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In post-apocalyptic America, a tyrannical government has risen to power. However, there was one isolated village that they left untouched. Which was a really stupid move, actually.

An orphaned boy known only by the name Wyrm is born without arms, making him the outcast of the town. But it's more than just that though - Wyrm secretly harbors an unusual fascination with fire, which leads to him eventually burning down his home village.


Then he's eventually discovered by the Secret Police and arrested, and it just so happens that his roommate is the supposedly dead Dr. Fang. The Doctor makes a deal with Wyrm, saying that he can replace his prosthetic arms in exchange for agreeing to his conditions. Wyrm accepts, and once they're broken out of jail, Fang performs the operation (which was badly needed in Wyrm's case, since his original prosthetics would have actually given him Tetanus and killed him). Then comes those terms of agreement; Fang is actually planning a revolution, and he wants Wyrm's cooperation in La Résistance - and being the only source of maintenance, Wyrm has no choic other than to accept. He isn't happy about it.

So they later come to meet a former lab rat who was genetically manipulated to have wings...except they don't work for flying. She however, does possess amazing powers, that no less come with major drawbacks. And then they pick up a civilian, a crazy fangirl, and several others. There's a few kinks in the story, but it's so far coming along well.


Still a work in progress, but now comes with a Character sheet!See also Dead Sea Circus, a spinoff of the saga.

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