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Lumina: "I wouldn't even THINK about making a joke at this moment, Vampire Whore!"
Yamiko: "Did you just call me VAMPIRE whore?"
Lumina: "Would you prefer 'bloodthirsty pseudo heroine'?"
Yamiko: "It's still better than being associated with this bastard Dracula and his Draculinas!"
Chapter 3: Apocalypse, after a joke Yamiko makes shortly before they think they are all going to die.

What happens if you are a young Warrior of light, who gets trained by a tiny wolf and find a white haired, golden eyed Demon Hunter in a pinch? No one knows but this troper(Eternal Dark) and his spiritual sister (called Kai) wrote a story about it. This story totally crushes everythinbg you associate with demons...and gods and....everything else that seems unnatural.


The story begins with the (not so) fateful meeting between Yuu Suruga and Yamiko Kagera. While both are within a battle against a giant Golem of light, Yamiko gets critically injured and gives Yuu her powers, so he can defeat the enemy. The first bt comes down to the thing that both have to become "normal" again for about 2 Weeks until Yamikos powers are recovered

  • A-Cup Angst - Yamiko. Let's just say that you won't have time to THINK what you said once you mention it.
  • Action Girl - Pretty much every female except Rika. Oh Minazuki falls into this as well.
  • A God Am I - Played straight with both Kamioni and Imartel and averted with Exitor. Kamioni IS exceptionally powerful(it took 6 Artifacts of Doom to defeat him the first time around while one of them got DESTROYED) but not even NEARLY a god. Imartel says it himself, but he theoretically IS a god, as he controls space and matter. Exitor has the power over time and says he is a god, but he doesn't care about the god thing so much as he uses his powers like a television.
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  • Anything That Moves - Oooooh Lumina. She gets her way with SEVERAL Characters from the cast, including some of the VILLAINS. Her first victim becomes Yuu, although she gets interrupted before she can actually start the act. The second would be Yamiko, although in this case Yamiko was the one who started. Afterwards she has her way with Arthur, Hiita and Aira one after another after they get drunk on a party and it's hinted that she had her way with hundreds of other things, including an ice block...wait an iceblock cannot
  • Artifact of Doom - The seals of Zamsara are pretty much this, although they are used mainly by the HEROES. Einherjar and Kishin may count as well.
  • Author Avatar - Kamen. A smart and rather strongheaded guy? Check! Thinks that everything he does makes everything WORSE? Check! A fetish for Pettankos? Oh god and HOW you can check that!
    • Partner Kai mantions that Minori is this to her... i don't believe her.
  • Berserk Button - Every Character has his own one. Yamikos is her flat-chest, Luminas is if you don't talk about your problems, Aisas is when you don't respect your siblings etc. Heck even NAZO has a berserk button. Try to hurt either Yuu or Aisa Without a magical Weapon that conserves their souls and he WILL find you and he WILL beat the crap out of you!
  • Break the Cutie - Quite a few Characters.
    • Yamiko being the prime example. Being raped by her step-father while not even hitting the double-digit age, gives her a big crack in her soul. Afterwards she kills her rapist and runs away from home and has to work as a prostitute to fund her own life. Through the stress she builds up with this she starts killing sprees in the entire town, with the only person who usually calms her down being her cousin Lumina. After some time she starts to be able to have a rather normal life again (well if you ignore the prostitution) and gets into a relationship with a guy called Akira, who cheats on her on several occasions but presses the Berserk Button when he claims that he would leave her for another girl. She finally snaps and tries to kill him but doesn't have the courage to do it, so he takes out a gun and mortally wounds her. Once she wakes up in the hospital, she just doesn't care about it and rips off every cable so she can finally die...just to be revived by Shuchi to become a Dark Hunter and atone for her sins.
    • Nazo had the same story with his genetic father, although he killed him at the first act. Afterwards he became an Assassin and got his money with killing corrupt politicians. Later on he was killed by Kamioni so he could be revived by him as a Dark Hunter, becoming his pupil.
    • Depending on how you look at it, Lumina of all people. First of all you have to know that she hates people who don't speak about their problems. This happens with her cousin Yamiko. She tries to calm her down very often but she gets a Heroic BSoD after Yamiko warns her to "not get in her way again or else she'll be next". After she finally comes out of her BSOD and wants to confront Yamiko about her actions, she is informed that Yamiko killed herself in the hospital. Living about half a year with the thought that she could have prevented it, she wants to kill Akira, as she knew that he was actually responsible for her death, but gets killed by him instead. Afterwards she gets revived as a Dark Hunter and finds out that Yamiko has become on of the Top Hunters, thus she trains and becomes the THIRD STRONGEST HUNTER IN THE LIGHT REALM, only to be rejected by Yamiko.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall - This story subverts, averts, inverts and plays this straight while dancing with the poor thing. One of the most hilarous gives us this gem.
Yamiko: "Darkara, this is my 'totally unimportant whore of a cousin' Lumina. Lumina, this is my 'notmuchmoreimportant idiot student' Darkara"
Lumina: "Totally...unimportant..."
Darkara: "Notmuch...more....important..."
Both (pointing on eachother): "I'm still far more important than her!!"
  • Brother–Sister Team - Aisa and Hiita rarely appear alone.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday - Subverted. Ootani actually REMEMBERS that he destroyed Karasus life. He just DIDN'T CARE!
  • Chaste Hero - Yuu, as he fits nearly every trope that means "he is the Hero so he is dumb!". Changes when his energycirculation gets mixed up and he starts to become gay for Aisa
  • The Chosen One - Yuu, despite being totally USELESS in season 1.
  • The Dragon - Depending on how you see it. Ginto to Kamen, Kamen to Nazo, Nazo to Kamioni and Shuchi to Exitor.
  • Dark Is Not Evil - Played straight. While Shadow Demons are hated by the other elements, they aren't evil, just pretty miechievous and tend to curse alot. Averted with the Darkness Element, which only forms if the wielder crosses the Moral Event Horizon .
  • Despair Event Horizon - Yamiko crosses this one after approximately one third into Chapter 6. Nazo crosses this on halfway through Chapter 6 after the heroes accidently revive the god of matter and space, Imartel.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors - The 4 main Elements Fire, Wind, Ice and Earth. Fire-beats-Wind, Wind-beats-Ice, Ice-beats-Earth and Earth-beats-Fire. Then there are the 3 High Elements, namely Shadow(not Darkness), Light and Chaos. Light-beats-Shadow, Shadow-beats-Chaos and Chaos-beats-Light. Later on the DARKNESS Element makes an appearance and it defeats EVERYTHING.
  • Even the Guys Want Him - Minori, Aisa and Nazo. minori is hit on by a couple of other demons, while Aisa is hit on by Yuu and Nazo and Nazo by Aisa and some other demons.
  • Faster-Than-Light Travel - The Gargantas. Ironically, I actually called these things like this before I watched Bleach
  • Five-Man Band - There are several but the following are the most obvious.
  • Gay Option - And HOW. Pretty much every character has some sort of Homosexual Pairing, with the most obvious being Aisa/Yuu and Yamiko/Lumina. God this two pairings actually have sex in different Parts in the Story!
  • Going Commando - It's implied that Yamiko does it.
  • Gun Kata - Yamiko uses this after her transformation into a full fledged Vasato Lordi, with one Gun being made of energy and the other one being a
present from Karasu.
  • The Gunslinger - Yamiko, 'nuff said.
  • Heroic BSoD - Yamiko gets a nice one after the entire minus-world thing but gets snapped out of it very fast.
    • Minori has one as well. Said one KILLS him but he gets reborn as a demi-god.
  • Idiot Hero - Yuu fits this trope to a tee, but only till the middle of chapter 4.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun - Too many to count
  • Infinity +1 Element - Darkness. Nothing beats it but everything is automatically weak against it. It's only uneffective against other Darkness user, as it is nothing but the entire hatred and evil of the user in energetic form.
  • Katanas Are Just Better - Averted. The only Katana users are Nazo and Yamiko. While Nazos gets an upgrade an becomes a Broadsword, Yamiko uses it less and less after her Upgrade to a full-fledged demon.
  • Light Is Not Good - Most Light Demons are jerks. Minori and his servants are actually exceptions. Played streight by both Ootani and Rainga
  • Magnificent Bastard - Nazo. He does some EXTREMELY questionable things and is a complete jerk but does it to rescue his little brother Yuu from getting killed bei the Immortal Imartel. Despite being the Dragon promoted to the main Antagonist he doesn't kill ANYONE who isn't a HUGE threat.
  • Meaningful Name - Yamikos name comes from the japanese word for darkness(Yami) and the femal syllable -ko(child), so her name is "Dark Child". Her last name comes from the word "kage " meaning shadow in japanese.
  • Petite Pride - Lumina and Darkara are pretty happy about their flat-chestedness, although in Darkaras case it's just that she knows she is too young.
  • Punny Name - Karasu means crow. Guess whats her demonic animal form. Kamen means "Mask" in japanese. Toushirou took this name so he can maks his presence from other inidivuals who new him before. Nazo means mysterious in japanese and his entire motivation is a mystery until the end of Chapter 5. Kamioni was once known to be so strong that most persons called him a "Demon God". Kami means "God" and Oni is another word for "Demon". Imartel(ee-maar-tell) is an Immortal. Sounds similiar, right?
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad - Kamionis Elemental Pupils in the first season, the Priests of Devastation (except for Nazo and Kamen) in the second one.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni - Well endowed Fire-Berserker Hiita and her twin Brother Aisa, also known as the "Frozen Scholar", respectively.
  • Tragic Monster - Yamiko turns into this after she crosses the Despair Event Horizon. She loses control of the demons she absorbed in her lifetime as well as her control over her ancestors powers, which turn er into something which even NAZO calls a monster. Actually he says that "if he would worship the devil, he would have to worship her".
  • Took a Level in Badass - Yuu gets this one in season 2, where he pretty much beats everyone who picks a fight with him. he even fights a (weakened) Nazo to a draw.
  • Wakeup Call Boss - Rainga is this. He isn't actually THAT strong but he is exceptionally powerful after he obtains 4 of the 6 local ArtifactsOfDoom until someone FINALLY manages to take of one and he loses his immortality.

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