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A chat-based roleplay between a group of friends held on the StarCraft II Game Mod known as the Cortex Roleplaying Engine. World Of Omni follows the exploits of several characters of varying degrees of morality.

The central plot follows a mildly dysfunctional group of Villain Protagonists headed by Mariska - an Evil Sorceress with ambitions for the powerful Eastern Empire. She is accompanied by Dianatronoka, a violent and stubborn red dragon, and Halian, a Humanoid Abomination in the guise of a young boy.


The world they live in is extremely chaotic, filled to bursting with all manner of elves, dwarves, undead, demons, eldritch abominations and aspiring dark lords. What isn't ruled by established nations is split up into dozens of tiny, independent fiefdoms, which generally spend their time fighting the self-proclaimed 'forces of darkness' and each-other for various reasons.

Simply put, its the kind of world created when a near-random group of 7-14 total strangers, with varying levels of skill/creativity/common sense and conflicting ideas, get together in one lobby, and the World Of Omni group simply wove it into their own setting as an excuse to give some rather blatant Lampshade Hanging for comedy. Often at the expense of those same people.

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