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Main Cast

Mark Vance

Angelica Dubois

"No, i'm not a secretary. I'm here because we've got a group of idiots trying to kill you. Alas, get down and see how the professionals do it."

The head of Illenian Intelligence, and the attitude of an Alpha Bitch, Angelica Dubois is one of the most informed ladies in the galaxy. Despite her position, she prefers to do field work at various times. At the stat of the series, she is a lowly officer. As time goes on, she becomes annoyed with the current administration and fights her way to the top, eventually grabbing her own Battlecruiser . Her morality is dubious. She only becomes acquaintance with Mark Vance when they are in a time of crisis. She will do anything to find the truth in people, and believes being blunt is honesty.

Nephtarie Andalla


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