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  • Uxie in Poké Wars deconstructs The Spock by showing how much of a sociopath someone who acted purely on logic with no regard for emotion would be. See also Straw Vulcan.
  • Jessie, James and Meowth in Symbiosis deconstruct Token Good Teammates. The reason Jessie and James can get away with their behavior is because they are too dangerous for the organization to control. They are extremely deluded because they were brainwashed into insanity to believe that Bad is Good and Good is Bad and unwittingly assist in several tragedies and atrocities. Meowth turns out to not support Team Rocket at all and goes along with it because he doesn't know how to get them out.
  • Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship:
  • Kyrie Eleison deconstructs the "New Eva Pilot" archetype (specifically as provided by Neon Exodus Evangelion) by having Star Aran (the fic's stand-in for D.J. Croft) being a hyper-competent badass that can do things with his Eva nobody else does... but he's such a horrible capital-J Jerkass that he makes almost the entire cast uncomfortable (except for Toji and Kensuke, who are as much head-over-heels for him as every other student in their class... and then again, this is because he shares their hate for Asuka and led the entire class (minus a disturbed Shinji) into calling her a Nazi and making her run away in tears, so...), while another pilot takes the "so-much-of-a-Blood Knight-she-looks-like-she-gets-turned-on" pilot stereotype (that, ironically, would be showcased by Mari Makinami on the Rebuild films eventually) and goes all the way with it and makes Misato and Ritsuko unnerved when they figure out that she gets literal sexual release from killing Angels (even comparing her to a Serial Killer). And their handler? A Sinister Minister that is so damn creepy even Gendo wants him out, but can't because he's got strong connections to SEELE.
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  • Ash's father in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines is per the author's admission this for a typical harem protagonist. Ash's father slept with a truly staggering amount of women across the world (to the point the author came out and clarified the two groups he definitely did not sleep with), being attractive and having immense sexual prowess. However the end result of this had many of the women he slept with despise him for it and many commenting that, for all his physical pleasure he can provide, he failed at giving emotional pleasure. Also while harem protagonists are often written for a out of universe power fantasy, his actions in-universe were a power fantasy with the end goal of having a lot of children to fulfill what he believes to be an ancient prophecy to change the world, with his sexual prowess being part of the way he ensured he had kids with all of them. His motivations for changing the world are not presented as him being a visionary, but that of a self-aggrandizing sociopath.
  • In Ducktales Twenty Years Later, a Darker and Edgier Mega Crossover Continuation Fic for The Disney Afternoon, this is used to explain why the Frame-Up of Huey, Dewey and Louie works so well; despite what Dewey initially believes, their ties to Scrooge McDuck actually give them the opposite of a good name. Whilst Scrooge was a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, he only ever shared the nicer side of his personality with his grand-nephews and a small cast of intimates; to the rest of the world he was a shamelessly miserly, avaricious, abrasive, domineering, arrogant Jerkass whose one virtue was that, as bad as he was, he was at least scrupulously honest in his ruthless business pursuits, as opposed to his rivals Glomgold and Rockerduck, who would break the law without a second thought in pursuit of money. Dewey also subtly points out that Scrooge's stinginess meant he was a hard man to like even for his family.
  • Princess of the Blacks serves to deconstruct several archetypes in Harry Potter fanfiction. To start:
    • Sexually active at a young age? The protagonist, Jen, is revealed to have been raped at the age of 6 and Word of God states that becoming sexually active was simply her way of trying to maintain a level of control after the trauma. Being sexually active at a young age isn't also just considered disgusting and disturbing by plenty of people, by characters both good and bad (as opposed to some fics where it isn't even touched upon or even accepted without question by the "good guys"), the only use at a young age would be for prostitution, which Jen was doing prior to the start of the series. In fact, when Sirius meets her in the beginning of the series and tells her that he is her godfather, she expected that he simply wanted her to "entertain" him and other people, much to his disgust and horror. And when Narcissa Malfoy is revealed to have been a former client of Jen's, Sirius flips out on her while Tonks and her mother are creeped out before it turns out that Tonks altered her sexual organs during sex and Sirius practiced bestiality.
      • This also gets Jen in trouble in the second book, where she has begun a relationship with Luna, but didn't achieve the sexual aspect at that point. Growing frustrated with Luna's chastity, Jen ends up having sex with someone else while she waited...right as Luna walked in on the act. First off, it nearly destroys their new relationship. Second, because of her sexual activeness, it never occurred to Jen that sleeping with someone else was considered cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend. Thirdly, it takes a talk from Flickwick and another one with Luna for both parties to come to an understanding on the situation.
    • "The Potters Giving Up Harry/Fem!Harry despite surviving Voldemort's attack" is shredded to pieces as well. Lily states that she and James believed that Jen was a Squib and thought that she would have been better off living with Muggles like the Dursleys. Not only were they proven wrong when they meet Jen many years later, Jen also states that the reasons they gave were practically flimsy and no better than the mindset of a Pureblood supremacist in the Wizardry World.
    • Harry/Fem!Harry taking on awesome new name after Dark and Troubled Past? Jen's real name was Jennifer. Her no longer identifying herself as that or Jenny isn't a sign of badassness, but of That Man Is Dead and Broken Bird. She doesn't even declare herself as Jen outright; her mentor prior to the series, Elsie, declared that was her new name after Jen enacted revenge on her rapists.
    • Harry/Fem!Harry getting awesome powers? Jen sacrificed her Magical Core (which was already weakened due to Dumbledore sealing off her magic) in exchange for unlimited connection to the Earth's energy. While it means she is capable of magic impossible for wizards or witches her age, it also comes at the cost of making her even more vulnerable to other spells or curses directed at her. It is later revealed that no one other than her could have survived the ritual she had to go through to attain her new power, as Death specifically made that possible for his own purposes.
    • Harry/Fem!Harry's childhood abuse being brought Up to Eleven? Word of God states that the reason Jen went through worse abuse opposed to canon was because the Dursleys were angry that she was dumped on their doorstep despite the Potters being alive, seeing that as a sign of laziness, combined with the fact that Jen wasn't a Squib like the Potters believed her to be and still had outburst of accidental magic.
    • The Wrong Boy Who Lived trope also comes into play. And... Danny isn't exactly a Jerkass like stories would portray him. While he is Innocently Insensitive, Danny is essentially what Harry would have most likely been like if the Potters weren't killed on Halloween when he was a baby. He's skilled in magic... but only better than the average 4th year and is completely outclassed in the Triwizard Tournament in each Task by the older, more experienced Champions. In fact, he isn't even a real Attention Whore, as Jen finds out from reading his mind. After the experience of discovering Peter Pettigrew was Scabbers and a Death Eater in his third year, Danny reacted as any rational person would and sought to avoid any more adventures for the time being, seeing as he was practically within arm's reach of a potential killer for three years. It doesn't change the fact that most of the school still see him as an Attention Whore due to his standoffish behavior and offer No Sympathy when he is selected for the Tournament.
    • It also deconstructs Ron's Jerkass Ball from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when he gives Danny the same cold shoulder he did with Harry in canon. While it is implied that Ron and Danny do reconcile after the First Task per canon, Danny doesn't choose him as his ally in the Fourth Task due to his lingering distrust of his best friend's actions and selects Neville instead, wanting to use the Task as an opportunity to try reconnecting with his godbrother. Easily Forgiven is hardly in play.
    • Stupid Good is also tackled. Many of the members of the Order of the Phoenix have qualms against killing Death Eaters, seeing it as "Dark", which infuriates the likes of Mad-Eye Moody, who had to kill Death Eaters to prevent more disaster. Not only that, but the Order actually makes things worse for the Ministry of Magic with their clashing beliefs and interference. It also goes the other way, too. With the example above, Danny is also an example of Stupid Good in that he follows the same beliefs, but isn't above being rational at times, as demonstrated with his legitimate anger and distrust of Ron for getting jealous of him at the worst possible time and for the dumbest of reasons.
    • Hermione's Awesome by Analysis in determining that Jen murdered the Dursleys with only a few clues is impressive, but according to Jen, Hermione needs actual proof if she is going to go around accusing a member of a respected Pureblood family of any crimes, especially when Hermione is considered second class due to being Muggleborn.
    • Locked Out of the Loop also comes into play and picked apart. In the final book, Jen tells Hermione's parents more about the current war than their daughter did. When Hermione tries to justify not telling them anything, that they wouldn't understand, Jen simply asks what is so hard to understand about a race war, which is essentially what the situation is. Because Hermione decided not to tell her parents anything about the Wizardry World "for their own good", she is unable to persuade her parents of anything after Jen talks to them since Jen told them more in a few conversations than Hermione did in her entire time at Hogwarts.
  • Where Talent Goes To Die:
    • Kaori Mirua, the Ultimate Beginner's Luck, deconstructs The Protagonist. As a relatively ordinary person in a cast full of Ultimates, she has many admirable qualities even if she doesn't have a talent, but at the same time, she also has many things that she's not able to do. As a protagonist, she's painfully aware that her attempts to keep people from dying don't work for long, that she's making little progress in finding a way out, and that even if she solves the mysteries, it doesn't do anything to prevent the rest of the class from dwindling one by one.
    • Reiko Mitamura, the Ultimate Proofreader, deconstructs The Perfectionist. Her determination to accept nothing less than the best possible results gives her the drive to succeed, but also results in her being unable to accept her mistakes. She ends up committing murder in an attempt to hide the fact that she once cheated on a test.
    • Momo Iwasawa, the Ultimate Farm Hand, deconstructs the Country Mouse as it's indicated that her lack of knowledge about the outside world makes it difficult to integrate into or function in modern society.
    • Komaki Katsura, the Ultimate Saleswoman, serves as a deconstruction of those who believe in "The Needs of the Many". Her character arc revolves around pointing out the downsides to this ideology, including the fact that she has personal feelings and cannot act rationally all the time.
    • Sora Hoshino, the Ultimate Astronomer, deconstructs The Rival. He is a selfish and standoffish individual, he's not much of a team player, and is more likely to commit murder to graduate than he is to be a strong contributor to the group, which is exactly what ends up happening.
  • In the My Hero Academia fanfic Conversations with a Cryptid, it deconstructs Unequal Pairing with Inko and her husband Hisashi. She was a secretary for a HR department and he was the CEO of said company, is the one to hire Inko. A few years into their marriage, Hisashi abruptly disappeared without warning or any explanation, leaving Inko to raise Izuku alone with no means to protect herself or her son since she quit her job to raise their son. Inko basically became trapped in a marriage with an absent husband who still pays for her living expenses and she can't divorce him because she cannot financially support herself or Izuku due to being out of the workforce for so long.
  • In Remnant Inferis: DOOM, The Doom Slayer and Ruby get picked apart in the story:
    • The Slayer:
      • The Slayer's aggressive actions against the bullies at Beacon Academy don't give him a good standing with the students or teachers. It's not that what he was doing was wrong, it's that the way he went about it is so brutal that it makes people less inclined to like him than the actual bullies he's trying to teach a lesson. Velvet in particular finds him to be just as monstrous as the demons and was very disgruntled that he was the one to save her and not the teammates that she puts her trust in.
      • With his strength, speed, tenacity, and experience, the Slayer is essentially everything that a Huntsman should strive to emulate. Even what he does (kill demons), isn't that far off from killing Grimm. However, his nigh-endless quest to destroy the horrors that threaten the innocent has reduced him to a murderous, violent, genocidal killing machine with no regard for his own life.
      • His overall personality is also not given much leeway. Back on the UAC facility, he could get away with being a massive dick thanks to the only things there being demons for him to kill as well as only two allies who had the patience to put up with his attitude. On Remnant, he has to work with Ozpin and his allies, and they don't have any tolerance for his behavior. The only reason they put up with it is because he's their best chance at stopping Hell, so they don't have many options.
    • Ruby Rose:
  • In Dappled Sun on Changing Leaves, Nanako Dojima deconstructs Everyone's Baby Sister and Stepford Smiler. She tries to put a happy face to hide how she actually feels with her mother dead and her father too busy to spend time with her, but her strained relationship with her father coupled with the Investigation Team acting more like her family than her father is, manifests in her Shadow, who seeks to kill her father so she can be with her ideal family.


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