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"I love you more than I love you."
Arc Words that help Eli get out of the Unwanted Harem

Eli Dorham is a marketing and design consultant for Davidson Banking. Ricky Carters is on the legal division of Davidson Banking. Emiri Fukugami is also in Davidson's law department as she is attending Columbia University. Carmelle Baker is Ricky's fianceé, who works as a study session admin near Davidson Banking. Johnny Branson, heh, please, works at Davidson Banking. Sidney Vanovici is a writer at the Empire Journal, right next to Davidson Banking.


These six all love going to Frida's, especially for the ribs, drinking and socializing. The best friends are still looking for the One meant for them, if not planning out what being with the one will be like.

Five to six friends who go to bars in New York in search of true love. Sound familiar?

WRONG. Who IS the One? has a bit of Deconstruction as well as an Unwanted Harem in the process. With liberal doses of Postmodernism, this'll be the best as soon as the author gets around to finishing it.


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