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  • Raimi Matthews from Broken Saints.
  • Charlie the Unicorn.
    "Were on our way to Candy Mountain, Charlie!" "Yeah, that's great."
    "I think I died long ago, and you two are my eternal punishment."
  • Dreamscape: Vampire Lord is quite the wisecracker and definitely the most sarcastic of the group.
    • Keedran is very prone to dropping her two-cents and sarcasm, especially when its with someone she doesn't care for, like Melissa.
    • Keela has her moments. Her monotone voice helps with the delivery.
    • Anjren can be pretty cheeky at times, but not to the extent of some of her friends.
    Vampire Lord: Why do you think I'm called Vampire LORD?
    Anjren: Because of your ego?
  • DSBT InsaniT: Killdra. And her monotone voice definitely helps.
    • Comes free with Dave, due to being around people he really doesn't care about.
    • Even in comparison to the other cast members, Cody has a quip for just about everything.
    Cody: This is gonna end badly and I'm gonna love it.
  • Homestar Runner: Strong Bad. Strong Sad sometimes fulfills this role when he isn't busy being The Eeyore.
  • The Emperor from If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device constantly snarks from his throne at Kitten, Magnus and the universe at large. The delivery of his lines is helped by the fact that he speaks in Computer Voice.
    Kitten: So the Necrontyr became the Necrons?
    Emperor: Someone give this man a PhD because that's some serious brainpower for a giant armored potato chip.

    (Magnus finishes Calling the Old Man Out)
    Emperor: Good, Magnus. Give that revenge shit your best shot.
    • Dominique, Karamazov's literal right-hand man, has his moments as well.
    Dominique (after Karamazov's lengthy rant): Hey, Fyodor? Maybe you should just preach them to death?
    • For someone whose entire character up revolves around Literal-Mindedness and Brutal Honesty to the extreme, Rogal Dorn drops some excellent quips in Episode 23.
  • Foamy the Squirrel provides the page image.
  • Calamity/Chalchiutlique of No Evil gets off some decently snarky zingers at the other characters, while Kitty/Kajortoq alternates between this and Team Mom.
    Calamity: (to Wrip) It's amazing. You don't seem at all concerned that this plan is a poorly constructed tapestry of lies.
  • The makers of Overly Sarcastic Productions take this trope and make it into history and literature lessons. FUN history and literature lessons.
  • About half the cast of Red vs. Blue, especially Grif and Church.
    Simmons: Well of course it sounds stupid when you say it like that.
    • With the Exceptions of Caboose, Donut, and Sister
    • Lampshaded when the Reds ask Grif to come up with his own plan and he's unable to think of anything. "My skills lie more in listening to other people's plans and telling them what's wrong with them."
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    • Lopez revels in snark, since none of the Blood Gulch Crew speaks Spanish. For instance, when asked by Simmons if he can fix Sarge's radio (Sarge is miles away in the middle of a desert at the moment):
    Lopez: ¿Puedo arreglar su radio desde aquí? Sí. Porque soy mágico. Yo soy un robot mágico.(Can I fix their radio from here? Sure. Because I am magic. I am a magic robot.)
    • The Director judging by the letters we hear dictated in Reconstruction has a pretty sharp pen. When explaining what 'The Meta' is to the politician who's new oversight he resents he describes it as "nothing more than an entity seeking to increase its power in these confusing days after the war. From my perspective, that seems to be a common occurrence at the moment." Ouch.
    • Nearly all of Pilot 479er's few lines fall into this category.
    • Surprisingly enough, the super-logical AI Delta is a Deadpan Snarker too. It works so well for him because he seems so serious, people just don't expect his sarcasm. The fact that his assigned Freelancer partner, York, speaks Snark as his native language, may have something to do with it.
  • Blake from RWBY has a tendency to calmly and bluntly put down others, particularly with Adam and Weiss.
  • Bridget Tice from The Most Popular Girls in School
    Bridget Tice: Hello and welcome to-
    Brittany Matthews: Fuck off.
    Bridget Tice: Don't mind if I do.
  • A lot of characters in TTA fall into this category, but Kirbopher15 is by far the worst offender. It gets worse when he goes into 1111 form and is openly acknowledged as being an asshole in said form. Which is quite odd when you realize that had season 4 been produced, Phaxal would've been revealed to be Kirbopher 1111. It's not the reveal, it's that their personalities are entirely different, Kirbopher 1111 for the most part is a snarky asshole, while Phaxal is a somewhat melodramatic guy who's definitely evil, but doesn't seem to be entirely sure on what his evil goal is.
  • Gary to Roamin the Paladin in Unforgotten Realms. Usually in the form of blunt, tactless explanations of how Roamin is being stupid.
    Roamin: Gary, why are we even friends?
    Gary: Well, no-one will be friends with you, and I enjoy pissing on people's parades.
    Roamin: Better reasons than most, I suppose.
    Gary: Not really, it's probably the worst reason for being friends out of anyone who has ever used the word "friendship" to describe their bond with another person.


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