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A work of fiction, currently under rework, designed by French troper Keitaro Hirochi. Is pronounced Hex-Drive.

After the Earth became uninhabitable due to environmental negligence, mankind moved on to another planet they called New Earth. Evolution ensued and soon better ways to produce energy were found, along with the apparition of beastmen, and more importantly, magic.
However, in year 12002, an experiment on a way to produce unlimited energy with magicrafting went haywire: the device, called XEH Drive continued to produce energy on its own, and released a continual explosion of dark energy, killing its makers and menacing the entire planet with imminent apocalypse. Much energy was spent to try and stop the machine, helped by the invention of Magitek weapons. After months of struggling, magicians with supposed divine ancestry ended a miraculous breakthrough and managed to shut the device down, keeping its shattered remains so that it never finds any use ever again.
Spontaneous explosions everywhere around New Earth made everybody realize the surface wasn't safe, and civilization went on to re-establish itself by building new cities in mountains or over existing ones. Around that time, the Divine Families, relatives of the magicians who saved the world, created a new organization, the Primor Magnus Rotalbum to enforce a much needed order, and assure ownership of a majority of New Earth's Magitek weapons and Drives.
37 years later, the first Rex (Rotalbum leader) passed away, and was replaced by another member of the Divine Families. The already very orderly regime became even stricter, and soon was deemed intrusive and unfair to non-Rotalbum members. After one too many scandals, the Yogotsuba Union rose against the order in the end of year 12055.
The ensuing civil war seemed unending, as Yogotsuba defended its territories well enough, and the second Rex's military incompetence and shaky popularity among his own troops couldn't earn him any success. Eventually, actual military forces were promoted early from the Rotalbum Martial University, and Yogotsuba fell in a few weeks with its capital city Jinguu being taken over during summer 12056. The Second Rex ordered the execution of all Yogotsubans, but even his soldiers were hesitant in following their orders. As if answering their wish, the Second Rex was assassinated a few days after this statement.
Understanding his position, the third Rex retreated all the military troops from Yogotsuba's lands, and renamed the organization Tertio Mederota Ratio. His more lenient regime ended the civilian uproar, but his reign was not one to last: the organization got renamed Quarto Mederota Ratio after a new change of leadership kept secret. The regime stopped loosening, and its strict attitude concerning weapons was widely disapproved of by the population.
The Ratio didn't have to wait much to find a reason, as Ouharano's local Ratio Branch crumbled after a terrorist attack in early autumn 12058, attributed to Yogotsuban survivors. The next two months saw three more QMR branches get destroyed, causing widespread panic and making civilians ask the Ratio for help, justice or retribution. Looking to start year 12059 with a bang, the Yogotsuban menace sets its eyes on the Ratio's world capital Kamigamo, unaware of the number of people waiting for them, each for their own reasons...

Tropes associated with this work's story (or many characters):

  • Aerith and Bob: Some names are fairly normal, like Alex and Touko. And then we have names like Malar or Houju that, while not being exactly impossible, are not real names. And then come Hetha, Zayinella...
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  • After the End: Twice: The Earth has been left by humanity, that went on to colonize another planet they called "New Earth"... but the XEH Drive rendered a good part of the surface uninhabitable by energy overload and global warming.
  • Antagonist Title: Full Year Trouble references the Shuunen Clan (Shuunen means full-year), Operation Prime Shield name-drops the Cutting Edge Company's Co-Dragons, and Conflict Evolution refers to C-Volution. Heaven's Gate still references to the stage of the fights, and still is one of those by virtue of having XEH Drive as part of the title and introducing Tawa as the Final Boss.
  • Artifact of Doom: The eponymous XEH Drive.
  • Blue Blood: The QMR has the Divines and the Shuunen Clan.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: The Cutting Edge Company. They are pragmatic Hired Guns and don't hide their It's All About Me attitude.
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  • Evil Counterpart: All members but one of the Cutting Edge Prime Shield are clones created by Mika.
  • Made of Explodium: The surface is uninhabitable due to any sudden activity flares up the ambient energy, resulting in a demonstration of the trope.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast:
    • Weapons:
      - Obscure one: Malar is taken from OTO Melara, the manufacturer behind most of Italy's high-caliber cannons during WWII. Ironically, the company took this name after the War.
      - Yeong-Jin's cover name is Kazuma Masamune.
    • Titles:
      - The Rex being part of the Shuunen Clan, they hold high ranks while the Divines, the Rebellion and even Shuunen supporters have a hard time ranking up at all.
  • Take Over the World: The Shuunen Clan did this by way of taking over the Ratio.
  • Title Drop: The XEH Drive is the Artifact of Doom that caused The End of the World as We Know It, and the local Plot Device.
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  • Villain with Good Publicity: The Quarto Mederota Ratio, despite ruling the world with an iron fist and maintaining a monopoly on the Drives and Magitek weapons, get away with it due to still looking much better than the terrorists they're fighting.

Tropes associated with this work's gameplay:

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    Full Year Trouble 

Akita Soju

A young Yogotsuban, that survived the encounter with the SMR. He grew an intense grudge against the organization, that survived the years of peace, and slowly worked his way to being able to buy explosives to ruin the now-QMR's headquarters.

Tropes associated with Akita:

  • Action Hero: The only notable thing he's done so far is blowing up QMR branches.
  • Anti-Hero: He ranges from Classical Anti-Hero all the way to Unscrupulous Hero.
  • Bomb-Throwing Anarchists: His reputation.
  • Broken Hero: What he is, having left everything of his former life behind. His quest to destroy the Ratio is the only thing that moves him forward.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center
  • Expecting Someone Taller: Everyone expects him to be accompanied, or at least bigger than he is.
  • Extremity Extremist: Fitting of someone with metal gauntlets, Akita has no kick attack.
  • Good Is Not Nice: If you're in his way, he can be very cold. Ask Saki.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: His reputation is that of a terrorist. Though it can't be directed at him before the first game, because noone actually saw him.
  • I Work Alone: Literally, he is the New Yogotsuba Union in Full Year Trouble. He rejects Hetha's offer to join him early in the story.
  • Idiot Hero: His strategy basically amounts to "go there, set explosives, blow the place up".
  • Japanese Spirit: Akita's Power Levels keep growing up because of this.
    • Koyū: Akita's Worth is very high, signifying a strong mind.
    • Chie: Akita's vision of a good order drives him, and his belief never shakes.
    • Kakan: Akita's given up his life for his goal. A beating won't stop him.
  • Nice Guy: Behind the terrorism act and the angst he associates with it, Akita is actually a pretty decent guy.
  • One-Man Army: Averted. He's taken as such, but he didn't actually confront any enemy.
  • Terror Hero: Subverted: While at first many are scared about what Akita is ready to do as a town-destroying terrorist, when his first attempt at blowing up Shimogamo fails and people figure him out, they just see a troubled young man who is nowhere near the levels of power explored later in the series just yet.

Touko Kazashi

The heir to a noble family and captain of a Ratio squad called the Justicars, Touko is coming to Shimogamo to smack down evildoers with the Kazashi household's justice, accompanied by her lieutenant Yuugou Kinoue, whose family is bound to hers by a mutual agreement.

Tropes associated with Touko:

Yuugou Kinoue

Touko's bodyguard, he's a centaur. His father owing much to Touko's own father, he grew intense respect for him and Touko herself. Despite not attending the Ratio's academy, he was accepted into her Justicar squad after a test. He follows Touko to Shimogamo after she planned the next Yogotsuban attack to occur there.

Tropes associated with Yuugou:


The seventh subject of the Ratio's Experiment Infinity, to re-create the XEH Drive in a child's body. Deemed a failure, she got shut down and scrapped. Retrieved and restored several years later by C-Volution, she took the first opportunity to run from them, wandering away for a while. Constantly rejected or betrayed by would-be partners, she turned to District Nine after being saved yet again, by one of their agents.

Tropes associated with Hetha:

Shiori Hinomine

A zealous Yogotsuban warrior, who suffered severe injuries during the Yogotsuban War. She crawled with one leg and one arm back to the District Nine lab where she got her sword to give it back, but her will shocked the man she was talking to, and District Nine offered her a job in their ranks. Reborn after an operation that made her essentially a cyborg, she disobeyed a direct order at the first occasion she had to engage Ratio troops, but suffered once again a humiliating defeat. After her recovery, she grew more careful, but bitter at the Ratio. This made her an ideal pick for District Nine to send to Shimogamo when rumors of the Yogotsuban attack emerged.

Tropes associated with Shiori:

Bryni Hanson

A scientist, head of District Nine's Crimson Elite, he's a renowned Arms Dealer, and one of the organization's most influential persons. He has taken full profit from the latest wars as he made a good portion of the weapons used against the Ratio. Proud and rich but arrogant, he comes to Shimogamo to settle a last few scores and deals.

Tropes associated with Bryni:

Alex Cage

Born in a "New-American" family, Alex upholds the values of the country dear. Enrolled in the then-little-group C-Volution after losing the Yogotsuban War, Alex helped take over Ouharano after the Yogotsuban attack, but after getting sent away by the re-established QMR, he is sent on his next mission: prepare C-Volution's Shimogamo takeover.

Tropes associated with Alex:

Jaime Cortez

A C-Volution Battlecast agent already present in Shimogamo. He's actually a former QMR officer, but betrayed them after his would-be death. Warned by his superior of the arrival of Alex Cage, he feels ready to have his own personal vengeance against the QMR.

Tropes associated with Jaime:

Saki Miwagawa

A recently-registered bounty hunter and member of the Divine Miwagawa. Her family's social regression had her parents force her into joining the Ratio's bounty hunters, a status she resents greatly. While she had trouble catching any bounty on her own, Audrey's arrival and beating of her ironically saved her life, as her would-be worst enemy took a liking to her and now shares everything with her.

Tropes associated with Saki:

Tropes associated with Venetia:

The spirit hidden in Saki's sword. Ruthless and sadistic, she is constantly waiting for Saki to be incapacitated in order to take over for as long as she can. While she is the reason of Saki's few successful bounty hunts, she is also the first one to bully her around.

Audrey Belmont

A girl from the now-defunct Miwayama Divine Family, Audrey is a dangerous bounty-hunter with very strict turf policies: she lets the thugs in her turf get high bounties, and then she catches them to reap the rewards before setting her turf somewhere else. Predicting Akita's attack on Shimogamo weeks in advance, Audrey returns to her hometown.

Tropes associated with Audrey:

Tropes associated with Mel:

The spirit hidden inside Audrey's spear. Mel is cruel, sadistic, and proud of it. She also is the one responsible for Audrey's familicide, having taken over her because she got too excited when receiving the weapon holding Mel.

Lucrecia Watergate

Saki and Audrey's friend from high-school. Her friendship with the group and family business had her entrusted with one of the Divines' weapons. As well as being a QMR officer, she is also Akita's girlfriend under her real name Tomika Seto, and suspecting him to be a part of the terrorist attacks, she runs ahead of him to Shimogamo to stop him.

Tropes associated with Lucrecia:

  • The Mole: Akita's girlfriend and a QMR officer, but it's averted because she does not help him in any way, even being his Rival Fight.
  • Official Couple: She is Akita's girlfriend.
  • The Power of Friendship: Being such a close friend to the Divines has its perks, such as getting one of their weapons.
  • The Power of Love: Averted. She doesn't have the same luck in her love for Akita as with her friends.

Tropes associated with Lucia:

The spirit hidden inside Lucrecia's scepter. Quiet and calculating, she is looking for a way to come back to life on her own.
  • The Omniscient: She told Lucrecia that Akita was heading to Shimogamo.
  • The Quiet One: She doesn't say anything she doesn't feel the need to say.

Seon-Yeong Sin

A member of the Ratio, whose low self-esteem and clumsiness are unfitting for a military officer. Behind the childlike and emotionally volatile figure lies unrivaled natural talent.

Tropes associated with Seon-Yeong:

  • A-Cup Angst: Downplayed. She's self-conscious about her chest, but only because Nodoka's and Takumi's are much bigger.
  • The Gunslinger: Subverted. She pulls guns from Hammerspace, but it's only to help her focus better.
  • Nepotism: The reason she got where she is so fast is strings got pulled by the Rex himself. She is absolutely clueless.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: The idea of what could happen if she snapped frightens her own friends enough they don't even dare tease her too much.

Shinobu Kokonoe

An acquaintance of Yeong-Jin's from the Academy, and a Cat Girl, she serves as his Lieutenant. Behind her animal traits and her jolly behavior actually lies a hidden soldier whose ferocity in battle contrasts with her jolly attitude out of it.

Tropes associated with Shinobu:

  • Always Someone Better: She feels like in matters of attractiveness, she's beaten in every aspect by either Nodoka (book-smarts, beauty) or Takumi (size, behaviour).
  • Brainy Brunette
  • Genius Ditz: Happy-go-lucky air-headed nice girl, incredibly reliable Secret Keeper and very good judge of character.
  • Hidden Depths: She is actually very smart when the situation calls for it, and her being the Number Two to Yeong-Jin in the Rebellion flies right under the radar.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Subverted. She's got quick wits, but it does take a lot of effort on her part to be smart, so she usually doesn't bother.

Takumi Samurakami

A close dog-hybrid friend of Shinobu from the Academy, she is an engineer unlike her partners. She used to be male, but got screwed over during an experiment and lost a good amount of her former animal strength. She's docile, but her fighting ability is still not to be taken lightly.

Tropes associated with Takumi:

Yeong-Jin Jeong

A mysterious member of the Ratio's Investigation under the name Kazuma Masamune. Discontent at the way the Shuunen Clan runs the Ratio, he intends to take them off the leadership of the Ratio, leading the Rebellion.

Tropes associated with Yeong-Jin:

Fukami Uzuki

The head engineer and weaponcrafter of the Shuunen Clan, she is also the one in charge of their business with District Nine and the Cutting Edge Company. Behind her smithing prowess lies a poison specialty and an assassin's background.

Tropes associated with Fukami:

  • Arms Dealer: Deals with District Nine and the Cutting Edge.
  • Gender Flip: Her preferred form of punishment is turning boys into fragile girls. Takumi is one of her victims.
  • Magitek: The Shuunen Clan's appointed head magicrafter.
  • Professional Killer: Her secondary job.

Shinju Shimotsuki

A QMR enforcer, and a cold, secretive individual. She was part of the reinforcements that won the Yogotsuban War for the QMR, but she always aims higher, even though her own achievements netted her the rank of Colonel. Dispatching the new Yogotsuban terrorist threat is a perfect opportunity for her to rise again in rank.

Tropes associated with Shinju:

  • An Ice Person: She wields the Frost Drive.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: She did cut two of Shiori's limbs, but she stopped there. She will not do more important damage and hates mental warfare.
  • Evil Redhead
  • Eyepatch of Power: She wears a bandage to hide a scar from Shiori's attack on her. The scar is trivial, but she wants to maintain a perfect look.
  • Lady of War
  • Moral Sociopathy: Her main flaw is her will to enforce a just order while not caring about people all that much.
  • Never a Self-Made Woman: Averted. She's been assumed to have ridden Haraku and Itsuki's coattails, but she comes out of Full Year Trouble undefeated.
  • Stone Wall

Itsuki Kannazuki

Itsuki has never been as skilled in battle as his friend Haraku, but he was the grade-A student, Student Council President of the Academy, and actual captain of the troops sent to end the Yogotsuban War. Sent in the shadows by Haraku's smashing success, he nevertheless remained just behind the war hero and became his lieutenant, taking care of all the paperwork for him.

Tropes associated with Itsuki:

Haraku Nagatsuki

The QMR's war hero. Promoted early to end the Yogotsuban War, he led the troops zealously to a fast success, always charging first and spreading panic in the Yogotsuban forces. His attitude got him more credit out of it than he deserved, earning him a promotion to the rank of General despite his being more comfortable in battle. He has been sent in Shimogamo as soon as the QMR Ouharano Branch exploded, as the best soldier to protect the greatest symbol of the QMR's dominance.

Tropes associated with Haraku:

Malar Balsasso

The Cutting Edge Company's director weapon trader, Malar earned his position due to his flair and intimidating frame, that made him raise loads of money for both himself and the Cutting Edge Company, that hides him from the enemies he tends to make. Also known as one of their strongest members, he is mobilized to help the QMR, and heads to Shimogamo.

Tropes associated with Malar:


C-Volution's staff morale accountant and secret weapon. She is actually another Experiment Infinity reject, recovered and modified by C-Volution's headmaster. Childish and carefree, she doesn't seem to take anything seriously, including the organization's goal to Take Over the World. She is sent alone by C-Volution's leaders to check up on the Battlecast agents' success and finish the work herself if needed.

Tropes associated with Zayinella:

    Operation Prime Shield 

Kayana Shiiri

Tropes associated with Kayana:

Yasushi Moraku

Tropes associated with Yasushi:

Yeong-Su Kim

Tropes associated with Yeong-Su:

Gil Osbourne

Tropes associated with Gil:

Sadamu Mochitani

Tropes associated with Sadamu:

Hanae Miwamori

Tropes associated with Hanae:

Tropes associated with Ariane:

Houju Minazuki

Tropes associated with Houju:

Nodoka Fumizuki

Tropes associated with Nodoka:

Su-Yeon Choe

Tropes associated with Su-Yeon:


Tropes associated with Yukari:


Tropes associated with Noa:


Tropes associated with Shiyu:


Tropes associated with Midori:

Mika Noubi

Tropes associated with Mika:

    Conflict Evolution 


Tropes associated with Semka:


Tropes associated with Chen:

Ari Kui

Tropes associated with Ari:

Tsutomu Hinomine

Tropes associated with Tsutomu:

Royle Jenkins

Tropes associated with Royle:

  • Code Name: Inverted, he uses his real name while leading his soldiers, and few if any of them know that he is actually A-Roy, one of their head figures.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: He's the one who forced C-Volution to come to light by taking over Ouharano's crumbled QMR branch.
  • Meaningful Name: Leeroy Jenkins: He's neither very smart nor patient. More often than not, his eagerness to fight is exploited by C-Volution.
  • Open Secret: He is A-Roy and doesn't make any effort to hide it. Most of his allies just don't consider the idea.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Very much so. Alex turned on C-Volution, and he still likes this guy.

Marlene von Kiefer

Tropes associated with Marlene:

Marcus Cedar

Tropes associated with Marcus:

  • The Dreaded: Everyone but the QMR doesn't like having to face him.
  • Master Swordsman: With just his sword, he can fight a dozen men by himself.
  • One-Man Army: Downplayed, but he's still able to fight off men by the dozens, all by himself.

Jay Fernandes

Tropes associated with Jay:

    Heaven's Gate 

Shirley Quinn

A bounty hunter with undisclosed business with the Divines.

Tropes associated with Shirley:

Tropes associated with Melantha:


Tropes associated with Moe:

Tropes associated with Dorothea:

Teru Kagamae

Tropes associated with Teru:


Tropes associated with Tawa:


Tropes associated with Edge:

  • Ax-Crazy: He completely loses it when he gets pissed off or fights.
  • Blood Knight: When he fights, he just doesn't stop until all opposition is down.
  • Big Bad: He IS the man behind the XEH Drive, and the fourth Rex.
  • Final Boss: Of the whole series, actually, when his actual identity is revealed.
  • The Force Is Strong with This One: Detecting Worth is possible for everyone, but he's the one to use it the most, and he is the best at it.
  • Genius Bruiser: He is an extremely strong opponent, and also the creator of the XEH Drive.
  • The Unfettered

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