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Pele: I get it now. It's not about what life is really like, it's about what life is meant to be.

Wishmaster's Legacy is a massive crossover project still in the creative stages and designed by Absynthe on a trip to Disney World. Accordingly, the story takes place in the Disney Animated Canon, with a few surprises along the way.

Pele Cooper is your average wangsty emo-wannabe teen who's bored with everything, including life. Too apathetic to protest when her family goes on vacation to Disney, she pretty much expects to be bored the whole time. Upon arrival at the park, she can't help noticing a few weird things. The place is practically deserted, and what few employees they do find are listless and almost zombie-like. Days pass and Pele's mother Agnes insists her daughter buy a souvenir; Pele acquiesces and purchases a mysterious red pendant with an attached note. The note contains cryptic instructions to go to Spaceship Earth at a certain time that night, and when Pele shows up out of curiousity she meetsFlora, Fauna, and Merryweather (who prefers to be called Mary). They quickly inform her that Felicia, the queen from Snow White, has plotted with her lover Chernabog to ruin the worlds of the Disneyverse. The faeries had used their magic to raise Aurora up and defeat them, but Maleficent joined the alliance and entrapped Aurora in a spell. The faeries sealed off the untouched story realms and sent their last hope to sleep, waiting for someone to answer their call. Now Pele, armed only with the single drop of blood Aurora shed, is sent into the Disney Animated Canon to save the stories tainted by evil.


Character sheet is here.


  • Action Girl
  • All Is Well That Ends Well
  • Amazon Brigade: Pele, Ariel, Thera, Nala, Mulan, Pocahontas, Belle, Snow, Cinderella, Flora, Fauna, Mary, and Tiana
  • Anti-Magic: Scar's power, which Pele overcomes in an interesting way.
  • Art Initiates Life - in the Realms, anyway.
  • Badass Bookworm: Belle
  • Badass Normal: Mulan
  • Because I'm Jonesy: How does Pele get into the Prince's ball? By pretending to be Cinderella. Hard to do when the real one just walked in ahead of you...
  • Blessed with Suck: Pele's pendant holds a drop of uber-magical blood from the closest thing the story has to a god... but she can't control it and ends up stuck in a half-intangible state through most of the first book.
    • It twists her wishes too - when she wanted to start a fire, the pendant caused one of her hands to set everything it touched on fire. She fumbles around in the Serengeti trying not to grasp anything with her one tangible hand until Mary gives her a special glove.
  • The Blind Leading the Blind
  • Blood Magic: Pele's pendant, Aurora's blood
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  • Call-Back
  • Crazy Enough to Work: the whole reason why Pele's chosen to save the Disneyverse - Felicia wouldn't plan on someone from Earth trying to stop her.
    • Also, many of Pele's schemes to save the day.
  • Cry for the Devil: The only reason Felicia is trying to destroy everything is because Disney screwed her over. He discovered that he had the ability to enter into a series of magical realms that bore resemblance to common stories, but when he wrote down his version of what happened, the realms changed. Felicia turned from a benevolent faerie sorceress to a bald queen, and Snow went from being an Alpha Bitch to a Princess Classic. She plotted with Chernabog to "set things right" in her realm, and he convinces her to continue her rampage and let the villains win in every story.


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