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Some scenes were cut for a reason.

The Spider-Man films have plenty of scenes that didn't make the cut. Deleted scenes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man movies can be found here.

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  • Spider-Man has a number of deleted subplots and scenes, including the infamous "World Trade Center web" trailer that was reportedly cut from the film after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Likewise, there were deleted scenes from early trailers and story descriptions (including a sequence of Peter building mechanical webshooters, which was seen on a trailer that debuted at E3 2001 and a reported cameo by Eddie Brock, who was played by a minor actor) that still haven't been officially released.
    • There's some debate over whether or not it originally appeared in the final film, but a famous trailer in which Spider-Man captures some baddies getting away in a helicopter in a web between the Twin Towers were tastefully removed following the September 11th attack.
  • After drawing his costume, Peter Parker was originally going to have to make his own web-shooters instead of his organic webbing, however this was cut entirely.
  • Stan Lee had a different cameo from, originally having to ask Peter to buy sunglasses and reference the X-Men, another Marvel property that had a film produced.
  • After saving a couple of people by web-pulling them away from the falling debris, Peter was seen by a couple of children, praising Peter for what he has done, ending the scene with Peter's shushing about his secret.
  • An alternative scene of Norman talking to his mask was filmed but cut from the film, the only footage of it can be seen is by the blooper reel.

    Spider-Man 2 
  • Spider-Man 2 had so much deleted content that it was eventually released in an extended version called Spider-Man 2.1. Even then, there's a TV version that has additional scenes that weren't included in the 2.1 cut (including Mary Jane telling Peter about her career and him agreeing to see her play in a more downbeat tone while they're talking outside his house).
  • Mr. Aziz yells a simple "GO" instead of "GooooOOOOO".

    Spider-Man 3 
  • Spider-Man 3 had boatloads of footage cut prior to release, with much of it only being seen in trailers or early screenings. This included more subplots like Sandman's quest to cure his daughter's sickness, an alternate scene of Eddie Brock joining forces with Sandman while the latter is playing with his daughter at a park, a sequence where a distraught Mary Jane speaks to Peter about Harry in his apartment just before she's kidnapped, and much more footage of Peter taking out criminals in the symbiote costume (and being confronted by a nightmarish reflection in his mirror). Some scenes make an appearance in Spider-Man 3: Editor's Cut. The reason Harry's butler waited until 3 to explain how he knew Norman's death was an accident was because a deleted scene showed that he was a hallucination, which fills a major plot gaffe.
    • The movie was originally going start with a boy imitating his hero Spider-Man as his mother retrieve him from the rope he was swinging from in Central Park.
    • An extended fight between Harry and Peter was animatedly shot which was not in the theatrical cut, however it was partially seen in the comic con trailer.
    • An alternate version of the Sandman's transformation was shot but unused in the final cut.
    • Peter was going to visit Oscorp to see Harry, trying to bypass an Oscorp receptionist.
    • Several shots of the ceremony for Spider-Man was shot but cut from the film.
    • An extended scene of Spider-Man and Sandman fighting were shot, showing the aftermath and different positioned scenes.
    • According to the novelization, Flint Marko talked to a doctor for his daughter Penny. The doctor, Phil Wallace, asked for more money to cure Penny which leads him to steal money which leads to the subway fight.
    • A shot was shown to see Peter being attached to his suit, but it was cut from the film.
    • There are some extra shots of Eddie Brock photographing black suited Spidey.
    • Later on, an extra shot in the subway fight with Sandman, Spider-Man beating him mercifully until he was defeated.
    • There was a montage of Spider-Man taking down criminals in his black suit and leaving them strung up.
    • Part of the scene where Peter looks at his reflection in a mirror after returning to his apartment after seemingly killing the Sandman was cut. The cut segment would have shown Peter looking down at the Black Suit under his clothes, then looking up to see his reflection as Venom, which explains him locking the Black Suit away immediately afterwards with an alarmed expression on his face. The Venom model that was used harkened back to the character's original appearance, without fangs or distorted eyes.
    • After exposing Eddie for faking his photos, Spider-Man in his black suit was swinging across New York City in daylight then put it away his suitcase.
    • There are some extra lines said by Norman such as "Why haven't you killed Peter Parker?" and "He took me away from you?", including an extra scene from Harry's hallucination.
    • There is an extra shot of Harry clapping after MJ breaks up with Peter.
    • An extended shot for Peter fighting Harry, a line spoken by Peter was cut from the film.
    • In a quite comical scene after Eddie is fired, when Betty Brant tries to calm Jameson with chimes. The scene was filmed however it was only shown in a blooper of the film and not in the final cut.
    • A scene with Eddie Brock coming to the Stacy's front porch and begging Gwen to take him back was actually filmed but not included in the final version, mainly since it connects with Gwen being the kidnap victim in the end, which was also cut.
    • Eddie's walk to the church was cut down along with a few other shots.
    • MJ gives a forgiveness speech in the film but was cut, however her lines can be heard in a few trailers.
    • An alternate scene when Venom asks Sandman for help.
    • Penny and her mother are sitting at a bench and getting ready to leave, Flint was disguised as a sand castle in order to meet his daughter but was cut from the film.
    • A shot of the symbiote reattaching to Peter.
    • Dr. Wallace sees Flint Marko's family and convince Flint to not kill Spider-Man and tell Flint that Penny can't be cured. Then Flint explains Uncle Ben's death.
    • There are some more shots from Harry's death along with some more shots of Peter and Gwen at Harry's funeral.
    • The film was going to end on a final swing but it can assume for budget reasons this had to be cut. A couple of these unfinished shots were from the leaked trailer but never shown in the final cut.
    • Willem Dafoe filmed several scenes as Norman Osborn in Harry's hallucination, but in the final movie only has one.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 
  • An extended scene of Peter storming off into the night and buys a ‘Milk Chug’ where he bickers with a store clerk over two cents as the Peter’s after costs. When Peter was leaving the cash register thief steals the money and gives the milk chug to Peter, once the store clerk notice this he yells at Peter for not stopping him. Peter then rest at the bottom of the railroad and checking his phone calls from Uncle Ben, he notice gunshot was fired of miles away.
  • While walking down the alleyway an old man was laying in the ground which Peter ran across revealing to Uncle Ben, skulking on his dead body. This led to an extended scene of Aunt May and Peter upset on Uncle Ben's death and more on the suspected killer.
  • Dr. Connors appears at Peter’s doorstep and offer his sympathy after the death of Uncle Ben. During his conversation with Peter, Connor asks to take the time to look at his three-legged lab mouse, in which he’s grow another leg, thanks to Connors’ serum.
  • Peter was going to visit Gwen for dinner when he was stopped by a doorman and telling if he was dropping off or picking up which then lead to him wanting whats in the bag, Peter rejects his permission which then lets not take access to the apartment.
  • Connors goes through a secret metal gate, Peter, then follows him around a corner of the building higher up to see which then leads up to finding out his secret hiding spot in the sewer.
  • Ratha ‘hacks’ his way into the Oscorp’s network, locating Connors on sewer in a GPS which then gave access to his videoblogs.
  • Peter and Gwen kissing on top of a clock tower building.
  • The Lizard showing his humanity even as he scales up the evil inside. Having Connors shown to be having a split personality and letting the Lizard take over.
  • Connors having a moment of his son Billy and explaining to him that he’s going away for a while.
  • The Lizard makes his way to the Midtown Science High School in a toilet cubicle. Finding two girls in the stall, The Lizard then stared at the two petrified teens. The Lizard uses his tongue lolling out near the girls’ faces and then leaves as the girls proceeded to scream.
  • Peter searches the campus for Connors finding scratches on the wall and inspects Connors asking him to help him.
  • Peter follows Connors in his lair and talk about how change something so that everyone would be equal, Connors then injects another dose of the Lizard serum before growling, hissing and turning his now-yellow eyes towards a frightened Peter. Ratha arrived and shoot bullets into former employees with a gun, spraying sedative into Peter’s face. Ratha talks to Peter about his father and how his wildest dreams had come true as much as now Peter then get up with the help with Ratha but not as long as the Lizard moves Peter and chokes Ratha and swallow his head whole.
  • A Running Gag about Peter buying eggs, which had gotten Aunt May breaking eggs into a bowl, after talking about responsibility with Peter.
  • In multiple deleted scenes, Peter was skateboarding in front of his school which he then failed a trick and hurting himself while the other teenagers laugh at him, Peter skates a busy street in Manhattan, and Peter skateboarding in the streets when suddenly a car went by him which then triggers his spider-sense resulting him to land a land-post.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 
  • An extended scene of Richard and Mary Parker were at a private plane but an assassin was plan to kill them, Richard was originally going to steal the man's gun and see if the pilot is flying revealing the pilot to be dead and the plane to going once he lie face down, resulting the plane crash.
  • In Peter's and Gwen's high school graduation, Flash goes up to Gwen and thanks her for all the tutoring for college.
  • Max is celebrating his birthday until the power shuts down, leaving his mother having no power for her oxygen tank. Max fixes the tank and told his mom that its is his birthday while his mom continues to make fun of him.
  • While visiting Oscorp, Peter is introduced to new tech, a battlesuit prototype that improves physical attributes. After showing Peter that, Harry showed him a piece of surveillance photos of him as a child, Peter asked why to which Harry replied, "Isn't that the question of the day?"
  • After turning into the Green Goblin, Harry went on a rampage at Oscorp and started to use pumpkin bombs to attack the military operatives. After the devastation, the people at Oscorp began to escape, Felecia was going to run until she saw her boss' disfigurement, Harry looked at himself in the mirror and shouted at her to leave.
  • Harry was supposed to kill Donald Menken by throwing him on top of a building, which would explained why he disappeared throughout the film.
  • After mourning the death of Gwen Stacy, Peter was at her funeral for several months, upon that time his father had appeared and began tell him of what had happened with him at Oscorp and how is mother couldn't make it. After revealing much truth, Richard explain that people died for nothing if we lose hope and that it was not his destiny to save peoples lives rather it was Peter all along, saying with great power comes great responsibility.
  • An alternate shot of Spider-Man throwing a manhole cover by hand and throwing it at the Rhino.
  • There are several filmed scenes featuring Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, but they are nowhere to be found on the bonus features.

  • Venom flips out in daylight from a car alarm and destroys it.
  • An extended encounter with Cletus Kasady, where he tells Eddie how much he likes eating eyeballs.

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