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Note: This is of course Just For Fun. If you have a real request for a technical change, go to the Main Query Wishlist, please. They'll probably lose track of it if you put it here.

  • This site could stand to be a little more sonic
  • We need more Lemon Pledge.
  • Where's my TV Tropes-based Robot Meido?!? It should make snacks/drinks on demand while quoting all Tropes associated with that snack/drink!!!
    • Ah… I want my Meido to be able to demonstrate tropes as I browse them… including those certain tropes. That would be most educational.
  • There are no where near enough pylons on this page.
  • First off, needs more cowbell.
    • I also note a distressing dearth of rainbows, bunnies and butterflies.
    • And what about Fanservice?
  • Why can't I download MP3s or watch .avi videos here? This is the only site I plan to go to from now on, and I demand some media services!
    • I want the Wiki to be in odorama, too. And 3-D enactments of the tropes and of scenes from my favourite shows.
      • and for those of us with no/poor senses of smell, make "lick-o-vision" an option via the add-ons…
    • There must also be a Manga Viewer. And also a webcomics viewer. And a cyborg.
    • Needs more anigif and swf support.
    • Am I actually reading this? Why isn't the wiki being beamed/downloaded directly into my mind?
    • Speaking of which, where's the app for editing and creating entries with my mind. All this typing and mark-up coding is getting old.
    • You can watch videos of tropes here. See Echo Chamber.
  • For that matter, why don't we have a Peer 2 Peer service to share pirated tropes?
  • The image list is a disaster. There is no way to organize the pics, especially your own. I'm not asking for extensive features like Flickr and Photobucket, but this is worse than Imageshack!
  • Would like the ability to revise other users' edits. As it is, I can only add corrections afterwards, prefacing them with "actually" or "to be fair".
    • This is TV Tropes, not Everything2. About 99 percent of pages here can be refactored by deleting the * and the line break before it and then rewording.
  • Why can't I preserve my edits??? People keep messing with what I've written and some of it even gets removed!
    • And people keep removing my gems, the reprobates! All the dreck stays and makes me look a fool.
      • No way! Me too!
  • I Demand More Dakka! There isn't nearly enough on the site to get by!
  • Am I the only one concerned about the fact that the wiki is sorely lacking in tele-slap capability?
    • Don't be an idiot. Tele-slapping is years away, even on the best computers.
  • I want a "Lock Out The Moderators" button.
    • A "Smite" button would be nice, too. Just saying.
    • For the "lock out the moderators" button, see The Wiki Rule and Wikia.
  • I'm not getting any revenue from advertisements on pages I've edited. Someone needs to fix this.
  • There's no score. How can I tell if I'm winning?
  • Why can't we customize the way the pages appear on our screen? I want MySpace-like glitter and puppies on my display, and a flashing red-and-blue background.
    • On your screen? I want my edits to look like that on everyone else's screen! Exactly like MySpace!
      • Yeah, my page is going to suck on your screen and I'll take great delight in making it awful. Also, speaking of tech, I'll call the Haxx0rz if anyone edits out my gratuitous Take Thats, my natter, my flaming and my trolling. Please also disable Sarcasm Mode!
    • No, we need to make every page look in such a way that it's a self-demonstrating article. Nightmare Fuel should come with a disclaimer that you are not to view it with a heart condition. Go Mad from the Revelation will consist entirely of excerpts from the Necronomicon. Reading it for too long will automatically redirect you to the Eldritch Abomination page, complete with real tentacles that reach out and devour your soul! As for the Fetish Fuel page, well, if we play our cards right we can render all pornography on the internet obsolete!
  • A number of pages on this site for some reason have black text on white background, an obvious style sheet glitch.
  • When are we installing software to explode the computer of anyone who hacks this site immediately, spilling out carbon monoxide afterwards? I want them dead!
  • Add 3D chess, backgammon, Age of Empires VI, Podcasts, Holograms, Mind Control, Superpowers, God Mode, terraformation and multiple fonts.
  • Green 3-D holograms of what the tropers really look like on the troper pages. Except for the ugly ones, of course.
    • I'm sure with proper algorithms, logarithms and biorythms, we can make the ugly ones look like hotgly ones. Heck, Strong Bad did it with like, pencils and crayons.
  • A black page replacing the Wiki, with a crappy .gif of a skull with glowing red eyes, PSeuDo Lee TS Pea K and a crappy MIDI.
  • Everything Is Better With Penguins
    • This wiki definitely needs a Prinny sanctuary, dood.
  • I want the ability to create a friends list so I can pester ask other tropers to friend me and spam invite them to add essential applications like "Send a Hugzorz LOL" and "Mayan Calendar," or to join the "Whine about Protest the latest changes to TV Tropes" group.
    • Where are the blasted privacy controls? And where did you hide the "delete account" option?
      • What do you mean, there are no user accounts, just Get Known cookies? How the deuce do you expect to sell our personal info to corporations?
  • Youtube videos embedded instead of links. I think that that would make us all more productive…
  • Puppies make everything better…
  • Can we get photo galleries of the most attractive tropers yet? My cyber-stalking needs aren't nearly satisfied by facebook.
  • It's almost 2009 dammit! Why can't I simply plug a cord into my spinal column and instantly download a list of relevant tropes directly into my brain?
    • Fixed. Or at least your post isn't relevant now. It is 2009.
      • It's 2010 now. What's the delay?
      • It's now 2011. We're still waiting.
      • We've reached 2012. What's the holdup?
      • It's 2013. Guess I'll just have to sit here and twiddle my thumbs.
      • Now it's 2014. Any day now…
      • 2015 now. Come on already!
      • We're still waiting in 2016…
      • 2017 now…
      • It’s 2018 & we’re still waiting. Simply unacceptable.
      • Now it’s 2019. We’ve been waiting for a decade & still nothing.
    • In good time someone will come down here, clean up all of the Main articles and put it all on a DVD just for you. Mark my words.
  • This site is so unreliable, I've lost count of the number of times I've posted a lengthy explanation of why your favourite show sucks, people who vote for that political party are stupid and/or evil and everyone who is not a member of my religion deserves to burn in Hell forever, only to come back the next day and see the entire post has gone. Sort this out!
  • The white hurts my eyes. Make it all black.
  • A Toolbox on how to GodMode yourself.
  • Needs more desu.
  • We need more Images, everything's better with Images.
    • I should be allowed to put my picture on my contributor page. Why can't I?
  • How do I Poke tropes that I haven't seen since high school?
  • Darth Wiki needs to kick more dogs.
  • The wiki syntax used here sucks. It should be more intuitive like That Other Wiki.
  • New Trope Namers from The World Ends with You
  • We need a feature where the server will give any potential edit a perfect copy-edit, and will eat any edit that's not perfect. And anyone who confuses "its" and "it's" gets a permanent IP ban! And then we send the elite members of the Grammar Regiment after them! Yes! IT COULD WORK!!
  • Where's my jetpack?
    • CJ stole it.
  • We need more dogs, then, we kick them
  • How about more ads for Civilization ripoffs created by World of Warcraft gold farmers, featuring ample-bosomed maidens?
  • H0W D0 I SH0T WEB?
  • Isn't this thing sentient yet? (if so, hi!)
    • "Hello."
  • It should have the ability to hijack other wikis, automatically placing links to tropes wherever they fit. Also causing their main page to feature a laughing skull and crossbones.
  • This Wiki advertised falsely, as it did not ruin my life. I cry foul!
    • Patience, young grasshopper.
  • All the adds on this site really suck; there should be a way to enter a shoop da whoop shoot em' up game where you have to destroy them, making it so that they won't show up ever again. ever.
  • Why don't you have a chip that I can embed in my brain that allows me to Pot Hole my sentences while talking?
  • Who do I have to kill to get a damned smoothie around here?
  • TV Tropes is too easy. I have to edit tropes without looking up while typing and without previewing to make it interesting.
  • Why is it that TV Tropes isn't making Giant Robots come out of my computer screen yet? I DEMAND THAT THIS WRONG BE RIGHTED!
  • Where is that cake that I was promised?
    • Sorry d00d. It's a lie.
  • I'd like to be able to trade imaginary cattle, adopt imaginary lost foals, and share imaginary goat's milk with other tropers.
  • I don't get it. Every time I try to enter a long personal tale in a main page, it gets deleted. And it's not like I'm talking about myself in the first person. I'm responsible enough to use "This Troper." It doesn't happen on Troper Tales, just on main pages. Someone needs to fix this.
  • Why can't this wiki give me a hug?
  • Why can't they just kick all of the losers off the site so that us cool peepz can has us a party here?
  • Why can't this wiki magically fix our links. I just had to go back and change something. That was a waste of time, dammit!
  • I demand closed captioning and Troper Rating Lists depending on the amount of tropes created, edited or have had examples added.
  • The wiki needs to give me moar moniez
  • The Power Level of this Wiki is still insufficient. It must at least achieve a work load of Nein-Thousand.
  • This wiki [1] is not in Sparta. Unacceptable.
  • At current there is no anti-page lock rootkit available on Tv Tropes or Pirate Bay. One must be made post haste.
  • Tv Tropes at present does not have a function to deliver punches through broadband. I DEMAND such a function!
  • They deleted So Yeah! Those bastards! BRING IT BACK!
  • I can see the logic of Complete Monsters and Moral Event Horizons not having real life examples, but I am getting sick and tired of seeing the inexcusable lack of real life entries on psychic powers, time travel, flaming swords, faster than light travel, etc… Let's get with it people!
  • The polygon count is terrible. The wiki needs a higher polygon count. The texturing, lighting and bump mapping could be upped a few levels, too.
  • I want the Power Nine for the $20 in my pocket.
  • We need to be Wikipedia and 4chan!
  • Still not enough pylons.
  • I need a dispenser here. Seriously. Help me out!
  • Should link directly into the minds of all humans, so that when tropes are being discussed, instead of explaining the trope if a person doesn't get it, their mind is directly forced to read the trope page and its examples until they understand it. This would lead to much shorter conversations between tropers and non-tropers, especially when the inevitable question, 'What is a trope?' pops up. Seriously, why don't we have this?!
  • While we're on the subject of pylons, We need more Vespene Gas as well.
  • Still need to settle the wiki's debt with Slender Man
  • I demand a function to punish any sort of Rouge Angles of Satin on this wiki by turning their computers into radioactive piles of plastic goop. For screwing up "were" by typing "where", blindness is the required side effect.
  • Bug report: Sudden appearance of birds every time you are near.
  • Why is there no page for complaining about shows you don't watch?
  • I demand MORE THAN THREE BULLETS POINTS so that it'll be easier to have a conversation on the main page!!!
  • I want an option to PM tropers caught in fraganti sinkholing to a page, similar to the Natterfiers. Very badly want this for anyone sinkholing to Incredibly Lame Pun.
  • I need to be able to pothole potholes. For example, every time I pothole to Suspiciously Similar Substitute, I need to pothole that, in turn, to Added Alliterative Appeal. When I pothole to a page on the Just for Pun index, I need to pothole that pothole to Incredibly Lame Pun, because the readers need to know that I knew that was a pun!
  • Mods should be able to give repeated rule breakers OOOONE MILLION YEEAAARS DUNGEON!!!
  • Can the wiki have my current Celeb Crush sign my phone?
  • I want to make pages for my favorite works & creators, but I'm too lazy. Can the wiki write a summary, add examples, upload a suitable image and index the page?
  • Why aren't there TV Tropes centers in every major city?
  • I demand cookies!
  • The wiki needs more dinosaurs!
    • And ninjas! And lasers!
  • Ahoy-hoy! More outdated references that no one remembers!
  • I can haz cheezburger?
  • Can we get rid of Candle Jack? I mean, getting kidnapped for typing two words seems a bit dangero Not gonna happen. Sorry.
  • We need Mode 7 installed on here. Troping is only fun when kart racing.
    • How about Super FX? Give Polygons Now!
    • I'm more of a Sega fan myself. I want Blast Processing too!
  • Do you know what this wiki needs? Needs more sand.
  • Can we change our usernames? I want to change mine to PussyMaster69.
  • Where can I get a decent cheeseburger?
  • The other day I read a 4chan thread where Anonymous called someone a fucktard. I don't remember which thread it was, but I'd really like to reread it. Can we add a feature to help me find that thread?
  • Why can't TV Tropes do my homework for me yet?
    • As in not putting "B" for all of the questions- especially not when the only answers are true and false.
  • Needs more protein.
  • This wiki needs more struts.
  • I want the wiki to go *ding* when there's stuff.
  • I've been following TV Tropes for eight seasons — er, years — and have yet to see a Hot Springs Episode or Beach Episode for the wiki as a whole. How am I supposed to spy on the Nudity Tropes and suffer Amusing Injuries when caught?

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