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  • AJCO:
    • Will Heggers, the Castle Crew engineer and Only Sane Man, is the most qualified character by far.
      <Ranger> That's a lot of ash.. and ... dead people...
      <Will> It looks like the last birthday party at AJCO.
    • Other characters, such as Breyos and Frances, have their moments. The normally polite Egg will turn into one when backed into a corner.
  • Dr. Shelton in Darwin's Soldiers.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Fesxis has a very acerbic wit to go with her formal and dour personality, and spends most of her time snarking at her host Sebastian.
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    • Simon is an anti-social brooder with a snide remark for any situation he finds himself in.
  • DC Nation:
    • Green Shield and Caleb Zukov take snark to the level of art form — usually at the other's expense.
    • Anything by Itsjustsomerandomguy, especially the Joker and the Green Goblin (when he isn't high).
  • Los Hermanos, a member of the titular Global Guardians superhero team, is probably the most notable heroic example in the Global Guardians PBEM Universe. The most notable villainous example is likely The Evil Mastermind (a hyper-intelligent, nine-year-old Gadgeteer Genius and leader of Evil Mensa). When the two of them face off, it's a veritable hurricane of snarkiness:
    The Evil Mastermind: "Now that you're in my clutches, hero, I'll..."
    Los Hermanos: "... bore me to death with the gloating and the grand-standing? You're like a villain out of an old-style movie serial."
    The Evil Mastermind: "Oh dear, your use of a reference to a form of entertainment that hasn't been produced in sixty years has destroyed my self-image. What will I do now?"
    Los Hermanos: "Go back home and finish your homework?"
    The Evil Mastermind: "Ooh! And now comes the crack about my age! You know, that's almost but not quite completely ineffective! But please, do keep trying. It's always important for people to think they're accomplishing something..."
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  • Glowfic has a lot of this - Adarins, Bells, Yvettes, and others snark every now and then.
  • MSF High Forum: Miranda by a mile.
  • Common both in and out of character in Survival of the Fittest. One of the better examples would be Sean O'Cann, at least in his moments of clarity.
  • Touhou: a Glimmer of an Outside World has Koakuma providing lots and lots of snark, along with Mima. Hilariously, Koakuma is a Mima fangirl.
  • The Freewebs RPG Warriors The Final Cry has Ivypaw, a ShadowClan-born she-cat who ran away to ThunderClan to escape her abusive mother. She can be quite the snarker at times, though is mostly friendly about it.


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