. She assures the interviewer that "We get along extremely well with our local partners in law enforcement." Flashback to the start of the current case, in which a local police chief, Chief Donner, is telling Lisbon "My people can handle this, no problem" and then Jane pisses him off by telling him "Cheap soap, unironed shirt, stomach pains, recent loss of weight. I'm gonna take a wild guess here. You're angry because you're living in a motel. Your wife found out about the woman you're having an affair with. You're a seething mass of self-loathing, and understandably so."
    • "Cackle-bladder Blood" opens with Patrick Jane being found with a dead body and holding a gun, his story being that he heard a commotion and found the dead body and he took the gun, not being good with forensics. Lisbon manages to finagle things so that the CBI is on the case and to get Jane released, telling the detective "I am reaching out to you Detective, I know this man and I know he's telling the truth about what happened." Slam cut to them walking out the doors...
      Lisbon: The truth, now!
  • From Muppets Tonight:
    Clifford: When Heather Locklear agreed to guest star here on Muppets Tonight, she said she wanted to do something cultured and sophisticated. This is what we came up with. (cue Stylistic Suck B-Movie parody)
  • My Family: Done twice in the episode "Shrink Rap" as the discussion turns to the next generation of Harpers, with flashbacks undercutting Susan's claims about Michael and Janey...and then averted with Nick, who even Susan can't put a positive spin on:
    Susan: Michael is my rock...
    Flashback Michael: (struggling against Susan's hug) I can't breathe!
    Susan: Janey is my angel...
    Flashback Janey: I hate you!
    Susan: And Nick is...[awkward pause as Susan tries to think of something nice to say about Nick] he's our eldest.
    [cue montage of Nick's countless ill-advised get-rich-quick schemes]
    Ben: He's a pillock.
  • In the NCIS: New Orleans episode "Shadow Unit", LaSalle and Percy are on their way to question a SEAL team regarding a case that NCIS is investigating. On the way, LaSalle warns Percy that SEALs don't trust outsiders and she's not likely to get them to open up. Cut to Percy hitting it off with an officer who happily tells her what she needs to know.
  • The Canadian Made-for-TV Movie Net Worth has a lawyer defend the new NHL players association to the press by saying that they have reasonable requests "so we expect a reasonable response." Cut to the Detroit Red Wings general manager storming into the dressing room throwing things and screaming to his players about how they betrayed him.
  • Odd Squad:
    • In "By the Book", Goopy Gus explains a rule of Odd Squad interrogations to Olive and Otto — the rule that they can only interrogate him and Goopy Randall for 20 minutes before they can walk out scot-free, regardless of whether or not either one of them committed a crime. Otto expresses suspicion and says "that can't be right". Cut to Oprah telling him and Olive how Gus is right and bringing out a rulebook that states that exact rule in detail.
    • In "Olive and Otto in Shmumberland", Olive performs some Lampshade Hanging on the Tempting Fate trope in regards to Oprah running out of juice to feed a dying Shmumberman.
    Olive: At least Ms. O is able to keep Shmumberman going in the real world. She has so many juice boxes, she'll never run out. I know because I just said that, it seems like she will run out now, but trust me, she'll never run out.
    [cut to Oprah in her office, holding an empty juice box]
    Oprah: We're out of juice boxes!
    • In "Odd Together Now", while Orla and Olando are playing a game of Keep Away with a Zap-Me-Not by tossing a cube back and forth between each other, Orla assures Olando that she's confident her teammates are focusing on their task of figuring out how to make the portal the Zap-Me-Not came from bigger. Transition to Oswald explaining his department's logo and what shape it is to Past Oprah.
  • On The Office (US), In "PDA", Holly has a talking head in which she describes Michael as basically exuding sex, all the while a montage plays of Michael being anything but sexy, culminating in a shot of him slouched in a chair with his face and bits of his suit smeared with Cheese Puff dust.
  • The Parks and Recreation episode "The Stakeout" has Leslie and Tom stake out a community garden where someone has been planting marijuana. Meanwhile, Ron has suffered a terrible hernia. It's immobilized him so severely, the motion sensor controlled lights in his office turn off while he's sitting at his desk. During the stakeout, Tom gets arrested for loitering and Leslie goes to the police station to get him out. She angrily insists that she and Tom are working on official business for the Parks and Recreation department and if they don't release Tom, Ron's going to come running down to the station himself. Cut to Ron sitting at his desk in the dark.
  • In Power Rangers Dino Charge, Shelby asks Kendall why she (a waitress at the museum's café) can't come along to an expedition, but Chase and Koda can.
    Kendall: For your information, Chase and Koda are very highly trained museum personnel.
    Both turn to look at them, with Chase balancing his skateboard on his head and Koda licking his fingers
  • In The Rockford Files episode "Dirty Money Black Light", Angel Martin is in jail due to being caught with some of the titular dirty money. Jim assures Beth that Angel won't say anything without a lawyer present. Cut to Angel attempting to pin various crimes on Jim and his dad.
  • Used as a running gag in Scrapheap Challenge:
    Host: Time for a little precision engineering...
    (cut to a contestant smashing the crap out of something with a very large hammer)
  • Scrubs:
    • In one episode, Dr. Cox's long-suffering psychiatrist is amazed that he has actually made a positive decision that could benefit his career, on JD's advice.
      Psychiatrist: If there is anyone in that hellhole who can actually make you listen, then keep them close, because that person is a genius.
      [cut to JD in the elevator]
      JD: Everybody was kung-fu fighting, hah!
    • In the Musical Episode:
      Elliot: Okay, we have to tell them.
      Carla: They're so close, maybe they'll help each other through it.
      Elliot:' Oh come on, Carla. They're guys. They're not going to get all touchy-feely.
      [cue the overwrought love song "Guy Love"]
    • Another example on the same theme as above:
      Carla: [to Turk] You're such a guy. You can't even begin to understand anything this deep on any kind of real emotional level.
      J.D.: [comes up to Turk and Carla] Hey, Turk. I'm really sorry about the whole poster thing. It was racially insensitive of me. I should've been more aware of your feelings before I went ahead and spoke for you.
      Turk: It's OK. Your intentions were good, and there's never been an issue of race between us. Since the day I met you, you've been nothing but a friend to me.
      J.D.: I love you, man. (He leaves)
      Turk: [to Carla] We've got some things to work out, but we'll get there ... we'll get there.
  • Selling Hitler. The conman who forged the Hitler diaries is panicking because the eminent historian Hugh Trevor-Roper has been called in to authenticate them. He babbles on about how Trevor-Roper was an intelligence officer during WW2 and interrogated all the top Nazis. "They say he's quite ferocious!" Cut to Trevor-Roper as a doddering old academic.
  • The Brazilian telenovela Shades of Sin employs it in its first episode. Preta, smitten over Paco, says "there's no one in the world like him". Cut to Apolo, the twin brother Paco doesn't know he has, about to enter a wrestling match, with the crowd chanting his name.
  • In the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror", Kirk, Bones, Scotty, and Uhura are transported into the Mirror Universe. Kirk briefly wonders what sort of horrors their mirror selves are doing on their Enterprise, only to cut to the prime universe where Spock, completely unperturbed, is throwing their evil counterparts into the brig.
  • From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Sisko suspects that a ship was blown up by the Romulan Empire. Garak suggests he confront them directly, but Sisko remarks bitterly than he doesn't expect the notoriously secretive and untrustworthy Romulans to be forthcoming.
    Romulan: Yes, we destroyed the Flaxian's ship.
    • In another episode, Kira and Sisko are dealing with a very demanding Romulan diplomatic delegation:
      Sisko: Major, when you're with the Romulans, try to be diplomatic.
      Kira: I'm always diplomatic.
      Kira: That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, and I resent the implication!
  • On Star Trek: Discovery, Admiral Cornwell tells Captain Lorca that a Federation mining colony is under attack by Klingons and Discovery needs to jump there with the not-fully-tested spore drive. Lorca assures her that Discovery is ready; cut to Lieutenant Stamets telling Lorca that Discovery is totally not ready to jump.
  • Similarly on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip:
    Matt: Where the hell did you go?
    Danny: Sorry about that...
    Matt: I said "He's never not been there for me", then there was a follow-spot on a basket of dinner rolls!
  • Taken: In "God's Equation", Allie Keys remarks that some people get mean when they get scared. We then cut to Eric Crawford. This description basically sums up the entire Crawford family except for Sam.
  • A common gag in Taskmaster is for Greg and Alex, after the task is revealed, to discuss how simple it is and how you'd have to be a complete idiot to [obviously flawed way of approaching the challenge]. After a Beat, Alex breezily announces which contestants' attempts will be shown first.
  • Done in the Top Gear race across London during the middle of rush hour. Not quite the same, as it's not referring to a specific person, but entertaining anyway
    Jeremy Clarkson: (in a boat on the Thames, leisurely cruising) This has to be the most stress free and relaxing Monday morning rush-hour commute since the dawn of time.
    (cut to the helmet camera of Richard Hammond, who is dodging traffic on a pedal bike)
    Richard: Oh no, not another set of sodding lights... Ah, bloody hell!
    • On another episode, the Parkour one, after driving through Liverpool (and getting a bit lost, needing to ask for directions, getting stuck behind lights), he arrives at the Liver Building, seemingly beating his opponents in a race, commenting on there being "No sign of baggy shorts or camo pants"; cue to his opponents, Parkour runners, on top of the Liver Building, one just staring out over the city, the other doing a railing handstand.
    • In a similar challenge, Jeremy competes to with a climber to reach the top of a mountain and return to the base first. Driving back down, he confidently asserts that there's no way the climber can return from to the foot of the mountain before him. Meanwhile, the climber reaches a cliff and BASE jumps from it.
    • While showing how rally cross was cheaper than golf:
      Jeremy's Description: James was kindly asking the other racers to be nice to me.
      James: Don't be nice to him... just muller 'im.
  • Torchwood got one of these, too. In "Everything Changes":
    Jack Harkness: All alien technology stays on the base. No one's allowed to take anything outside.
    [cut to Tosh in her apartment, having taken something alien home in her purse]
    [cut to Owen, who has something alien in his cabinet in the shower]
    [cut to Suzie, who also took something home in her purse]
  • The premiere episode of The Watch (2021) opens with Captain John Keel recruiting Sam Vimes to the City Watch of Ankh-Morpork and declaring that in twenty years Vimes will be a captain, an inspiration, a symbol of good. We then cut to a scene of a much more grizzled Sam Vimes reduced to trying to arrest a stray dog and the message "20 years, 9,321 bottles of booze, 68,237 brain cells later," with the "68,237" counter ticking up one by one.
  • In the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "The Titans":
    Thea: She may appear sweet, but who knows what destructive powers she may possess?
    (cut to Gabrielle fruitlessly trying to break a nut with her fist)
  • Young Sheldon: In "A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball, and a Cheerleader's Bosom", while the party is happening, Mary tells George "I wouldn't worry about [Missy]. She's an angel." Cut to Missy dancing at the party.
  • As Ziwe is basically callout culture incarnated as a satirical talk show, "receipts" are commonly invoked on Iconic Guests (and sometimes Ziwe herself) when they try to weasel out of accusations.