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  • The Fear Mythos is practically built on this trope. Anyone can create their own verse, without needing permission from anyone else. The only real canon it has are the verses, and even then you can take a Fear from that and interpret it as you like.
  • Slender Man. The traits that every Slendy incarnation has had are a black business suit with black tie and white shirt, no features on his head, and "arms" that are actually tentacles. Everything else so far has been up to the imaginations of the writers and usually relies on Rule of Scary. Some new traits that have been codified and popularized by the more well-known Slender Man works (which include Marble Hornets, Just Another Fool, and Seeking Truth) are: his ability to cause electronic interference (typically with cameras); the ability to teleport himself and others; the famous circle with an X through it known as the "Operator symbol" being associated with him; only going after people who had been scared by him as children; making people sick with some mysterious disease; giving people mild amnesia; driving people crazy and presumably making them his acolytes (i.e. totheark, Albert Conaghan); and only appearing before people who have been thinking about him constantly on account of having looked at the various works. The number of these attributes present in the various blogs typically depends on their tone and how familiar the authors are with the mythos.
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  • In Survival of the Fittest, characters whose handlers leave the site are given new writers, whose opinion and take on the character may vary from the original writer. Some characters go through about 3 writers before they're given the personality that we've all grown to know and love, such as Elizabeth Priestly, Albert Lions, Blood Boy, and most infamously Liam Black. The most notable example, though, would be Danya himself. Due to his role in the story, he gets written by multiple staff members. As a result, due to the vast amount of interpretations his character gets one person's Danya can be somewhat different from another. A good example was at the start of v4, where, when doing profile conclusions, his main complaint about the students alternated between "too many pacifists" and "too many loners".
  • The on-screen characters of most Internet reviewers usually remain constant - and then there's Film Brain. If it's a review show that he has a part in, he can be every bit as snarky and malevolent as his fellow Channel Awesome reviewers. In the anniversary specials - which are usually written by Doug Walker - he becomes the ultimate hyperactive keet whose catchphrase seems to be "I'm excited!" (Not that Mathew minds this; he actually admits the latter is closer to his Real Life personality.)
    • Speaking of Doug, he writes The Nostalgia Critic as a weak, pathetic loser who always folds whenever someone else wants to do a crossover. In other shows (usually when there's only time for a Doug cameo and not a whole review), he suddenly has the backbone to ignore any request.
    • Obscurus Lupa is portrayed differently depending on who's writing her lines. On her own show, she's fully capable of giving proper analysis on films & TV shows, but she does have her moments of immaturity. In the anniversary specials, she's a level-headed Action Girl, to the point where she was the Only Sane Man in To Boldly Flee. In any other crossover, Lupa is pretty much a child in an adult's body, being easily entertained by low-brow humor.
    • Bennettthe Sage can come across as a malevolent and evil force when he pops up in another reviewer's video, even appearing as the devil in one instance. But in his own regular series he's just a regular analytical snarker only interested in mocking what he watches rather than tormenting others.
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  • Shiny Objects Videos: Though there is technically only one writer, the finished video (including the characters) can vary widely depending on the director.
  • The Legendary Pokémon or the Gym Leaders in We Are All Pokémon Trainers are mostly subject to this due to being NPCs controlled by different players at different times, even if there is usually a primary player in charge of some of them.
  • Similarly, on Neo Pokeforum different masters have different takes on the world. Do Pokemon speak Pokemon? Just how sentient are they? What do cities look like? Are goverments honest or corrupt? Gym Leaders, on the other hand, escape this treatment, because they are all played by one master.
  • At least one person in the Metamor Keep verse tries to keep their stories between their own characters or only have the NPCs cameo or be referenced at most specifically to avoid this from happening.
  • The only official rule at the SCP Foundation site is "there is no canon": any single article on a particular anomaly can imply or state things which are flat out contradicted by another article. The in-universe explanation for this is that most (or all) articles the reader can access are actually disinformation meant to mislead any spies. The out of universe explanation is that there originally was a loose canon, but one of the more prolific authors left the site and took all his stories and characters with him and completely shattered it. The site maintains what coherency it has by only letting people become members of the site (and hence able to create new articles) if the site administrators approve of their application, and by deleting articles which get more down-votes than up-votes.
  • ALL the characters of Mr Deity alternate between speaking about Earth and humans as characters in a film and treating them as real people, even within the same episode.
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  • Twitch Plays Pokémon runs on "make your own canon", so certain aspects of lore will be different depending on the author/artist. It can be jarring in 2016 to see early lore portraying Solareon and the False Prophet/Martyr as being one and the same, and the opinions on "OLDEN" can be all over the place.
  • Jumpchain has been subject to this from its inception. Every play through is done by different people, and using documents, each document themselves having their own creators who can and do have different ideas of how to appropriately balance their jumps.

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