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An Urban Fantasy/Magical Land series that follows the travels of a group of teens and young adults who are Trapped in Another World.

Following the death of his older brother and his friend three years before, Ronald Blackard suddenly finds himself trapped in a world in the middle of a war. Meeting other stranded individuals, he makes his way around the land, gaining friends, enemies, and something that he thought lost long ago.


The trilogy consists of:

1. Red Sky at Night

2. Beyond the Lavender Valley



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    Red Sky at Night 

    Beyond the Lavender Valley 


  • Back for the Finale
  • Badass Normal: Cass, Allie and Ron have no powers, yet are considered in the same league as their super-powered friends.
  • Battle Couple: Lots. Stuart/Holly, Cal/Avery, Len/Lia, and Roman/Seth to name a few.
  • Elemental Powers: The Earthers who spent over six months in Zream get these due to prolonged exposure.
  • First Girl Wins: Emily ends up with David, who was her best friend back when they lived in the same apartment when they were toddlers. Somewhat subverted in that they didn't realize they were friends before meeting at Zream until months into their relationship.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Cal and Jay, despite what their classmates think.
  • Second Love: Cassandra ultimately falls for Allie after letting her feelings for Cal fade.


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