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Deconstructed Character Archetype / The Venture Bros.

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The Venture Bros.

  • Brock Samson, the Venture family bodyguard, provides a deconstruction of the One-Man Army trope. Brock is one of the biggest badasses in the series, regularly killing The Monarch's henchmen in droves, usually in a brutal fashion to boot. He enters this territory at the end of Season 3, when a lifetime of killing people and witnessing truly bizarre things working for the OSI/Venture family leads to him having a bit of a breakdown and quitting. Of course, he gets over it by Season 4.
    • Brock also has the purpose of showing off how disturbing a Mook Horror Show can be. There's no glamour when Brock mows down dozens of Henchmen, it's terrifying and bloody. People who have no quarrel with the Ventures are genuinely afraid of him.
  • Phantom Limb is a deconstruction of the Wicked Cultured Man of Wealth and Taste class of villain. He comes across as charming, handsome and Faux Affably Evil. He is educated, well-spoken, has a taste for foreign and exotic food, has refined and excellent taste in decor and is a competent villain, capable of earning Brock Samson's respect. As time goes on however, he is shown to actually be a foppish, narcissistic Wicked Pretentious Big Bad Wannabe who struggles to function as an effective villain when he is no longer backed by the Guild.
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  • Col. Bud Manstrong deconstructs the Celibate Hero. Manstrong's sexual repression has put a severe strain on his relationship with his girlfriend Anna, who resorts to cheating on him with Brock, and it is later revealed that his mother's an Evil Matriarch whose bullying of her son has caused him to repress any and all sexual desires, to the point of having a Heroic BSoD when said girlfriend gives him a handjob right before she dies.
  • The Blue Morpho deconstructs the Hero with Bad Publicity. Most heroes with a bad reputation, like Spider-Man or Morpho's inspiration the Green Hornet, would continue to do good regardless of what the rest of the world thinks. Morpho, however, is an Unscrupulous Hero at best, so he has absolutely no qualms doing some truly depraved things in the name of duty, such as performing every known sex act to Dr. Z while disguised as Billie Jean King.
    • It gets even more deconstructed when it's revealed that his bad publicity wasn't even his own fault, it was forced upon him by Jonas Venture, giving him a not so flattering appearance in his comic book and then blackmailing him to do his dirty work.
  • Jonas Venture is a scathing deconstruction of pulp adventurers/globetrotting Science Heroes. The question posed is this: what kind of man would travel around the globe for no other reason than For Science! with his friends and son, and create countless technological marvels while gaining almost universal praise from the government, the media, and society in general? An amoral sociopath who treats everything as a game/experiment, only seeks his own gratification, doesn't care enough about people to form close personal attachments, and sees his son/friends as (best case) people to stroke his ego or as (worst case) guinea pigs for ostensibly altruistic projects he starts but gets too bored with, gallivanting away to do the next big thing, leaving said projects unfinished, all the while callously leaving a trail of destruction and misery which he never gives a second or even first backward glance, heedless of all future consequences.


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