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The enduringly popular Italian story of the living puppet Pinocchio has appeared in various media over the years. This is an index for all the Pinocchio-related pages on TV Tropes.

If you are looking for a trope, try Pinocchio Nose or Become a Real Boy.

Original work:

Adaptations & derivative works:

Anime & Manga

Comic Books

Film — Animation

Film — Live-Action


Live-Action Television


Video Games

  • Pinocchio (1996) — a Licensed Game based on the 1940 Disney film, released by Virgin Interactive for the SNES, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy.
  • Kingdom Hearts (2002-) The Disney-Square Enix crossover franchise has often featured the 1940 Disney film, most prominently with Jiminy Cricket serving as the royal chronicler of Disney Castle who joins Sora, Donald, and Goofy on their adventures, maintaining the franchise’s database journals in most installments he appears in and sometimes playing a larger role.
    • Kingdom Hearts (2002) - Monstro the whale appears and houses an entire level, or "world", within his insides. With Pinocchio’s original world having fallen to darkness, Sora’s party must rescue him and Gepetto from Monstro.
    • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004) - A remixed version of the first game’s story is depicted. Jiminy also plays a major role in the main plot.
    • Kingdom Hearts II (2005) - Jiminy returns as the chronicler albeit Demoted to Extra.
    • Kingdom Hearts coded (2008) - Jiminy serves another major role as the characters investigate a mysterious message in his journal.
    • Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (2012) - The film gets another world, this time called "Prankster's Paradise" that adapts Pleasure Island as half of the world, with the other half being Monstro again.
    • Kingdom Hearts III (2019) - Jiminy once again serves as the chronicler with a supporting role towards the climax of the game.
    • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (2020) - Stages based on Monstro from the first game appear.
  • Lies of P (2023) - Souls-like action video game inspired by the original fairy tale.

Web Animation

  • RWBY —The character Penny Polendina is a 'Robot Girl' combat variant of Pinocchio. Her father Pietro Polendina 'The Engineer' of it world's most advanced kingdom compared to his original counterpart who was a carpenter.


  • Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio — A webcomic adaptation by KC Green, largely adapted from the Puffin Classics edition, written with the goal of preserving the outlandish and dark nature of the original.

Web Original

  • Dimension 20's Neverafter features Pinnochio as one of the player characters, portrayed by Lou Wilson as a warlock who uses his broken-off nose as a staff.

Western Animation

Alternative Title(s): The Adventures Of Pinocchio